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Should we lower our expectations for 2014 Red Sox?

Feb 12, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss the 2014 Red Sox and what we should expect from the defending World Series champs.

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OG ready. He turns on a rubber attitude to home so. -- world champions. And the good thing. -- the World Series and but the first time in 95 years we'll. -- the best. The Red Sox have won their third world championship in ten years. Seems like just yesterday. There was so much smoke on the field for the fireworks that John Henry. You know what the hell was going on after the Red Sox won a World Series. It seems like just yesterday up a Booth watching you guys work -- that after they wanted John Henry what. What's going on out there they're fired their their fire. Yeah that Joseph that's what I wanna hear that they opened all but did not after the game. There's so much smoke on the fuel from the fireworks in the party that was on the field at Fenway and the people that stayed there for hours. Hours after that game people are still taking pictures and sell these along the green monster scooping up dirt. Rounding the bases kids slotting adult and the Red Sox won the freaking. World Series -- Doesn't seem long ago but it -- seem surprising to me like doesn't seem like it was. Months ago but the idea that they've won the World Series. Based in the expectations going into the year in the year they had before. All that it's still a shock to. The system I wonder if if like of this Red Sox team -- -- you can forget about here in Boston and chocolate nationally it will be one of those teams fears -- -- -- 12013. Which one it army because it wasn't the Tino is often talked about a meat that doesn't their teammates -- -- the tigers when the only when -- Does their 12000 -- cardinals aren't here but the Dodgers dodged it load up that year -- the Red Sox it's right. You know -- that was Chicago White Sox on five of eighteen this sort of forgotten when you -- at the last ten years who won a World Series at 105. -- know -- a White Sox they swept the Red Sox out of right out of that team recently for what organ talk about today right you obviously remember. Around here and it maybe people will more so because of maybe -- -- you the Boston Marathon Red Sox in Boston strong viable thing yeah. But as far as the talent in this is what. This is what's great about this team. And and coming into this year. The only win a World Series Heidi get motivated. Thick about what's already you bust nutrients like -- -- cut advocates. Whatever leverage -- -- the future. I think nationally that like how that team last year still. There were great team. Think that things came together that's disabled -- rather than just say they got lucky right now I think it was a very good team. But it won't be remembered as a team that just open remember Michael for -- that roster -- seven we look at that roster as far as World Series -- of this team will be severe spring training going. I know people still don't evil and there we believe that we won the World Series -- they've played was such hard. It's fireworks mr. Hendrick -- It played was such and such desires -- I'll. -- does a lot of fire while. But don't let that the Yankees I spent half a billion dollars or what's gonna think they can win at. Olympics wicket win it this year that it would -- yet -- still this still have something to motivate themselves because you look back at that year was a special year. But it wasn't the most. Talented team attacking together. Amazing the word I would use it though four and 07 is the L word loaded you go back and you look at those lineups you say on like. Look at what they had look at the -- the -- -- four. -- a million runs Manny on whatever he's on David Ortiz. Johnny Damon. If passport -- seven he said the same thing. You say they were they at -- -- very end of the year he he batted leadoff uncle congress can do it Dustin Pedroia came on that team woods. Loaded. Sit -- about last year's team I'd never say that about the the Boston Red Sox 2013. Definition of -- checking in depth guys stepped up. You know even throughout the post season is the definition of the every single huge hit you can remember. Game from a guy that was previously doing nothing. You know I mean there was a lot of it was got to -- David -- -- Grand Slam you know they would he do that series against Detroit 2% then to matter at the Grand Slam. -- Mike Napoli struggle at the plate home run. Off Verlander. Jonny -- Shane Victorino -- -- look at all at one for twenty in Syria expert Perino calls right at the home run one for -- -- -- series. Nick opened a game winning it it was the true definition of it it was note Jon Lester John Lackey pitching with the two best pitchers in baseball. At that level at that time -- we are pitching gotten any closer in baseball at that level at that time. It just came together at the right time -- org but every good team and adapt to assure everybody that team right now opera because the people talk elected. Well -- still don't think with the can only talk of great players up and down I understand that. It wasn't star studded. Now and I wouldn't say loaded you wouldn't say load and immediately KB on Twitter agrees. That I've heard people say the Red Sox stole eight title. People are still giving them zero cred I hope the guys here. Obviously we know about the steam here. And that -- looking for something to motivate themselves we know that -- it was the thing last year -- authorities said it will not be beards the humid with him it's that tooth he's got a ridiculous to. Of a duck boat on his torso right now but also the -- Let's prove it wasn't afloat I think that's gonna William mantra yeah 47 days from now in the open up against the Orioles in Baltimore the only think of World Series teams -- kind of came out of nowhere you at least you -- -- -- of most of that meant somebody that is what way -- above expectations. Or career years. So -- look at that team. CP just fought through. -- Ellsbury headache egg Goodyear. And Ellsbury and wholly owned nine year. If not 2011 of -- year -- they had a good year it was solid all year long. Was a career. Victory you know be better than you thought a look at victory -- numbers career years on that team Stephen Drew you know. Saltalamacchia and and Daniel -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Daniel Nava got ahead and victory years would you say they are more surprises war. Career -- years in the pitching staff -- -- -- -- one -- nine offense write about -- offensive -- you know and it pitching wise Mike Carp was a huge surprise as a small role -- Right you know John Lackey. Bingo was a big one and doing -- off was a big what what it. I don't think you need to do is always gonna be relied upon to -- get Miguel Cabrera in big spots in the playoffs and what was your I always liked the solid going gain even with that. The melt down he had at Yankee Stadium awhile back in. He surprised the hell out of me this year Craig Breslow. Reza -- just another guy to allocate a Connecticut I went to Yale art fine I didn't always going to be a situation left the things fell apart and being a big factor. There -- -- the surprises will win the pitching staff there were offensively right when you go one through nine up and down. I thought there are many more on that side of it I had the expectation that team I think shape what people help about the championship. I think what teams are hyped up and supposed to win they carry a that carry different level of different level of intensity during the year -- level attention for example when the Celtics traded for. And put together a Big Three. That he was supposed to win all year teen people up that he was gonna win it all the Big Three put together -- one when LeBron James Dwyane Wade and and Chris Bosh get together. Okay they're supposed to win is a pressure and attention on that team the pressure on the 2013 Red Sox -- -- their marketing campaign. They still had to argue that the hits over -- and and they have this I'm open to waste paper basket or some sort of contraption. That is wrapped any Red Sox. Troll boy Red Sox add. It's still from last year it's Jonny Gomes and it's Jonny -- sense of like you can't fake hustle. You can't fake heart. That was the marketing campaign and these guys gonna give a crap about their team they're gonna play hard. -- Joe's right that was like the campaign for the team not -- we're gonna win ninety plus games. Beat the tigers and cardinals -- World Series. So the expectations going -- I think probably affect. The the reality of it going out attic for being -- a lot of fans took a took a long time for a lot of the media took a long time you know. Thought -- -- I guess at that offensively. Guys we respect to some names vector art Saltalamacchia and Daniel Nava in my car. Were they in the post season. The incline bench bench from the Jarrett Helio -- played. A carpet a couple of pinch hit thing reform done now about Jonny -- up their hidden a hundred venues played overdoing it -- managed a winning. Insult the when it mattered you know they -- playing David -- over treatment guys had career years. -- were at the end of Vick got replaced the big -- yeah. That doesn't happen very often so they would it surprise and last year and I'm curious today we're gonna a lot of phone calls on this because at 47 days away. Up pitch and catch report this weekend. -- the expectations for this Red Sox team this year as a Red Sox spent 61777979837. AT&T text on. Is 379837. I'll play off the top I believe my expectation of this team is there a playoff team. In 2014. -- five playoff spots up for grabs. But coming awful last year when we admit that this was maybe a little earlier than expected he had to surprise performances from people. Nope I'd say they're the favorite to win the World Series in fact I'm not sure I wouldn't say that. When the American League I expect this team to BA playoff team in 2014. I would say that if we get September early October we're talking about a team that didn't make it. And it's just it's only incite huge injury report we're talking about it lose 678 players. Ended and of these catastrophic things happen during the year to their team. That's at the disappointment. Why expectations Gordon to lash or they would contend that they were just missed for -- -- but they be contention in this September and eventually fade out because that lack of depth. My expectation this year is that they at least get themselves into the tournament. With a chance to defend their World Series title. Then on for expectation out of the Red Sox. Go. The playoff team and it's because a pitcher in too deep. To be too good playoff team expecting -- -- would -- -- do you think that. It will get into more of of as the season goes on nearly. It's a 162 games. And it just goes to show you. I -- believe the depth gets -- to a regular season you know our guys superstars would be 22 of the group post season although this team continued that trend with some. Some role players. We've seen it before. Mean we've seen teams before you Terry Francona -- at -- seven was. A great team in the World Series he -- always was a better team up because John Josh Beckett was -- at the end of the year. And it couldn't get past Tampa Bay Rays the ALCS. He thought that team was better. So where's this team rank it's. They they need they have depth and rotation to their depth and a lineup that would be concerned with me we get into before the bullpen and rotation. Low and it that's out of the lower -- their depth bloated -- that's going to be your strength you know I mean it that's the strength -- -- Tampa Bay Rays have been for years. Even with that the Red Sox still have more -- in -- to. Right just for the presence of a couple of guys. So yes they should be especially with a -- electoral -- -- the issue content for the Leo least. And they should be in this post season is no question. So for the team I'm not lowering expectations. And I am beat -- to what your expectations -- the I got idol. You expect -- to win a World Series that maybe if I'll -- but if we just started the conversation by saying they over -- in the world had great individual years. That they'll be some Red Sox fans the call and text today and said -- last year was a fluke. Expect and their aggressive appointment not a playoff team I don't believe that there's too much depth. In that pitching staff I've too much belief with Zander Bogart's gonna do this year I belief in their system. I have that putting a system -- -- would John Ehrlich coaching staff that gets -- they're they're retooling. What it means to be a member of the Boston Red Sox and that just doesn't go away. So if they don't like the playoffs it's a it's a failure but individually. I person guys in this team that you can absolutely. Lower expectations on and the guy who was then maybe my favorite player on the team last year. Coach -- we -- we go back and look at his year. 74 innings in the regular season on ERA of over one scoreless inning streak is likely to be unmatched anytime soon a Major League Baseball. You think Koji going all right get the same expectations he's gonna be able to match up but he did last year this year to get anybody goes how could -- I was very but he can. Go given what he did I mean you know. The thing -- is he is going to be 39 years old. Now for a -- Japanese arm 39 is a whole lot of innings. OK that is a lot of of throws a lot of pitches. You know and when he. It's hard to ignore the fact that he threw 88 innings last year combined regular season and post season. -- 2000 at 1236201165201044. Is -- -- Baltimore 66. 88. At 38 years old. You know the stress -- the post season. But he would -- say I don't think he was -- sharp at all in the post season as he was in a regular season there are moments reap the gut the saving elect man. -- that's three and one count the ball was solid always up always you know so I don't the -- was as sharp. -- get the final out you could just see how hired how exhausted this guy was each and every day in the mound. This is going to be one of the challenges that big spring training -- don't think there's any question that John Ferrell and won the Davis -- Davis appeared state. You know you you're you're not getting in the game. And film -- second week of march. You know maybe even third week of march yoga place and get -- Google slow with you would keep denied some of the inning totals have written a few other guys last year as well. It makes cities but there's a balanced as you want them ready for opening day. But you don't wanna push -- a ball the ball assists early in the year at the coach he's one guy that. I can expect. Tomorrow commitment to signing everywhere he goes it was so important is that. Are you expect him if they need him to and you say the plan in place for -- and and Ferrell. We think will -- it can close right if you based on what happened the first five months last year in Saint Louis he was their closer. He lost the job they went to the kids Rosenthal company and they want the fireball -- between it's probably it's all in the World Series right that's on the signing up eagle on. Will he take -- back it would allow. It pretty good year for five months those sneaky good signing for him. So what a great individually you have to downgrade. I feel about -- we are. I think you have to say what you got at a job lacking last year. You'd -- you can't expect to match up again. At a 189 innings in the regular season. He -- on another was at 24 more -- -- six more in the post season through tour in fifteen innings last year. John Lackey came to camp he was in shape and he was terrific. Right it didn't start well that number the outing in Toronto to start at Saturday that first start brand or the are all. Arm got loose they're Toronto had to leave the game we thought that's it he worked his ass off came to camp in shape. And now look at him he's done and torque curve ball against the blue jays. Well he gets himself settled. And John Lackey was a force for your pitching staff question about Ernie got headings were representative of how good -- he was a surprise -- good ones individually. Can you get that same effort and John Lackey and this year I'm expecting him to regress a little bit. You know I I I put him that same sort of category of we Harbin open have a common to what I have -- the. -- those guys actually I I don't expect it. I don't I ignore anything that would concern me is that haven't a whole year off. N and log in the amount of innings -- one coming back -- -- jump right into. Do her percent health what he was not a game for a -- And it's conditioning a lot to do with that to waste on -- baseball in less stressful games because he threw the ball so well a lot to do with that. But I I just think that that is really John Lackey in -- always -- posting because it was ridiculous. Don't you Lester out of control though there was another level there that they went to the post season. But the regular season. Mid to high threes. I could see that out of both of those guys. Horrible problem. You know with laughter may be more potentially be below. But I I think that's -- live with 37. Regular similar years he gave you last year but. You understand we're a lower individual expectations but because the depth that we're talking about here in the pitching staff I'm not lowered -- expectation I think our guys performed last year. They'll probably come back and you guys -- texting and some Europe. Players who may or grass it's not enough for -- to lower my expectations for this team. It sounds like you're Europe called a playoff team you feel the same way their individual players that might not match their stat line of baseball reference page but as eighteen. This should be a playoff team this year they have the looks a playoff team and when it comes -- the pitching the depth of a playoff team. And I'm curious. If people agree with that that. Guys might come back to the mean might -- the middle but as eighteen -- so expect in the playoffs fortieth pick last year was a flash in the right. I think this team has built the repeat I think this team is built to be well I Ortiz the the players -- now the contracts the wrong on the younger players coming up. I it's beginning of a deep run here and if you wanted to use the word I will dynasty. If you wanna go by the moderate agent -- re compete for World Series there were a lot of five years well in this day and age what -- the Yankees winning three in a row nobody's ever gonna. Any reason why can't seats say that word yet you could say that word maybe a year from now. If they go to the World Series win or lose. And you know -- Bogart's. As a rookie year rejected Bradley's second in rookie year and will liberal does hit thirty home runs. And you do get a look at Henry Owens and -- of this is that he can't say they're going into the year to look at the young youth they have we don't know. If if Bradley is gonna be in a minor leagues and Joan. You know -- or -- Brooks who loses his job again or Santa Bogut doesn't perform. So right now again just banking. On all this youth being great. If they are sure now you've got a six year run in all all of these guys at cheap dollars. So that that word there's no way you can you can utter that word to you see these young kids perform that we -- here before. You know with with some of the young players out. There's some guys here that it in -- believing mussina pitching -- pitching still consistently high levels. But until the young blood comes in here and shows that can do it -- down at the big league level. It is banking on that by using that word you got to see your first. But this was in the Miami Marlins of the -- on that point. Go -- out spending a lot of money and it dismantled the team and he knew that he didn't have a chance the next year abroad and Kevin Brown a whole group and said that -- wanted to win one I I just I don't dismantled them doubly so it's a thing existed because I can sit and sit at the most and loaded. But the greatest World Series team in world yet it could be a dynasty mean. Because I think the pieces are important and pitching depth ER -- a minor league system that is ready to go if they perform. You know immediately the -- I am projecting Bogart's I'm projecting -- Brooks a real Jackie Brown ought to be the players -- again I want to but the the all star actually don't. Why is that something in those guys are are competent this year the Bogart's fairly Bill James thinks they're gonna think. I love bill Jim what case may be an MVP candidate not a guy you may think cell I aides think there's a foundation year. That well I look at and say ways away from the 6177797937. Is your phone number 617. 7797937. AT&T text line. It's 3793. Several what are your expectations. This Diebold has a team and individually some of the guys from last year to each other book Koji and in my innings you worried about never yep. I -- I've sent a pass before a TV or get confused. You happy get to seriously go big show whatever might have -- tell the story -- -- Holler when I first saw coach -- we are. Young kid over in Japan yeah no not heard the story. Pretty pretty action exploits of the Japanese way well I'll -- that -- story next. -- was such an hour. Such designers who.

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