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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Mt. Rushmore Edition - 2/12/14

Feb 12, 2014|

Four topics all sparked by Lebron James declaration that hew belongs on the NBA's Mount Rushmore.

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Yeah. And now our silicon Alley score -- -- -- report or -- for. Fun game. -- -- Well we've solved it Kelly and sports radio and W -- and don't agree. -- for a few -- and beyond. -- technology ally got a business to manage why not let's see beyond manager technology. AM by integrity windows and doors. If you're trying to figure out the LeBron James connection with this finally. Well. Seriously he's going to be right at the moment. This is from Friday to. -- -- The the he final -- the whole scene and fight -- guys winning. -- -- to rein in north you guys have to find Christian Fauria think there's there's so let's see -- Christian oriented -- on the air. For a long -- unified. You know it's I think -- rock from what I think you know which is from either try to keep two -- the -- That Peter terrible Peterson terrorists. It's such a thing. It is terrible the laureate marathon now via the glory of love that's -- -- to -- -- that two man. The little two from the back and forth and wrote. -- of those words. The drone. Who wouldn't just outside -- guys walk him. Well with unfair and went to turn the cream cake and it didn't work was supposed to do. Well with the new. Practices Switzerland. It. What was that little bit of what would have running see is that ridiculously maniacal laugh after that. I want that guy dead -- But to -- blog consultant. But regardless of the -- From the farm run put on like a skeleton Halloween -- running around the Internet that they Diego every kids were like you need you saw this movie -- their -- on them for karate lessons -- the next day and the next day than what. To a three later this is I don't I just don't know that with the -- -- of the year great article on it collapsed -- Not feeling too well and remember the studio Olympic existent. Red the red -- spread the Lawrence Westbrook. For several hours the chain of writings. You do it did you achieve a certain no level. To rebuild -- -- out. Into these chances. Of passing it to clear through. Call martial arts. And have a cancer team I was -- when he would teach -- -- -- -- along parts of LeBron is the best tournament. In his mind he certainly is he said that his mount Rushmore for the NBA it would be. -- Jordan magic and it took them awhile when he thought of Oscar Robertson but I need to be up there's that LeBron -- need to add another space for me. So I ask you who would be your basketball now. Rushmore here in the crazy thing about LeBron into the three easy ones right. He named the first three -- dirty bird and magic are. So he said it's easy he has no -- and he has no will -- he has no Bill Russell right the murders. Brothers got -- -- got no I mean it's not that I believe it but Kenosha. -- -- Olajuwon Sonya we write these down I think you almost have to do. Like senators are different category. They ultimately probably 704. And -- and an all open also for treatment for our -- it's basketball should have five. We've done this before it's gonna rush where you get for now equipped her to change the rules you gotta add -- -- basket anyway. All right for common to have Russell on there -- LeBron LeBron that they are you may be there one day not yet. I'm gonna have. I would have Jordan so Russell -- Georgia Tech. That is it's difficult it's difficult. I think -- -- Russell Jordan. Magic. And either Korean or wilt. Local -- To about I I almost went that way but I I. I don't think he could have magical number I just think they don't again. Like there are your life and nobody to go to the other. Like basketball guys Bob -- would go to -- my fifth. But I -- Larry Bird could have five guys at a basketball court -- -- where would Jordan bird magic and Bill Russell does those in my four. And -- those other names you bring up could be on the there's no reason that. Kareem couldn't be on the air Wilt Chamberlain couldn't be on there but that's -- for those pork prices doctor. Before I said the NBA now comes -- the Adriatic. -- wondering -- -- -- says one ring in the NB a says Jerry west's. Is the -- Now with some of the greatest and that's why it's difficult he said there's nothing easy about Brian. And an even without those aforementioned -- will. Yeah so -- -- -- Them out of heart that's the point I don't know rush I don't want anybody emirates which it would take rebuffed but we'll have a chat now now coming up will. And Russell they go together yes that I'm gonna have magic Michael. Apparently 1936 there was a petition to raise them who's -- Susan B. Then apparently the -- was. She ended up on the on the dollar -- the artists that have make it to -- what. Exactly do we. -- -- and to be a little bit easier for you would be on your mount Rushmore for the NHL. Four names in the NHL archives -- this is the same go ahead and zoom Gretzky. Or yeah how yeah. And I want the floor. You look. -- -- Mario LeMieux. He could be on the -- I mean it certainly -- should order -- -- -- those guys can go online here's the other Florence. And oracle I didn't have a goalie now I -- Ken -- -- -- Marty Brodeur. -- And -- are really supporters Bruno's incident that it should be to -- and huge margin and in some Gretzky or you can we agree that Gretzky or how -- are definite Bobby holik is -- been on -- now rocket -- could have been on there. Overture. And was put report and they're just personal reasons but backed off at the end I can -- -- didn't throw fuel for the team. Scott Stevens. Think it's got the enemy and I really great player out there right away from him. Or is -- Castro no doubt about it. He say aura that you know. Among the -- get guys a year ago when taxpayers missing -- sure old -- yet. CAD short play. Hanson Brothers and I don't have. Got. Thought in those first three are pretty much automatic. And then booty won't veto tomorrow amused brilliant when a fanatic but -- don't feel -- In your own Mario your fourth now rocket or rock or -- If -- were almost all the right wide right rocket resort to your question brother. If you've -- Fuller -- sharp revolt on TV right now to be apart while one's dead right if they were skating in their prime would be able to our. Before I belong there -- -- -- a rocket which are high right. High on the floor of the long hair own law that you want people and we miss you on. -- achievers and operate charter. Number partners just for some. Analysts -- -- -- -- TV guys and the judgment to do what his -- this. I'm most. Longo that the -- -- -- the tires. -- just where it gets little difficult. NFL who would be on your NFL mount Rushmore. Think about that let's get it is hard I got four or pro football I got what you hostile work doesn't work you get for quick pick your kicker. Kicker put your potter I got four guys Monaro -- will be Lombardi. I thought about it in the hate and hate to think of one -- -- one. I said Dick -- not that he was necessarily the greatest he's on defensive player of all time but he stands for so much of what the NFL is in laws. Dick -- But they're vulnerable time in -- that's -- -- all time. And obviously got to have a quarterback. -- the future. With a guy who's gonna win more -- than -- what it's all said and done that fourth. Fourth name who's gotta be on the mount Rushmore football Michael. -- Russell Russell -- Left -- -- LT up -- got to have a problem darling but does LT and Russell Wilson could get a bigger have a carving of a prostitute survivor LT. Sir what drew -- I know Dick Russell Wilson will take marina. This period I want marina. Not like I like the -- of -- coach but an almost what Paul Brown but I'm gonna I'm not have a -- -- there would have. Joseph Montana. -- would have. Jim Brown. Would have. Walter Payton. And noticed this I mean this is typical Arnold running back I got on their commanders do not a lot of a lot of LT and care have -- there you have to have LT not thought -- and not have LT. I didn't pick who wrote the note played did you not read the blind side you have to have no idea who did Jerry -- But restaurant where you know -- couple 49ers general would have a couple -- 49 -- the -- both of them decided not to -- -- thought about Deion Sanders because -- tackling anybody. I'll watch every souvenir Jack Lambert. So many -- words mean Joseph greens that we wanted to come for -- before we want. It was my fourth -- and morals aren't these are -- be -- Alamo off from two if you want. -- -- not -- -- -- that we can't have any active players up there yeah multinationals. What happened out there that are bewildered these smoke that we have there one day these little up their revenues dropped. About a home ice and go play public you have every right on woman -- the Denver have a have a -- did you. On the mountain Rushmore. This -- -- that exact. Amount point that turns it over there and guys like guilty -- All there -- others -- him yeah areas that -- -- -- Reggie took Hoosier -- here for I had Joseph Montana you know. I had Jim brown and Walter Payton and I got graduate. Like like -- You don't have a quarter. Joseph Montana pleas court they said Jim Brown Walter played into my argument yet you think you do -- -- -- the argument is he going to be your quarterback yet McCord you don't -- middle linebacker corps of and here's the question is killed on the text or one of the lord's work or what score Boston athletes. And athletes. Would be your mount Rushmore for Boston beliefs. Well. Through paraphrase LeBron easy to. Our Ted Williams and bill. You don't have Ted Williams and Bill Russell -- -- god. Art so -- Williams Bill Russell goes into. I think you have to go. Four. That's three. I'm at a picnic area. But breaker here not -- It. For a four. To defend. My fourth yeah. The most recent president. -- mount rush wars -- -- Notes you wrote like night. Early 1990. So. Forward for retire people. I went directly -- retired long retired pilots -- this is the gold -- your boss know you better not have an. -- I have enough for me for being. Boston Manny Ramirez that's my. Bird. It's going to be bird -- at Russell. Williams. And -- was with him. Or warn you when we go to war at Williams or for the differently I did take a lot more newer players and I didn't like Celtic only because. I was -- I thinking you need to -- This is in in the history of Boston has been more Red Sox now than anything else. And I -- Pedro. What he brought to the city including the championship 2004. And then probably Ted Williams put it -- -- day for -- between Ted Williams. And David Ortiz and it's not because Ortiz has a better. All all three championships pole three championships that Hillary for it kind of it about the -- Reach him better individual player. But three rings that. Bring it to make the argument I'll go with Ted Williams even oil from -- comfortable doing it -- -- rating. Pedro Ted Williams Bobby. You know Bill Russell -- right now. You can make the argument with great links. How about all all -- pretty -- about a basketball 111030. Not to hound -- about it went down this is the biggest winner and they hit 2000 bars on the same line it up at the basketball it's it's a championship country you know mileage security championship country I led us. Eleven championships there's no right Antonio violent tactics I would have Bill Russell Larry Bird on their argument you're gonna sneak on -- RTM I might find room -- almost -- -- on -- guy I have. Very small mountain. We want had only -- four names are here admit that I am glad to secure enough to repair auto air I care. Well I care what you think in my mountains that small. But of room for five or six guys on -- you keep trying to bend the rules -- trying to add more more guys and your team. They -- Brady. Pedro or. Ted Williams. -- -- I like it. Group here calls for a jacket or -- jackal. Be upset that we don't have like you know it's the Tim Thomas took -- all the -- or the principal defensemen. I thought about -- apparently went and -- -- pulled pork on there. How deal maybe -- -- should be on the have a dawn is in Dorchester was -- don't I don't what's going on. What's up quickly. There were on our -- won't talk about all the market share. We're glad to talk and I'll read a little -- but thank you done your arm. -- -- Oh my concern was that mechanics. You know and you. Is going to be hired. And the company -- became an all day. And he was actually McCain I wouldn't would have been talk and elect -- and I'll be the first game mechanic -- -- -- our law is going to get it -- be the first Al game mechanic. Obviously it's what football environments would go to the locker -- And at the picture -- be out. So out of date back here. Let me tell you if you not a -- that the player wanting that it override it Ambien date. He -- ridiculously fantastic player I think that it matters. That. It turned out -- him fantastic player right it will but I think the with the leopard that plays to. We generally big story if we also covered McCain -- him accurately and it -- radio mechanics are important. What we're not talking about them on on in BCC BSE SP NBC. You don't think will be -- a mechanic. In her car work he or she would understand. But if you open the bullet point now Prius cars plastic the -- -- -- if you open up your hood you know what's in there. You know why do I am I guess I'm not asking you what -- alive we're alive and it is yes. I've had so many. Over the years had so many cars breakdown. Of gone the value approach cards in the guys that work on the oh I'm the first car bought. The 1979. On -- it was well after nineteenth demeanor. About for a hundred dollar now. And it department would start a -- go into the car. Income. Wires make our unit which wires -- get so popular. Problematic cards. -- -- the first time. Well I think you know taking it in and talking to mechanic now that you are listening to your hat into into -- -- Hand. The transmission. Transmission. Problems. Despite the -- some pretty good of course is the today reported annually to -- I got the graduate -- -- and figure out exactly where went under the hood. A port in the entire -- effort to go. Paul is in the car. -- guys that I have my own personal. Mount Rushmore thing I wanted to do. I want amount -- much more. -- good day yet. Or. Rush hour for which Rushmore we just -- for them which one do you want bought my four choices for the Boston Rushmore were Brady. Pedro. Ted Williams and -- York. And yeah it's likely he got ability when I -- not from his close in the Boston downtown Boston is -- bridge right but. -- you're right I I don't hang out at the friendlies facility and Oxford telling -- that -- the outcomes are not from downtown. Aux bridge I went to your right I just wanted to be loved the streets so a bill bill given your -- your quartet. -- -- -- You got Michael Moore. Okay thanks -- thanks bill. -- -- -- -- -- Or you're not from around here -- he's an expert at -- I mean look pretty good if you gotta make the claim of like -- -- from a little too far out to hear from Oxford student.

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