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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: 'Carrot Dating' is the newest craze

Feb 12, 2014|

Today's top stories brought to you by Kirk Minihane. 'Carrot Dating' is the newest sensation from the Boston social scene, What would you trade for love?

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans treatment possible and by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do. Precision fitness equipment headline should start today with an apology from John and Jerry -- Why we just witnessed I walked in -- procedural question to jury answered it for me -- jury brought great to work sites health not yet he has been drug through the great missed the wastebasket in the up on the what happened. Just dropped I dropped it didn't drop I latency rolled and on the floor what happened I just walked in didn't -- -- and stepped on it. So when you walked illicit procedurally. Who is responsible for cleaning up the squished -- on the fly ticket got used to -- the guy who dropped I think it was more kind of this guy drug through the grape was being casual with that I had to step on it now who's gonna clean up it's a real -- Jerry. -- it was on the road that's not a good and responsible. The guy dropped. -- it is an indication that the right brightly now. We got an answer that question we'll agreed to we have an answer the second question that we had a break. There's two -- two pictures. On the wall. In the hall all the hall yeah I mean simply got fired that's right there with the right. I don't know whose pictures we're out which ones aren't so obvious that popular girl -- Now a wonderful you know about one with him all the exactly yeah you know we're look for that Chris. First aspect that -- thing about the value we don't personally don't know whose pictures that were we don't have gone picked by the pictures ago an old well. Lou the engineer adjusts. His job to take them to -- about it but yeah we'll find -- -- about you wind up -- is for the Aldo was in my future. The audience with a -- after two intense days of doctor beating at the very highest level. It best in show was awarded the 130 Westminster dog show -- York city in the winner. Scott as Scott raab told us that the -- Ralph -- -- sky the Wire Fox Terrier is -- -- 138 champions. It's the biggest night the dog world is that at Westminster dog show. And number one dog in the country last year was guys came back. In one the Westminster dog willow repeated which I've never seen before and have watched -- when is the one owned by Ryan Hanigan whose. And over zone I think it is. Catcher for whose appointment was with the reds yeah I believe this or else I believe Ryan Hanigan who owns this that was a big upset because what people thought -- he's the Portuguese Water Dog well when they did in in and the crop that was I'm -- export -- week he's one that is the Kennedys and the clintons I mean Obama's yeah they do. -- -- yes -- root against them because little kids on the dog was telling you all competed would you rather roof Ryan Hanigan then. Barack Obama rumors out there. I guess -- I guess they'll -- groups that. Crime you beyond belief I -- go -- for people on the dogs. Travel make a trip of sitting in Madison Square Garden expert yes. In watching dogs run around in circles that's creepiest thing in the -- creepy I agree like you bet I know I watch it they'll. I don't on -- I'm out of scale lab blocks. I'm with the Copenhagen zoo I think you have to stop all inbreeding and that's what -- -- injury right they really. This would you have been created by should get a mutt because martz I'm in a that's on T -- T -- call. UTT get a much better -- them right because these these are temperamental -- a lot has been. And there's a separate. To receive much pictures on the law. -- -- -- -- was -- at that much happier with but still up much out of me about it. Picture with your your body your -- his pitch with Ortiz in the hallway and lose mum on the situation he says he has no idea because a note that's. Plot but is amid growing up to take the pictures that. -- blamed it on mr. Ralston says he's now in charge -- one of our. Publicity ago. Honestly it's not good. Suckers for somebody yes the -- but potato to your point you watch at the ratings are great every year -- every year that dogs now or even bigger than ever for some reason on this TV niche -- -- did a great number last. I'm what you. Really -- Number two -- issue right sometimes they do I've seen it. At that does that nurture it to get to big laugh every time I was -- nurture ol' yeah yeah I got a job that they don't give. As when the last time a dog has repeated. Wireline and it's been like forty years that right now you you don't get a horse has never repeat in the Kentucky Derby well -- is a true amazing story and I'll never want to credible or not. They can it run against Portland is a little. This skill but even on the the -- big service -- dating it carrot carrot -- like like the vegetable character like the diamond night America vegetable either -- vegetable. CA RR OT like the comedian Alex felt cared if you are not Jerry. But the hurt I have not I know we talked initiatives are dating service humanity justice and but that's this this idea I don't do that on the air anymore after again creeped up the Florida kid when it. What did it creep out you're gonna call. By certain. Upper management or say -- Us some over the Boston except -- first babies just love me on the food. Jewish traders exchange offer tank of gas for the car from Boston and some women of Boston. Are accepting first date with strangers in exchange for tank of gas for their car. I was at Boston magazine her pals either according to be highly controversial match making service -- -- the mobile platform that allows users to bribe each other in order to get -- In this room for -- movie. Out of the for the people that accept that first date invitation using the app this year 87. Where a tightening going out this one's a suitor promised to fill the car to the top with fuel you go. All right. Wells operated car is it got a little spending -- cars in the big you either want suburban the people Carrick data which claims to be the first. Bribe to date site in the world. Right the most popular sentence that led to an actual first date for Boston results surprising to say -- least. But the man looking to guarantee -- date the solution is simple free fill up more than bosses that yes to a free tank of gas and and get a gift for activity. There more than thirty options on the team that users can use between. Exchange for some one on one time include free plastic surgery jewelry tech tickets to events like football games and movies spot treatments flashy jewelry. Giving gasoline was the first or so for women -- like -- like it's the -- choice does not plastic surgery jewelry tickets -- or to be realistic and if you're pig and you write like a -- surgery -- -- at the gas receipt of them -- -- gets all the profit. Beautiful site. If I get some girl without it's it's it's getting a lot of very controversy a lot of women's activists think this is prostitution. All your -- or 880 bucks to go with you. But not sleep with you know I've got to thinking is it going to premiums are regular well that's the other trick ebooks. Popsicle for that mid mid level nationalist three levels 858789. The way to settle in. -- -- a grinder that your that your site. Grinder as the site that the guy is modern family is on stern that the -- -- in the -- -- I don't know please what -- is that record on. You you -- or aren't about how this works. Read Alan Colmes new book which is an out yet a missing -- in my gonna do that went to come out cachaca at the office -- but it's it's. Awesome as -- and I say this all the time its -- best yet and you'll read it like a data summary of a point the you've heard a grinder. So grinder is a site that you go to with your guy or basketball and you look at how well she should not mean that the grander. You just look them up if you're in the area they sent pictures -- you checked yes if you like and the check back yes if they like you go meet up with them and you just screw. To have sex. I. -- -- -- is don't do it does say there is a person at the station. We diocese. There is yes somebody we know yes. There is -- this person's single. Yes okay via. Penalty here she would want listed the -- probably not -- she will. But on the guy from modern family your favorite show them one for one straight real one of the game to get it is yes the big guys yet he says he can't on this all the time and that's where he gets his. That's how we want women there. Our shot and they find out he's heterosexual supposedly gonna have to get into problems or just meet for coffee and then went -- -- there's this just happened. Now at the workforce. For that that could pay for -- Naked just don't want our Atlanta -- -- in the never too late department I want you to pay -- -- -- Michael Jordan is now the father of newborn twins his new wife you bet gave birth to babies identical twin daughters last night at -- moment she Victoria in Isabel. Jordan is fifteen. Just turned 5151. It's that child support he's going to be parents who went in when he divorced our donors. I'm dvd you're gonna change one diaper now. Jordan I mean. Jordan is in love with -- golf and and gambling and cigars mean I'm sure he does it all these kids. 51. And unfair and wrong I don't know about that but I wonder how many hours he spent with Dirk is -- right he likes to hang with the -- like the rice raced motorcycles like -- -- -- the dreaded golf shot. -- bush traveled seven hours and correct it doesn't sleep. He gives his golf docks talked about that orally would be no game that night at six more Iran's mentally for an exit polls. He's the ultimate adrenaline yet. The other what -- that's that's different headlines that AT&T -- pregnant did this story. Which of these these suicide -- -- -- that I -- that stories -- people think we always up add new manager director guy in the grim in the tragedies was good yesterday it's my fault -- good story this is funny here. And anything you see in the comics -- body and anything Garry Trudeau has ever done and do stepping down from his identity crisis took hold my life was the the the light -- of Washington for -- just going to be lost them in -- of ideology -- you -- know he was still -- fresh strip all actual -- -- it anyway this was a pretty secluded terrorist camp north of Baghdad. -- Instructor. For suicide bombers. Unwittingly used they built. Packed with explosives while conducting a demonstration. In early on different group of militants killing himself and at what he won a others nicely done that in Europe at a hero in my book there while members of the of the Islamic State of Iraq in scenery. And he blew he'd blow them -- -- you with the mother of that terrorist said they blow up so quickly these days at the before the blows up and protect its tender and costs a lot of writers that day one and so I'd like you and -- Got forty slept yet grinder is for gay -- sender is Leach is the other it's awesome if you're gay guy. But I don't visit the site now though it was the one I was on last week. -- its tender. And there. Yes tinderbox -- to dot com via. Okay that's the one that LG I mean the guy in the station likenesses used it. But there's a guy at the station who uses did you -- look at me like -- oh yeah I don't I don't it is. You told me that both you guys told me to gossip -- yet everybody amounts post that opening hole. I'll say you can tell he wasn't here. I don't know -- On it now. Obviously I do want should film can I guess you three guys are married no he's not now -- -- a -- to get get it right but it did you know. Course. No I think. Absolutely -- it's much. I mean I don't know if John does judge at the Dutch rider but you know it's the only it's for now the only single guy. We have -- to couples -- -- -- obstacles that somebody in our fans and others get -- if my life. There's been right there you didn't saves on -- it could be good but he didn't say the person on. Ethnic and mutiny. Is that. He's married to -- market engine. Oh yeah it never happened those two guys -- -- and they're great guys and they never -- to add some really needed -- -- In my nobody really is a great degree yeah yeah. So does. That's headlines it's it's not -- okay -- tender -- to know all exhaust man. Chief -- -- and yes I have worked so much to brag I want to talk we toss right he beat tweeting about the latest conquest it's a tweed coats them. Get some gorgeous Tweeter on missiles stationed if you -- cubist -- as the craziest in the in the most dangerous of a double -- I had some flooding it's funny stuff out there -- wanted you to wanna go to double date with you Kathy -- sister. Between that you yeah yeah -- -- gonna happen though it's got its Okafor. An excellent question by a text her. Do you get the seventy versions for. Virgins if you accidentally blow up now I know you got to bring some in the deals with with you get any virgins so it's not. He gets a couple but the eighties I mean even by known for -- experience -- that's government agree. That's why do on the virgin thing -- if you don't. The US. Model experience at you though. Bob that's that's where somebody with some miles in if you if if you. It turned on by the experience yet -- now immaculate Woody Allen mean correct. To point. Well -- not equity -- 121 people in suicide bombing class yes kind of scary. 21. People and I should be elegantly and -- that must've been I mean. What a beautiful messed -- that ticket that if this guy didn't do this one when people. It is -- on these problems and had to do that acting out associate. We got blew out. Which is Monday this was slick. Technical week apple left that you could get in there. In -- the sport it's good question apartment in -- market in Baghdad all right Chris managed joins us at 805 talks that NBA Poland's -- will talk with you next.

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