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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Samuel L. Jackson is pissed

Feb 11, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys talked about a reporter mistaking Samuel Jackson for another African-American actor. Sam was not happy.

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Our headlines brought you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do. Precision fitness equipment we start at the Copenhagen zoo. I'll bet if you've never met -- now now is as good as the San Diego Zoo. Senators who is really nice we'll see the best that you remember no so why haven't -- adopt -- you should take him out as it is to do to the caucuses -- speak to Columbus -- wired is very good yet but go to proxy was perfect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is funny as sparklers are worldwide outrage with animal lovers calling for the firing of the top zoo keeper agreed to -- to be close even making some. Death threats Marius. The two year old male giraffe was killed with them with a bolt pistol Sunday at the Copenhagen -- That this dissected and that the big cats prospect it is included Georgia looked on while I will be used dissected yup perfect kind of up. In front of people. Kids were watching and he said it was a lesson -- -- goes like if your bad really can -- up and be -- out how to do it wouldn't and the lights are off. The sausages are made how many kids were watching it was a big content so a couple of -- -- can discount I'll call you are probably helping -- can't sell what they do it the secretary in billiards and another position make profit this. Cuba has some Russian billionaire and wanna do that in with the initial Spencer Boyd said and he trusts the torture but the people they -- different. So it's -- that he would -- that's good -- that's general and administrative total kill yeah. The the already been two years of age -- -- drafts my favorite animal. Have a draft just in your backyard -- it up right over to right that it's over for regulatory. -- I don't Achilles annualized giraffe right. And he killed humanely right at -- Wachovia. The Bob Halperin who's the -- Massachusetts society would prefer to quote animals says. BR rebuffing offers made to take in this draft draft -- then killed. In fed two lines of people you can actually see the lines missed the spots I don't -- -- -- Mike gorging they get stay steer them rest that's crash the spots. All the spots in the spotlight Hastert now. That's right yeah traffic delicacy in the -- On them every geographic matches laws that -- -- -- bitch it's okay. I don't got to -- with the neck. Meet the tougher than like I now those are pretty happy -- happy lines yeah question around it and the work for now. The -- obviously not happy to explain why they did this. It did because of greeting potential -- that we have the clip on -- being exposed to arrest torture yes why -- you kill a perfectly healthy -- let's hope the audio as the. It's a zoo in Denmark has caused outrage after killing healthy young -- and dismembering eighteen public. Marion -- to eighteen months old when Kevin Bacon -- decided to put him down. Saying it to be recommending ways to prevent inbreeding. The creature was killed in the -- and despite officer and a disease to adopt him. Including the last minute -- to save his life by York's wildlife Iraq. The good -- don't do it isn't it after the draft for shots. Welcome to NYC it's been carried out to demonstration to digital is cutting the caucus contest punishment. According to the European association -- in clarion Marriott have genes between two similar to a pitcher tonight breeding program. To meet will be used to feed their animals zoo. Including -- collection of lions and tigers. What is supposed to waste to me why not Altman asked that's a good question -- -- that's a terrible actress winner for grabs one. Neutered drafts they say it's a terrible like big league of -- go nuts this and that's worse than the -- It's like Kentucky Derby right you see the horse correct he breaks his leg what do they do -- market but the thing over the shock and can't live with -- generals and land right they can't live being ordered us. Testicles big you know you lecture detected -- Connie -- JA would you like to live like no no. A storage here to talk about do you live human neutered you have a decline at a a -- inbreeding really that bad. If you kill people in bringing the -- no royal family in England -- these what are these Charlie just over Charles looks the Kennedys would have to kill. They do about weird look so what happened -- -- or is it -- the baby dressed up like a little like two inch neck. I get the Kennedy teeth. It looked at us -- -- -- have had a suppressed describe it it's finally -- features that yeah on the -- Or what's his name Jonah hill's and we in. What about that about runaround you've -- right parents. Our cousins how bad decisions were made here I mean it's one thing is like oh inbreeding and -- bad decision and all it did to dismember the front -- escape its contribution as draft and make society. They're impossible to go -- yeah. This draft something there are. Point one viewer I see did you ever seen funnier ready to address. You know it's -- ranch house rose. You don't they should have done letting the draft tactics Politico all their gentle they're docile they -- Job they should have just let that go well what's the worst that happened in my by our our. Worse. -- worse than just being murdered -- feeding which to defeat alliance. We appeal bolt -- That's a good. Old country or whatever the got to put that the people's heads and chuck Bolton will. All who Olbermann. No no country for -- -- all the -- -- crazy got crazy got her off -- -- probably got and I knew he'd love them and it is the critics like yeah like -- we collect. You did not was not a credible -- line and we went as a field trip and spring training. We thought we already killed the book he dragged us -- between -- and go to a legacy movie it's our hello with depends of the critics -- the only. Dennis Rodman now went to rehab for three weeks in New Jersey I've got out of him and made -- a credit. Made three days after check -- at a rehab before falling off the well. Sources tell the New York Post the former NBA pro and so many kamikaze shots the wait staff lost count of the South Beach beach nightclub this past weekend. The war was downing shots at. 24 -- club celebrate its grand opening on Friday. You arrived alone and about 11 PM on Saturday walking around going to rent the tables mingling mr. kamikaze shots every time he would take when he would scream it's kamikaze. Kamikaze one point 25 ounces of Smirnoff vodka I should upgrade the Greek news. A quarter. Of announce a triple sec and a quarter of an ounce of -- choose. I guess as it were up all the that a C -- did in in. North Korea before lefty trashed his hotel room like the definitely don't want -- race and it's odd that so -- so -- it would not be the bottom of the food -- -- made North Korea. And you have to clean Dennis Rodman's boom that's spoils it does -- take -- typical bolt action going to be feed -- alliance can happen if you don't feel a group that's true that's gonna -- should have not had not kamikaze but Shirley temples he be better -- that's true. I don't really have ever gonna work out. Communication mr. -- temple as we said earlier died last -- her home in right north California think she was 85 years yeah surely temple black. Which I don't know addition merit again and black correct just take it in Illinois plant to be attorney you've always no idea what I -- Bud Black butt plug plug the bloggers -- energy and know that now they ago. You just see this interview yes you're Samuel Jackson Sam Rubin I heard about -- way. But we will play or player that's ever been the best he could it must apologize to point it -- -- Jackson's beat kind of but maybe I'm wrong second semi -- be offended. Here it is from yesterday. I didn't even -- for -- the Super Bowl commercial did you get a lot of reaction that's Super Bowl commercial. What's so vocal version. You know what I didn't that's not my mistake I didn't know what they think yeah you guys crazy at the people on Twitter -- That's Michael I -- I was mindful -- I don't think you know what I'm really look like you're. And whether you're young you're opening night in night I had guilty. Yeah I am guilty guy. You're Bob Dylan right. -- -- -- -- -- They've -- you don't know but -- that I -- Mine mine design mistake I apologized really my big mistake let's talk about -- -- heartland for your job. It is now there's a little bit. Abroad would not be hard to get another -- is it right here let's talk about robot hello oh no. -- -- -- The night I apologize but the other guy -- an -- -- my -- went well I think you know while it right. That's and well I'll tell you don't want Baghdad good commercial and there is no question about that -- good thing you're allowed. But I guess a champion the -- black guy that is sort of frame and that other critic yeah ha ha ha yeah. There probably won't abuse it where it -- Yeah you're exactly you're out. Percent right. To welcome them. Anyway black guy that's like putting cat down in the -- senate and a baseball stadium but he is also little black got it turns off the house. -- kids open now through school there I'm not big guys you have a look at. Belligerent and I've actually never had done a McDonald's all good Doug -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- man. To the original the only black guy. It Romo got that not a criminal I can't imagine it's I. McDonald's again. Between my mistake I apologize 22 times like I said that's once I think I think you don't want the passion of fallen out of the question about Jamie -- -- Morgan Freeman and your greatest -- -- just -- mistake and -- -- -- -- -- value to get a chance to meet Mandela before replace -- moving right that you went along you get a discount of Allstate insurance right yeah that would have been funny. -- there anything that is there anything Samuel Jackson would do. I wouldn't do movie wise I mean he's in the Robocop read too which is what -- Clinton and every -- trailers of movies almost surprised when not in its -- a -- Michael Cain you know. Yeah he's he's in he's and I think what the mine is I -- -- -- -- -- -- nine more movies this year I grilled -- I mean he's you know he's cleaned up -- They're telling -- he's making it must -- I've read what you must be sneaky worth. Under 59 I think probably yeah so north hundred he's yeah he's a golf at a at a like fifth since he's on about -- And gave a drink can you please all the time yes plays golf and he says he hasn't written contract when he makes a movie is pavlik one day week replaced golden. But -- and I sat them down on the cape and as -- policy was what like a 66 and eight top -- top it off the cameras roll while he wrote I had the wireless Mike when -- -- off -- him like he must -- -- player races in the six -- seven. -- -- Reversing and Becker those guys it's not a great actor -- -- -- lost that right to be called the great actor he's been so much crap. Right after he takes it seriously as lower standard is once the media Tom is OK -- am -- Robocop. He's -- the selective Philip Seymour Hoffman. He's not as good actors don't -- off the existing piece on sixty minutes yet they read they replayed at this week as headlines AT&T will we come back -- we're going to discuss the difference between plagiarism. Self plagiarism and just laziness. When we can.

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