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Christian Fauria weighs in on Michael Sam

Feb 11, 2014|

Former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria joins the show to tell the guys how he thinks an openly gay player, like Michael Sam, will be received in an NFL locker room.

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Why not talk to somebody. Who played for the patriots and oh by the way had the best the Gemma Graham read in the history of the station he's Christian Korea the AT and -- our Christian buffalo are here. -- -- It brought out that it's the best jamboree readable all this time let's let's get your take you agree with Dante Stallworth Christian do you agree with -- brow when they say. The patriots based on their time there they believe will be the best organization. For Michael -- to end up with after this year's draft. On -- based on if they can handle. The distraction yeah yeah of the team themselves. You know I mean. Surely they're pretty good idea what I think there's other teams. And Becky fewer distractions just as well the teachers and obviously you know. Pitchers are back -- so we always labelled -- New deal with the coach OC goes we dealt with Randy losses -- outrage you know murder trial though. I mean there's really nothing that can really I get the prize in but it won't be ready and -- Can -- deserted -- pretty good job themselves -- -- and they're not approach even really. Quipped. I guess you know to handle certain situations -- You know you think about what Patriot -- covered college football last year and Michael Eric -- guys. You know that -- the children on the screen. When you're watching it on film. Especially when. Last year they conspired that it only has two conference win and they -- That he -- -- camp addresses that he felt great gays in the locker room. In August. Coach -- vehicle has a phenomenal year phenomenal you -- electric -- to Egypt should blue -- -- or skate but. The same time. This is they handled it great I never heard anything about that you couldn't tell so. I think we'll put a little bit too much emphasis on what you can handle this. Or -- distractions. I mean did you have distractions all over the top all of this same ballot amendment keep and what differently but I think you would have probably more look. A better support group as our our -- -- addressed it didn't even need to. Because nobody addressed my actual such relative argument in a locker room though. Dribble drive sit there and delegate. But take -- doing the patriots the do you need a strong. Head coach a guy that sort of then in the league for awhile in a rookie coach taken this on will that help this locker -- people say is the NFL ready does have a lot to do with the coach do you think the NFL's -- Article and -- reverend you all would and perhaps a knucklehead. Some some maturity issues. But sometimes it doesn't know any better -- happen now by. Well I think about there. This guy. Unchartered territory like Lewis and Clark I stopped and nobody's ever -- -- or -- -- habit. I think more importantly he's the leader. And it -- big guys respect him. Before playing ability. Now let -- get along with guys are not -- how to coach has become a man that. It has to do it whether we like guys and girls. You know and joked that'll be called our source said. -- just going to be -- -- a little more sensitive to it. At the same time which should anyway. You know I'll go around so black jokes you know until dark color or religious -- got -- door. Religiously you know legal overly sensitive to that. But I think you have a coach who just kind of called what is addresses that and -- listen we're here to work. So leave all the yes leave all of a company up outside. At home and let should get better I think it. -- you can be easier than people they really -- I you know all the guys the former players talk about and you know. I think it would be so easily than people think it'll be initial. You know cavalcade of reporters. On fuel and watching him in the and you'll be judged -- what he can make to -- not not knowing nothing else. That's in the coaching staff for sure -- a Christian Fauria you imagine jokes in the locker room and I'm curious what you think yeah he is in for going into an NFL locker room where there are. You know people of all -- just out of college to veterans who've been there in the yeah into their forties what will that be like a forehand -- the locker rooms that you weren't. The -- OK so. Gonna get heckled a little bit more. Anybody else could -- up you know what he's made I don't know these guys that we got it open to physically can't. That tackle because that crawled Blackberry. Okay I had to -- So. I don't think it's a -- know whenever it you know or -- brand and we had a -- relations based on. What -- we across. Between each other and likable and argued because situation we knew we carried out to return -- don't know what -- do it yet but not okay. Albeit I don't think you'll see you -- -- heralded. He'll be he'll happened to her body bag -- -- you don't get me some coffee are. It seemed like the old guys. Will probably. It will -- I would beat myself. And I can speak for the guys I've been around or probable for hate him for his ability to kind of -- and China. Make a statement. On his life. Our own decisions. And -- can respect that more than eight and just like a guy who -- back from an injury you know gondola talking. Such as work speak for help you guys are a and I think I think you'll see that if you watchable film because they're crazy motor that you could it yours year. Competition is growing up. It effectively made -- out of college is remarkable story you read this to -- a big -- is a lot of respect. -- anybody. Now. What how we're gonna -- will see I honestly I don't see it being a big deal oracle -- adjusting to a. There's Dominique Alex you've seen the reports say general managers personnel guy city you know it's. If you disappoint -- gold and accused acted to begin with one GM said the -- waving it drafted. You city jumped on the screen when you watch film. I have a hard time believing these guys because SEC defensive player of the year. Plays in the NFL and it's usually a good player. -- you go public with grant OK so he's 62255. Play with a hand down on the ground he ran away from him a lot. But -- -- it's really quick burst. The question -- At six to contribute five OK -- you -- stay with the economic -- -- say no one person put it down. Maybe at third down. Pass -- -- the same time he may be more -- Collins type guy. Without the experience. You know on the back end to playing night you know -- -- played linebacker. Or safety. So you might be -- hybrid type guy that -- -- need to find a position for you to see how he handled. You know how would you can drop its basic -- on a they -- We're going to against the big chubby -- the tackle can't really move well and you're playing at home and he can't hear anything you can get a drop off the ball. A Telecom -- -- that to the individual meetings or. Probably it would have issue with him. As far as his interviews go people welcome as far as interviews go now. That was critical food angled kind of not a abduction rotation I don't know about for the expert from the side. But as in order to whip positive negatives. And in the gates I mean question Weydedat. I -- actually bureau I don't think you you waited at all. You know -- is Robert Stevens is not getting arrested. This is not like we have out here and the report eager for a -- all the question marks those. There's no personality question marks on. Well the law let me ask you to encryption you know the one -- -- come out of this is that. EE said he came out in part because all the scouts do we felt like they were. 28 point 930 NFL teams that already knew about it so rather address and individually come out and just talk about it now before this whole process starts. And as part of that it's a story that at the beach at the comp line. Most players are asked about this in a way where they -- -- do you have a girl from which a relationship status that -- delete that that you GMs try to figure out. You know what what's this guy up to did you get those questions coming out did you get -- -- -- his Christian for a have a girlfriend or significant other was that part of your process. No. Don't. Go well document what I light. But -- -- scapegoat but -- -- -- -- because I I thought about him. Just putting my public issues. And no idea that may go with that. Walking into the room where -- benched at you poppy onto the field where you run your forties and doing better. Do at all little one bullet passed and all of us up to they have to do at the Columbine. And just the big guys that I might fuel. Knowing that everybody's watching me is judging me based on. Bisexual you know orientation. Or not the -- -- -- -- to -- you know thirty times and not and I think. The fact that Al initially there could be some awkwardness which camp and two others. Because it is it has never happened -- -- Kamal are you I don't know about -- care. If I'm not actor has been gone so there's really no pressure there. For them to do it now before the draft. Probably -- you know during the most support I was at his football career. It's really huge deal I don't wanna you know I don't take away from -- but I definitely think that. You know it's going to be just. I'm anxious to see how how it all plays out you know because it's just a charger -- Christian a -- where the congress kind of put some heat on the NFL Roger Goodell about trying to change the name of the Washington Redskins they think it's offensive they call -- a -- You're there for one year did did did this come up then and it was 2006. Bush did -- I talk about it anywhere. Know if any thing. You know I always thought that the fans where. Anybody who ever met with the Redskins fans and loved it beard beard detonated it was a more than anything it was that respect a lot of respect to -- -- that now. Without being said. At some point. You know -- the public starts speaking now you know louder than usual. It's a big got to realize we're doing what you fight for twenty Jeter he'll then. And I just because I don't want to change the name I you know. You know I'm part Indian you know maybe like. And -- you know America and world opinion and but I -- roll up our reservation. You know I think -- what was. Some issues that they did so I did not offensive to me but I can understand how. That congregation. You might could definitely been -- You know. Disgusting but then you go to Florida State that you look at Florida's emerald. And they don't roll roll out with the Indians fire -- middle field but the good great relation between the college and the Seminole nation down there and they -- -- ever. Try to make sure that you know what their beliefs are and other -- is true. So the director the although this year I don't begin to start Snyder you know budget I -- -- budget it's probably gonna take a lot more he. Our home just you know a small group of we don't mean like people to kind of get him to move so congress involved and it. America the last coming up better to do you really like it is a bill can pass through if somebody -- sort of worry about. And that's there that's the Redskins are asking actually in their response at. -- -- what was there to -- -- budget crisis and health care what -- is what you're doing now I don't know. I think it will look -- -- restored -- growing gradually or each year you don't. I popped open your Taylor how long can a lot from intraday. Contribute to the -- Broadway and it probably mean for your ability to come out of that pertain to remain -- -- -- can do about it. They should be working on making sure that. Your pajama -- spot airs every day in every station country I wanted to know what congress should work -- failed job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I version for rejoining this year on the eighteenth he outlined you guys are on hold still you want talk about this we wanna hear from you on this. Redskins store we started to -- 617779790. Three's capitol news service in Maryland. Has tried to narrow down how many schools and states. Still have Redskins in their name for their teams across the country I think the number will surprise you how many still do well -- about that with your calls that.

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