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The Cleveland Browns are a disaster

Feb 12, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the dumpster fire that is the Cleveland Browns.

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The -- reading. Would that be considered insensitive yes racially insensitive. Now about what's -- you've got to hand I'm uncomfortable with regard I don't know. If you go with -- -- -- credit. You learn English sentence could you say hello in Japanese if -- got arrested by the authority just did. Not to do that that's -- say Japanese are always assumed that. Good practice -- flight only Q opera early July right IKEA us that he too I don't know. It was seen Alice. Biggest presence -- a hundred people there. 200 -- Tebow with the jets rival -- with the jets and it might not even gay and out and you know we know. Yeah. The next -- Drupal someone come close even if they're not -- ago. Just to get the marketing endorsements and this is it just to get on TV's -- like sixth round pick you know low of special to emerge yeah. And I want. I -- observation about -- -- even here today I think. Based on what appears to be the Cleveland Browns in factual ration with Texas late and quarterback Johnny -- sale. Apparently they're going to trade up going to turn over every stone every rock move heaven and earth to get Johnny -- sell as sort of a face of the franchise for the Cleveland Browns. John demands on another is a ton of money out there in Cleveland money and their -- probably don't bounce. Consider pulling a John Elway or an Eli Manning and -- and -- no thank you I'm not like I would try. I would try to avoid yet I feel like man -- everyone has an opinion amends I think it all depends on where he goes he goes. Week because he was to Billy O'Brien. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think he'll have public serious the crystal meth habit it's like a -- and ultimately. He'll he'll it'll just be disaster will be some crazy things. You know who break out like a Bob Costas rations first press conference UB one thing after another I don't think QB Ryan leaf but it would not ghosts moved. When you read about the absolute chaos and chaos that has been in place in Cleveland for so many years I can think -- only one thing. That would be more embarrassing for the Cleveland Browns organization. That would be if every single quarterback every person. They take in the first round makes it clear your agent I am not coming to Cleveland under any set of circumstances. And they finally come to the real late realization that the only person they -- and could and should draft the first round would be Michael Sam. Michael Sampson out quickly added brown I -- I wanna be a first round to. I think you'll end up with men ethical probably disaster but he has no leverage he can't say I'm narco one you know always had baseball. You have to have them JD J. D. Drew had. Scott Boras just sat out what it meant -- man's organs -- -- -- Displayed policies that this could play another season since late hamsters are -- comic by finances don't seem to be concerned for now its letter to sit out. A year outlook include Motorola's writes for a year right at them they go point or -- in Brazil sitting out a year yes and Aaron and up in on like some possible. -- -- but I've I've with suspected probably didn't click on -- you know what it's a Houston Josh Gordon's there it find a way. And hopefully by the time he got there at the GM will have met the coach bill that would that progress at the GM will be the same -- that it's a good question but I mean is he gonna like make -- way against is sincere -- the coach mediums will be funny when in the wrong guy it's like some. Account with the -- the strangest the stroke -- -- it can Peter king and you get into wrote this great thing about it really well done. Beat the coaches the front office cutting sales PR broadcast department own open area together. When the sales team makes a stalemate they ring a bell mr. Belichick to sit around on tickets some notes analysts on the bell as Reagan because the sales team. Close some deal with the local pizza place and products and hi Ivan each -- Coaches like on the phone felt that her message is somebody in here and go study and watch and video discussing game plan and singing gene -- figure whether at the cut him and Dolan -- girl -- five in the. For -- it's always been in India should do that here temperature well -- -- it. When you get -- pajamas. Yeah yeah sure about that other automatic correlation between stability of of an ownership. And the head coach and the general manager and the front office and and when the opposite occurs it is the Cleveland Browns check this out fifteen years. Since the 19992000. Football season these are your Cleveland brown coaches Chris Palmer. Butch Davis Terry Robiskie rubio canal Eric Mangini pat Shermer rob should Penske and now Mike Patton. That's 12345678. Coaches all the patrons about one they've got a combined 77 and 133 which actually. The price of the best that fact -- -- I -- just that it was in the last 400 days that at three coaches. Pittsburgh Steelers in the last 45 years haven't recovered. Well 45 years this deals have been frequently go to pick all those guys you're the star franchise tomorrow at one of those guys if your head coach. It would probably -- I don't know I mean -- -- I guess you know how to you know you don't know I mean he beat the patriots right. They almost totally beaten the refs. Mangini be patrons get the -- -- for a game for the patriots of Cleveland have them beat right. I guess maybe that's and that's how pathetic that said that your first choice -- the first guy you know I love it Romeo canal -- -- -- great defensive corner and -- -- -- -- that the court but if you say. If you wanna believe and and it's certainly seems as evidence that no one could succeed there. -- -- Yeah it seems like inside the Romeo Crennel hasn't had a fair chance and he never wrote a -- -- had a fair chance against Kansas City -- go there with a -- of flame out. What was his numbers the first pick in the draft this year. Which obviously he had to do the tragedy in the parking that was the end of the year at the end of the year in -- -- out by then but the Google. The year was over by the end of two games nor did I think -- quarterback. -- -- it means it has got to eleven gave it one game all right yeah today there you go team -- going to check the best Cleveland Browns coach that they had in the last like. The years it's. Forty years. Last twelve years and Belichick that I can't close. He had one left at one winning record in five years. And he's the best I've had Rovio and foreign fifteen -- has sent to the right words drifting up in Cleveland he was. If we -- ten games we history impressive 24 I don't I I'm I'm sorry and what Romeo have soft spot -- and don't think of him loser we about the distractions distractions. Yesterday. The fact that your owner Jimmy how Islam it's facing a federal indictment on racketeering charges the sort of distract. From the matters that higher chemical and doesn't like to stress -- -- -- -- I call funny how that works because it by -- I can by the might might not have the time hired the right people plays the owner -- get indicted that means Colt McCoy threw an interception I would works bad impression. It's too bad your -- little. Racketeering you wrote. It. -- anything in this organization function correct this is what I would obviously the sales team -- that the rebels hit -- -- although a lot of kids. It's not getting ready for school high school kids sixteenths in a sweater. That to put a sweater but here's. If -- Sports history using history and see what's happened in Cleveland passed away used to be here. That's the way -- -- used to -- in fox or was even more screwed up. And -- books have been written. Guys Chris pricing. Others have written books about this as functional place or that that wasn't in the patriots franchise. But does this remind you when you hear people around the country laughing -- five -- the on the coach but -- worse than -- GM has met the coach -- right -- this sales department is ringing bells in the office. This used to work in fox. I don't think so we just yesterday we talked about general -- interview recruiting kids to go to Colorado well prepared for the play -- It was it was war -- rushed. Run -- rush era signal a Victor I am it was pretty bad it was worse Raymond Berry came and took them to squish the -- and out of -- -- -- on Tuesday after the super global yes it at all on the right it's robbed a close run -- -- right right right right at it with Tony Collins there was never a stretch. When things rents movies before -- before. Parcells. It was a -- in Japan in -- Irving Fryer these straight hours of in the road tonight from the. In right so what's the template that template to be -- -- -- I know the first. Duty would hire Belichick to avoid the racketeering charges and then start working -- if you look at this at the patriots. What is what did they do to pull themselves out of this obvious. Well I -- I guess it was Bill Parcells and get drafted like Kraft right ourselves you have Bledsoe. And you had pretty boys and fifty million dollar they thought they got one of these guys they thought they got -- Parcells and I homer he just wasn't in -- fifty through all it was a million dollars they paid humility president and he did not think now the eighties around eternity is lazy with -- -- I I don't. That's true -- Peter King writes since legend has it took over. October 16 2012. The browns have fired two coaches pat charmer and should -- ski. General manager Tom record and Mike Lombardi a CEO in Joe Banner any president in Mike Holmgren. Stability and I am I'm I think it's black and white man's goes there he fails men's goes somewhere else he speaks much he succeeds everywhere else but Cleveland would agree with you that he -- filling but yeah gimme another place of Houston succeeds I think. Emily O'Brien would coach -- up we think it's -- Jacksonville now. Now I mean this is a much better team would do in spite of what -- -- actually does exe on the raiders -- occasional one upon operators and they pick and it will fail. We fail there now. Anybody's gonna go. -- the -- because his personality in marketing opportunities that LB ring -- man who's good and I mean I know they're writing about how do we know these guys are so obsessed with cells that this must be as America's I don't know who makes the decisions in the organization. It's probably the guys in the cells from the bill passes judgment -- itself this so to convince them. Closer Bob Evans right so that's that's all right -- -- and ends up some big car dealer right that's it you know some Hyundai dealers announces the wicket Johnny in new Hyundai and and they are all excited but it just -- -- on the falcons to stop ringing a bell they don't care five minutes if it's a bit of. Somebody will be in the green room correct yeah but I -- ends up we will find out if the browns draft him how good of an act to. He is could you possibly look a boy could you possibly look pleased. If whoever it is stands up there Jimmy how Islam and the -- mission and the commissioners as. With whatever picked Cleveland Browns beat -- -- well Hilary is let's look at his face going to be not happy but -- legacy for men's Ellis to get a chance to work -- -- coordinator who is. Oil for years to get this job Kyle Shanahan. So I think that's gonna go to -- that's really exciting for young corps he must be dying -- -- We have great weather -- he knows the area the team is going to be pretty good the coaches the quarterback guy. I would give it anything to be an advocate for -- to force goes. All the way what you're. To -- would descend -- for the -- by both those guys are in a before Billy meats and sits down with the measures that Madonna has earned them like brutal portals for a girlfriend. -- the newspapers. Because a good measures up and the interviews great he's at diamonds. You know on the over before -- graduated from college. -- has in the middle class yet I'm sure studies have been done on this I heard somebody talking about a couple of days ago. That if you wanna turn your sagging franchise around you do with a great quarterback not a great defensive player. But there will be considerations made for clowning -- bridge -- clowning verses. A man's cell Bonnie verses portals will or not. Yes sure sure -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cleveland -- and I mean and listing him that the story you know with -- -- -- Colt McCoy. In what's been the forty year old forty year old. And original essay yeah I mean they they'd just gonna keep taken QBs in the first round until they get it right that's a war last year which it's what you have to do I guess because it's so important and when you don't win puts up the pays much is used to that's true with you with it's not in the world. They have three draft picks in the top 35 number four number 26 and number 35. But -- as they -- do whatever is necessary. Move up yet John humans if they need to right in the -- have to -- -- mean you'd you'd know that but -- have to move up you can wait sit there -- before. And it -- -- and you know what it exciting. It'll fail but for the next few months until you actually took the field. Lot of people flocked to Cleveland and talk and write about tournament I guess man -- with -- and tickets -- -- not sure absolutely yeah yeah you would you buy tickets would you -- -- -- that when you watched the browns we -- no matter who they're playing the Axel he has to be the -- I guess you think about it they are an identity. Less team and I think publicly the -- geologist Josh Gordon still sucking that -- exactly great young wide receiver who I. To make the deal acquire -- to your second favorite Brett wouldn't listen to me. Streets to Campbell's select people -- well -- agents. Willis McGahee getting -- -- Paul Kruger there corrected. It's great signing but. He you'll you'll see they'll dress it up they'll they'll see you lipstick on -- -- of the -- easy -- -- -- sell you can be issue things will be different this year. It's got wrap things about this that's it's the guy I mean if you wanna talk anybody yet. Cleveland it's it's -- man's got -- Cleveland native a -- Cleveland observer of the condition that is Cleveland. Out Jonas and 7 o'clock now Chris -- -- some basketball -- the 8 o'clock or -- talks basketball on paper this one yet ready to call well dodger to raise that in and yes. -- -- and that deflate all of that and respond privately publicly or to a daily is not that much crap Callahan -- again he's an honest guy -- think he's a very -- guys good good Mormon. Family men like your regular at. I don't know does he Wear them as you remember her underwear. We wives always -- in a -- probably. Yet we talked to him in the past tonight I think he. Generally tells the truth and he's more on -- the most GMs but in this on this topic. He is absolutely full of crap and he's gotten comfortable lying about. -- sports yeah sports fib. Nobody pictures tell the truth nobody expects and tell the truth but races he gets he gets oh it's phony indignation when you. Suggest that should tank he doesn't like to -- an amnesty and you have to say that. But he knows he has to -- he knows right now things aren't going as planned but he's not doing anything tweet about act H stayed he's about to. To what he's about to what's to -- to get number one no question yes and probably might be too late to get in the top. -- if you really believe what you just said would not have done some things prior to now prior to being. I don't know eight or ninth in the draft at this point I think they've taken by surprise -- and better than he expected I mean that you just want four or five. And they all fourteen to be below them in the state mental fourteens. They beat they had they help they could have lost to. And yeah I mean is no doubt that at the end of the year it will be like one game better than those teams. And and you know and that's Philadelphia winter games they had to -- yes they didn't they failed miserably equipment Cleveland last -- -- the Celtics clean and -- -- they wanna lose an anonymous so pathetic ticket for them I'm not sure that -- quite as far in the tank is Philadelphia and walked yeah. But it'll be interesting down stretched his I think teams are very brazen about it. At Philadelphia. -- do when everything. You know playing with four players think it's yes and it's. And it's in a -- that there's teams that are not even. Trying to piece that you sing at the year's going to be enough season like every two years that an -- -- the stories on in all of those. He knows favorite shows and run on MPT macho with the venal and talk and yeah bio. Is this out of control should. What's his face the new commissioner adults over Adams also should investigate it should be fine teams -- -- find. I'm Gregg Popovich for not starting his starters playing the start is in regular season what happens when. You know Philadelphia souped up the trainer on the ball -- and and and loosen the -- against Iran does have. You know recurrence of his need some stadiums. -- right no and no way I think Rondo does as a -- David Robertson David Robertson for the good of the team played six games and they won twenty games they didn't have the best chance -- but they got Duncan. And the next year came back and they won fifty games every year but one after that and one. For Brett Stephens isn't doing what you're doing his job he's doing his job when he thinks it should be done but it's Rondo -- against and they want was the Cleveland. But Milwaukee the Milwaukee and -- right as you can play either right hard to do that I felt a little Bradley and Rondo Milwaukee truly so I thought I did not messing around an operator -- a lower rate. They have the uniform -- -- artist it's the name -- Wiggins on the -- or Parker I don't even though they lob one of them. And you know that they're guy in the sales office with a bell is already selling. Their clients on Wiggins Parker and in the future than not the documents with this you think. When they get 99 and I'm 42 -- the fifteen. Finished -- maybe maybe thirteen. To fifteen would be Camilla Carr 1560 -- fifteenth sixty's well. Good records center. Seven record -- I 7937. Scott -- will join us in the 7 o'clock hour he from the from the area of Cleveland no longer lives there but -- certainly keeps tabs on what's happening in Cleveland. -- -- always does with a bit of humor in them a lot of a maniacal approach our Chris Maddux will join us at 8 o'clock o'clock some basketball. Sure whether the Michael Sam story still has legs on day number three but I will just say this is -- of the break. There are a -- a couple of words used to describe. Michael slam the last couple of days three that I can think are openly gay that's what word out courageous. Honest. I think based on what we now know we can add backs dapper now. To that I don't know -- and you that you say that Ahmad says there is no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean you can says Michael Sam. Like Gil Bret Michaels and not -- for whatever. And it was just like how the hell would he -- futures shot up deal -- what do you know about football -- members called baggage. He was about baggage of the destruction baggage distraction Barack just a distraction it allowed to common distraction I I didn't say you -- and -- -- government extradited back up and make sure we get that that it was that it was the army I'm -- I'm on -- habits that I'm willing to learn as a 6177779837. -- next the NC.

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