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Chris Mannix on the Celtics trade options

Feb 12, 2014|

Chris Mannix of SI joined the show to discuss the Celtics trade options this season. He stated that he does not see the Celts moving Rondo before the end of the season.

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3-D NC almost 8 minutes after 8 o'clock and still reason now -- of sixteen degrees. Our corporate asthmatics pedals all the -- sports for Sports Illustrated be boxing and basketball pagan badminton to badminton tendencies that minority boxing basketball bowling -- -- on anything -- secrets attitude of pre and post game the Celtics on Comcast is -- old radio show. On NBC Sports Radio six to nine Sunday night. He's even filled in for Dan Patrick I and he joins us on the AT&T are busy guy mr. mandatory. It could very well -- look at what 45 and now there are six teams with fewer wins then Boston they want about this the right way. I think they are and don't worry this West Coast road trip should clean up all those problems with -- even though the the got a few bad teams on the street Sacramento there that you thought there but you know they'll lose to San Antonio Phoenix. Yet even LA. That's the game they can certainly lose I failed -- does when you play teams like Orlando Phillies Sacramento teams that. Agency with Philadelphia in Iran right tried tank as much as possible. But -- get a win some of these games they'll go block and do what they're supposed to do in terms of playing these young players. You know giving -- -- -- -- and it's getting -- like out there. For the most part for much of minutes that's really all you can do it situation like this. So I sensed that you don't subscribe to you gotta get really really bad to get really really good. -- you have to get really bad. In a lot of ways but I don't think you can outright panic. And and try to lose the -- is good for the ball. It doesn't work and -- if you work. It tanking workshop will be best in basketball right now they seem like if I. Tank every year that Michael Jordan I don't the you know they haven't had that that that -- success that was their draft pick blackberries for years so. I don't think -- gonna wind up with a top I think one way or the other -- -- -- -- -- the fourth best record the best record they could still wind up with that number one overall pick up forget the exact number but. I think it's like only half a dozen times or less right. That's team with the worst overall record -- double double and overall pick up there right where they wanna be there are bad teams and have a -- bottom five worst record. And they're wind up -- -- really I think he would difference maker. -- Jeff Greene will be on the steam after the trade deadline a few weeks. Yeah it's so fascinating how -- just -- situations work because he was off the table. In -- they're actually trade -- while ago I remember talking to people in the organization. And there was no way to retreat Jeff Green. You know bashing deal they don't agree with too valuable for them. Both in the short term in the long term now in -- and half later in and we're now realize -- -- created as -- I'd I'd have a guy -- some like eagle putt birdie on a -- to the twelfth floor. And just totally banish I think at this point and I get green is absolutely on the table for a deal I'd I think that the it ought to get by the way. To get eatery a first round draft pick or some kind of young people back it could be better for their future popped -- to a -- and the problem is that other teams are seeing. What Jeff -- -- -- -- just seeing just how much money to upgrade making out that it would be diplomatic conversation with a couple of different general -- last night we talk a little bit about Boston and what they were trying to do with trade deadline. And the sense I got from them was that -- the -- over valuing. Some of the players they have they're looking first round pick in return for guys like Jeff Green for a guy like Avery Bradley and others there's not gonna get it. Are they going to deal Brandon Bass. -- it like that you know -- but again. Nobody really wants it. -- if it's the united they bought and you have an -- they are a lot obviously for the the pre and post game stuff -- a lot about what -- that can do -- how valuable he might be but. -- and ended when he part of it went when their pocketbook or their act -- -- -- what about the -- and a bit -- a -- delete. I really want to get decent salary. And I get -- about the book in yourself what they'll -- for -- for the time being he's not a valuable guy in terms of on the court contribution you're not gonna get a first round pick in return for what they want what they had it -- thing about the trade deadline I think Boston is in the mix in this side in -- category as well. They're like he's out there that are basing a lot of their decisions. On the ability go make -- -- -- Kevin Love in 2015 he is the prize. For you know every rebuilding team out there. That they they might have a shot at him. I create these you're not gonna. To see any team -- included take on any patent salary that put them to a dark areas he doesn't if he'd a let that player is a big time you're protected as they wanna take a run. -- -- We know love Wednesday California guy obviously do you think that Celtics if they get in position have a legitimate shot to lower him to Boston. I think they have a shot because Kevin Love want to win and there's no question that is that Kevin want to play. He is a bigger market. I had to get that -- curriculum I think Minnesota's done it to refinance because. -- also with a guy I think is not gonna put Dwight Howard and leave thirty million dollars on the table. I think he does wanna keep it maximizes value it create do you want to get -- get it by the government -- sort of the first time around. David Condit is infinite wisdom out there would give it feels so I think every once we get paid to. In a Boston they have the right situation they can operate one of those Max deals. If they look like they're in a position to win -- that can be big on -- priority -- that they have a guy like -- If they have a top five pick whether it weakens or shall have beat and if they look like the right to turn the corner. And they might be it seems that it is in -- that -- -- -- that he could be coming to -- difference maker for. In that first year I think that's what they're running the like do you think they'll boxes -- -- of getting him Atlantic in the keeping of long term. It betrayed or to do look at -- did with Kevin Garnett 56 years ago. It used all the about these young -- that intrigued him a Minnesota team that might wanna deal him before they kind of losing it for nothing. We're talking with Chris medics who covers boxing and basketball for SI in -- dangerous mind in the Celtics organization mine is Rondo part of a long term solution here. I don't think there's shore. About that right now and I don't think they're looking to deal Rondo before the trade deadline you know. You know everyone that thought he said that Rondo is not a guy that -- -- actively shopping you can certainly -- -- and make a pitch for him but -- in the league has made anything close to any kind of off but the game might consider and like is that he's not out there. Looking to make a deal opt for the guy I think it's sort of a wait and see right now John to be honest with you get a UCL a plays but the rest the -- -- LP gets it and see how it looks. You know playing with -- -- it's pretty clear that Brad Stevens. They think is going to be part of the organization going forty go to albeit brief four years it's gonna be governor Rondo. -- alongside him. If Rondo looked like he can do that he looks like he's doing it Simon spot in the public that is playing well alongside guys like -- soldier who is another big part of this these future that -- -- people on the news he we can get when you do with them over the next couple of years but it does look like. It's not gonna work out with him embarked drop productive on the table I don't think any would hesitate -- Chris is a consensus among the NBA guys you talk to about who the man will be in the draft is Wiggins is -- Parker is a split down the middle what are you here. It is it's not like it that this at all and one thing I'm finding out about the issues strapped -- -- it started with black you're strapped is that these are are -- mostly on need. That much stating on the vivid example Oklahoma City but they didn't love Stephen Adams in the draft number twelve necessarily he wasn't necessarily number one. On their draft board but they look that team and look at the financial picture a long term it's not naked throughout the center and maybe let Kendrick Perkins go the year -- And at even has been their starting that are still be able to -- we got the Durant and Russell Westbrook and -- one other player. -- -- big time out into drafting on need. As much as never before I think they're gonna do that in this year's draft of the whole center you're dropping to OMB if you think you -- Parker. Give -- or for you you're trapped in the -- to these small forward. You're taking into -- I think any one of these guys could wind up being the number one pick up based on the TV goes -- now. The most talented guy in the draft I still think -- is going to turn out to be that guy I don't think it's going to be. Yelled at number one pick on the dot draft boards based on who he would pick. If they'd just start they're franchising and he'd had gotten a lot of press the last month or so because of where he's come from now our governor a short period time. -- Parker might be the most NBA ready player right now but when you watch -- even -- pretty consistent all year long when you watch -- cooperative and have one of those stretches. Where he can shoot the ball from three goes about the defend this guy still is -- tantalizing talent and I think you can become the packed up if you have a vacancy yet at small forward spot. What number in this draft Chris at the Celtics wind up picking isn't any disasters at six is at eight I mean where's the cut off where we where would you say OK at that point the -- and get the guy that the fans have been looking for here all season. I think six -- is it dangerous territory. I look at the strap it when I think of the the franchise changer but the -- of the three guys that mentioned I would throw Julius Randall and that makes even though defensively he's kind of -- a weakness in -- doesn't block a shot is probably a really short but. I think it is still offensively -- -- nightmare matchup for some heated up I -- objects that are written about a lot over the last couple of what this kid is a special player. I think gonna commit a play in the NBA ever really long career and all star caliber career by the -- it would give it to the six territory and the start talking about I think markets Smart and some of the guys that. At some question mark -- them they still might be -- all star level players we don't know the at that question but. They're not the sure fire lock -- -- the first five guys are going to be the straps Obama bought that always stay out of that that bit -- -- -- jump into that top five. You think Ron knows here. The long -- will he be here in two years. I I think it's possible I mean it's like I was saying I think he's the guy that that the DA wants to build around it even get along with Brad Stevens but. You know it's still like facilitated the very much -- wait and -- situation with Rondo and you can -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- next -- he's not gonna get -- Before this year's trade deadline he's gonna do with the team through the through the hot seat in that it hit the mark dropper Rondo I don't -- -- -- over the that these these -- untreatable but I think it's going to take a huge. All star level Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen type -- offer to get around a lot -- What to those GM's -- the guys you talked to last night what do they think of Rhonda do. They love -- let -- in beat the -- all hyped. You know out. Aspect of Rondo is that he's a jerk he's not a leader that he's a pain in the butt and you show only one player one superstar caliber player. Around the league that's not in a lot of ways that Jack -- And I I'm surprised by having Chris Paul. Basically -- pretty dumb (%expletive) a lot of -- Had a huge import over that organization -- -- -- complaining about Chris Paul personality Rondo had his quirks no question about it you've heard Doc Rivers allude -- both subtly and overtly over the last year or so he can be difficult to coach. Act on -- on the floor. At least play at a high level he would -- top five point guard in the NBA in eight -- a landscape. The point guard had become what the center has become just because Miami -- they -- the -- that point guard doesn't mean that the point guard. Had not become most indispensable position I look at Eastern Conference. The good point guard there with Derrick Rose I'll leave that -- the Western Conference a relative got lit up point guard with Tony Parker Russell Westbrook at all. Are among others -- out a great point guard to be successful in today's NBA and Rhonda what he's right he's a great point guard. Crist -- final question for me do you think and two NBA types think. The -- soldier would be a better player he lost when he bounced. Yeah it's a good question happy not to Gavin at that by the conversations. With. I don't know if he would be really not mean it's so good at using that body underneath the -- in the game by watching me going up against guys. Four our five biggest all the in the immediate rebounding over them and that to me the great sign -- Jarrett speaking out. Maybe going forward John because he's probably not going to be senator in the long term we don't wanna play that spot in the long term -- and epic guard quicker forward. -- -- you do what you dropped the -- get a little more act out but the opposite end of the floor from the rebound into the floor. I love his size and I think he'll use that body as well as any player at a position delete it reminds me a lot public Kevin Love uses his body the pay their. -- overcome a lack of athleticism to rebound over bigger players. He he's very good in that respect what you lose any of that if he -- lose weight. He covers basketball boxing for Sports Illustrated is that Chris -- always a pleasure talking basketball with you Chris thanks for the time I. Managed during -- on the AT&T hotline.

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