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Andy Brickley, NESN: On the Bruins in the Winter Olympics

Feb 12, 2014|

Andy Brickley joins Mut and Merloni as the NHL takes a break for the Winter Olympics. Brick discusses the current Bruins players playing overseas for their respective countries and how it will effect the team.

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Joining us on the AT&T all auto body from -- and Andy Berkeley has always brought you by an awful power equipment and Massachusetts business associates so. -- for you will you set the alarm early and make sure you're up to watch team USA is they make their run to what they opens the medal podium and a gold medal here this year as they play in -- Sochi beginning tomorrow. Absolutely. Very curious to see Archie USA doesn't probably just as curious to see how -- he -- that's going to be. You know we didn't show and that's and one of -- two -- program that has tremendous political scene so large yacht. I'm real curious about what's in order to better track Saturday morning. Where teen USA placed in Russia it'll be a jury red meat grill on oil and at 7:30 in the morning -- -- -- -- by. It's wide opening and have a special menu and played -- partial month by watching it we -- A brickyard in talking about the Olympics or do you do you look at it most the candidate is the clear favorite tax heard somebody say that they felt US -- win this thing they felt that they were favorite. I think New York got a -- little are they fear that shall not candidate without question meaning deepest and most talented roster I think -- only question is going to be vehicle in -- -- -- -- Looks like Kerry price is going to be playing game one it is in Norway and in -- at -- into. Austria. And then who played against you know Finland and who will lose easily to the net says benevolent guy beyond that who knows but. Yeah I think Garrett at the favorite I also like in Sweden that's not -- our courts because they want it -- six. But I like -- -- you know some critical defense even -- house that was a written this for -- against -- the equivalent -- PG a place -- and -- play Olympics now are even effective guy in the Lundqvist in net so I think those looking to look at that probably can't this -- US a little while -- will be Russia. -- when you look at Canada the strength obviously just on paper will be up the middle -- is so deep at that at senator at the the center position. It's kind of comical on the flip side would that be the potential weakness for this team USA that there. They -- good wings but there be a cinnamon and tough the matchups have been with a team. Like Canada's -- you look at team USA. I think each team is pretty struck -- -- little luck obviously candidate -- Bergeron on the link yet you pretty strong element if that's when they go to all. But I like -- -- thirteen USA USA don't gonna have to be you know that. -- -- attitude their team effort you know effort to really make up for. Maybe deficiency in talent relative to who you're playing when you play it in lake in Canada say. Are you Sweden struggled down the middle and think about what they can put -- -- -- you know Jennifer Baxter that their top two so. Everybody's gonna have some pretty its strength middle. -- USA you're right they are real strong on the -- both sides. They'll be an aggressive and when they can't beat their talent leakage or perhaps you have real team mentality. In big. A little short on the Beckett too accepting of what you gotta go walk yet but they have the best player they -- that they can put to. Together and you -- make an argument for blogger right up front maybe keep in -- the back and -- the guys that this -- to be there aren't they aren't out just -- that before. You know I love the concept brick and I know camps not a big fan of of the NHL players going to the Olympics is. You know I'm not a huge fan of the World Baseball Classic it's tough fit early year all the guys -- compute that level but I love the fact that the -- of the greatest players in the world actually care. You know it's like an all star game they actually do care. Is is is now the right time and preparing for maybe the last year these guys going with. And have more like that World Cup final thing that they had as their timing that might be right for something like this. We're excited -- -- because I looked in all the World Cup I. I was in favor of the NHL players going to the Olympics when they were trying to globalize the game and and and held -- -- and let everybody know what a great export this could be. We have the best players in the world representing their countries and what it means that took place and countries eager great hockey that tight competition -- And the logs for the game with a lot of trouble although it all on that giant stage let off some. But I would rather see that the World Cup they've been the Olympics I think that they've done what they set out to do when they first went to the Olympics. I'm not excited about. Some stories that heard coming from rusher in the situation that's that Sochi is. And I'm not excited about where it looks -- next so that the real leaders -- NHL's involvement that being said. When you do get because the competition that is expected at the Olympics in Europe greatest players players there's nothing better me. I love the Stanley Cup finals but this you know this loose or you country that once every four year. Does the ice as you open ice and a nicer press for change for you mean it seems like you get just as a fan at home. You you get some more this open play when he do open up and that makes it more fun from and it's not -- physical. As the NHL but it's what the skill is able to be showcases that change for you. The viewing pleasure watching Olympic Games. I changed that it -- I don't look at this incident but it certainly makes it different. The strategy changes which is so that I really like as an analyst. How you have to play the game with the sheep it's more containment and it is that you know. Battles along the law there will be a lot there will be the Yoshiro. A good crop outlook -- that are along the boards but you know that with the moral but I stipulated make more plays. Club course it'll be on display. The ability to create what -- -- three on -- with in certain areas of the ice I think that's a fascinating thought that the when you think about it. The adjustment that the North American players have to make that the sheet -- it becomes critical he can't play that and so people like they'll play but I I think when you're really give them the Reynolds. It's a big difference and they -- the European players and European train. You know -- back -- opening segment behind the B units are -- the city in trade for Louis Ericsson and and there was that thought of you know in real time for -- because developers team is built now there's a window for this team to win right now. They give owner Peter -- this week it tuchman defenseman. Then you know he likes is team right now it may be looking for more depth than anything to meet. Out of office just posturing you know a lot of teams on the desperate or not but. I don't wanna see that if they are built right now if you'd be consistent with trading Sagan Gordon get a guy right now that can help you win because they're built to win now. -- thoughts when you when you heard more depth defenseman then in -- a top four guy. Well you were posturing and part of being GM is dealing with the public and the other with the media and knowing that everything pitchers today whether it's whether it's. An audio or all of the written word of what you which in your quoted you know that that makes its way -- probably in the you know -- so much media attention and you access to quote from general Eric. You'd have to really be on your -- artist what you say it would probably feel the hard part Lou will be. Who is gonna wanna deal with the girl who would be willing. You do what the -- and are definitely looking forward and saying it publicly and not in order a dead -- Favorite to win the Eastern Conference that's where you get really small subset Mateen. If any at all when -- tried to acquire players that can be maybe you're number two defense but when you go and play. Well I wonder -- at this point in the edited the first -- lines -- you know the went ten days afterwards the idea that. It's going to be tough for teams. Figure out where they are because of the playoff system because the wild cards -- -- and a lot of teams that even. Come march 3 one that the trading deadline comes that are gonna feel like they're still in it and that. If you wanna trade for something the price is going to be higher than normal because. Somebody teams can convince themselves -- with this wild card we can make a playoff push it and that's a factor as we get towards that deadline. Absolutely absolutely. But I believe the Bruins have shown in the past that they have a willingness. Beast -- whatever they have -- -- -- That the OK with subtracting something to go get what they feel they need to win now. Of the legal opportunity to win now what -- torture are where he is in his career where their core group is in Korea. A lot of -- course to marry -- and they have a chance to continue to compete will be competitive year hero you try to lead right now. You know they've dealt first round pick in the past not saying that that that just. At that it's something that they're willing to do with this camera. But they understand that they may have to subtract -- player currently on the fraud or even -- prospect. Oh or even to players if they feel that the -- deal is. You know on the year to -- lead in that probably we're gonna pick let it alerted -- I think a lot of the -- Indies is look at the -- -- it. Brick last offseason -- the -- go. -- poses -- generally felt that you know we had a lot of guys maybe played overseas when they resumed NHL it was to your advantage and am curious what your thoughts of the Olympics against. The team that maybe has 304 to out of Saint Louis has nine maybe Chicago's ten whatever it is. Is there any kind of advantage Georgia -- that play this thing out. Or disadvantage. I think -- advantage. What place you have that a play it over rusher in the Olympics the biggest challenge will be to manage -- not only that minutes played in game actually compact. But the title away from the -- -- -- and even mandatory days off. And maybe even probable -- some -- physicals to screen accurate is that. Politically it would Jarome Iginla. And not the statistics -- the true measure of a player or but he wasn't -- they keep stretching it wanna sit there and still play brut style hockey but the production will there. This schedule out what -- and we've seen what he's certainty -- -- Matt Forte rushed. It was first game back four point against Philadelphia -- -- all of the start of the week because of his production legalized it. I think rest. Such huge value to the guys that he would come back that played some pretty you know in this kind of hockey shall you over here. And if you have to sit alone back to back late situation. A -- -- important that brought -- Many point is they did you know right up until the beginning of February and the world that it went on. Outside of that Montreal game that -- played well a lot of pressure and they put themselves in the position to be able -- the key guys at the end after rationally come back from the. Get teams individuals you -- grass there the report the last ten minutes is that Tuukka is gonna start. Fourteen film and it was a kind of up in the air it seems like -- -- -- let manner. Niemi in the report out of a TV station and TV not that MTV the other MTV. Is saying that it's -- to start. Saints let in the back up and Niemi in the first game. For individually. Brick is -- your Bruins for -- open Rask plays a lot and stays fresh or as a player. Yes it does it lose first game of the Niemi gets hot he plays a grass it's what's what's better for Bruins and their fans -- performance over there with team Finland. Well. And I certainly like to play a lot of to have that experience. You know I -- -- starting will instantly Redick and Linda. They have the most medals of all the all the countries in the NHL has been involved in -- fictional read a lot of play in -- it was done as a team goaltending on a big part of that. -- like yeah and the Bruins say it sure award it is scary comeback it's well rested as possible. You know he's sorry -- You know he had. These are learning curve as to how to deal with an original schedule the workload that he's had I think coming and she'll vote the most played one season near each other let's move if he wanted it -- -- -- -- territory. And he's not really built. You know like. I've been bishop you know 66 and you -- thirty parents and Alex is it's a war quote the -- I like to wait played when he played well he allows you come here and expect conservation movement that salt that. -- -- feel that that situation a little there were the instantly he played he played well. But he placed the fewest amount it is possible. You'll brick obscures your thoughts on -- Quaid. They held him out when he does come back in recent issues of staying healthy. We see fit on the mix and it is is a big physical guy and I'm not be something that they are missing at times a witness he fit. Are you either you're 56. When you would you have fuel for Koppel live on the back into looking like. He's a perfect 56 year in other words you -- platelets state Torre grew little but. But -- on the right out group gets all the minutes on the -- play each -- I'll play. -- equate. It would be a penalty killer but they -- probably era its weight behind you opt for in that in -- situation a little you got a -- group -- the year actually that. -- you like him more than Miller mentally you like what he brings. I do I do they're different style players in the sense of their their strengths -- and this guilt that. They're a little probably a little quick look at what work -- -- -- get separation when he when he gets the puck battle but wait more that our guys were separates. You -- -- the public from pocket -- -- trying to make a play. And yes I twitch fibers that the bill has a little bit more. What they have in common is the people compete and and it's all very physical guy. And lately that system you never see either of those plays. It's outside of their comfort zone meaning they know where they're supposed to be. They published it appeared joggers and they don't try to do too much because they do things local. All right so boils and street grammys Saturday morning USA and Russia 730. He said special menu brick and asking for friend and a menu includes cold beer and out -- that can be allowed. -- -- -- -- Well or those are those attending I actually hope that that on the menu now keep in mind. Russia -- that you would age. BU collegiate game over again that night when he will be retired Jack Parker number and they that's meaty part of that broadcast I'll excellent. So a lot of bloody marys and -- and the consumption I don't picket out of my. All of -- is asking for me I mean a friend. Not for use of a 730 sounds more like a bloody Mary anyways. I'm -- a big time -- fun and let's also rec arts award people. -- all right -- Golf swing Jews now explain -- that terror babies have a piece of the Dallas include but the first yes. I it's a will be there will get out their brick tell people about it we appreciate the time enjoy the Olympic hockey this weekend. -- we'll see where this team is next week as the in the term a part of this -- talked event. -- -- Andy brick -- NASA and joining us and joins us every week he's quality of our friends and awful power equipment Massachusetts business associates as.

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