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Bob Ryan on Jeter's place in Yankees history

Feb 13, 2014|

Bob Ryan said that Jeter placed ahead of Dimaggio and Mantle but behind Ruth.

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Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline our good -- for the Boston Globe Bob -- good morning Robert how are you don't ever got a couple things surprise beat everyone I'm surprised you're wandering in the wilderness that is Twitter land and I'm surprised that you put Joseph DiMaggio behind Derek Jeter in your Yankee pantheon. Yeah I'm surprised that it that -- but I I gave it some thought and that it did this year longevity is does trump the trump card here immaculate -- was surprisingly brief. Erupted -- was so many by what we're too but then hampered at the end by injury he retired at age 35 in 1951. His last two years were very unproductive. By his standards. That really wasn't a small regiment when when you really think about it cheaters is much more expensive that would be the tiebreaker there they thought were icons and all the way I think certain similarities in terms of their demeanor in the way there. Respected in their time. Which would be might make for a very good discussion. But that that's why is the tiebreaker it was that the good longevity. Well the thing with DiMaggio though Bob as you see the second to last year was. Unproductive he led the league in slugging that year won the World Series that met at three add on went -- I am correct I -- PS over a thousand demise. -- -- Bob won nine championships. -- -- It's not even close. -- -- stop right here. I -- I update figure you embarrass me publicly I will accept the that's very good point and I and I would say that -- last year it was unproductive so you -- Look at the championship thing we all know that winning championships. In the single. Postseason era of four and then and then about baseball and any abbreviated. -- in the postseason era of football and in his abbreviated postseason era to two years of basketball in which mr. Russell and company played for most of their careers. Is very different than winning it two day easier if you're the best team in. So you're gonna give you gonna punish DiMaggio for going off the floor trying to three years. Did you not gonna give him credit for winning titles. I'm not I mean they don't suffered from what we're two they all of -- dollar -- would want 350 games. At the -- not that it matters they got their claim there Renault saying they're respected you that the things we can project and imagine are. One part of the discussion felt I let that -- disaffected. But -- DiMaggio mantle DiMaggio mantle and yogi were all free time MVPs. Jeter and that geoghan was a zero time -- a -- under rises zero time batting champ. OK goodbye -- I think I'll I'll let it shift the discussion to the following. I can't account but that people voted they -- the way they voted they -- what they felt. I thought when you're Jeter absolutely parts in the UNDP I was -- detectives to support these that he merited -- -- that number wedding at a time. So that that that sit back we go with the MVP thing. Yeah the I can't help but how blessed they have filing of all the ballplayers the last thirty years I would rather have Derek Jeter to win his seat and -- foresees in order winning -- series or when he game. He could beat you and every way imaginable bill you'll -- inevitable -- -- we know we get -- went -- we don't think it was a base stealer he could steal a base that will when he needed to. He was that he was an excellent build their overrated at the end but excellent in his prime and and he was at eight. And the very -- out at them in the big moment. And he came with it. Well baggage since -- well baggage. It was a plot in the clubhouse in the end and the -- leadership thing on the first day of spring training to the last they would have received and what. I would rather headlines every caters to people I think that discussion I would rather have one Derek Jeter you would think that discussion. The anyplace played the last thirty years but it now it's a sports argument and that's why we're having hit it by this is what makes being that's what they have on that -- right there's no law quite firmly held position. I -- dead wrong on this but will leave it at that moment I bought as a shortstop are you gonna rectum behind on this Wagner and and and deals -- -- -- -- I like you find it once again that that the let the break -- Iraqi what was hitter unlucky -- was not noted first building look it up. Well I don't care about metrics that they Shelby was the fact what you what you just like Jeter did not deserve the gold -- he got the recently we all know that I don't know why it got the boot up the beat that. The perception he had and the admiration respect and -- that that the people in baseball the -- people voted that would vote -- supported by managers and coaches. They say over rated Jeter in the end because they love them so much and respect them so much. Are people on that I can't believe that he can just disgusted and I I'm up and I know I -- -- that great period that I. So give us your questions short center you -- your shortstop list. It got c'mon let's put up -- I think I think put the ball I think that. What -- -- put on his way to being -- shortstop of all time down there playing shortstop becomes like that it comes my -- My one yet but I'm Derek Jeter as a person. And that is that. If he would eventually would ultimately supposed to be he should have absolutely step over -- played third base and let -- be displayed toward the -- city but because showed up. But that would but he just couldn't bring himself to do that. Because the well knew what was the better shortstop and it wasn't Jeter. I think that's the one thing that people that you overlook a you know at the peak the idolatry overlook I don't pick -- -- -- dollar pure electric -- -- -- a blocked and other very sober analyst on this. But it. Played third base but what we could have been a great shortstop of all time absent all the all the stuff like. Because. -- and the fact that that the public. And I know that out there all that I think this is the personal feeling at all I can't I can't. You know I think it is well. That they'll probably just that you would like the -- balled up piece. I just to -- beat you went away certificate that went against the longevity factor and end -- it would actually infamy with him -- that the jury had two years ago. The 200 that you're detail under the act really have to we ought but he spoken and I -- like there with a little bit somebody saying that it was 2011. But you know that would be that nobody could once they weren't in baseball that Derek Jeter. -- -- -- Doubt about the leak out about -- is out with a -- -- baseball. And they came back into it -- and it's the following year and got the Wii doesn't it would as a whole blood which is classic Jeter. All I'm just taken -- I respect anybody like that there is no longer accept one doubles once after that you can go to sleep. And Bob I'm sure you know that a couple of days ago LeBron James said he yet it is his goal and he will be on the mount Rushmore of basketball players I guess it's Larry magic Michael -- Bill Russell right now he's -- whoever you wanna take down and replaced me whipped. Was up to somebody else hey do you think you'll get to that mount Rushmore new comes down Abydos. Our number one. That the the problem the basketball and it is very simple centers. More the discussion. If you're gonna take the greatest players in basketball history anyway at the top fibre top and we have a much better. Dealt by the way we have a problem there you know because you got Russell Chamberlain to -- and whatever order you are you must be don't want. So that they have to get -- but the discussion I I am yet to discussions greatest centers and antiquated bond centered the greatest all around players. He hit the nail on the head he got the right these players. They're at it that should be on much more work without adequate to what he called -- three Michael. Magic and Larry don't want to read it should be there and it will be number four by the -- in that discussion he deserves to be number four. I don't have any good right now he could pull themselves up but he's not that much more but when you get -- -- -- -- you -- that you can't have that discussion you can have a I'm at the bottom of it now if you're gonna habit if you insist on having it. Put Russell and you go to Michael. And I I -- you know the kind of how you feel about will. You know this is is always the problem it will accomplish -- absolutely. Should absolutely but he didn't because of his. You know his personality. -- is tightly held him back. And then they put Russell 2 PM when he -- -- as time. Who comes who's who comes down of LeBron goes up you take magic down. I have to you know I have to take magical the Larry. And an end but I love Larry god knows I love Larry but I mean Larry would get the public does to guys daily target got a guy so that. They're they tell you the other guys that are about magic winning thing about 65 wing magic magic date really improved incredibly. Technically -- the player I ain't even more than even what Larry did Larry improved a lot but the magic can prove himself made himself a very potent offensive player -- when -- -- They think I'm about that you know like the idea if -- a typical -- and that would be good but the point and an -- would. Hey -- -- let you go I didn't know Tommy kerns said this a -- even sure he did of one of our textures to the AT&T to excellence -- please ask Bob Bryan what he thinks about Tom. In today's and he said that I heard say that. And an all due respect to our primetime becoming as if that is as well apparently held belief that he sit. Never make a public statement about that. Because that's the deal with the Russell who that credit has played his best game want on May fifth 1969. But the fact -- today's game with the exact same physical equipment that he had in 1969. -- or make it 56 or 64 he would be say the best rebounder and a lake every year beat the best shot blocker -- -- -- every year. See the best defensive force in the league every year. And indeed the leader of the multiple championship teams that we've been there would be no other championships for reasons I cited earlier. But that would be more championships available that he was playing with folk but Bill Russell then there would be any other player who played in the last 45 years how dot com he. -- good stuff but Brian thanks for -- some time -- -- your driveway and yet but shoot puck eyewitness account the AT&T.

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