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Celtics need to learn how to tank

Feb 11, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing another Celtics victory and their dwindling lottery chances.

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You probably think we're going to commence this Tuesday edition of Dennis and Callahan at six both agree. Michael slam talked a surprise you get him out starting here. I don't know exactly when the University of Kansas and duke university's. Spring break happens to fall. But whenever it does if I am Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker I used -- little -- those a couple of days off. To fly to Milwaukee. Hire a real estate agent. And start pulse punting the good nose for the one of those guys you get a lot of holes for your money yeah no one restaurant and a lot of lovely big tangent here under grant right. I think it's it's recruits it you know it's good livable city. It just local. Culture ball. Up and or worse this year model culture goat cheese -- I'd like -- like Milwaukee that you and a future Celtics we have a good time doing it in the water nice city and -- city like Wisconsin they're good people -- well I think the overwhelming color -- Milwaukee it's like. Oatmeal you think of the ducks' public building lot of technical Packers then another three hours yet through the brewers and a lot there. Now well you know what the good news is only one of them has to go to that locker room the other one's gonna have to each other was gonna go lakers. Her -- through the lakers are now ahead of your Boston Celtics. That's discouraging -- I don't think it's time to consider. Firing Brad Stevens what do you guys think no I think it's time to consider firing Danny -- unclear on the concept didn't -- memo like that he get Jeff -- out of here before -- quickly -- he's trying to clean house fire the -- -- soldier of all of this year's -- Jeff -- back to -- -- these guys -- like you did just trade him who cares what you get back -- bail out -- -- -- lead draft -- is -- those failing miserably -- the -- you failing as miserably Brad Stevens. About it. I mean we saw one team that knows how to do last night out got to the united Philadelphia Eagles out of their pro welfare that's impressive I mean let's all -- -- right tip of the cap. Allah and -- three and a half game lead the Celtics beat the sixers sixers and they're not coming back in the pack leave in the Celtics in the education missed at the sixers became the second team in NBA history. To lose back to back games by forty points or more they lost to Golden State and the clippers in back to back nights. By a total of 88 points out that's what -- talk and play better is how was that -- dot net could take a -- well -- coached now. -- You'll. Larry Brown -- -- spurs assistant. Fire him. -- -- That's the only chance Celtics all claimant to the sixers should integrated. Global did you wonder why in Cleveland. In Detroit to make changes mean if you can't win -- model -- right sure is that how works in the ambient dance why these teams trying to win. Cleveland and Detroit actually sold to trying. To be fair I think they just happen. Happening now the trials -- he's as good coach Jeff Green -- good place that Rondo is separately they've lost three team the -- lost they needed key massacres 942. They lost they lost but it is there -- 42 games behind the box itself in the wind call box about what -- Games you have no shot. Of the worst record we have no shot at one box -- -- -- win nineteen games and went 1413. Fourteen games that put themselves in position. For that Eichmann. Opt for a record plug there are now seven teams. With few seven wins than the Celtics the celtics' nineteen. Artist category from Easton and bought the west. Up Philadelphia fifteen and go on the wrong way Orlando sixteen. Cleveland eighteen -- -- nine net. Utah seventeen. Lakers eighteen and Sacramento 7123. Or 567 teams. Have worst record we'll. Are you go to some optimistic guy a popular look good -- Orlando's 130. At least they've bumped up to sixteen games -- -- -- 120 yes they have to those teams are taken off but Philadelphia's like seven in a and Milwaukee the Milwaukee Bucks this is amazing number the more he barks. At a home. -- 520. Don't care with a homer when they -- the players their five and twenty. He how to do it outside the conference there one and eighteen and equipment that's -- CS. Think your idea is not as good as mine you said fire Brad Stevens I said fired Danny Ainge isn't -- doing what you sort want him to do is improving the the you know whoever's going to be around here at the end. Yeah -- he's the guy that's arming him or at least allowing Jeff Green to stick around. And play like you did last. Coach a coach can't practice that many now it is not the coach's job to that tries to general manager's job. And the players if they are on the same page -- he Rondo -- amendments and that the kick the ball about right just don't play every game right. That'll come back. Too quickly from injuries about way Bret Stephens may be of value down the road are here to request your horrific and so -- god -- Wednesday in the -- you know I wasn't -- I don't know I don't think they should fire Brad Stevens the nation and its highest number of the emotions of hide and milk are available. Emerald bowl record to you know what other -- -- not available MLB. You know what to do when he's well he's definitely built this is a legitimate crack team the Celtics -- -- -- on me and he did that it's by the good job do you think. But asked if this runs in. The first -- members. Who uses stunning. It's really painful it's just awful painful hard to walk. I think short track speed skating was more -- I can act and that -- -- -- and that's the worst sport a long distance speed skating. Is the worst sport history you know I was lucky about that as Bob Costas because he's -- -- -- That's true you're basically implied yeah I -- is now about it to the other I've read work Kostis was stricken on the an awful lot it was a joke it is not a joke. Haven't seen I haven't seen it he and Mary Carrillo and Derrick Rose umpire that you wouldn't really think he -- -- -- the shot of vodka. He does a shot of vodka on TV. It was shot putter over his that I think he's just trying to -- vote for it buddy you go low pay pain -- your position your ball number with a couple of vodka shots. And she did it with them Mary goes which ranked -- in the -- about it in -- a couple blocked shots from you merry -- find out why I think by now take. -- more than a feud but we don't accept industry does not honestly I'm Leo was lately night I don't think -- -- does aunt and uncle really doing that and he did the shot of vodka. And maybe he did more than -- I only saw one maybe I medication is clouding his judgment he says I'm not really vodka. Man he says that. But I -- I -- -- and he -- he's got a Democrat he's got an open it's it's -- you're watching it now it's become a what happens after the second night it's infected Odierno Jamal is -- is now losing -- never heard of a -- teleprompter. I've got that that it cost so good he wouldn't need. He probably doesn't even read the teleprompter wasn't sure. I mean. Just in and out yes. Mean he's the best they're throwing a package of things -- money list on his Alia has ever bad right right. I mean that is why the chances anyway Al Michaels is that's right Al Michaels just hanging around. It's so funny when they do decide MC much of them like you guys in you know -- that Patrick. Bridget Collins is reverend. Patrick is -- to. In Princeton. Collins were the breakdown slopes -- -- or snowboarding. And calls were. Really trust take it seriously it is different about Reagan com why is Collins world you're slopes style snowboarders parkas he wants to do. Well what the answers to what Kostis is. -- you don't think NBC. As -- Bob Costas -- -- looks like hell your struggle and we got Al Michaels here. We got Dan Patrick here what do you think he said but not typical TV I not relinquish the BC baby it is typical TV out of they're all like that they they feel like the -- room. Relinquish the seat that never get it back. The weather and obviously this is going to be his last Olympics maybe that was bought. Well tool could get a little older Clinton knows all these candidate -- -- hundred other. I've heard from people this is maybe his last Olympics and so that's maybe why is there but now I can think -- made. 6161. But he's out of -- for the collagen to -- -- -- the go to school together. I mean about his agent he's just a little guy that only age the same rate is the -- sets him. Jockeys don't local wouldn't at least he won now now well they'd like yeah. But he said injections I think he's had some work to work for attempting to -- more work done as high side but. That you Wear sunglasses. About sunglasses and a known good season showed up to the daytime stuff outside the snow blocked a good idea to -- us now August that back to the NBA. Yeah all that Brad Stevens and I understand what he's trying to do and I understand. Obviously the DNA of a coach makes you wanna win every game make sure to improve every single guy but he talks about his hero last night Jeff Green after the game. So every weekday road game -- our. That's the time he's played his absolute best right. I don't I think that obviously he's playing. He got shots today that he is that we're really good shots and they made the tough ones late but he got himself going first by getting to the basket. By shooting at all street he passed one up in the first half and I was matter of about -- passed up shot. Off of a down screen is kind of the gist of our halftime talk about we can't pass up open looks because. That's what they're giving us -- and he really didn't pass any others out. That was great art is seen -- on Danny. -- grad -- you know who the daddy knows this as a daddy needs to Bret Stephens do not play him on broad weekday games what would that read these that is -- or Gregg Popovich do if you were impressive shoes he wouldn't play him. It's like a com you can play I got a job to do here. And is -- the tank. And I understand -- -- get the first problem we guarded them percentage or the second. They've pretty much blown the chance that the top three right. August 7 cavalry you have a lottery in the top. Worst teams fall in line behind -- took was 12342. Actionable on the chance at the top four. But it's still finished. But I don't have to be. I should say the -- they're blowing that chance and it up for. They still have a chance at number one believers -- ping pong balls come on the picked the number one team. If it's one of retailing goes the other to fall in place and it's not one of them and the other for three all in place. And the Celtics on the outside looking in the best they can do -- number five. Right correct right so still not awful mr. what does not and I'm sure age that's our rationalize that sin if you give -- a -- seven get a good I have worsened by ultra right now I think it probably about where they're going to be seventh or -- IRS is regularly like stealing or they get lucky and trade deadline and a mode green. And asks. And I'll tell Altman Avery Bradley Bradley -- solid and that's a few weeks away if you went if you gain an idea term that your if you're at their bar and they've lost some key I mean they've won some key games. Orlando Philadelphia. Last week with the beat the beat. In the Philadelphia Milwaukee -- preteens and -- and they had a chance to make their move and they it's very discouraging. And on top of that. A boring. -- just lowering yeah product out and I an honest if you could be this boring and this is a bridge year clearly. Should you lose. I would. It's for him in the chest than just the unclear on the concept Jews yes clear on the cards reportage on hold onto Google 5% interest of making the playoffs and 6% of their four games of the playoffs for a -- Four games four games in the go to Indiana. It is pretty much run away with -- now on. -- -- -- Miami well here's what those two teams are so for meals of rice and his ability to meet or -- teleconference by -- that can't happen right pick him. That would be silly not that I would -- so -- -- -- out of the lottery completely. It when 515. Play hours it's it's too bad but you -- that was going to be growing pains just it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Celtics get -- -- sell -- without him they were much more -- -- the -- team history. Won't do that all ugly team all casket with the gaelic royalties to -- we all were that team goes to team Celtics bucks in the eighties won't put together. Five -- guys Terry Cummings case. Pesky -- was ugly. Don't -- Robert Mueller pipes and I -- -- it was -- -- Ricky pierce. Pierce -- -- brewers Randy brewer who was ugly that was an -- team that team and they were damn good team Texaco when you departments. He wasn't ugly politics it was pretty weird and different look at that Drake on all are created not that that's that's a special rightness. That's the team you'd put Greg kite was -- If you look at ourselves credit for the teams we play Russia out of it that that does that up mark and Gortat retirement what he was CC. Yet here are what hello George -- Here again issues you'll feel it as are definitely and it. He owes -- much remember when you read the Guinness book reckons is acute did you do that tour -- got yes yes and -- settlement that they all of you looked at his condition and held by twenty don't die when -- electric. -- he's still alive. I think he is yeah they're so he's not gonna have to be human nuked it that's true I -- under the GI -- news decreed it. Andre negligent and -- -- -- it that if the world's -- towards its program resemble what motorcycle. When you look at the Guinness wrecked it's. Just felt that the public circus while at your library its goal was -- scared of the free. Asia ex model gave. Months on the book. Is condemn every year. Awesome you know grab it and they just brought him members -- change. And on yeah he's a suspect and socialist. It was much it's much -- Slough it's I was like what is it about that they don't like to -- you know the circus it's. That's a little bit more publicly correct right middle of the George are solved in their I don't think silence. You just note that -- like seven feet. Or team in 25 cents at 25 she managed to die at 28 you bought it but the growth doesn't slow them -- -- right given your son had that sort of you know look. It's. So he would be he would retire the trophy. But he as a separate category seven foot two white guys. They don't call the Republican excuse he was yeah it's the one and have Sherry got you know -- on the roads that causes -- gave it probably took the last and I bet she's and Betty it. -- that he did. But public because it hurt because it's obvious -- standards it -- this. I'm near -- died about fifteen years ago he did and some years ago thinks. We can check we can check it check on the all right request today beyond dealing with the Celtics winning too many basketball games I think our our challenge today. Is too caught up with something new and different yet to be said about Michael Sam. And his future in the national football I'm not sure that is a doable challenge we're going to attempt that odd Doug Gottlieb. Out will join us in the 9 o'clock hour to talk about Marcus not so Smart and know what his weekend Internet done -- sort. Fascinating guys and that you mean you look at him -- -- TV guys that you missed him when you first see him. It's a TV guys just another ESP and now he's with. Was it CBS NBC to CBS CBS news obvious interest them and to read a book when he was as nasty -- point heard oppose it yes team does it very good point. He went to Notre -- first you got kicked though Iran off campus then went to Oklahoma State's right and was a very good on division one. He'll be assist record god he was Kepler and in you say exactly be seen video of -- that -- member appointed a tough kid he's good player but to no good -- why she's been the final four which is remarkable when you see him and these two students know little. Just TV -- plus being old is that pinball manufacturing company. Fuzzy but it nobody it not only get over that -- -- -- don't think so he when he idols minute you know who's. -- probably declare. When you're into that little prep school -- opened it and I was I know he was -- different level where it was a terrific in Europe when you look at human figures we brought 21. Two announcement from two small ball but to shoot shoot -- cook it. A -- content plaudits in the old man basketball leagues it's that run it's a different from a sprained ankles blown its. This pagelets is for you to today's shoots the ball was depressed on it. I think -- a sudden now that is true. Yes so you were the Ray Allen of the -- well they have lots of over forty leagues and you never arrangement -- yeah oh yeah. To report wrench oh -- really absolutely broken into. On and off the court. 6777979837. Gottlieb not a popular phone calls next with the NC.

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