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Rick Reilly loves to copy and paste

Feb 11, 2014|

The guys discussed the famed writers love for his old jokes and how he uses them in the exact same way in columns years later.

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I must admit that I am humbled. To be in the presence of two of the great contemporary American writers. Of all time. Berkman had and Jerry Kelly and so with that said -- able to follow do you. Explain to me the difference between plagiarism and self plagiarism and lazy I urged that the difference in the first two. But Rick Reilly is taking a bludgeoning. For stealing material. From his own previous columns to put in current columns and they're calling it self plagiarism. I think that's kind of -- it would just be easier to say just -- -- lazy. It's you know I've always defending Riley here because -- Everyone's favorite whipping boy it appeared Linehan and Hamlet the economy has many cans in with the in crowd he's a big Simmons I mean doesn't like rightly understand all that what's here this defense. I'm having trouble but that's not a lot of trouble with this one I don't. Rick -- not a full immediate you don't have to -- them agree that he's not a army. This sister's home I mean the idea that you could do this. Tickets are doing it thirty years ago. But do it today in the age of the Internet right when there are a lot of people who -- you know fulltime job it is. To criticize you two scrutinize you to watch you. And you think you can do this in no one's gonna pick up on most -- -- essentially they're putting up that he is recycling his columns or portions of his columns and they have a number of examples and number of examples. And it is shockingly. I get a call when I first start he wrote a book -- missing links with the hapless character -- is a very -- -- down in the -- guys -- goofy golf revolves release -- -- park apartment writes about -- yeah we -- down when he when a barrel which really about it it is he's -- -- I was -- good writer he still is. Hell he's the one that that brought sand -- and that's true world. Still does some good work but. I first -- cities just using characters from his book which is not know my favorite. -- waited -- when it in that was about the Kevin Stadler tournament that he won yes. And it's the stupid characteristic and then you read that always use in those animal characters issues and literally the same sentence this. Are -- ask yourself is what he's doing an ethical is itself plagiarism or is that lazy here a couple of examples in 2009 he wrote the following. If I won a US freaking open I go absolutely. You electro shock. -- -- That 10 nuts. In 2014. You wrote. By ideas by just 11 point one million dollars in a PGA got banged. Or event. Forget about my first win in 239 tries I go absolutely. Electro shock three alarm bat -- nuts so five years ago used the berries same line. 2009. It -- for football. The guy would be doing the electric chicken right in front of the other team's bench. 2014. If this was the NFL he'd be corking. In front of the other teams at -- change that period of 2009 I pick up a flag stick and fire it like eight Tommy gun at the cry out. 2014. I pick up a flag stick and pirate like eight army -- -- at the crowd didn't even make an effort on that one. 2009 I make my caddie give me a piggyback ride and I'd whip him like a jockey -- horse. 2014. I'd make my caddie give me a piggyback ride and -- him like a jockey on a horse again I'd definitely be an adjustment there it looks like. Piggyback afterwards that's all that's true that spelled caddie differently yeah. Right again 2009 and extend my hand the guy I just beaten like it was going to shake it and then when he started to grab a bullet back psych. When the guy in the blazer came out with a -- Jack I'd -- to pay off and feeling like a frisbee. 2014. And extend my hand a -- yank it back and -- psych. When the guy in the bad plaid jacket comes out with a winner's check -- snatch is to pay off and sling it like a frisbee. I -- on and on it goes so let me ask this for double -- and the plagiarism -- whopping self plagiarism is another is this an ethical. Where's the problem isn't all it's like they try to see. -- and nothing easiest pin is paying a couple million dollars a year paint the right the -- called twice it's I don't know good question is about as good question yes it is because I'm trying to get trying to get -- I'll say this it's it is not ethical but it's not plagiarism. Plagiarism somebody else and -- steal someone -- the right to self. Is not the same as what your particular have a false present -- -- -- -- before this from a from a standpoint don't we repeat stuff that we said years ago and we'd go all the stories about. The voting Soria Europe patella. Ex couple abused if we're told by our bosses to repeat ourselves. Because that -- shipped it changes between India -- -- conversation goes to steroids to go back to know more we bring up the Sports Illustrated cover when conversation goes too many Ramirez we bring up the Jimmy Fund its outs we. Recycle a lot of could appear but I think we would say they were doing. It we just don't I mean if you would say I think it's understood that he did I am just if I ever used the term bat guano crazy I would never use of the gals let's say that's it for that term. It amazes me that he didn't change the words -- at least that's what that is it's put -- hardest to just change a couple words. It is amazing what is no doubt it's Lacey. I mean that's cutting and pasting your own stuff I don't think it's plagiarism and I guess it's self plagiarism I think it's unethical I just think it's. The way that buys that ladies and it's -- it's an ethical duty if your reader he's presenting it as something that's never been written before is not so brief action -- five years ago. So for the reader I think it's it's it's you're inferring he saying he's presenting some goodness if this were somebody that the media and you know the critics love. Yeah -- in now. Bill Simmons -- and hand it's one thing the sport. Is already on double secret probation Katie Nolan is watching every move mimics. -- so elated that he repeatedly rip off yourself. Said that before a week ago where this came out. A week ago. Their distaste for the first time he's done -- and she called him out a bleep in mid week and a half ago. And he just did it again. It is amazing and it's fire or at least respectable I'm finding it very difficult to defend my man Rick -- All right 61777. -- 79837. -- 3-D NC will in New Hampshire wants to talk about Celtics well. Bad bad when last night -- Houston wants to talk about NFL showers. The question put to -- you. If you ever been involved in a threesome. And if you have how many -- and we're gonna give -- the opportunity get involved in the three fives fight promised to answer that honestly will you yes. Yeah it. Now we get back.

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