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Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley: Olympic update, plus he's not over it... Hockey IS NOT A MINOR SPORT.

Feb 12, 2014|

Jack Edwards talks Bruins and Olympic hockey and then can't help himself... more venom for Peter Gammons and his minor-sport hockey comment from weeks ago.

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I should apologize Michael. To all the people in both -- and Wilbur -- sorry confused -- counts but I think I was I fell victim don't want my dad does not really knowing and just kinda. Saying it is that you know how does one confuse program. -- But I think what you're thinking that. We're here on a bike yeah. And you are passing -- bridge right. That. Few more miles. West. Then you're coming -- Wilbur and second was at the bridge and then kind of what are you are -- Received Framingham -- sealed testing the pike right -- it's -- -- two screams and be confused for program. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ever like names that you confusing your -- Scott Crist for whatever reason is those names. But not that similar but there lightly in my other summaries which go back want to go back to back. Which appear. And maybe there. They're there if you like this is something I need it after one maybe it is okay with a occasionally confusing Kristin Scott will -- an expert Michael BRI. That -- -- a six figure out I think what the -- one respect markups on the right now incredibly about. -- -- the people this is from a right here -- that people will. Get to know you better working out invites you out to him by two to a friend. On Tuesday for the prime minister friendly's is -- Working out pretty windy -- refused. Actually -- say -- not a nice girl she doesn't hit any minority nice girl by any other. She's a nice girl. To bring it about it that -- -- about the size of anybody mountain alone she feels on a person's race creator collar workers are necessary respect it's just not expected to work with this. Ride. Betrayal. -- yeah it. Yeah oh. And of course -- yeah course I screwed up my fault Jack has brought Cuba or for power equipment. Jacket said yesterday that I think broad expansion be rooting against. And you can be rooting for or against Finland you can meet under your Bruins allegiances -- -- That you're hoping that Finland bows out early maybe a couple of one nothing losses -- plays well but goes home early. So yeah you that are Mercury can get to rock in his very first game and they don't see the site for the rest -- -- articulate -- I -- that. Difficult course and that they had circuits. It on the one hand you one out all circuits a couple of it's up to the point that. You know he really does believe that he is about going in the world. And comes back and maybe the -- can ride on the shoulders even if they don't make a move to patch up the Seidenberg and on the other hand. The more he looks tired the war in this. You know pros chances are limited so. Yeah I guess we'll just up to watch it play out but yeah I guess I'd prefer to seem to know lighter look at a heavier oil. So would give me give me your sense of this team during the Olympic break we talked a couple of weeks ago when you're questioning are they -- or not. Didn't have the ability to come back when they were two goals down in the correct debt problem partially. -- Saint Louis they they got the point even though they win that game so given the identity your your feeling on the on the Bruins during the Olympic break. Well. I this -- it is capable of being an elite team a lot of things have to fall in the place. If you look at the teams they've beaten of late you know -- work backwards. Ottawa had a terrible night and is in a surrogate team. They sure pretty hard he'd come back to -- from two goals down to tie this thing Louis blues and -- over time first in that lost in overtime this year. Now that's a real quality team of -- looked up to retreat teams in the accelerate. -- trucks. Who -- you know they're not a target it right now they beat them they beat the Oilers. They lost badly to the Canadians -- it was hunger -- -- as a matchup problems. They stopped on the Panthers who were terrible they beat the islanders who were -- -- by the once they -- the wires were terrible. And they beat the -- back and according to the January free to settle. You know. In terms of quality win this one -- his -- -- one and one in the last three against really quality teams. Saw -- -- You know I'm really not ready to put them into the elite category they've played really well at times against really good teams like. You know while they're dispatching the -- easily and still not ready to -- an elite team because. Very. Concerned about the lack of Seidenberg and what it does in terms of abdominal track since and how it makes them how to kill former. Michael us me question earlier awful at the right back around do you Jackie say what do you thought so far -- Ericsson have you been disappointed. And why understandably an injury concerns. Guys right now plane on the third line I expected him to be a second or second line player and more of a contributor. I would have to say I am disappointed are you. Disappointed in the result split. It already ceasing to be detached and fired it says it's time to go on the Olympic break maybe playing in the Olympics. With the a Swedish style all around them and and the waters you'll reinforce confidence or come back and gangbusters. A distorted in the result I don't know if you can -- this point because the guy gets hurt. Just that's the way it -- -- always says you know there will be injuries and it's how to instill commitment and how individuals come back from. Certainly would all like -- -- we are among thirty goal in the plot forty ace for. -- -- -- Who -- -- corporate we're gonna take a shot pattern from behind not a player worry colleague didn't even have possession and and knock him out for. A significant period justice -- the prolonged restoring them to get him to back with the rest of the -- so. Yeah maybe pictured immigrated and incomplete disappointed in the result but not really disappointed in the player. We'll tell -- what you've seen from him lately he's that you start to catch fired in this Olympic break what are you seeing from him lately that you didn't see. At the beginning of the season and and to add on to that. He surprise you with anything lately and was he able to do something and then you don't think he could do. You really. Surprise me because it's he was the one guy from golf since we had somewhat of -- known quantity status where. But that cure -- -- while we're really great he's he's starting to read seen so well and and -- little bit more cops -- apart plus he's gotten knocked down really are a couple of times and political battles are that he looked a little bit. Which he's a little bit look over his shoulder in his first I don't know for five games back after the you have recovered from the corporate it. And if that's to be expected I guess in all most of they're recovered from a concussion. A lot of guys say it's psychological. Rather than just physical let you know they're. Once they get over the -- as quickly -- they say they just got to get used to get Eric. So maybe that's the thing that it is in its approach followers most all to see that he's in debt -- really clocked in and that -- up from them and also that it's finding those scenes in and passing combined will his teammates especially a power play. You know Jack we because LeBron James said that he belonged on the mount Rushmore of the NBA we were going to mount Rushmore is three sport you have a you have yet put a foreperson mount Rushmore together for the NHL. You have a group before that immediately springs to mind. All time or right now all time. Okay that we we -- -- right off that. Is that Gloria I'll want. -- you're the number one. I'd I'd say that you probably have to figure out who Maurice the rocket Rashard. Because not only what CDs. Astonishingly. Productive player but. It represents a culture and and nineteen means so much you French Canada and the way he represented. First and he didn't at -- and one. There were significant amount that is not only -- the hockey world that throughout well in North America. And I don't know they would put Gretzky there I guess you have to reduces points -- so incredible that I get I get -- -- or. We got the same rush more reject it to say I got the save one. We're only now I thought I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm impressed I'm I'm I'm flattered. -- on one hand on and a disappointed Jack because you've talked about. Defenseman. And you give you you are that you are the poet of defenseman you give them a voice you give them an identity and there are no defensemen -- -- as well well what kind of -- -- but. -- that this did what -- or did know what a more traditional a one a more traditional defenseman like Zdeno Chara tight. And let you know. I'd love. Walking -- -- -- on a daily basis he he he works. And he gets so much out of the athletic package that he has. It is you know he he's -- 8649. Inch body into a hell of a hockey machine in Ridley if you look at the latest -- play it's so difficult for anybody who over 65. The fortunate an extraordinary level you know. Burial would you six foot six which was just ridiculously. Coordinated. And quick for that for that side that guy. And you know every centimeter that you quote on that makes -- so difficult to make those connections such outspoken or charts. -- absolutely the preeminent shut down -- of the -- that you're talking about the -- greatest hockey players of all I'm. You know as much as I enjoy watching him play every day he doesn't want -- -- pupils from them -- they'll know. And blitzer and blitzer is great -- you're really at I think you've got a really good debate as to whether these or Parker on the all time. Six. You know -- And before Lidstrom. Started stretching out at Norris trophy. Victories. To me with automatic that it was org or and by. You know value a difference. Of you know report played at a real -- ground error and still succeeded in being. And absolutely astonishing -- -- -- but while being jostled balk at the plate in a cynical old. And and Lidstrom was a picture of efficiency it's that really stylistic difference between those who put. That's a -- debate to. Because. In order rather have -- -- -- lets you know where polluters if you know where perhaps take the other guys that are. Runaway Gordon yeah Abu. Who gives -- who gives the better interview you may have to ask that as the deciding -- maybe OR Texas what I techsters has put it out and we pointed this out ourselves we were doing it there we didn't have there's there's no goalie and have a goalie. We didn't have one you don't have one either. There any goalie worthy of this conversation. Well. For me -- if you get a second -- it starts at number 29 in Montreal. If you know Ken -- just did things that nobody had a right to do in an era when they stopped goalie like outlook or serin. You know the chest protector would. Sort of quilted top. No you know it wasn't the science that it is now they didn't have accesses videotape that they have now on. And -- One with. Inaction and and now a style that was so arrogant that. He made you feel inferior at least as and it I guess. So far it is then they have a -- that belonged out there you know maybe if if there's another -- -- Side -- that the I thought the idea that the drive. Well you know hey there is another statue of you think -- a mount Rushmore. There was a they want to have some type occurred at some type of tribute there and a Black Hills to Crazy Horse so maybe that that would be a fifth. So maybe that's for Ken Dryden goes in the I think it was like twenty miles away that's a tribute to Crazy Horse -- -- going to be Ken Dryden and crazy. Yes. Well let's you know the only Crazy Horse like another duo doesn't work out -- that it. It's just try remodel it is always going to be a monitors or. Policy China got -- big check you all not over yet I don't tell -- I think -- -- over. I I understand why not over I still don't understand your argument -- and can't talk -- he's not there. Who doesn't he doesn't need to be there to talk about whether or not it's like war. Talk won't say is that because he's not there he has yet so credibility. He's not looking for credibility on until it went where it appeared they -- that they don't hockey's. Always gonna be a minor sport but it John parole popped the -- -- build all that different than it was saying it's right. I agree with -- I agree it's ridiculous but. But I don't think it's any I don't think it's more or less ridiculous whether he's at the rink or not he's not talking about whether or not to people work well together whether or not one coach likes another guy's not giving you inside information that you gather at the rink. I agree that it's a ridiculous statement I just don't think it matters whether they are not. Probably -- whatever. -- about how you play hockey doesn't communicate. Why don't need to know that talk about whether it's a big sport or -- Jack about you guys work it out and apparently didn't get -- podcast that averaged Edward would DJ being. You both major points. And still still raw nerves yeah. And I just stupid it's a stupid thing to say it's a stupid things that it it it -- still the parking lot of water sport. It's not a -- are sport it's the next sport it's certainly did its limited by geography and climate. Those are huge contributing factors that two other people want big gamer not. You know yes certainly it's migrated to California exceed the evidence with a guy like Kevin -- but I seriously -- That's hockey ever going to be big in the heat itself you know is it has -- following. With the Tampa Bay Lightning. But -- will always has struggled and always will struggle until it moved Atlanta tried twice and failed. Don't national carved out a niche but. No it doesn't really drive a lot in television ratings. Dallas' on and off. And and that's just the way it is it's the way it is and it's fine that hockey and exports issued an important -- but it's not a -- Do you differentiate between kitchen -- well now what can no -- it's it's it's a major sport that doesn't work in certain areas I think this is what jacket thing and I agree with. Don't let it let me ask you that well yes it is we all thought. Quotes. Quotes is that what it's about is it about haven't paid fifty fox support your current gas station the walk over satellite. The delegates about you know it is that it is it about. In all. Costing 600 dollars to go to a regular season baseball game for your family. -- -- -- -- About it is now what makes -- majors -- you know what it was the definition of majors what is the definition of the majors or. It is something that the -- huge dollars then you know McDonald's is the best restaurant in America right. -- No that thought that it you know what that don't want Vick to what your history major and minor I wanna know it and -- difference what is. I -- that -- -- forced me to argue something that I don't believe so here's the -- caucus I agree with you I think hockey is a major sports I kept trying to just. Play the other side of this and I think what what Peter would say is. The argument is just general acceptance when people think of what is our most important right. But boy who chaired the -- general acceptance are -- need to continue to play to its core audience. Its core audience is putting more dollars into the game. But the why does is comatose at each yeah well but it will air the what does that have to wait a minute before he -- no question before I then went back quite. God I haven't seen at the -- you know at least eight years and take it a shot at the game that I love. OK it's not my game it's not our game it is a game that I want okay and you know -- Clark -- in 1985 -- our first got my first job at Boston sent to me you know what you can say. Any saying about anybody in this town as long hitters certain defeat saying -- the one that it's true. Number two that the next chance they have. To be in town that you're standing right in front of the truss install of the player you just ripped. Another report quarter ago that was before Twitter but I mean it's so everybody isn't there -- here -- -- standing in front of every -- -- Arctic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean isn't he standing in front of the the hockey audience he's not gonna -- and he's done -- the players if anything he's talking about it. He has an insulting a player Nortel made it look we are -- -- is to Austin not smoke or open. It is that got it deserves respect as a major athlete. He's not -- that make me wanna do this because what your question one character clutch you'll want. What difference is there between. A hockey player and a baseball player other than you know. That it just in the other guys in the National Hockey League don't get paid 2.4 million dollars for complain that they don't have a new set of facts. You know I don't -- I don't understand why white -- to control -- outside of hockey and then just go hide. Okay now this is they want what is the question you said what what makes the sport minor very good question what makes the sport major. Oh great just what what and I got that -- not not the sport of hockey what makes any sport major -- any sport driving tribal significant interest. Driving significant interest in a in a region nationally internationally. Some of the above all of the above our medical here's. We won't. Say that the Premier League is. Is a major sport. Is merely Europe's worldwide yes. What -- but I mean I have on the United States. Now now OK okay with the water sport -- -- -- the -- for -- yes. Not a -- sport. Period -- greater for it like somebody saying you know like what Joseph Barton. Now to download those final seconds and sit in Seattle Seahawks are world champions world champions. -- in sport outside the lower 48. Don't know it. Seriously. About world champion or not that's great won't -- -- of the Walt white patent. You don't walk on the street in Asia and if somebody ought to leave it on messier is sincere so nobody knows who you any member you know Richard Sherman it. Yeah well we're talking about I think you know what it comes down to is I think. The perspective out of that we're looking at a globally actually okay right I don't. Why aren't there what makes it got my -- of -- myopic or let's call it focused let's got to myopic or let's got to focus they focus view. Of a major sport in the United States what makes this sport in the United States major. Significant interest. And talking a significant interest across the United States. Well. What -- thing you know -- uptick in Chicago lately. About Los Angeles. Boston got a 196 consecutive broad sell out to see Gardner it's gonna go on for a long long time. Write it in those cities it's absolutely true that one still up and Jack you know Jacki hold -- when we -- we were solely geared bands yelling at me can you all you keep talking about this -- more time saying hang out our. Hold on we are back with -- rockaholic WV. -- Well he's pretty good again. It's a very small players soaring -- For those of -- that somebody defenseman and -- -- like that. Text message 37937. Says give it up. A sport as minor -- advocates have to argue the case profusely. On a sports talk show that it's a major sports. Jack wants. Right exactly so lets not fight the good fight let you know admit defeat and walk wherever tail between Alexia terrific where you're from. I district both the president and enough Honduras again. Our idiot what an idiot writes in something like that are I think you know. -- -- That's silly what look at attendance might look what -- attendance fourteen -- in the NHL so every single ticket Edmonton is that it. 99.9. Percent of the ten. -- wait 248. No doubt 23 of these so it is a year ago. So 91 point 7% of their ticket or more. And they're not cheap air because it's there or get counted every single eager counted because it's hockey related revenues. And the salary cap is based on that -- got. Except that by what that in order sides and the players' side. Let's say. Take the NBA yet BA has all substances. -- every ticket and let's see there are are. Sixteen teams themselves 92%. Or more of their -- regularly baseline or talking about 81 home page I don't different deal. But there are only. Fourteen years in the league going 92 portrait percent of their tickets. -- more but your -- while you're talking about stadiums that are twice as they say their treatment of Major League Baseball -- so it. Senator Evan you're twice as many games and stadiums twice major researcher and a -- -- I like that out and don't know what. 31 -- think it straight Major League Baseball has going forward as a so called major sport is -- are opposed. Three months through all the all the. That's a fair point you know Jack I think -- -- comes down -- this. Peter Gammons. Said what he said about hockey because he didn't like the incident he called it a minor sport what he probably shouldn't -- it is. This is a sport that I love and he says he loves hockey a sport that I love. But that was a bush league incident can we admit it was a bush league incident but he he -- with a broad brush and each other should have just focused on the incident -- he -- like is that fair. If you sit there at least at the John -- are going down all between. Periods. Was a really bad move or something like that yeah there there's no problem. Aboard that important battle that was part they're on October as part of terrible but it was not that different from many of the things going -- baseball -- -- -- -- -- to like -- -- sports but whatever I mean it. It is a little bush league to say I can't believe they do all this hockey that's lame when you see many of the same things in baseball. I trying to find each other later thrown at each other and happens curtail. Other seven year old made it. They're based all right rob a seven year old man did today he was -- -- really nothing you can do not just -- opposed the bill Jack that was -- that we talked about current Jack thank you very much. We appreciate it thank you for fighting on the older boy. Ordered a tiger like at -- power equipment got their money's worth that absolutely Jack we will talk to that we weren't looking forward to we're gonna have on straight hour of this conversation. You know he'll fight the good fight -- not only the right thing to do. But it can be an ark lot of fun. Enjoy the -- -- -- or not we'll talk to them and crime there is Jack Edwards brought Jews I said my Norfolk power Quebec and you're Axl -- WB yeah.

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