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Steve Buckley with Salk and Holley explains why Michael Sam coming out is such a big story that goes beyond sports

Feb 10, 2014|

We talk to the first openly gay sports columnist, Steve Buckley of the Herald, about the first openly gay NFL player, Michael Sam. Buck explains to us why this is a big story, and what might have led up to this action for Sam.

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With gays and homosexuals in the and we didn't male sports it would be very difficult put that first person come -- I think that he would not be accepted as much as we think he would be accepted and I don't want to lose just naturally assume like oh we're homophobic that's really not the case I imagine if he's a guy next to me Cain aren't addressed -- -- a -- the whole mind and decided he looks at me how my supposed to respond. Regardless who it is Australia -- if he's on this team his -- tomorrow. No one's visiting locker. That's London Fletcher Jonathan Vilma and Ike Taylor. The more explosive comment the one in the middle about dressing next to. Michael Sam is Jonathan Vilma speaking there. A moment and then come. But a plus. People still saying that the market is not a dogma -- over what you're talking about. -- I can't trust him. Just I can't even do it justice by arguing with a Steve Buckley joins us right now of course on Twitter -- embossed in the Boston Herald but how orient. I'm very fine -- when a sizable minorities in our next gay people -- Thank you. I bet you're affect the answers he does not he doesn't know I said that earlier that this is the case and -- if you're -- this -- the case of the story of Michael Sam. The big story here is that he has openly gay he is certainly not the first. Gay player in the NFL their game players and NFL right now he's just the guy who is the first wanna come out and say yes I'm gay and emperor. Yeah I mean exactly and obviously. When you're gay closeted you can hide in plain sight. Is also -- concept called the glass closet should remain -- the -- and what that means if you think you're in the closet let everyone kind of knows about it. And they can see inside and -- glass closet. And and it's sort of a Don't Ask Don't Tell thing it and then I was kind of the case admittedly knew I was scared it didn't go public with it till three years ago. And it it's. You know and participate -- I don't think it's it's going to be a problem this -- if he's on the -- -- with the right management in place. How about that Smart guy you didn't anticipate the next question happenings pressure. I have a -- question -- you've got Smart of people a question exert a lot of the president Michael BP bought you should know. Always on fire -- he's absolutely on fire fox point counterpoint to that they've all been incredibly well fought out -- you -- he is on fire today's fired warning watch out the -- Never want. Illiterate -- it -- but -- but you said you didn't come until a few years ago -- -- and I wanna know -- In what will what we were you afraid of it in what in in what were you afraid if you work for. Wasn't afraid. He is part of it would -- easy go back and read my coming out column that I I was going to do it as long ago it 2003. But why my mom who knew there would gain is welcoming him. Great family life. What he asked my career and out of respect my -- and I held back on it. And then she she didn't know where one inning you know where she was sick and sweeteners used I was sick and effort into treatment. I had an illumination I think -- you -- -- -- that story and I was going to do it in like a month. But since you're not entitled. And so. When my mom -- It was it is people know they use them for what it's in remember I didn't watch support to -- and it it. -- problems. Reading -- my -- is yet to attending her or her personal belongings in the state and so forth. That was in December 03 missing you know patriots running into all -- economic spring training. If you know the Red Sox and forceful series -- to -- I think you know again -- -- a lot of it. And it just kind of -- between blacks and from 2000 to be up to that very day I came out it was going to happen and kept putting it off because. I just didn't get around to it it was paid for it was it was bookkeeping from me and then finally I just got out you know I was asking somebody and I guess I admit that I'm having dinner with 11 night and then which are shocked -- And and it just kind of -- Epstein and -- which is still and it it was a lot less dramatic. When you finally do it then in the days leading up to. -- Buckley with a -- here on WEI. There have been a lot of people suggest as they -- -- this isn't a story that it's not interesting that it's not a story that we shouldn't be talking about it. What do you think is this a story. Well if if -- that people can name mean openly gay athlete professional male team sport. And correct it logged -- -- It is that the story execute it and it would not just when that is. That is making this -- as -- nothing to talk about a massive Super Bowl it's the story. And in and in fact that a what dot com in recent pieces fit the blue -- Which is just like that it in the entire all the background and wouldn't that. They were. Going to do that a month from now that was original plan. But it just kept it was like. Coming out coming out coming out they're getting phone calls and everyone know by -- in the vault where it would start talking. Well it's an epic story and why did they have to announce that a book early because they couldn't keep that secret. That that's all -- you need to know. Go read that piece and they had to move it up. An -- Sunday night because it is what -- got to wait what illustrated was on it yet you know they were invited and by fifteen nation was involved the local media. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you definitely want to be a -- like if you wanna be out front of it because if oh Q. And then you tell ya ma you suck at it that that. They wanna be a part of the story and and in your own and that's what happened here and they did a great job -- it. You know Steve -- we've heard from some people today. Whether it's on the formal or the text line. And I think one of the themes -- seen as the number one thing but let's say its second or third on the list and it is. I don't care why -- why is this a story at all about anybody's sexuality whether it's Michael Sam or Steve Buckley. I don't care what you do go ahead and do what you do what you said that. Didn't -- very very simple answer is that why -- talking about -- being gay. The other people don't talk about -- being straight when in reality they do. Michael -- argued baby. She's she's fantastic she thinks she's a little kid now -- Right in an -- that I noticed is that it was new and radio listener Michael Ali and radio I listen to dale Gary you know. My -- last year will Maloney has hit. Is in an and they all have quietly apartment. I noticed because I listened to the radio. And he's if you listen to any of the on air personality at any of the stations or one hour. You're going to get certain summation of both the private life. Not because they're making people pronouncement but because they're being conversational. Well I can't speak conversational and let them make the announcement first and then -- Wednesday. You know highly I a couple of years that -- came out. I would sort of Bruins play out on intense day and they were playing at bay lightning here -- wanna cut about it let's put out one night you know -- and you're kind of thing. And we're talking about traveling in Europe -- peculiar -- GGP in the few others. And I imagine. Going to was somehow someone mentioned going Hungary Budapest and at that all of the year what they want with a couple with a friend. It's -- -- at that and why am I saying that that's what it used to say I would do with my voice. And it just. It's -- in in the in the pre January 6 2011. I was on the radio that topic came up I would have said I -- with the volume. Well now than a mile I can say I would do a report. I'm not even though they had with might -- orientation I'm simply saying I'm with you -- my boyfriend. And that the panic conversational Stuckey can only do it. If you are yeah. All that it. I had a 100% of the great point and I would ask you there's just something I've thought of before. You said Peabody that that glass closet. I knew I knew block that you were gay before you before you came out and we never talked about it. But I -- know and I and I thought when you did when you wrote that column I remember it like yesterday. I was thinking to myself this has got to change Steve Buckley as he later. Steve Buckley was just an I don't I don't know what I meant by that despite there's nothing when you're when you're writing it is the most honest. That your that your most honest point writing -- that much respect for the writing process I really believe that -- for anybody. Is that accurate and they argued the field. Like there is nothing. That your uninhibited that you urges -- did you say in in and feel what you wanna feel. Oh yeah yeah I hear I used to laden. I'm not saying that my previous probably at which it operate like that. Let the captain out that being openly gay I I don't have to like re read everything -- yet -- -- partners like that in there because strength and air. You can read anybody's. And find that in the you can listen to some kind of secret message. -- clarion call what do you call it but. The other thing is I I can write more freely on. On on -- topics. With no wonder without -- hearing that all white -- And you know I really -- example that true accurate count and a lap or not. I say I hate -- what military contingent coming out because I was on the united SA. They're going to be tackling like schoolboy so we're all that you know in my short we need to be at play a law -- order to some measures silence. And the weakness from the people probably -- congregate and played that game and they -- a fickle friend I ever. And that -- a lot of art you know an eternity 49ers from Tunisia. And her amber. You're right it's telling you that that now they were aware that -- played that game. And now I don't really have to be conscious of what I say I'll say it when I say I can just say it and you know full speed ahead in the Tokyo -- You talked to Bob Kraft today you what was that conversation -- Well that would that two foot putt for me because when I called Robert morning I that many complications -- vote. The whole -- thing RBC dating back to. My own situation I think Robert Mueller gave beforehand because the movement to report that. And and it you know he he received here with a guy was saying it's open right here again that was not what -- -- around corners. So Robert knew he would in. He was very supportive when I came out and so when I called my accent how he feel about this and again he is his belief is right he let's use the tickets -- wanna hear it but I complaints that the spot for. If if if they come of that but -- draft. A Bill Belichick believes that I can come and help the patriots they will draft I believe that. -- of Robert told me that he spoke to telecheck aptly called him a lot here about having a player. And they both agreed that if -- if a player. Could help the patriots they would draft or sign that. Up our shores a columnist you're gonna get. Criticism for her controversial takes on the Red Sox patriots Bruins whatever just because -- the year you're gay or straight. Like your mom was afraid in 2003. That this would be bad for your career coming out. What has it done for your career and has anybody. Said anything to you. About your sexuality that you feel has been unprofessional or or make you uncomfortable. Now it it was one media member one night. Who got a little drunk and and basically -- why they're right back crap or why why keep it keep it here. It was it in an almost like reaching back into the have to find something to. LP a few questions and even then it was more on -- or yeah whatever epic night. Not the only thing that cat is the occasional email. Which is pretty nasty and I never respond can be physically do. I think that they want it. Like they'll respond they're wondering if -- read your email that he NCAA you know. So I never responded and in the and that's the whole pre and post symbol for him out a couple of Latino based fret about at all today. And now Monica wanted to -- cattle ball here you know whatever. That's that doesn't bother me in the slightest thing. Want to suppress The Herald was able to continue I mean what we're having somebody openly gay in the staff on the -- -- -- pardon NFL team some -- The Herald was able to keep going afterwards Spock I really -- Right it can affect other. Buckley appreciate it great to talk you would do against him. Are there any other Steve Buckley the Boston Herald on Twitter at look in Boston he joins us there in the AT&T halt landlocked there. -- to Liggett and -- really good on the subject -- meaningful important him. But I think what he does probably more effectively than anything else is simply answer the question why is this news because it is. Why should I care that somebody else sexuality is panicking enters a perfectly. Because you talk about your sexuality all the time though you don't realize your adjusted to its it's a societal norm for you to do it. Why can't it be societal norm for him to do to get phone lines back up 6177797937. -- -- W media.

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