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The NBA on TNT's Steve Kerr: What do you do with a problem like the Celtics?

Feb 11, 2014|

We discuss tank vs. no-tank with Steve Kerr from the NBA on TNT and get his take on what the Celtics should do, who on this team is a keeper, and who the best fit would be from the upcoming NBA Draft class.

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-- let's get right to Steve -- TNT's been nice enough to hang on for a little while here joins us via the AT&T hotline Steve how -- Are you guys are doing great original well but I mean again we -- the Celtics went last night as a four wins in the last five games and I think everybody looks at and says Hank. Careful. Stop what -- so many games the real prizes and losing games -- winning -- if you were consulted by Danny Ainge. Would you tell him about his team and in the amount of winning they've been dealers. I think it just amused by that whole concept and I know it -- not just in Boston it's all over the place you know what are we doing we're winning too much. Something's wrong with this system would work when we're trying to lose. I don't know exactly what what we can do in the NBA it. Look I think. Bought it and doing the right thing in terms of planning for the future gathering that. He got a bunch of picks coming up including some. Potential good -- from from Brooklyn. Clear the books try to you know just give yourself every option to to get better. And unfortunately for the fans that that probably means a couple of down years but I think they're approaching things the right way. -- is there a player on the Celtics that really jumps out -- you that you think is is somebody who who'll. Survive the rebuilding and and be here when there's another championship contending team in place. Obviously wrong those kind of the -- the big question mark because he's undoubtedly in the lead. Point guard in the league so public have to figure out of if he's going they're gonna build around her as if he's a big. Trade chip this in bringing about a boatload of -- Though is the obvious one but the one guy that that I would love to have on my team. Is Avery Bradley I just I love his defense I think his offenses expanding. Year by year. I just like guys who can pressure the ball particularly. In today's game is so hard to do that with the rules. But he's unbelievable on ball defender and I know what I'd love to have them on my team no matter matter where I was coaching point. A part of the conversation whether it's about tanking or just trying to rebuild your team is about finding a franchise changing player in the NBA and that's why. And you're right when you say they may be something wrong with the league that that causes people to have these discussions but it's about a franchise changer. Ryan in the NFL we talk about that quarterback who changes franchise in the NBA it's that leader that one guy who make such a difference. The question about Rondo is is he that guy is he somebody who can lead a championship team -- don't think that necessarily what Avery Bradley the other guy whose names come up. Is -- soldiers come up today is he somebody that could be one of if not the best player in franchise changing player any championship team. No but he can be good player on a championship team I like soldier a lot I like him out of Ohio State used his feel for the game and if you played maybe little bit of an unorthodox style but it's an effective one he's got a good feel of the understands the game well. So he could fit in nicely -- with anybody. But he's not the only one of those -- lead. Guys that -- talking about it -- those those guys are almost impossible to find. It is don't come around very often and frankly I'm not even sure how many there are in the league right now I mean probably less than ten when you're talking about. Truly a player who can now that you can build around him when it champion. Did you live without I mean I mean it's fine to say that there aren't many of them but if the name of the game is winning championships -- you win them without one of those guys. Well I would say that the last thing to do you know it was Detroit. You know I get to -- for. It's very rare -- of you look at the history of the league championship are generally won by. I'd like Jordan or magic or LeBron or you know maybe Kevin Durant this year than that that's the type of player that -- security. He go over the top. So you do everything you can to try to get one of those guys it is and I think that's what Danny is doing in Boston just positioning franchise is to make any possible move. Similar to what Daryl Morey did in -- the last few years -- gathering assets. Creating cap space and then you. -- Powell when you have that opportunity and you don't know what's coming your way but is that if you give yourself. The most options possible that at least you have a chance. Words -- talk with Steve -- is a great NBA analyst for TNT. And I know you analyze the NBA Steve but we've been talking so much especially here in Boston about. The future in the -- great players in college Andrew Reagan's Jabari Parker markets Smart. Get an opportunity to see any of these guys and if so who impresses you the most. I've seen it. -- I think markets Smart and Marcus Marcus just push them again -- some -- about the phone relax. Calm down. We got a -- look at her commitment to him back here to get a moment I'll take this opportunity. To let you know the TNT once again be the television network home. For exclusive live coverage 2014 NBA all star game from New Orleans. From February 13 through the sixteenth at the whole event the network televised more than 24 hours of live comprehensive coverage of MBA all star weekend including the 63 annual. NBA all star game presented by Kia. On Sunday February 16 at 8 o'clock eastern -- is presented. All 63 of them I don't think I don't like -- like a third by -- but it's -- 63. The last time I know. People look at All Star Games and then there's a love hate relationship austerity but my feeling is that most kids levels -- You know you love them as a kid sure think I didn't absolutely. They are even though a lot of times and not on. It kid friendly times I think they are for kids him and thank you. Before. Baseball for example before there was interleague play. You really look forward to All Star Games you can see the entirely -- entirely on time with the package and all that but. You can dismiss All Star Games if you want. I think I hear these other cities having All Star Games one up lost there last all star game in Boston. Was the historic line. 1964. Maybe somewhere around there. Where they had to talk these players into that coming on to come up to the court because they were trying to get the union while organized. And they finally -- -- -- was 64 we -- Steve -- back with us sorry about that -- there. Area or hurt we'll we'll just let you continue we were you are today of these younger we're saying at that we thought Marcus mark puts you off the owners of the net. What which -- that it would switch and these are young guys yeah are you most impressed by and college basketball. You know -- -- gone on like five minutes that the that's your supervisor answer -- even better the second that. It's gonna be much better -- edited it I like get your heart Parker he's my favorite guy coming out of the draft maybe has incredible potential. But Parker is ready to come in right now and and scored twenty game in the NBA I think he's kind of like Paul you're sure Carmelo. Great touch big strong body can cannot hit any shot he wants it and got a really good feel like I think -- could restore. We have some. Callers earlier we're going back and forth debating as we usually do here. Boston Sports Radio about the potential of -- Parker and someone said. A couple guys talked about his defense and how he doesn't play any defense in my counter to analyze how many guys at that age. At that position assuming your score your rebounding and you're expected to play deep into those guys really have a defensive understanding at 1819 years old not my what do you think you got -- -- defensively. Well -- you know it probably depends on on where he goes and who played whispered there is no reason why he can't be an excellent defender and he's got all the tools -- He's big and strong and and he's athletic -- It's just a matter of committing himself but. You're right I mean as a freshman in college. You know I remember Sean Elliott and the freshman blue gold and just destroying human practice every day could -- had no idea what he's doing but. You know by the time he became that. An NBA player he turned into a really good defender and it's just part of the process but that's part of it. These days in the NBA I mean these guys come out so poorly we we don't really know. Exactly you know how far advanced they are yet and you know how good they can become. I think it's pretty it is the Parker potential. -- Steve he did it and you do the job as an executive as a front office executive in Phoenix. What is the most difficult part of trying to build an NBA championship team. Well you know I was lucky guy I inherited a really good team and Phoenix and when we had a chance. Pretty much right away that has to go far we may be conference finals we get to the final that we had. And we had some good years. The hardest part it is finding that guy that you know we're just talking about. That one player that transcendent guy who. Who wins titled is there just aren't many government and you know we had Steve Nash who. Who was kind of our guy we -- it's a really good players should Stoudemire and Marion guys who were all stars. But we kind of tried to do it more with an ensemble cast because that's what we have we knew we you know we didn't have Kobe or LeBron. So I think you just kind of have to do. To do it your own way depending on what your roster looks like but the hardest part part of it is. You know getting now one key player who can figure over the top because there's just start are many of those guys out there. So -- duty stay up nights thinking about it trying to scheme the best way to find that idea resign yourself to the fact. That you don't have it and someone else does he got to try to build different mouse trap. I mean I would just fine. I would think would be so frustrating to be GM in the position of needing to find this incredibly rare species but not have a. Well it is frustrating. Frustrating to the point where teams are now willing to -- -- for two or three years in a row and lose badly in order to get your hands on that got me that that shows you how desperate people are. But there's not a whole lot you can do about it other than. You know what Danny Ainge has just embarked upon this year that they be. That the project of gathering it -- many assets as possible and clearing your book and because all that all have flexibility. In at least put you in a position. But to get that guy when every becomes available or if he's there but. If there's no guarantees even even after you've done all of that there's no to guarantee you're gonna get a bit. I would they bought the best chance did he get that guy is going to be one of those Brooklyn. Draft pick in four years and and that might I might be totally wrong on that and nobody really knows but. You know usually. Those those guys end up getting in the draft at a really high spot and -- Brooklyn picture pretty intriguing. Our Steve Kevin Durant is having a great season. You know career highs and -- -- -- a great percentage from the field. I'll always great from the line -- from three point range. Today you know it. It's not inconceivable that he'll win the MVP Robin the front runner for the VP but do you think it changes the conversation at all about -- the best player in basketball -- It changes the conversation that doesn't change the answer for me I still think LeBron is the best because of what he does. It defensively too -- to disrupt the whole game guard anybody wants. Give her altered so many options. But. Indeed the conversation. Yeah absolutely I -- did throughout last year I don't think you can even. Have that conversation and now right now at the legitimate argument either way he's so good he's unstoppable offensively. I've never seen a guy. Like that where you say well there's there's just no. There's no weakness at all like I've played with Jordan's greatest player ever. It looked great three point -- so at least you could point that you know on that note the one thing you could say. Like not -- is not particularly from thirty feet but it. Around. I don't know that there's anything anymore that you can sort of pick apart about it gave me back it. Michael Jordan wasn't great three point shooter. I think part of it was that -- wasn't a big. -- get dynamic in the game for much of his career you know that the line was there but -- -- did utilizes that much. And the approach in the game was actually did to attack and get right to the rim. These days -- shooting 25 of the game and I imagine it Michael played today he would have been a lot more time. Trying to extend his range and work on. Interview played today you have a lot more money it's true because who. -- shot 45%. For your career from three point range but we're talking about your career before. And I gave this us debt to -- was shocked by it. I said Steve -- Played 902. And a regular season game -- asked -- -- he knows in his career and I -- guess how many games he started of those 910 and he had a guest. And he was way -- I was a little off about -- you know. I if I could get. On the day the 25. Let's -- guests thirty. So -- -- -- -- to me that that's pretty good that it is having a career you start playing 123. You finish at 37 so nice fourteen year career in the league and he had 910 games out of in thirty starts with pretty amazing. -- Hewitt a look at the I. -- the -- everything everything jobs. Well. You know I -- either very valued at the role player or I was just never good enough to start -- did he's the -- probably somewhere in between but. More more more toward the latter half. Not to me that's a pretty damn impressive career is going all that all the many games and be an important role player at -- championship Jimmie are you play with Jordan you mention he's the greatest player that ever lived and in any time you have the opportunity we talked in one walker. Late last week in and -- as you know is trying to get his life back together after some hard times trying to get back into the MBA year in basketball in some capacity maybe as a coach made these and analysts may be as a scout. But one of the things we talked about of course was gambling any -- you know you -- Jordan he knew Jordan from Chicago. Adjusted you know you could never -- you can go gamble with Jordan because if you did did you were just gonna be in a completely different category couldn't keep up with him. What was it like being around the guy all the time 82 games a year. Well personal -- -- right you can't keep up with Jordan effectively comes to gambling at five played in the GB card game. Doubles players and that's not the markets. Nobody would. It was incredible to just be a part of that old saying -- and it was just you know the show no matter where we went. Every city lose every game was pulled out because people came to see him play and and he never disappointed that was maybe the most impressive thing about Michael is that he knew people were coming to see him. He never took a night off and even as a teammate. You'd you'd see these new things every night it was just amazed you and out pretty lucky to be be a part of of that whole -- via these -- Now you won five championships in your MBA career three of them in Chicago two more in San Antonia do a great job now of course on TNT were you next game working people CNET. I will be in Chicago Thursday night for the -- In the polls and then it heading straight down to New Orleans from there we got product coverage for all star weekend. And -- -- -- weekend. While we appreciate -- -- Steve thanks so much good to be with the please please join us again. -- -- -- why are there because there's Steve Kerr now AT&T as an NBA analyst does a great job and -- just like I hear talk about the issues with tanking the issues is trying to find that guy just imagine you know. 29. NBA GM's sleepless every night because they have no idea where they're gonna find that impact players can completely change their franchise. And I just what are what can you do about a few of the MBA it's not healthy to have. 567 teams for everyone in that city is talking about the losing as many games as possible but not good for the league is not good for the products. So what do you do is there any solution -- nexus or any solution Michael for the NBA to avoid this problem -- ought to be media.

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