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Johnny Weir goes fishing in Sochi

Feb 13, 2014|

Johnny Weir was on Access Hollywood fishing in Sochi. The man has talent.

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You know NBC tries very very hard. To create these human interest stories up close and personal as ABC used to like to say it. Surrounding the Olympic and the olympians and Tug of you know the background. Story analyst stuff blown out of the water by Billy bush and whatever ratio is what is additional access -- Access Hollywood. He decided to be a good idea to spend a day. Fishing with my favorite Olympian of all time Johnny -- Now you've talked often about acting when you go on a trip. A prerogative to do for next week spring training. I would venture to say without fear of contradiction. That. Your task of packing for spring training is much easier than John -- we're packing for -- I'm gonna guess that Johnny had to check his acts he couldn't carry on -- after -- yeah I mean and I. Have been a couple of Olympics were at work I say this. And from experience it's easiest thing the -- for when you're working as you don't do anything you don't -- golf and you don't know dress up close -- recipe Margo you know needs suits and sport -- just go and get on Boston events. And you know in when you're done you go to bed and get a do over again yet. A lot of stuff extra -- Johnny doesn't share your -- Johnny no you luckily fashion passion and Alec. -- -- to see the stuff -- left behind that was a little too loud -- -- yes and leave behind the what are you trying to send a message I think he's you know. -- your message the Vladimir with the stuff. As it I think so yeah to protest excel will know what he's saying youths and these. Companies so presumptuous. We can say that submitted I believe what would make you say that I pastor he is it's great so judgment I didn't look listen I think it's great -- We know he didn't leave behind he didn't leave his makeup and lipstick behind though he didn't leave an entire case. A fashion jewelry and behind the worst case. Just for jewelry. Didn't leave his -- behind. And they actually said -- -- -- -- -- address at least that he does not address out. To where fishing. But he didn't -- You rework some sort of leggings as the story as Billy bush takes in the -- sufficient Sochi that's a -- shock when position at first until we -- -- and that's constantly calculus it's a great idea. Because -- -- up as -- there's two parts of this this is him at and the shortly works a little bit better on television Connecticut the seal the clothes and get the -- Johnny but hearing Amos is quite entertaining as well. And the first 45 seconds is Johnny in his hotel room. With his closet door opened and his wardrobe. Laid out in front of him and his steamer trunks of jewelry all of his passion and how much nicer hotel room the exit in China clean and members of the media as a Johnny is choosing. Would be appropriate. To where fishing with Billy bush. So I should be shining. Hour tour. And that is one part will show and a few minutes for now it's off to the -- the big debates dressing for our seaside adventure. And let the -- that's really -- turn really getting back with Pennsylvania roots. And uniform code. And -- over sweater maybe pink vintage Chanel sweater. And insulate themselves. Parents need to reports. Leather leggings with a Demi skirt. That works for me. After a little contemplation he makes a decision now is finishing touch jewels. Like this little piece pretty fancy -- I think that'll different penalty attractive to the G. Leggings with a ten deaths later scared. This guy a guy who's gone fishing -- But the funniest part of this is when he shows up that it is this fishing from the shore in the ocean right. Has seen the beach there in Sochi. And -- by -- fisherman there when they show all guys all -- Russian guy typical fashion dinner. Sit there on the shore fishing -- grubby old rush you know coach -- Pennsylvania. I do not -- art experts from -- and he's him he's a deal which -- Pennsylvania it's going to roots yeah it was yeah probably neighbors. Or. I'm out of work that -- but still probably back in the next followed by a hippie dress like that who were you probably remember him. But I was at the shoes he wears these billion high -- a statement their really big green screen yeah anywhere is a mink. Quote yeah us to go fishing ready to make up and he's got lipstick on and and this is what it sounds like when they went fish. -- increasing. -- -- was injured or ball well and of course when you're invited to go fishing boat was officially. -- minding your life don't have waiters and does a pretty good to what are those they're going. -- -- tiger fashion and low tonight and judging by the dozens of locals the fish were Biden. On monetary tackle box where we've reloaded that at tackle box. But Kelly but looking for sushi and such you going to be OK welcome feature that's -- -- the locals stared at us like to fish out of water but we soon discovered the language to find fisherman is universal still. We were lucky to Johnny speaks a little Russian production outlook program republic of but -- to wait for the defense. Trusting in the experts we followed their lead and let them decide is. Our needs and I think this is good they're very unimpressed with the BC. -- a good enough for the civilians and you don't have to throw at the fish are biting closer up. About that. Leave it to me to cross the line our new friend became alarmed at that I'd waited in the his territory. Thought no I'm so sorry Paul got his guys were such we were such good. Everything you've disappointed everyone. Why don't go anywhere. He embarrasses. Through your friend and -- guys. And through that pool up 50 Johnny beautiful. Call -- a night couldn't get a Little Rock Iraq. Did you crosses line you did I did help me help me -- never figured giant got you covered thank you I think. Duke gets knocked in the woods -- gets -- boost -- bullish pep talk but I never report gets wolves. Johnny a break in the epidemic malware. The -- -- to relax it's. Really weird since there's an ocean. We'll have you done that who wouldn't why rewards that the -- you gotta -- troubled -- up by a wait a minute to shivering rock and it's it's it's. Not where I thought. I thought I thought I got it and. -- -- You can't yeah he's pretty good back -- fish out of water what do you nobody boat not -- to get saltwater lending it's. That is somewhat better than short -- -- yes yes I looked up raised at what are those shoes and he said Rick Owens and old Chipper Jones he's an American fashion designer. It's all women's clothes. It's only for women separate Johnny just steps from -- On his website Rick Owens a soft blistered leather biker jacket 2554. Dollars. Bias cut silk Georgette trousers. And I'm sorry 1030 dollars and check this out. A cotton Denham sweatshirt 15101 dollars to Johnny's drop a -- on Rico via only mega deal and -- So yeah. Entertain any guys like this season on -- Johnny where freedom show he has got a good show. Well of course I aftermarket central game we're all right yeah it was Marcus Banks today look at Katie anal hole and get that.

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