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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 2/12/14

Feb 12, 2014|

We go around the Boston Sports scene and set the table for the show with the three biggest topics of the day... today featuring Tim Britton of the PROJO, Tom E Curran of CSNNE and more.

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Six. Only on Sports Radio 93 point seven W yeah. I -- now a look at all the big stories in Boston sports with those on the inside it's solved and colleagues bosses. Alex yeah it. Some people and bricks and bricks and leaves -- -- permit us. It's on Sports Radio WEEI. Are the Boston blitz everyday about 245 brought -- by AT&T. V that's the cables and -- aversion to get going today -- -- With Chris Forsberg. But ESPN boston.com. Talking hoops Chris who gets dealt. Who gets dealt before the deadline which players are no longer hear from the Celtics game. The guys think I kind of keep focus -- on -- branded bath and -- -- because you know you look at it. What's that like it -- contender and you're looking for guys -- kind of person can. It's -- multiple positions -- rocket chemistry won't cost you a lot you know he's probably your guy. It other than that it it would have been more murky lake noted overpaid for Gerald Wallace package of you know obviously -- with the interest -- Think the public feels pretty. -- price -- for him. -- have been more difficult you know supporting me to move and couldn't get -- they don't necessarily have to make it EO but. They can further on clawed -- cap and they put themselves in better position for next season I think they'll do. You know Chris we talked a lot about tanking we talked a lot about players who have improved side -- felons -- comes to mind specifically. Talked a lot about Brad Stevens you have a handle. On who he is is there an identity. To Brad Stevens. Yeah I don't think it's pretty transparent that they it's it's like you know he's a guy who understood the situation coming in. You know it I don't think it's ever easy for a situation where you're you're gonna be used more game your first season and you did your entire college career. But he understood that the processing understand. Every game -- kind of building towards something even if it -- it's not necessarily you know results this year. It greed deceit about that but you know he just trying to get the most out of the guys in the deep he -- -- you know coconut. He could make a bunch these guys over achieve it and get a bad actor contenders satisfy. You know it would have been number one thing when you're coming into a situation like this you gotta be patient and and you know luckily he -- he's willing to be that it. Source sees what's weird weird they're working -- its gonna take time but you know democratic -- got these guys play hard when. They really could describe it and at some point and you know it's good you know keep vital. Now also in the that if they gave up just lost about -- like that bosh Chris Forsberg can read -- and ESP embossed dot com find my Twitter and ESPN Forsberg extras. That it does. Are now go attempt Britain of the Providence journal -- -- are still a great job problem on Twitter at Tim Britton. Tim not now that the this spring training is in view we go back to that Jon Lester situation and Jon Lester said before. But he would take a hometown discount to come back out to the Red Sox. Any progress on matter of the Red Sox interested in talking deal with Jon Lester this point. I mean it and it would be if anything they talk about what you're now the now be less expensive than what it would probably be in the off season. You know right now you look at the pretty fast for next year starting pitchers curt -- locked up these soda and pictures are still out there. It wouldn't surprise you who both thought it of being done on this spring. Ata -- a lot in lesser longer term probably not as long as it's as the -- speakers on the money. And Lester coming off not where you want to be true eight at the right side have been waiting for so long. Tim who gets the most at bats in the leadoff spot for the Red Sox this year. I think it can be victory you know I think that there's probably -- much better -- to him at the property order. Data model Mikey. An option there but you're not gonna play all the time. Against -- and disorder and I don't think on our want that it jockey back or you know I only look to a victory noted lefties -- -- -- The cute at the top of the order but -- -- -- probably get a look at bat there and that that -- you look into. Or how much of it on base percentage last year. I think it was 351. It's calculated third but more -- that -- -- -- percentage parent would do it. Those I don't know how sustainable that is this year. You didn't from the right side he's a machine he's like Don Baylor is amazing Tim thank you appreciate it. All right Tom Curran will finish this off. Comcast sports net CS and you dot com. Transitional reviews are up there we're just talking about the patriots defensive philosophy Tom. And trying to figure out whether or not. The differences between them in the Seahawks and aggressive style vs more of a bend but don't break style. Whether something has something needs to change or whether the patriots just need to different personnel in there to play the system that they wanna play. I love it because it's a fascinating conversation and I wrote about it going into the suitable what they help caution news. If we can't -- too much on the final games that we saw both of the patriots in of the Seahawks last problems. What the Broncos ran into was the worst possible matchups and aerial. Foreigners who could look eye to -- with -- wide receivers GM them all the mobile maligned. Then in turn nobody was uncovering quickly because of that press coverage it Peyton Manning's one point eight seconds in the pocket getting the ball vote. Was gone so then he turned into the Peyton -- from 1998 to 2006. Which is generally would happen. I think there is merit to that because wide receivers aren't getting any smaller. How many big grid corners are out there though that's the question if you look at the patriots they do -- the smaller guys who have personal growth from. Lot outside and to a lot of different things when you look at him against -- for tough matchup for them. So I think that when you look at all that those different. Aspects of pass coverage that's one thing. The signing of Adrian Wilson the drafting table on -- neither is worked out but I think the patriots are cognizant of the fact that they needed big nickel type. Safety back there one other thing government before to spot. Will be that her politics philosophy. Especially with the free for the more built a wall type defense has started to a ball. Really I think after the rise entries here all the unfortunately what territories if you know what we do have to get up field. Because right now these quarterbacks who grew up in seven on seven of fast break up fences they're killing us. So we're seeing glacial. But somewhat at different philosophy. Are so what are they need to do whatever they I don't anticipate the patriots -- gonna become the Seahawks are reporting starters on defense but. What are they need to do to become a -- reliable team defensive. I don't think they're that far off Mike I really don't like him might think that when you look at what they can do defensively. They have they -- have to read that keep -- the non negotiable. I don't care franchise and I don't care Feinstein to a five year fifty million dollar deal goes the opposite ends of the spectrum. Yes the stick around because once he is not here. They need to earn a situation where -- better -- better than issued against Andrea according emotional operation that came. He becomes your best corner and that they have -- Ryan who was not as big and can be ways and have them according. All those fumbles all this one has to leave sticks around yet Jamie Collins who's kind of obviously shown. A lot in terms of being able to plug that hole I think got a high towers ability to find new things to do made him better. And I think it could use of Astro -- in like I think they could definitely use you know we talk about Michael's -- one context this week. I'll mention. -- -- -- player of his -- and another guy who could just specifically get -- the pass rusher and maybe you become the second level. Just straight ahead at the linebacker. Or on the outside in it to others to get the quarterback they'll vote -- Beckett. -- and on the field yet. Tom great stuff as always you can read -- stop at CS and NE dot com on Twitter at Tommy -- toxin. He does the blitz today Iraqi by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of we're going 99% of all Americans rethink -- Rethink possible like really Basel one person's button rethink the Patriots defense is it a matter personnel is it a matter of philosophy. Six or 77797937. You guys jump the next alcoholic WE.

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