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Derek Jeter announces his retirement after the season

Feb 13, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing Derek Jeter's retirement and his place among all time great shortstops.

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-- to forgive me. I didn't even know Derek Jeter was -- I could if I didn't know it was on -- we'd have a chance to second by I don't. You have lots and lots of chances you know always thought that you have a whole CU hole and it goes -- -- -- -- my my money in gas non no no he's -- only just begun. What we have to do now is decide maybe we should do just as they show. What we're gonna buy them what are we can again about a rocking chair -- a horse is. -- motorcycle a jet skis. Which should we get him I mean the poor -- -- 253. Million dollars on the on the field off the field will be doubled that. Spent hundreds again at every team in the American League and National League carts or arms -- bodies are gonna buy -- -- popping up and by the Red Sox Red Sox will be cute about him like a piece of the wall. -- able -- Jet ski enough -- other teams will get expensive stuff. It happened with with lesser lights they buy them -- Rickey Henderson got a car or truck truck. Carla there was a lot of -- and one. -- what's what you'll see in the parking lot over Fenway is our selfish aspect. I don't -- throw -- on the guys -- privileges are selfish aspect to to doing -- we can get that grand -- 262 game -- -- -- -- asked this to be just retire at the end of this coming season to a quiet what you guys have -- he wants the victory -- that would. Selfish as strong. I don't know the motivation but it is going to be a distraction. Do you -- -- distraction. Because -- -- we sort of Rivera it was just a season long farewell -- yes. Every bit the star that ribeiro was so it's gonna happen -- to Stewart -- and. Oprah I heard somebody bending over backwards to praise Derek Jeter that's -- I guess by all accounts he's a good guy and you know. Did it correctly. Say that they think there will be an element of win one for the Jeter which will help the Yankees. Go to higher heights and win more games I -- what exactly did that work out with Rivera's farewell tour. Well yeah -- that's gonna keep Ellsbury healthy that's comedic background -- starving. How do you create that they don't win because they know it's Derrick -- trip to Fenway Park strip to Tiger Stadium last trip to wherever Comerica Park. Like Alfonso Soriano was suddenly 45. Difference in Rivera and and Jeter. Did you shortstop -- what's really good in the end. The other is not yet. One retired on the top in -- close. When he was still active still it's and still Bible member of team who they wouldn't love that back again this year. -- organizations and thank god here. Mean he won't play authority won't play second he won't DH we have to sell it here now we have a year watching him off struggle. At shortstop and he will mean their -- rate. You'll tools in one's life or he was great. Two years ago not to go -- and it's going to be I mean they already gave the gold -- jar. It's going to be but it's going to be ugly and that's a bigger issue the Red Sox have no issues you know issues. In the competition. Is competition. -- visiting. Clubhouse attendant two guys go for. Project by project -- -- do in terms of British -- -- -- For 21 perfect about us about it. There is. Oh competition in its over the presume he's trying to get -- -- job -- that -- talks that went on -- period and I'm a Poland and what you -- tougher team by let's. The Yankees have. This big elephant in the room and is Jeter. Going to be effect shortstop. On Memorial Day. He's not getting the rule of. Here is the analogy with Rivera Rivera did not wanna go out with the last video opium crumpled on the warning -- in Kansas that's true wanted to come back after an injury and and and you know try one more time and say this is going to be yet but I don't want that to be -- -- lasting image. I don't think he wants is lasting image -- ankle broken at shortstop. And baton -- backlash one in nine dollars and ninety yeah 1019 the back. So there's an analogy I can understand -- turkeys aren't the right to combatants they don't remember army like that. Remember me like this -- challenge. It's a strange of the Yankees spent 470 million this offseason on these guys. They're basically saying yeah we know we're not can be very good defensively shortstop but so what because this guy used to be good shortstop and he won't move thirty feet to his right he's universally beloved -- but. Publicly. What does he say publicly like does not Joseph Jones put a microphone and say. Why don't you moved to third. Does that happen. Has this this this season and what would they do he's obviously -- diplomats say the right or just say what I'm shortstop of electric and play the position organization thinks is best practices best CO OO rounds. Say the manager penciled in at shortstop and I'm just gonna do with the managers say did you think of one -- Jeter's ever said well you know what Joseph -- Sherman -- -- great great piece on in the post today. And the lead is Derek Jeter is the star we knew so well and not at all he hid in plain sight. He talked often and said little he was private even while being public was never going to put his reputation and status. Or off the field endeavors commercial and charitable imperiled by saying the wrong thing at the wrong wrong time he was warmly cold. Receptive to questions and guarded in his answers at the perfect depiction of the guy got. That would have we ever play any Derek Jeter quote on the radio station. I don't -- call want. May -- may be but it was probably one of those real performance we place -- times you know and and will play more this year so talk about retiring in. What family means all that but no he's always been he'd be in good patriot -- agree it's true talk a lot say enough in the next calendar year. Who will get more negative words said about him Michael Sam. Derek -- That's going to be erased the fit well they'll be some criticism with that some circles for Jeter because he had moved to third -- -- that's always been a knock him if he struggles this year. He's an Anderson stuff from the mostly posit that we nothing negative for Bob Michaels and I well I -- vote -- the stimulus dollar they'd much rather. It that we go to Chicago Leo that's -- that they have to end up on the same team in -- meego and Sam and hard knocks us. Has to be there and it has to be you know England for us now it's all your -- we all pray let's pray. Kirk -- -- -- I'll -- to whatever you'd like that let's -- she tore trees bring Richie and coming on Michael Sam and and and Jonathan Martin to throw him why you know it it struck. Yesterday that too -- Professional athletes made significant news yesterday and they could not be more diametrically opposed they could not be more different in their personality. And their performance and who they are and what their thought of that will be Derek Jeter and in -- and caught -- I mean he has the anti Jeter he's the anti in Cog Hill yeah. Then it is it is interest each. What a person I would have been met Jose breath yet now probably got style now to -- amazingly he's in New York. -- in Manhattan. It's Google. And he's given a gift baskets to gorgeous models and actresses and yet he's boring. Which is what he chooses to be right chooses to be boring and it works for him L. It is much that way he beat Texas twenty years in New York playing shortstop with a New York Yankees not undertow and how. Less controversy in your life -- -- that I am I missing there's nothing I mean the gift baskets as -- Mexico right it's almost -- he never took debate on A-Rod. It over to while giving me this job she got a little bit the it was GQ Esquire summoned to the story and he and he wasn't gonna move for Iran it was a better shortstop when they rip came to New York. And they -- removed happily willingly and Jeter had no intention when he was rated dig in his heels and think of the difference that -- diametrically opposed guy yeah one is a complete disgrace right. And the other is Teflon. And they will never play in the game to give Jeter has said. Jeter is happy about that it was gonna come back and embarrass himself in 2050 and -- and he never -- that freedom that we're -- on his class dugout -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As ever made me. And faked more two teammates two guys who worked together. -- there you know. Good feelings -- at central Canada. We -- this clears and then GS eighty that would make you know trying to try to -- on their team. That has got a softness and he has he has just trying to outshine him to a long term deal and he just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- will not all the time what they had to there was real agreements but you never got the sense outside of the building. I don't strap around like always hear a little later it was yeah didn't shoot -- well there was tension was always tension. It is funny when you hear you only -- Metallica when Ed McMahon in Jamaica -- hated each other yeah. They would -- -- what you thought people hated each other you knew it and and it. Demonstrated itself up page early chilling little yet you know they did I -- will -- tonight now chilling chilling didn't it. You know he bird McHale it's sort of test if times are that the -- topics of red button now. Testy like maybe on the court but I don't think they knew each other -- -- to -- fresher right you're frustrated try. But I don't think -- they knew the ball in the breakfast in the restaurant in the lobby for their interest and that they looked over there and I saw him all right I mean they get -- There are certain shows have been where guys can -- me in studio break yeah I'll go to break which in some have to leave. I don't -- guns in his which you know it's you're right I'm not saying that we around for the -- -- and it was a pretty I would want to -- which is why it was such regretted that he. Fred and -- all of the -- York and other -- but they. You and I want to show with Evian you'd like this and then one day it's just boom was snapped that showed it. -- before we came on. Well we had a money issue yeah everything's great and one day he just decided that once we got tired you know with evil yet now. So I guess that's -- -- To -- -- little parts of the country and that. So all of that it did Bruce and he does Bruce -- in -- islands and our abilities -- stated that he met Doug Lopez like at the -- Yeah yeah but he had a month in the bad for one back now years of sort of got over yet what is it was elected conservative who don't know these kids is that right -- -- -- the -- You didn't have any enough he was working part. There was brought -- That's usually the reason people and does that he works hard enough -- with its usual sports yeah that is six. Don't give enough effort except for some it's an eagle but I think -- works -- Jeter it's aerobic work. Well he and I'm not sure he hates them he beat. Who needed him I think he had in the first. Jeter one. -- some kind of it was because of anything Jeter did just because Iran to enable all of -- held his own you know in the field and at the ladies wasn't have to play a right to self destructive kind of aspect A-Rod correct. Oh yeah it does not know the answer to let him like -- just let it run just run right up again I don't I find remarkable about Jeter. Is he -- IP he might be. You can make a case for him as the best shortstop. You can make a case if so I don't count on this 23 overlord you go through -- in the eighteen hundreds I don't coach in CU I don't know you don't matter -- on. Honestly the system. Abram Lincoln as a matter. He could be -- short beast all like it tall and lanky but pointed to -- Not in my presence out talking about her baseball players shore right you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take a break that in I would say that IP -- never looked like god I don't anyway Jeter could be you could make a case as the best shortstop ever. He's not in the top five -- best yankees ever that right. Which is amazing ticket that's how good that he's not supposed immovable I think that -- -- -- them -- -- got obviously got you got Ruth Gehrig and DiMaggio and large deal. And I think Mario -- era. Yogi Berra a predictably Julie Rivera and codec -- -- Jeter Rivera to be ranks higher much higher. In it -- shortstop and that's usually the glamour position ethic when your -- the best players play shortstop. But there's not a very glamorous list of great -- the really isn't and we just think of the A-Rod Garciaparra. Jeter troika when they were in their prime. And you know what what the -- Jeter was the worst of the three. He just hung around longer and stayed cleaner. And stayed healthier he survived more likable he survive and not the best of the three by any definition. Except longevity now when you look back you say every all his marks all of his records of its -- -- -- share your lunch and hanging around he was never MVP. He was never -- a batting champ. He drove a hundred runs one time. Yeah I mean he stole bases. He gets singles if a 1000200 snake of what you'll remember oh well when you think Jeter when he is from what we think we're you thinking individual plays were thinking things he did as a SE. I'll tell you don't know if that player might be -- LT well thank you jump rope now I'll think of inside of him and rightly so I'd feel right to strike that's what -- gonna be remembered for an inside out swing now flare to right Pedro and interviewed for teach in Sports Illustrated member of 67 months ago and he said he was the toughest. He's ever face Mecca believe that exhaust all right side stepping wasn't the ticket the public two strikes a tough spot to where you're. That's a question Kennedy's legacy that we but obviously frustrated you -- -- compare two blocks. Mean -- was twice that. Well you would never say Boggs was the player you would even mentioned in the same breath. Blogs was twice the budget is a better pace firms are better offensive player as we was blogs -- -- -- -- out of play shortstop -- these are better off. Our our our modern day baseball historian Tom Kirch and weighs in on Derek Jeter's spot in history. And you look at Derek Jeter and need to make a very strong case that he was better than marry out of repaired during his career and the -- Should be just -- good frankly given how well he conducted himself. And when you look at all signed shortstop in the history of the game in the you have to know Derek -- in the top five somewhere may be in the top three. The only thing he consistently led the league in plate appearances and eight appearances. Taking nothing away from that part of it Turbo tax plan shown up days like talk radio and the rule number one got to be a lot. And Jeter showed up and -- didn't breakdown and Jeter didn't take drugs. No I don't think he did you put me under -- at -- you know he did not Jews. Mainly because he's he's of good -- strong guy. Would never had any course why did you Jeter management something and also -- you -- -- Boston. But I also think that -- what did what why nobody what are you do if it's there it's would you. Maybe I can imagine put a needle in myself or have to swallow pills he did not do -- -- trainer -- -- was like couldn't them that would hinder it yes the needles the needles I mean wasn't in the the rationalizations for guys pre. Pre 2000 was it's not against rule Bryant wants -- when you're at work that wasn't trying to level playing right it was in this great moral barrier but I think some -- is common jabbing needles in me it just seemed. It wasn't like taken the pro each right yeah but and -- -- do you if if if I plot or Clemens what would. Prevent me from doing is I don't need -- dominant anyway. If a guy about job. Here's miners -- -- act like 78 years of writers to write Jeter would I would. -- would be Clemens bonds and -- exactly did -- he was a golden boy you know he was. Stars teenagers and think of coming up compliant. We in the World Series. As a rookie in New York it's great seasons to. Get his great nine -- under rated. I think it's a waste is an Ecstasy ads Eric G. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess nobody it's. Twitter yes people really him why it is because inside it's part which I'll break -- it strike you as a category -- -- bull and you welcome the -- and wide -- that's a good I mean I don't I I think that's for the people eat Jeter Rivera. -- more likable Yankee ball would be Rivera right never got -- -- -- I'd say yeah I'm fine. Jeter do you think my put -- maybe maybe maybe he might get that about a product that up for stability. -- mean is no MEK talked crap. Crap the cup war hit it crap. You cracked open an MVP. And batting champ Holman chip RB that champ. -- you have to be. All that yeah you're always gonna have you know 3500 it's -- -- -- -- pitcher can be fitful time it's a 199. Modern in 8404. Which is ordered 62 years we'll keep you from doing steroids scrawny you can use our respect my testicles all it is due back actually mean a lot. Yes that is a scary things stuff status to grow righteously or shrink the real. And there's no confirmations -- -- with Lance Armstrong that he helped his own tumors grow by Jews and that's true but the bottom. Stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Question. And Chuck Berry bonds may -- how many times do you must've been offered or attempted. Had to be. Wonders. And a -- -- -- ski. It was in new York and I mean -- was there McNamee was there and and playing with Clemens. On each biamby. And who knows how many other -- how many other juices and he was close friends with Canseco has. So as far as we well he never did -- again we we spent five years and well least we ever -- -- love I love talk among the best ever used the easiest they would mount Rushmore -- will always fun. -- incidentally are key on that and Jeter. And I personally -- point it's Wagner to make -- -- I don't think I've even seen enough of Yogi -- to say whether he SpinRite were different 3M VPs of the outside Jeter's -- look. I am comfortable that yeah. We're yet in the prime and it does not -- -- you -- a -- -- -- architectures. Are pros MVP here's a better question. Is they're -- on the mount Rushmore poultry. That's the real well polling truveo yeah -- right now. Eighty. The legendary. George Clooney George Clooney. -- that athletes in I know a general dollars and want to talk about Rock Hudson. Well. Not a problem not to get some good looking guys. -- some of the you know as favorite golf WTO it -- there -- 61777. Point 79 degrees -- I will tell you the most amazing in my estimation Humana. Back to wait about Derek Jeter when we come home when we come back. It's it's amazing it it it is it is this -- Impossible to duplicate what they what it is about.

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