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Bradford Files: Dan Barbarisi, Yankees beat writer for Wall Street Journal, explains the Derek Jeter positional conundrum

Feb 12, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Wall Street Journal Yankees beat writer Dan Barbarisi to discuss and debate the merits of keeping Derek Jeter at shortstop. Bradford and Barbarisi dive into the pros and cons of not moving Jeter to third base in what will be the future Hall of Famer's final season.

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It's time for the Bradford finals right now phone WEEI dot com. Welcome to another addition to Bradford files sponsored ads always -- Gould's distinctive clothing that people who it Acton who make me look so so good and someone who actually has witnessed -- seem to close the yet again Dominican Republic. Apps is did Barbary see the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) covers the New York Yankees he's joining us right now David welcome to our world. Think you're -- and -- with a -- goodness well I'm very impressed with -- you know the -- Out of the -- -- clay involving the use of something beautiful. That that. Why you go over active it's very easy assign you talked to Margaret Lester Thomas idea and they'll do so Victoria I don't know but. Did it's it's a great -- talked to -- you. For couple different reasons. As we were just talking before went on and the reason Iowa originally wanted to talk to you was because I want to talk about Derek Jeter but not about Derek Jeter targets. We didn't even know that Derek Jeter was gonna retire. By the time that I originally text view as it just happened he retired it was gonna do the Derek Jeter's awesome stories and so forth and so on the reason Dan that I want to talk to you about Derek Jeter. Was because I can not get my head around. Why. Every one -- so it's so accepting of Derek Jeter to staying at shortstop for the New York Yankees and making them a worse team. Can you shed any sort relied on this. I mean a lot -- and cheered the league that run battery of the patient and note that they were I think that they really -- -- he was -- -- it. Pretty well you're not article two years ago but the democratic electorate electoral out of bed in at least. You know he's -- there your weight. And perform at the like what they were very sceptical market partly about what he did provide in the deal at the same -- eat dirt eater you're -- national emergency. It was a -- -- not anything like. Truly terrible you know it was so obvious to everyone involved no longer -- the position. That -- -- -- would probably take it upon himself today you have got to find some other options here but I don't think they want the start that kind of war read. Well at the end -- or break we've seen major anyone what it would. Really really brutally obvious that you could look. And they didn't wanna have that conversation but it -- -- print it out he was. You know kind of for okay -- -- -- -- -- -- Burton of the you know every opted for the rain -- but what a couple of years ago. But I think it is at the and they probably about well -- cart and a lot of the Tibet it we YouTube didn't render -- -- -- defensively in the -- a lot of -- But we got to the area and could not start in the light of what they were kind of wait and see what they had their. But now you know it's not a report that your credit -- in the order that. -- Well did you said he saudis say that that you -- Your first line of thinking is you don't do it because this terror this year by it. Based on what we saw Derek Jeter even before his injury. You said this is the guy declined defense league doesn't have a lot of outrage. And now you have the ankle injury now he's a little bit older. It's very hard to fathom that Derek Jeter is going to be anything but below average defensively and if that's the case. Then you are doing your organization a disservice because you still have Stephen Drew sitting there. And and that he wants to play shortstop. Well and get it every day shortstop and Stephen Drew put -- -- moved Jeter over a third and another thing Dan. Is that by the way. Cal Ripken moved to third base. So so -- it that we understood as Derek Jeter but towel wrapped shift power to do do it why can't Derek Jeter. -- at forty years old. They adhere to make that kind of -- where. In what might have been and now clearly is its last year you know you're very proud guy bucket -- -- what you know 3738. He wouldn't it -- -- mediocre at -- political under the belt back permanently that you're not actually a. One good defenses or not you're you know by the metrics report things and it went back to being routed Italy had been -- which is very shorthanded at Barry or change. Would be kind of -- -- weak arm as well so. I don't think that you know what he wasn't Eric in the car when you're spending but you probably know more about even your situation I do in this regard but. When there was no guarantees it's -- -- it was going to be. Retire next year so we're talking 67 hours ago when Jeter could have been coming back year readers maybe. He came through what a lot of the show up not only know what the situation be at it. Apple would that hurt you like it you know that and looking like an attractive situation. We're better marquee free agent walking it. So now -- it will -- different now it expect they're not going to be -- Derek Jeter at -- -- -- made at a more palatable scenario now. Well I think that it I'll come back to in terms of doing what's best for the organization here in the now understate their if you want to play shortstop number one. I don't care if they're Jeter hasn't played third base he would be better than what they would have right there -- -- Kelly Johnson the guy there right now right. Yeah okay so. So Derek Jeter could function at third base received guys make that switch all the time the other part about this equation you brought this up that may be it wasn't part of the equation. Seven hours ago before this retirement. Announcement. -- where does this leave them going for. The free agent market it's terrible next year -- and I don't think they have the heir apparent in the mightily at the upper levels of the minor league system do that. They don't have. Gerber in the local language to -- again not -- the car. So there's another case of if you're talking about what's best for the organization. -- I'm not saying that Steven drew as the be all and all but decide they -- it sets a good fit. To have a guy that you consigned to a three year contract to get the stop -- to get to a better free agent class. It put him there moved you to overeat you're just a better team and you position yourself better for the long all -- I've been I understand what you're saying -- it just it just befuddled me in the finals. I think Korea now look at it I mean. -- or impersonal or ideally it would not -- about -- -- immediately they're a year meaty you know you can leave your short whether it's finally here. And cope with not too bad -- not adequately in equal rights that been right there and if you're shortstop for the junior that I think that worked out. Very well well well parties and looked -- oak harbor is gonna -- up in the which they were happening or at it that they weren't in -- for the media besides seeing it for I think it -- make a lot of -- Pablo which publishes a brave Iraq are Brendan Ryan plays shortstop this year. I think about why I think that you know. We don't know what you're really going to be put -- out there but we almost they would certainly not a very good question at a in the seat. At or really bad you know ego he'll evidently get through what. -- collect and let fanatic about the injuries the better setter so. Think -- record record a lot and the problem is this shall recognize what that he spot you know the the leader at the pick and choose okay. We went flying up there I think they're gonna put it up there within a knock knock knock knock who's -- to ground ball pitcher okay. It can become more important pictured and the -- those seen him on a day when you know you can do a lot of ground ball you know what's your most news in. I think I can get a whole lot written about it that -- much is it kind of make it work. Well boy you know what they should do but again they won't do it I understand this is maybe to the extreme but a few recent years ago. Julio Lugo -- the only shortstop ever saw the have a defense replacement come in for him in the eighth inning which was out score. And and if you're looking at what's best for the actual team you get in a 12 run game. Brenda -- clearly a batters shortstop been Derek Jeter but -- -- him do that I understand this is pie in the -- -- -- stuff but what last question I have freed Dan it's. There's you said there's absolutely nothing in the farm system. In terms the heir apparent effort for short stops. Is there any solutions there as -- solution that third is or should -- short is there. A potential solution at second -- where does the next line of infielders come from for the Yankees. Creative community youth market is so better right now in terms of need eye level. This player prospects go out and got an outfielder got a couple accurate up on it it was a -- while it took awhile but. He has earned that have a couple horrible years eagle -- out -- the -- -- about the that it not -- in Europe are -- Barely at all I mean the guys that have not encountered a couple -- -- potential. Might work you know they got out over the actors but it over or you're partly right out though. I think it anymore the UN you know I would get -- he did not -- had guys come on the market though. I don't see anybody really peaking over metered billing apple anytime -- you know what he's very much of -- -- you know. Strictly bring in writing you know all -- -- in a deposition had been hurt you reported. Did you the absolute best. I I appreciate you coming by and and your payment will be Tommy bahama shirt from mark Lester even if I had to get humans. All that sucker up the year are. Up Ari did thanks a lot for excellence. As about what Europe.

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