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Michael Sam to become to first openly gay athlete in the NFL: Response and Reaction

Feb 10, 2014|

We discuss the biggest sports, if not news story of the day... Michael Sam, the SEC Defensive Player of the year, who will be in the 2014 NFL Draft, has "come out of the closet" and become what should be the NFL's first openly gay player. We discuss it.

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Sure is -- -- WEEI WEEI dot com as well and just funny sort of heading to this period of the sports calendar. Football ends football's the biggest sport America by far not nothing comes close NFL football. Spring training on the horizon pitchers -- catchers are there but took another few days before that really heats up bright MBA but it's mid season and in any minute the all star game. Us -- Boston with the NBA right these are hoping for your team to lose. So what was that they're bigger MBAs during this week and the Celtics playing yesterday Jabari Parker. Play in -- and watch some -- partner you should I producer I didn't fundamentals keep winning games are gonna matter. I lost last night. Importantly a really good team a better team and how they play eighty biggest operating teams like Philadelphia about the prop or this this game against Milwaukee and Milwaukee where some huge game will be a big game a bit. Well they shouldn't beat them. That's probably can't help Milwaukee's and they can't help it I you know what can help help. Because Milwaukee. Is whatever the number one hi man number one. Number five high school Milwaukee the bucks won the guys coming up the bench to play for them. Today are so in the shrine or bad it could -- so I want to release -- here right where and when Larry Drew at that point. There Ager who hadn't gotten the memo today Larry you know what you're available in Atlanta. Shouldn't do what management one -- we went suited you. Want to lose. We want you to lose badly Milwaukee's because it looks twice this year they can do a third time now are definitely with the Celtics got -- anybody it was him that first game of the year. They're talking trash you Michael Redd is gonna hit so many three's it was Michael. Michael Redd is going to be -- -- from everywhere doesn't play. Doesn't it. You know that first -- of the year -- Butler. The crime Butler comes to the bench is probably a minute left in the game two minutes a game and come back there were down by 29 game. -- -- -- Still Paul Hartley. And no no not my heart at all. That's not why you came back big comeback because your heart. Came back because you're -- -- -- just did what bet they don't they fold in the fourth quarter. Stop talking about your heart. -- -- The brewers are gonna play for a couple weeks of oh let's go wandering going to await your call right away they have to have that conversation taking guys inside Michael and I on the -- and Andy were having this conversation as we leave here on Friday afternoon as well. Analysts are thinking ahead about the week's planet anybody wanna talk to any big ghastly -- Antoine Walker was really fun to talk to on Friday or other people like Antoine. We can have on the show their guys have suggested what was taken for 797. You -- Texas in the eighteen to tax on a Michael. It is infinite wisdom that you had to suggest it is completely infinite wisdom the results are proud to work next them across from every day says. Huge -- and always -- always goes and it did. I had no -- a couple of our -- our government a couple of things happen it. Marcus mark decided to push a fan and we'll get into that will be later right but that that's that's news but it's not huge news. The Michael -- news is potentially huge I mean we we we had this conversation. And it took a full day. Earlier what earlier in the year. Would it look like we were gonna have the first openly gay basketball player in the NBA but that's not true. That didn't happen. Brian we had a conversation everything had to cap the -- If he plays again next year but nobody wanted Jason Collins I don't know if it's because he's gay or not. But this whole idea that Jason Collins is the first openly gay pro athlete four major sports is cart structure. He did not play. This year he's not going to play this year is not gonna play ever again he was never -- locker room as an openly gay athlete the whole story. Is interesting but not of the magnitude it was supposed to be that day. Now I don't know whether Michael Sam's gonna play in the NFL but based on his talent level and his age he sure as hell show it. He's projected before this happened to be third to a fifth round pick defensive player of the year in the SEC which obviously is the best football conference -- Like football they are a little bit it's important to the Catholic conference that seemed ready fairly important is that you know even a Missouri -- of your defensive player of the year in the SEC. Chances are you'll be drafted somewhere to play in Italy now don't I don't -- could mean he's a great player gets the best competition yeah any any beat I mean he was better than everybody else who played. He's a little bit of a Tweeter he's maybe a little bit too small they say to play the hand in the ground as the defense of and he's not great in space is a linebacker but when I hear I hear Tedy Bruschi. Is that Tedy Bruschi coming out of Arizona that exactly who Tedy Bruschi was supposed to be high motor great character. Maybe a little small to play with -- hand but hand in the dirt but also had a Honda sacks kept racking up numbers in Arizona. And ultimately made the transitional linebacker became one of the people we love watching Mike that's at the sounds. -- it's not just Tedy Bruschi. It's about a hundred yards a play college football it and a lot of Le -- talk about patriots. A lot and it's a lot of patriots which you use of grown to love it's Tedy Bruschi and college it's. Mike Vrabel in college it's Roosevelt Colvin in college in defensive end who is asked to play linebacker when he got to the pros and a lot of guys. 260 pounds. Is awesome pit squeaky -- some -- fifteen pound guy. Was going to be asked to play linebackers from these guys because they're such great athletes put -- on the defensive line you take a quarterback. They haven't refined their moves. They haven't they're not asked to do sophisticated things are great athlete go rest pastor get a on the pros. And asked to do some things kidnapped -- in college. Most guys. -- do a decent job of adapting to it now some guys look at and even though they're small and saying. Well you're so talented I don't know Michael stamped this -- category you're so talented. We're not gonna ask you to change positions at all. -- too long time members of the Indianapolis Colts won most of their Robert Mathis to a 35 -- other side Dwight Freeney. Played between two to sixty and 65. It was shorter than Michael's. He's got the perfect name to be linebacker both of his names -- airline called I'm back yeah yeah my -- and he's saying about Mike I mean if you like my exam. -- his middle name is will he be -- -- -- -- literally he was he was bred to be -- a -- with his -- but. I guess I guess the story coming by surprise for this reason this reason only. I guess -- mine in my mind I I always imagined that the first openly gay athlete and will wait to see. But that the first openly gambling would be a veteran athlete in the league in the league already who says hey I'm gay and we all have that oh my god moment where we say wow. This guy was gay and I've been watching him for all these years I'll never -- It's kinda happens with Jason Collins right but I never plays after that you don't get the continuation of the story. The fact but but it's. Shame on me for thinking that this makes so much more sense in so many ways. Younger generation. Came up in in in a generation that was a little bit more taller maybe a lot more tolerant based on what reading from Peter King Pete -- some of the other people who were interviewing general managers. Was was was. Comfortable and need to feel comfortable in college environment. For generation that doesn't think this is as big -- deal. As older people do so shame on me for thinking it was always going to there was going to be that -- -- moment. Maybe it's easier to not have an aha moment maybe what you get into the league once you meet everybody you don't want -- You're comfortable. You're happy you don't need to say anything you're breaking our way you know that it's a -- but I don't think it breaks down all along generational lines I some of it is. And Obama has. I would guess that people have a problem with. And some of them are older some of them are younger -- of them are but don't you think that -- change in in the way I don't know I mean. We're just I don't know because society is awful so far as a reality granderson on this -- Read them and -- he's everywhere aren't talking about 1998. How far we've come from 1998 which is the year Matthew Shepard. Was was brutally killed in -- mean. It happened. Significantly in the last fifteen years -- that in the reason Jason Collins wore number 990 right I mean pretty I didn't know that -- chemical story. I wish that -- realize that when he came out last year sort of surprised that but from. Things have changed I do you don't think it's generational at all you don't think if you were to pull people who were 6030 and fifteen you'd get the re completely different percentages -- terms how they feel about the Arctic. Get three different perspectives but I mean there are some younger people who look at. And -- they look at homosexuality. And it is something that. There against the and there are some older people's say live and let live and let love be free and I don't know if it breaks down that -- -- -- missy but the polls with what the polls say. I don't know how we could. Really quantify it. But I don't know if that's the case but I'll say this. We talk about the NFL. And how will players react to this. Stop project. Lot of projecting what people say what will. What will people think and what -- his teammates today in what this trip -- What do you think about it that's one. You -- think about yourself. In a different category as far as professional athletes are concerned. It's already happened. It's happening right now in the NFL. There are people and they are gay players in the league right now in their teammates know about it. Hearty but there are teams that have already dealt with it. It's just not open. So we say how teams deal with it. How teams deal with not just having a gay player in the locker room and openly gay player I guarantee you. There are teams and National Football League right now no -- Maybe the Seattle Seahawks. May be the patriots. Almost. I don't think it is it is a situation where athletes will be elaborate. Oh my god I can't believe. It there's a gay player come into the National Football League where. So it's blood and you get this sort of this sort of made up idea that there's going to be some sort of a distraction it's going to terror part of team you guys can jump in and we definitely want your thoughts today 6177797937. But you read you know you read things like -- this person a player personnel assistant SI who says I don't think -- ready for just yet. In the coming decade or two it's gonna be acceptable but at this point. It's still a man's man it's still in man's man game. To call somebody a gay solar is still so commonplace that it chemically imbalanced and into the locker room and meeting room. I don't think really that's going to be worse than what the felt that what what the Philadelphia Eagles went through this year. That's gonna be worse they hear things like -- a lot from them what Riley Cooper did this year. An aim at and they don't -- that they -- that they moved on. Right to have and -- injury to somebody yesterday. A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania you're telling me this is gonna be the biggest distraction the Eagles had a pretty good season with a guy who went to jail for killing dogs -- was one of the most controversial players in the league has -- -- -- Out Riley Cooper did what he did right before the season. You tell me that this is going to be the biggest distraction. On NFL teams duke distractions like this all the time for what two meetings at the beginning of the year people are gonna ask a bunch -- PUK. I had a question what is it like to shower nexus guy had a really think about it okay annual -- Rivet didn't handle that the way the patriots handled the Aaron Hernandez situation this year it's going to be zero distraction. Zero. If you handle at the right -- goes to the right team that knows how to deal thing. Well I I would think if he goes to the patriots. Just like any other rookie. He's not going to be talking to have been muzzled you'll be talking too much not because. Well we're afraid to let you talk about your your homosexuality. Notes that in and he probably won't wanna talk about it anyway this is psyche he says that no big deal. -- told my teammates about it but I go to see everybody knows. I'm a frequently got to that point so now I'm gonna say it before somebody else gets the opportunity when you think he wanted to I was somewhat on went all right -- I love it call me all of our story tell my -- he sent us a great right. But don't techsters here just when we're talking about the generational thing I want texas' Michael you're such an idiot. Either you're stupid or you're just trying to get try to get a conversation going -- talk radio. I try to get a conversation going. You know it is definitely generational and another text -- right around. Maybe this -- altar -- god sent the text right after. As. One of the most tolerant people I -- she has never met -- 85 years old and -- you know fourteen years ago. It's just. It it it depends on well he's your typical what you been exposed a lot of one person out there is -- and -- but what -- zero point and you hit it terrible. What are we wanna use -- as did the definitive. Answer that definitive guide on how people see this analytical and anecdotal evidence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't hear from the Gallup -- what I won't if you're Twitter what is it I get here from the Gallup people -- don't know what to pull on this and I don't trust at 61777979837. We'll hear from you call it anecdotal our own version of Gallup poll whatever you want. A lot of your calls and -- and Quincy account. I don't stop. -- pressured into the mix and an NFL locker -- up. Lately coming out CNET squats in the at least two -- that at the ball why isn't that. -- So I just an and a walker ruled in Iraq won't call it whatever they beat the horrible. -- don't want it -- say they don't. It -- it and believe me at all. Well -- this is what I'm talking about this is projecting how do you feel about it. I think we don't we're not give -- professional athletes enough credit to say what an an athlete will do. Or what and how what an athlete has gone through they're -- guys in in professional football professional sports who have -- teammates. And they're good players. They're helping them win. It's not and there's like eighty something people of Missouri litigate teammate dale due out last year he's a leak out this guy they went into the -- to talk about Michael Sam Michael Sam has said. That the the reaction he got from his teammates and coaches at Missouri. Has been off the -- how do you feel body you feel like. Just your view of the gay professional football players -- you processes that are -- Don't like art form -- either of these patriot would you -- dirt mile like what was the issue. -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama. Ordered it just opened it would don't support the I'm in Korea which -- even. And -- -- it could play out. Like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The media and in Boston right now at that point I'm. -- -- -- -- Scripted that didn't know. I -- cal first all the word exposes a top form because it makes some Mikey he's admitting that he did something wrong and I don't think he would see it that way it didn't -- mild I don't know if that's true I -- -- -- To some people -- general I would say the society in general but certainly your right to some people think is he doesn't need 32 NBA and NFL general managers to think it's. Right or wrong. Just think 111 general manager that sees. Something he wants that's only -- he just needs one at a 32 and -- -- -- if I were a general manager and I'm looking and saying you know what. I know all these guys I know these ten general managers of these twenty or maybe he's 31. All think that this is something they don't wanna deal in their locker they're gonna keep passing on him. While -- to have the value of taken what guy that I think is a third round pick in the fourth or fifth round great. Maybe on an end up with a great player may be on an end up with the next debris ski and I get him later in the draft because somebody else is too worried about a little bit of controversy and I think I can handle controversy. I don't think it's gonna be as much controversy as everybody thinks there's going to be. You know -- -- I love the AT&T -- are 37937. In a lot of cases. Don't have time to call him a text. You express yourself advocates good in this case. Today. If you can -- homophobic comments. At least call and in that we could discuss. The homophobia. And disk in and go back and forth -- that gets. I think is very weak. In the homophobic comments are lighting up the -- -- I think is very weak. Through sending your your opinion and then kind of run away from it on the text line dependent. Pinch yourself. Speak it out. -- -- a lot of and here's a theme here. And from different different numbers hey he's. I'm tired of tired of gay people throwing in my face. Through what you -- he said he's -- why why why does that guy have to come out and say. That he's openly -- otherwise if he doesn't say. In eighty doesn't tell you it just shows up are so let's save the let's say the New York -- where they're doing the patriots keep at all. The New England Patriots draft Michael Graham doesn't -- -- work. And they have an event. Where. Spouses. And girlfriends. Are invited. Shows up at this event. He's holding hands. With his boyfriend where his partner. What do you think what you think there were respond people would be at their minds -- people wouldn't. He has it. The reason a lot of people speaking it. It's because. In his position it's not as announced has. In everyday life where if you come out and you say that you're gay you're job is sometimes in jeopardy. Sometimes. You are in danger. York -- physical livelihood your financial livelihood is in danger. So that's why it is hidden. The fact that he is able to -- at the fact that he has decided to come out. Is allowing him. Is allowing him to get that out of the way for her lack of of better phrase he's giving them out of the way so goes the current line. It's not like a I gotcha I heard this is there anything you wanna tell us is there anything we should know about. What about me you already know it. -- fitted two weeks before the -- I told my teammates last season I played football I just played football. His ears edit it not trying to be a pioneer. He's not trying to convince you. Heterosexual man to become a gay man. He's not trying to tell your children you're heterosexual children that they should consider an alternative lifestyle. -- like you try to put football and he's gay then okay. He's -- off. That's incredibly well put six point 777979837. Guys to react will be back with sex talk and -- WE. What do you come here today details came to tell the world that oh believe -- game man. They really I read this story before I watched the video and -- on sports center -- -- all his quotes. Like a lot of the way he frees things didn't just say I came here to tell you that I'm gay came here to tell him proud and I liked I like just a likely phrase a lot of supplements saying. -- embarrassed -- -- about this I'm not saying he's looking for attention. I don't think that this was his goal to be the first openly gay athlete come out and market himself that way I don't think so he hasn't presented himself that way. But I liked it. Not hiding behind it looked on game product I don't care. Bring it on I wanna own my own story I'd been -- a lot worse that you read the army athletic on all of his life. Some things in this life two Brothers have been in and out of jail and on the Israel worried about I mean just crazy to hear. All of the the them my two worst things that have happened in this kid's life a sister that he never noon an older sister died before even notion -- right I mean maybe some of the stories. Of the kid's life he makes. He's ready for this right he's ready for the amount of attention he's ready for some of the negative reaction that that we've already seen on our text line -- shore radio stations and other people around the country -- hearing and seeing all connect. It's gonna happen. But I think based on what what his story at Missouri being accepted by his teammates there. There's no reason that his teammates there should be any different from the guy's gonna play -- in the NFL right same roughly the same group of people mcsame they're exactly the same as he could certainly get a bad apple two when his team. But basically this I -- the NFL draws its talent from places like Missouri. Why should this be any different and it's not like you know we're talking about some a -- liberal northeast school in their opinion is gonna be. What was very you know former big twelve now -- -- -- EC are not we're not talking about you know a liberal bastion. Talking about the. You're surprised me talk about this story more than anything else that he told his teammates about it. Last year. And that the story didn't get out. That you know one of this theory that I guess it is says that about the Missouri Tigers and the closeness of their leisure. But Mountain -- and a guy. On the team. We did. FaceBook nothing it did not it was not easy he story. Until he said something about it though. You know maybe we were doing our unofficial poll of who cares and who doesn't care -- bunch of 192223. Year old man. We had the opportunity. To make any big story. When Michael Sam said -- last year and they get so there's a thereto. Check parks and your column that Josh for -- for the younger just Josh isn't this car what's. Just. They got a lot of good I think one I'd wanna make 2.2 this story without Michael Sam. The first one to me is that you know I'm happy form -- -- I think that you know gays should be accepted overall throughout this country. No I I I. Care that you every person should be able to. Do whatever they want to -- no other individual should be able to say whether they can't or cannot do column how abroad feel like this story. And newsworthy in the -- the reason last year but it isn't partly is because. What you guys report on you know your best friends or any other what they Teddy -- which you report -- Sexual preference -- the -- and now you probably wouldn't. And. Well anyway what it may I will I would I would defeated in congress. Chris got -- look at Chris -- that he was -- yes that would. On an album came out just because -- straight. Yeah I -- Josh to mom and this is the for remained there are aliens are you don't think it's you know we -- the Nash does lead the news not just a sports does this lead playing it safe safety standards should not be Sanders -- of it shouldn't it shouldn't because. People are people's allergies and people are people and in this is no big deal. Exactly it should be a big gains -- gain. It is you lot -- OP however that they -- on a certain number. -- -- you're you're you're right it shortened -- big. But my credit. And auto -- We're not it I don't think. We're brush area you're writing in in I maybe a year. More players will come out this'll just be a blip on the radar screen it won't happen but you can't tell me it's not a big deal and is a reason. Anybody who was first to break a barrier and and I always hesitate. To make a comparison but you know it's certainly been made enough to change opens to -- -- or an excellent -- -- and there's really really good comparing some that some of the bad excuses that were made before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball on and comparing and some of the things that -- hearing today and by the way a lot of them are incredibly similar to great article. On NBC sports dot com. But Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier was knows. Not every single black person who played after him -- -- somebody being first the first openly game man to play in the NFL is absolutely news to see on almost social experiment. And how it a lot -- of NFL players is going to handle it. It is knows it is in its news because the interest that's really the only thing they qualify something as news doesn't interest us the interest people it led every local news -- -- local newscast last night number one story watch channel seven after the Olympic -- number one story. But it has led the news day and it's a big deal inherited texture when I said earlier. Of just go by if you go by the stats go by the information. -- common sense tells you'd dead. They're game players in all of professional sports right now course who have not come out so texas'. What -- and then they get out what. I don't have names for you don't have name any -- Q did you wouldn't -- them they haven't they haven't come out and don't have names it seems to. Are we really bats are are you that surprised. -- you that surprised that a professional athlete. And a male professional. Is gay now. And I think if you look at it in this is. It just -- just just just be realistic here. I think there's an assumption. If you are if a female athlete especially softball on behalf of your female athlete. You almost have to prove to people. That you are heterosexual York. It was a presumption of she's she's unless you must be a lesbian. She's tall she -- sports. And the opposite is true of males. Strong male athlete. Six to 260 pounds like Michael -- while there's no way. It can't be gay. And and and the truth like anything else is somewhere -- him. I just keep coming back to that one quote that's in it's in -- Hamels article -- he's gonna join as part of the blitz coming up in ten minutes Steve Buckley -- course came out a couple of years ago will join us at 330 give his opinion on this price keep coming back to this quote. In a decade or two it's gonna be acceptable but at this point in time it's still a man's man's game. It's such if I mean. That quote is everything that dates so many people don't believe to be true about being gay media Michaels is Michael -- -- a man's man. We goes out there are just destroys quarterbacks. You know plays as well as anybody in the SEC -- offensively but defensively. In the ultimate defense of conference he was the best player this year. He's not a man's man. I don't understand I don't I don't understand how we're defining the term. Yeah we're in here here's the other thing that that bothers me that has bothered by things start to bother by the quotes and -- that people animals article. The general manager telling Peter King. But this guy won't be -- He won't be drafted but it's not just their architecture opinion that's one thing. But it just it is -- the contrast. Just jumps out at me today Michael Salem. Being brought considering saying this is who I am -- I'm OK with did not comfortable comfortable in my skin and wanna play football and help your team win championships. This is my name Michael's stamina and you contrast that on the split screen was somebody who is anonymously. Talking to Peter King not putting your name on etiquette and giving you're giving you're opinion about the player -- do think. Journalist. Sometimes you don't have to go anonymous quote sometimes you have to do in this case it's like that but the techsters. I'll really be impressed by name right. They have and the general manager whatever team and I just here's why I wanted to -- and just as Michael exams at what he had to say he's not apologizing he's not backing down from back. Tibetan government about it. I think his hit a -- GM would say back you look I just don't want the headache this isn't about I just don't care I don't I don't want any part of this I don't want the headache I don't wanna become the leader of the anti gay movement in the NFL. I just don't even think about this now we've certainly seen people go the other way giants ownership Tisch and Mara both saying today hey this will not change definitively thanks. These will not change his position on our draft for now -- -- the album is a third fourth fifth sixth seventh trumpet or they don't have them on their board at all already but they said this will not change his position on our draft sport so. If he was on the draft -- to begin with in theory he should get draft right if he's a third round pick. Fourth round pick on their board a -- you have to think that if he falls all the way to its sixth or seventh -- definitely -- draft. Yes you the story where he had a lot of his sacks against. Inferior competition I think 99. Of the eleven and half for against. In in. -- teams. -- account for the nineteen tackles for losses. Look -- -- it at that got there at the player of the year the -- I was drafted debated and doesn't mean I don't saying OK well then he has to be for sharp I understand. There's other guys who were better he about it and maybe an atypical best player in the SEC fine yeah that's still somebody plays in the and a fanatic there's there's still so he's a third or fourth round pick you to get -- late. You doing exactly you're supposed to be doing the NFL getting value Tonys and the car Itar. There are you doing guys that I don't a couple of parts that I want to ask here questions arrest. It's a historic didn't break well would you guys be talking about but it. I learned about this either way actually hung out we've been planning for the -- Tony they probably that probably other. OK okay it can't think. He came about because everybody know about it that he was the round. Nobody did -- a cab -- away from some -- NFL media writer in the future. And I'd -- I think it's ridiculous it was spent so much time and talk about it. What they made a ticker headline away from what -- -- media writer what do you mean. What I needed that it -- about -- now have to get drafted -- never -- ever came out. He took its government summoned out to be Everett a big -- in the big breaking the story only broke the story it shouldn't even be -- story. There shouldn't it shouldn't it shouldn't be -- terrific I think a lot of people agree with that it shouldn't it should not be a story what is it Tony Tony if you ardently. Let's just be -- if you ask that question and and I gave an honest answer would probably be talking about the Red Sox jokes or organ ports up and -- But but. I I don't ask you -- Tony you're viewed this guy wanted to play for the patriot. And we never said anything about Michael Sam and his sexuality. And -- you some at a restaurant. Kissing a guy will depend. I've gotten out of gotta be honest with me how can you honesty if you give me on the got a. I'm gonna give you want to tell me I I would be sure I would be surprised because. Obviously here you wouldn't expect that football player than what I -- I would also be applied to see any guide -- in a restaurant. And I'd be surprised to see ya at the -- make it out there so. I can't. Put it into it saying now is that you know. That shouldn't even be in this show it's just that great big you know like today I don't think for a minute that there isn't. Play it's on the so. And that the black players on the team. -- we get there. We get an. -- security team. Putting it did and are they like Tony don't even think their player from the North Korea hey don't racist also -- you know what. You could be you can have racist but that doesn't exist in football does the thirteenth and footballer and a black players on the team. I said individual. -- that's Michael's point Tony is yes you're right they're probably are still some football but it doesn't airport teams. And it's probably won't tear apart a team either but the first time not first time this still knows the first time when no one's seen it before is still nobody is gonna give you don't don't don't go up yeah that's -- -- get -- point out not all of the -- I was trying to hang up my heart in my -- -- out -- Tony if you say their players in the south who don't want black players on -- team. The point is what. So what what that means ultimately what the bottom line. The bottom the bottom line is I put this in the same category okay adored them but today the major -- people except that's. I don't care what you attacked -- there's going to be people that are against this -- that. I'm trying to be okay there are people were. Getting hit so if you are that -- saying it's not news because these people -- are the black people walk from we don't write about it everyday and anything in the -- -- this isn't going to be news well if they come out and and we know right or against them. -- -- the -- like Riley Cooper and will be news then we talk about the outlook this is the first time on the consider justify whether this is news -- interest in two people are phone lines in the -- the entire day. Anybody wants talk about this. Feel free to do so it's an interesting conversation optimistic here justify Pete Campbell wrote about it talked to many of these GMs and other front office people. Who said things behind the veil of anonymity will grab him as part of the blitz -- out WB. Bob Kraft did not just speak to the Boston Herald spokes the civic leader Steve Buckley who'll join us coming up. And a half hour -- 330 -- pollen WEEI longest major calls in that. Between now and then 61777979837. A question I was -- just a moment ago Michael is this idea. I'll give it an NFL team says we think this is a distraction we don't want any part of a distraction not a problem of gay people rom game players. We just don't want to be the first who don't want the distraction on our team ansari. When you hear it on its surface that's sounds OK okay I can understand that they just wanna win games that it's important of them fun. But how much of it is real there really a distraction is a really difficult. Is there really gonna be a problem of the media gonna go crazy. Is there going to be it is they're gonna be a question asked of every player and every media availability or after the first day or two does everything kind of go back to normal right or whatever team and the drafting this guy. Is it really create a problem in the locker it sure didn't from Missouri who went twelve into an excellent season. In the SEC what their second third year in the SEC it's not like Jerry. Perennial powerhouses is an Alabama. Talking about Missouri that end -- having a fantastic season and this kid was great for them use didn't leak they obviously -- not a problem featured in -- park their their locker room. They seem to do just fine a navy team brought them closer. Tell me how real this idea is that NFL teams are gonna worry about a distraction what distraction. Well I think it's away and if we were talking about the stories behind some difference of opinion their lot of people who have. A different opinions about this and now all of them are valid that's -- I elected to discuss it just kind of hashed out. There's is easy to say. Teams won't do it players all like cute coaches won't like it because it takes. It takes us off the hook. So you can say hey. In you know I had know how I know how it is an NFL locker rooms are out of the locker rooms and athletes won't put up with that you can put the blame on athletes without. Kind of stating your case about. What your feelings are about it to argue for or or against it or you don't feel any way about it but -- Jerry -- fans don't just. What on other people's business you make the exact same points in the piece of the same things that were saying about Jackie Robinson in the forties and -- -- -- a paragraph -- but he says the argument beat these are the arguments then. Black players because of their backgrounds cannot handle the intensity of Major League Baseball it's not their fault more progressive what they don't have the attitude or intelligence to play the game at the highest level. Some racist white team HTC will not accept the black player. Team chemistry always so fragile will be shattered. Yes of course it would be wonderful their rooms treated equally it's something we should all strive for but the world is a harsh place the world does not have only open minded people the world does not such in her volley yet. And black players have their own negro leagues already -- -- people polled each other later though. People's. To that that's from his article today -- UMBC sports and not that this is exactly says not now this correctly but some of the same points while idling those people over there -- Hamlet or find out. Let's find out instead of just presuming while they're not going to be able handle it okay maybe they will. They've handled great and then you can have a really fantastic player that you got the fifth round -- maybe should have been a third or fourth impact great. What would tell the story before right as a player. You know the player and talking about yes. Where it was a race OK if it's with the flat out he was -- racist. Like guy on a three black players. Black players knew he was a racist heard him say racist things at a couple of them loved. And we've talked a two separate yes they they love the guy so it's not a Nirvana here either Ike. If you have Michael Sam as a teammate. You embrace his way of life some people wills of people while you have Michael Sam's teammate that you think everything's okay you're looking at it you're saying. -- he's a guy he deserved to make the team is a good pass rusher when he pass rushers he's got a he's gonna help get -- -- the field on third down. So he can play here. It's it's really mean it would you know to open he used the example of Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson's teammate said okay fine. Not have a black teammate. It all black in there -- -- pulled -- -- you know what I like people and more black people in my life. To do this but do that now. Hey pretty good luck getting your name's Jackie Robinson got it pretty good place second play 3 -- 1 -- pretty good hit he's fast I like them. Help us win game text message -- you really think there would have been no media attention if Sammy Kamal playing in the -- the media would have had a feel they sort of -- media attention. The question is would have been a huge distraction that takes the entire year and by the way college teams non NFL team which is specifically set up to deal with distractions. The patriots had a guy arrested for murder right before the season started -- -- -- when -- a year I mean it hurt -- am on the field. But it was their huge distraction that they weren't able to -- -- -- to pass that they have a couple of news conferences they dealt with a anymore. Riley Cooper to distract the Eagles the whole year they made the playoffs for God's sakes but nobody thought they were gonna do that. Teams are able to get past distraction from the deal with them the right in -- team could handle this no prom and the -- I'm -- Yet some eye and a lot of people called and a belt that's -- Michael since saying that it would no not Smart or in the coming out now because it's hurting your straps that. I don't think the opposite that it was imperative that he came out because it's now going to be set -- the team. That's willing to take on something like it's the strong locker room it has people that can that can handle it as opposed to coming out it during the season -- -- -- credits are the eight ball that -- -- -- that. That is such a good point and that is such a good -- absolutely right he's not he maybe even if he hurt himself around in the draft may be puts himself in a better situation. Locker room wise to succeed once he gets to where every -- And it's almost like a job interview where you know we kind of wish you could tell you tell -- you know -- hiring manager he really Stults was aligned right Peter you're free to I think it's kinda. Lined up at that W better situation -- work. Yeah I've been it's a great point there there are a lot of excuses to their a lot of excuses. Follow. We're hearing -- some of these stories with the anonymous quotes and we MP gamble on and in the historians believe it was one of the stories and as -- -- One of the stories. Or general manager scout executive says -- wasn't a Smart decision. Wasn't Smart Smart decision for him to. For him to come out right now I think I have here it is. They got the don't know why would he do it right now is cost himself draft status I think that's what we're looking. But if you're if you're just trying to live your life. You have no. You have no fear about who you are you have. You're not embarrassed about it you didn't do anything wrong. And some people like you do. If this is if you look at -- -- make a religious perspective some religions. How many of them have -- what most of -- Think that this is wrong. Suffer Michael Sam didn't do anything wrong and he's trying to live his life and he says are. I'm gonna wait. Can do would have been knowing. It's not in a -- make it in the NFL fine if I -- proud of but still I'm -- -- -- I'm gonna live my life why should I wait. A -- drab like -- three of the rationally when you are hearing them more more NFL teams know what's going on is I want this to be bigger distraction on the -- about it and as he said I thought very eloquently he wants to own his own story and not let someone else pellet form I don't blame them. It's 177797937. Dylan is on the South Shore -- deal. -- -- -- -- Great so I but they are mean that what -- that you guys are saying -- I there are meant you guys. Sport being a stand behind especially when you hear all the negativity about. To me I don't play in the and a -- -- -- -- -- that that would -- for the same Michael Graham and you know it's something that you're here on a daily basis. You know people that have been told that the candidates advocate adaptable whatever -- I think that would be in -- felt that the greater picture. On an interim kind of respect of what -- caller earlier was saying that. You have these distractions. And you hear about all the stories you're before Aaron Hernandez even. Allegedly murdered someone there -- talk about and compute PP and you know being kind of are under it yet. No -- ever hawked on that everyone does that -- Beirut -- goal here regatta when games. And I content that. Something important there that you know. We have a -- order to -- and -- -- -- off the field. And I picked apart from Matt what are people saying oh man man's world or whatever -- that's what we're required. Well yes and and it's funny I mean you hear that from NFL players all the time don't thanks a call just saying that they that they can hear these what are we games winning games is more important than than anything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The thing you need to do is not be a problem. The only thing you need to do was not let it take over your life if -- some guy on whatever team drafts in the navy has a problem that. Not a big deal say there's 53 other guys in here talking now about one what's problem. Right I mean if it's really that bad that you're the one person in that locker mrs. ansari I'm just not okay that's okay. We hang out over their spelling out over there and then you'll never see each other cameras. I just did it it feels like this is a -- -- from comfortable issue. Instead of looking -- -- about how they ever gonna get over this I don't know it seems it seems like a little bit of common sense that help you get over almost every problem that that somebody. -- out there -- -- I don't that's I don't think that NFL locker rooms are more involved in the rest of society or anything like that. Don't wanna make it. A utopia I use utopian situation is far from that it is but you know what. What they're able to do and I guess is a lot of locker rooms. A lot of levels and not just football. So you go into the locker room and it appears there's one thing that is distinctive proxy. So if you are it is you're the you're the guy from France and in an American. -- predominantly American Iraq War. A year the American among Canadians Canadian among Americans. The only black guys the only white guys the only Jewish guy the only Muslim or whatever. In a locker room situation in on functional teams. There's a comfort level and they start making jokes and they start saying things about Jews that. Any regular work setting you know -- since some people crawling to human resources. -- -- locker room situation traveling with them you're eating with the news studying with them. Playing games with them it's okay it's except and the fifth and it goes too far somebody intervenes and says OK that's enough. Asked him to have a problem -- the only conceivable promise civilians have gone with team that has a broken culture already restless night in a -- that I went to -- -- graduate as functional locker room that it's already problematic. Miami comes from behind and and and I don't all the ins and out that you know I mean. I could see how can become a problem there you don't have the right leaders inflation of the right guys in place the teams since turmoil anyway I could see how this could exacerbate the Cleveland but there is important because as Cleveland Detroit but I think there's at least a dozen good locker rooms in the NFL probably more than Matt yeah. Probably fifteen or twenty. Locker rooms that could handle this and maybe this five or ten couldn't okay fine pitcher there's 22 or so -- can absolutely accusing him at ten he probably -- Started -- -- that raiders lions. What integrators lions browns a three right there and no I don't think Jack Google's wanna -- -- I -- don't know the exact amount on Iraq cannot they're not a problematic organizations please don't -- right now. Front come up with a few more in part about it right now. Kabul it would be an issue in in Dallas on -- it would help their -- and couldn't handle it. -- trouble anyway. Get Tony Romo and stoutly Tony. Now but they got they had him in and his pride within their drama plays together in their room but they got their own issues they don't need to hush is in purple rain I just. I'd like to Michael you don't today. You know living -- dream on their pay just let opponents they're real -- personal for money from my standpoint. You know the shock value of gay people is dawn. OK it's it's not it's not that big -- deal anymore and in the tightness that is a good outcome and now sure. You might have you know some some validity to the store and might even hasn't shell like unfortunate -- have -- like just the same but. Really I have two points here the first one is it really just -- its site. If if we don't if we don't particularly. Peace and did the air quotes when it stated that -- always we will -- care. We don't care this day it's OK and you know and we're gonna get old that's only been no pun intended and we're gonna move along with bits and we're gonna be good. Well. My point is -- we're using air quotes say we we don't really care what and why in the world that we eat and now. Are people looked at -- does on that time is what this guy doesn't hit on. Yet but yeah -- Josh you know what we do but -- we. -- Michael's right earlier when he said we don't know you know what we don't know ascribe things to -- to a football player and told -- project on to gamble we think they're gonna feel. Based on laws that have been passed around the country. And knowing some of the places football is most popular. I think we have a pretty good idea of the way people feel in certain parts of this country about being gay just based on the rules that have been that have been passed than those in those states. I'm curious to see how people from those -- are gonna handle it and by the way Missouri is one of those areas are curious about and I think it is the story I just. -- -- hit it -- also I think you know. Josh. -- mention LV granderson earlier LV granderson works for ESPN. Commentator writer. He is he is African American and he is gay and he is he's openly openly gay talks about it. As somebody asked him yesterday you know what do you what do you make of them their freedom remake of people say it's not a big deal or I don't care. And any said in line with the position of a privilege. Not did not not to be able to carry or you say don't care about because look at it this -- there's just a story and and and I don't wanna. You know go off on a tangent here but just as an example. There was a story here recently in Massachusetts. Three weeks ago read about a three weeks a month ago -- the globe may be -- -- long ago. -- guy -- job. -- follow up on academy. Remember the story I just saw it okay get a job there he was offered a job the job offer was taken away. When he listed as his emergency contact his partner the school says. No this is not our vision our vision. Relationships. Men and women together not men in men so -- job offer was taken away that is not something you have to think about. When you are he heterosexual man or you're -- sexual woman it's just one of those that you please say you don't care that's great. I think that's great. Auto I'm not I'm not I'm not -- loving it I'm not -- but it's easy for users it's easy to say when you're in that situation and maybe and maybe we can talk with -- you know Steve Buckley had in about ten minutes. And he can give a further inside. You killed her fired and Ali I just want everybody to know Michael always bring me today he's on fire breaks in Connecticut Iowa watch. -- Radar guys. Are my my question has I I yeah I misty it is more and I listen to a lot. Mike Maloney and I -- Hear anybody bring up that issue of religion. I. Was brought up Catholic. And I pulled away to a terribly church because of their views on and on abortion and homosexuality. And I ever heard anybody say I I would I would ecology at northeastern -- Boston and go to very Catholic channel. What do you think the impact will be with key Catholic Church. -- Rick I think it's a great question is not just the Catholic church and your point is well taken. It is the it is a religious. Religious issue for a lot of people whether Catholic or not there's a lot of a lot of people in the NFL who cannot go to not that I don't there's a lot of Catholic surprise some but there's a lot of mega church baptism setter and still are religious people. In the NFL but -- and look I used to work with want -- -- Brock Huard who as you know work with for four years is deeply. Deeply religious mean it is ever delay his entire life and it probably does not believe. That doesn't believe and right -- -- believe that doesn't believe in gay marriage rights for shortly Brock and I basically couldn't top which has agreed not talked about it ever. And that worked out well fine for us we just sort of ignored the the complete difference of opinion that we had but I asked him about this and he would tell me over and over -- -- and I comply. I mean it he may not to you know he doesn't want gays to be able to marry but have a problem with a guy -- in his locker repeat complete football and and -- -- dealing with that most NFL players for the same way you think about Tony Dungy is another guy that very. Very religious deeply believed to span. And I heard a clip from him earlier with the DNC political from Tony Dungy and Bob Costas was asking him. But what would you do had a -- play I would hope that treat the players and weigh in in in care about him and lava dome but. There was an undercurrent of offer him a different view or different -- of -- in the back there would be people like that NFL who had a change -- ever heard I've heard Adam I've I was well into 21 of his conversion camps or something I mean I was getting. Was around church by higher life from my idea. Grandparent sampled my -- Both sides creatures over. Great grandfather preacher. Amount should be -- -- they have it just. So are are heard a lot of the arguments. About it some good debates about it. And it blows my mind in this one of the things that just haven't been able to. I just I just can I can't agree I can't look at the world that -- we had a caller caller earlier on the station says he's a pastor. And that he is trying to. You've seen you've seen got worked miracles and basically transform a gay person to a straight person stole a look at the world that way skipped. So it's a different it's neat it's -- fundamental but for -- pin their. Probably will be a couple of people -- NFL -- who do feel that -- who were not comfortable with it -- think that it's something to be converted -- changed or something along those -- but -- -- who don't agree with that at all. I just don't this whole idea are an NFL locker ms. ready for it ever gonna turn against this guy. Of the opposite is more true. You know Michael Sam walks in an NFL locker room okay there's one jerk. In the locker room who decides you know I'm gonna pick on this guy -- B and really go over the top be angry about right. The other 51 players on that roster and look at these two guys which one of -- which side they get to choose. If I had to bet I -- two more guys choose Michael -- side and that then the then the person is written I don't know the answer but I had to bet I bet that direction you. Out -- right they do but to lay off team dynamic he's -- teammate shop with the guy alone. If you don't like it quite a similar to ignore the guy but don't bring the stuff and Norah walker and we don't wanna try to win games so ignore it if that's got to deal unless we wanna hear it now again. Broken locker room after day. But this guy in a normal two thirds of the NFL locker rooms. I just don't things in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out against Oakland on the talk about the -- -- fee and then -- different but if the -- Steve -- interviewed Bob Kraft talked with him about this subject earlier today and of course came out a couple of years ago he will join us next salt and -- WB. They can say some very hateful things my. I mean everyone can save her -- fans and hateful things but. I don't let stuff like that distract me. Rudy Gay guys and now -- -- -- he wanted to on the -- know they got to get a body of they'd do can't be with this least in a lot Iran in the I'm out ten years later at today. As Chris -- course. Last year to -- -- the niners cornerback. -- really heard from him since he's the league I don't know. -- -- that's we stuck somewhere else they bikers may be solely to organize a much. It's certainly not doing much but I texture and he even said after he was joking and be final of the gay team. Yeah well. I don't know I think the organization came out very quickly that's the point and said okay. I look or their dollar and -- know we're not that that's -- we don't condone what he said that the point. It doesn't matter whether he means it or not doesn't matter whether or not he really feels that way or not. Either he feels either he really was joking and it would really care we had a gay teammate or the organization said shot. -- like that's -- -- course should be OK with having a gay teammate that would help us win showed up. That's sort of the point. Is San Francisco 49ers are one of the good organizations we've talked about one of the probably two thirds or more organizations in the NFL that we feel could handle something like this at the end up with somebody like -- -- being a -- they just they stop. That's not acceptable that was -- overdue he shut his mouth -- -- -- it wanna be there he goes and plays somewhere else the next year. Yeah I think but the league. There -- some surprising. There's some surprising things. Double were revealed. Now when this story came up with Michael stand -- -- -- reveal because maybe some of you knew this already but Roger Goodell for example. As an openly gay -- You know I didn't until I read LV granderson store are coming so. I think when you're in the commissioner of your league. Has a brother who -- openly gay and his predecessor. Has has the relative who's openly gay and it is it takes the. If you were looking at it as taboo for saying oh my god what is that what is that over there. I'm not short circuits what's going on May take that that this thing out of it at all. Really believe will be. A situation where Michael Sam is not draft. We're in the seventh round I think he's going to be up the board by the time we get to the seventh -- -- -- -- I do -- I think he goes probably in the fourth round some like that that I think that's worst talent and we just listening to people fourth or fifth it sounds like he's not really a third round talent that might have been reached for him and and I don't think any teams and I think they're gonna have to get him in the third round now. Different fourth fifth round talent and they that's where he goes by the Chris -- did not play this year. Towards a seals on for the 6177797937. How about Mike Stone I'm. -- -- -- All airport here. We question at what they were trying to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come on say that I use your gay pride in coming out you don't know anything you could speculated that. Much too much of general of the call you on that -- At a game in October -- an addition artful. I respect that opinion might. I would be very surprised. -- -- -- block as long as they have. He's probably listening right now I'll be very surprised if book felt that way it became all -- -- -- -- oil on -- Mike I've I've known for. -- years. And I didn't go in a lot of people in the media knew we didn't we didn't talk about it -- not like we're trying to. Call him out or force in the come out but look if it came off as disrespectful to you I respect that opinion. I'm sorry came out that way -- may -- it was a very. Casual tone I took a book not because. I'm dismissive of him I have great respect for him and great love for -- It was probably the familiarity. That you heard but it picked him up that way I'm sorry Mike but but I have but I have no I have nothing but respect for Kristi book and he knows what. Why -- -- -- pretty well it would never. But it worked out but Mike I -- I -- like -- -- about the nature of our relationship that you can say anything to -- and he's told me a lot of things. Publicly and privately so if he felt that it was -- you -- pride -- coming -- No we didn't hear about my wife and I don't know what might but it it I did my -- but like the nature of our relations. Appears to -- if he Mike if you felt it was disrespectful. He would tell me -- yeah Mike I don't know you so. I don't know what you heard and number spectacle much and try to take our respect what you heard I'm just trying to give you another. Possibility I -- in on -- -- -- I didn't buck specifically address this and talking about a glass closet adding that plenty of people knew he was gay even though he wasn't I mean Bucs had a how why did he -- alert. Speculate but are a lot of our target or Mike -- doubts that -- -- that -- rats and I that you can take his word way to series like I have I have nothing but -- -- -- -- -- respect for Steve -- he felt. If he felt like. That was disrespectful he even wait he's too much of a gentleman he says Michael. Shut up what -- after me and I think he would pass. I don't I don't know -- nearly as well you do or for as long as you do but every person having it was it's that we talk about. A text message just tuning in I'm sure assault last April's gain wisdom during today's show I'm so freaking sick of political correctness gone wild in this country. It's all political correctness. Is that people are doing today is the media gone politically correct today is today about political correctness. I get that sense there are things about political. Correctness is probably. I'll say this the if you look at the media mainstream media. If you're -- reporter. Columnist you've been. You've been exposed to so many things. In your career. You you've covered a lot of stories so I would think for the most part people sale. A lot of conservatives and the liberal media. Parked right. -- Overwhelmingly they're probably war liberals in the media. They're concerned it is medium -- torturing him no I think you know I'd -- get it right. And with these issues a Spanish radio issue a sports issue more than any president that's still true sport maybe export and a little bit more ballots in sports but I think overall on the media newspaper -- -- but I magazine which is true in terms of sports and I don't think this again what does it mean political rhetoric that I think what they're saying is. If you heard it journalist are probably. More. Flexible. More open minded about it war accepting of it. Because you're almost requires you to be that you have to be ready for anything as a journalist. And I think it probably sounds like political correctness to people or not so -- what was political correctness come off as a bad thing. Like the weren't political correctness one of those words it's been corrupted somehow and it gets thrown out there is this is asked not to Iowa. I tell you why because it's a euphemism for dishonest. OK I think people dishonest they fine you don't like dishonesty of mayfield and then minded that they feel that -- dishonest this dialogue like how could you not feel with -- I think legitimately. A lot of journalists don't now if you go to you need your average work setting not media involved no medium ball. Justin and every day work setting. I think you would have a different kind of conversation. About homosexuality. There's a lot of there -- a lot of questions that people have. There may be some misconceptions. And stereotypes agree on -- well what it means that but it still. I can't have those conversations we can't carry IMF and are always many of the color -- the fact that either -- or -- neither one -- -- Michael is dealing with those kinds of questions. That may be more enlightened also do it politically correct and that's a negative thing. I don't know I guess I equated more open mindedness and trying to not at not be a jerk to me it political correctness just turn out to be a jerk. You know what I don't appreciate being called that OK book I call you something that you don't mind. I'll try to be a jerk to me that there and all of a sudden that's that's big negative that's being dishonest how does not being a jerk to somebody being dishonest. I just don't see that political correctness protectors as equals restriction of free speech and demanding clutch -- in -- tiger. The hell out of -- that you cannot let that stop but I think whatever the hell you want. You could say almost anything you want you can't curse BK is derogatory phrases and and and dehumanize people. If that's political correctness and that's a bad thing -- fine I guess I guess I'll just have to be in the wrong side this 144 up next is funny. That this is the issue right we talked about how you know the reaction you see some of the -- that have come in and all the things that this kid is gonna have to deal with. And then go back to what we saw just the day before this what was going to be the big story the weakened market Smart. Pushing somebody said something nasty to wonder basket in the crowd at Texas Tech that's next rockaholic WB. I got her this'll last night at the Beatles show now. So there in The Beatles show us our. You miss a super -- would like -- I'm excited for Mike to command. 545 or so for answer the question. I would assume he watched guarantee -- everything how could you hate all of it first of all they have a lot of good footage of The Beatles fifty years ago when they came to America. And talking about it going over their history of there was there was. Even if you're much if any did you learn anything did you find out anything that you ignoring America I think with The Beatles other residents it has -- fifty years. There's a lot of there's a lot of documentation. Absolutely but I don't think this was trying to break ground like that -- the it was just so hard all the basics. One thing I liked is they were talking about how their their names are always said the same way it's John Paul George. But that's the way it's that it's not Paul John George or Ringo they don't mix it up it's John Paul George and Ringo and that's what The Beatles were -- those on those announcements. It's easier to remember that went through I guess it's just that it what it is right there John Paul George out of -- -- -- John Paul torturing -- they're naturally goes away mad hearing it that way her entire life so we just assume there are any regular room. No but I don't I enjoyed some of the disparities are that you saw and they they they blow your mind with there performance of no one blew my mind but the guy from ELO Jeff -- Was good sounds a lot like me could sing. Sounds a lot like The Beatles that was good zip code there but we'll that's I was gonna get to a second hole I'll get to -- and just a moment. The other guy that was really would Joseph Walsh was good along with Gary Clark junior and told us about a couple of cup replica blues guitar and a they were really good together with with that Dave Grohl drums that -- -- what they -- they must show -- -- of -- in the audience dancing like. Hundred times and it became distracting. Like it was difficult to watch desperate you're watching The Beatles I doubt there's Paul's lawyers it. Are you -- -- -- -- it's -- that I specifically. Like I don't go out of my way to -- -- can't look she helped break up the band there's clearly some level happening and maybe -- -- -- there but she certainly she was a she she -- catalyst. She helped to the process along and I've -- interviews with Paul and Ringo and I've -- those guys on the and like be extended interviews with -- things like patent. It's so she definitely played a related. And it just weird she's this negative in this negative force and theater there with their with their John Lennon glasses on and smiling and dancing if she was like really actively canceling. But governments are standing there may be dancing in place sitting in the seat it's like out of mercy hands in the air and wave it around. And it just CBS's couldn't get enough that they kept showing Yoko. And it was it was a knowing. You don't -- Yoko look at the clip of John -- his -- with such. Wine and -- there which you should. She make really she makes him kuwaitis who lose. Some with news. Like that text message everyone hates -- it's preacher -- You go to. I don't hate I'll -- you hated it don't make don't -- area I'm gonna make you hater you hitter at least the world ever and it's Yoko at least a little. If you think every ban as a selfless. Every band like the creative process may be the genius of the ban is there's a shelf like there. It sometimes lately they break up for awhile and get back together. And -- -- -- like a 78 year point. There really successful band of really talented -- you think about you had the giant sphere. Three tremendous. I don't know how much it. And I think the tell -- about this system. But got three medium cool. Tremendous. Songwriters. In one billion affairs and then get the love that he would answer that comparison. McCartney. -- It was the last 25 years I think -- never existed. Think they would -- another but maybe they're. They don't -- your last twenty more what they lasted two more what they put out one -- two more albums what do they put out what was five more years and they put up three more albums and she just eggs you know. She was a catalyst she quicken the process you exacerbated go to another -- listen deal could have been somebody else. Just just -- Oh that is you can't not -- you know go everyone hates or at least a little bit of a conversation today course has been all about Michael Sam. Who comes out yesterday in an interview with the ESPN and and trying to find somebody who can make it compelling argument. As to how this is truly going to be a problem and an NFL locker room. -- one of the one of the suggestions earlier that some of the religious people or people that have been more openly gay and locker room would be problematic. Well Matt Burke would probably be on your list of players that you would put in that category. Ramon Brendon Ayanbadejo and Chris Kluwe we first wrote their letters in support of gay marriage. There was a counterpoint I think it was on in the day shows maybe his clothes I forget which Tom. And the Minneapolis star Tribune. And the other side of it was written by Matt -- Who wrote why all the reasons why he thought. They gay marriage should not be a lot out right in the state and Minnesota now Matt -- is currently working for the NFL and he was asked to comment on this and he says this. He's totally in favor. Is -- there's a difference between trying to talk about what marriages and what my feelings are towards individuals. They're actually many people -- close to me that are -- But in the end the issue but in the -- the issue some sexuality does it really ever come into play work. I don't think so -- estimated that he played with ten to twelve teammates who were homosexual and whose orientation were known to the team and emphasize that he feels the only issue that really matters in the locker room. Is football. As a guy who is who is. Written op Ed too is actively campaigned against gay marriage played in the NFL says he had Manny -- teammates may -- even a dozen of them it was known to the team and it wasn't a big deal. I think you hit the nail on the head earlier Michael when you said stop projecting what you think is going to happen in the locker rooms. Went quite frankly a lot of it has already happened it just hasn't happened publicly and we haven't heard heads -- -- because not a big deal. Yeah except for the first some first some players that is and we heard from -- -- so Jonathan Vilma -- that clip today. Adrian Peterson. I had a had a quote last year we said I'm just not I've got some family members who are gay but I'm just not down with that that was his comment. You're Tony Dungy say I would hope. He said we have a cup of -- -- open equipped with doctor present it that I would hope I would I would treat the guys the same way but. You know may be a -- talked to them -- advise them and there's something there that you don't wanna have respect for all the -- who. I do have respect for those opinions I just I just think the conversation needs to go a little bit further. So there's a more of an understanding because to me I don't quite. I don't I don't get I don't get it. I really I admit I just I don't understand why. Two gay men. Their union affects my marriage I'm gonna do not understand among the nothing about anybody else is there. And I'm not trying to -- What you're doing your marriage. Whether it's it's successful or not. Is not by osmosis is not gonna affect primaries. So. That argument that all it undermines marriage -- -- In my opinion so does make me understand that I just I just don't. I have a hard time just process. 61777979837. Keith is in his car hiking. I don't know it doesn't. Not too much I have a little different take on this let me preface this by saying that you know -- -- or being able to play in the league if you can play -- -- -- the -- doesn't really quite -- matter and I. I think he -- on that went. You brought up when Matt -- set up well. They were aware of key players in the locker room or and it -- an epic feel to me. I think that I would look at it from a manager perspective and -- -- earlier. In a strong organization top to bottom should be issues and they you know like Belichick for an. I guess my question would be in today's world. Situation. People not agreement each other and -- taking it to the nth degree. What. Do you think -- -- story would be sure to eat. In most people's opinion not be able to play at the NFL level and get caught. You'd think it would focus aren't the ability to play all the focus that eat that he'd get. Not I think it's it's NFL look. For four or whether you are somebody like Tim Tebow. Who had a great following. You know very I it is only Italy for the college level with an iconic player college football player. But there a couple of franchises that -- now working forests. And when he got cut it wasn't that evangelicals said he's cut because it is religious views. I think it was pretty clear to most people football fans that just wasn't work for Tim Tebow a -- for Michael Sam. If he if he doesn't make it. I don't think the story will be he didn't make it because well I. He's gay we have got we have we have a -- I'm not able to do it there is there is a guide on this -- leave all the stories that have been written about Jason columns. And that we have seen any headlines saying well Jason Collins isn't in the NFL in the isn't in the NBA because he's -- I couldn't play anymore right Mike -- told me over and over -- he was near in the end. I don't know the exact reasons maybe a team didn't wanna take chance on for that and I don't know but I haven't read a whole lot of headlines -- the NBA is homophobic attitude doesn't have a job of literature you know. There there are a lot there was a lot -- -- kind of feedback with -- Like I think a lot of people say number ligament and a lot of people said he didn't make it because of his religious views. So a lot of people said he was cut by certain -- because that played a part in it and there are still a lot of people back quite frankly think that he didn't quite yet. Lob on how you know what do for none of them are on an NFL team but -- -- I like Tim Tebow and I think in the right situation but I think it's. I don't think his religious views had anything to do with being cut he. Cup from the patriots not because of its religious views but. Any party got a pretty good starting quarterback -- their back opens a pretty good baca. And he doesn't fit their system if you're gonna gonna ask in the play quarterback when they signed Tim Tebow my first thought was gonna use them somewhere else. And there's no way the patriots and asked him to -- -- play quarterback but they. Not a good platform. But his shoes would be a positive. In some NFL communities and we -- about Jacksonville. Where he's from and that -- that data store that's walking that that part of the country probably about Carolina got a pretty good quarterback Carolina but that part of a -- in the event and rumors. In the Bible so. That's not the issue the issue withdrawn a football. Lot of people think you're doing -- -- for him and I don't hold out commercials because he needed -- I don't know I'll -- commercials good -- alternate -- it'll hold your breath for too long I don't think happened to be no activity at all would have done it -- that the -- quarterback of the Broncos against the Seahawks -- -- -- -- -- stop -- six -- 77797983. Sevenths W media. Hopefully you can handle it the same way the University of Missouri analyst and I think if your head coach the thing did you go to -- do right away as call holds -- and say what were the repercussions when Michael sands addressed his team. Saying that he was it a -- football player but here again the locker room -- the bond. It always seems to bond players. But to -- A term Edwards of course. He's right. I think based on what you're hearing. Based in the fact that this didn't come out to the media any point during this year even though Sam told his teammates about it before the year began and pickles and -- idea is good for our team. It was helpful this is exactly it was it wasn't a problem nobody nobody got bent out of shape and you don't really need to do much as a coach just -- these guys handle it they're mature enough. I was just read about it Gary -- call. Was talking about how. How the story came out they used to have these team building exercises -- either his house or an assistant coach's house and that's what happened. Sam was that an assistant coach's house and told his team and in the assistant called Gary -- confident -- Michael stamped with -- just told authorities that he's getting in. Did you hear that how came out specifically it's funny he said in his in his interview his coach is just wanted to know a little bit about ourselves our majors where we're from and something that no one knows about yeah. I use that opportunity just -- double that with gay. Reaction was like I Michael Sam finally told us there are some people -- right I don't -- a caller earlier says that was disrespectful but. That to say that you know when I thought Steve Buckley said it very well they -- there's a closet and there's a glass clause. Where you think you -- in the closet but everybody can see in just don't know what. Gary Nicol said he was proud of the team for the way they handled it. And Sam told the coach quote I do not want to have any distractions where football team we've got to concentrate on football. And I'll come out and another. So. The whole team knew even in name move forward and had a terrific season. And and now we hear the story of Michael Sam well after his team is about to go to Scott was in Peabody has got. I don't think the culture of Scott. It's hampering things that real quick comic -- quick point if it kicking play the patriots need to look at our coal washing. He actually obviously can play because the windy city what is the copper -- then. June the other thing learn the playbook -- greatest quality roles and I think if you do all three of those things than I have no problem thinking I don't -- orders to be honest -- -- I wanted to do got to start. After direct I think I think most sports fans. Look at it that way and maybe they don't. There are some people who who don't care at all like you -- you got you know I don't care I can play big rush to quarterback. If he can prevent days like we saw in the AFC championship game -- Peyton Manning threw for a very cool 400 yards. And came away with a totally clean Jersey because but it was obligatory. That's fine so that people just don't care of people who don't care just don't want now. I'm like hey that's great if he plays with a patriot I need to know anything about a personal life. Gay straight by. Just get to the quarterback and that there are some people who. All right -- -- can get to the quarterback but he game I don't like. Oh I think but most sports fans but as to whether I had to go with the Scots. I got a position as to whether -- -- didn't want among your team and I think the best the best reason to want among teams that you can get great value form. If you really believe that other teams are gonna pass on him because of this right and and it's not character flaw but again you read some of these. You read some of these quotes from anonymous GMs and other people who were decision makers in the NFL whether it's from Peter King -- from Pete Hamel on on SI. And it does sound like there are going to be teams that open house are gonna be teams that let -- also great to did you get a fourth round talent in the sixth round greats. Why wouldn't you want your team to do that appear -- want that every time that's exactly what you're looking for value. But you have to think about this too. There are anonymous quotes. And that that the stated that there are people feel this way but they're anonymous quotes of people talking about the draft. People always liable for mr. now so maybe they're saying this. You know I would take a Menino have -- -- in the third round well they would pick dumpster you know it is trying to trying to muddy the field to a point -- it. If you think about this. NFL players. In every excuse -- NFL executives. Will take -- brought. I think the line. Anybody to think about something that is supposed to be the sign. And draft. Anybody. What is the most divisive thing you can think of it I guess you say if if they've gone after -- time to Lawrence Phillips on top. Is he the perfect example on the hour waiting in any way being gay with being criminal. But but deported appointed sort of derivative markets are supposed to be divisive thing brought in in some people's lives right. Lawrence Phillips. Christian Peter. Her. Now that what that perhaps my goodness what a draft situation but Michael Vick -- Not just -- -- drafted Lawrence Phillips getting a hundred chances in the Pacman Jones yeah I mean if you can play -- there's room for in the NFL and let somebody go by -- -- if Aaron Hernandez. Is able to green monster now they'll note Aaron Hernandez is if somehow they can't prove these things I -- I think its two year -- -- faster. I don't know about -- Aaron Hernandez has blocked opportunity I don't know about now and he has released at the age of 26 you know what. I don't know I do I'm with you and all the Erica hill when the idea. I don't know what they're bad illness they got to the commission is gonna have to say no you can't. He might ever commissioner doesn't say you can win the commissioner will do is to say it without saying it. Because you like I don't think the commissioner should needed to say I'm sorry you cannot bring Aaron Hernandez on your team -- need to tell them off record a -- offline now. Don't do that there will be series ever get -- as a general manager right now who is practicing in the mirror. He's paid his debt to society. He's practicing already I don't buy -- I don't buy out and having is having mock press conferences. Right now if something happens -- If he somehow. Is able to Thabeet. If there is no they have nothing on -- and I don't think some and is going to be except for except for a a weapons start now. Or two. -- -- this will be like -- Michael this'll be like OJ were even though don't they were done even -- cost or no he wasn't gonna get another job in the NFL career -- he could have had more jobs acting he was he lost balls and the Internet stuff back. Nobody was willing to it -- to be in bed so to speak with -- OJ he was once or what happened to 26 out of marketer and all those things now I don't buy I don't believe somebody would now a -- Just on Iraq back to call -- and -- WB. Little league football is -- ready Fred just yet said NFL player personnel assistant in the coming decade or two it's gonna be acceptable but at this point in time it's still a man's man's game. Call somebody a gay slur is still so commonplace. It chemically imbalanced and NFL locker room. And meeting room that's repeat -- article on SI dot com and it's one of the you -- arguments you've heard today Michael from people saying this is a a good enough reason for. Michael -- draft status the slide for him to be picked later than NFL locker rooms not ready. And an offense than NFL team doesn't wanna deal with the controversy. For the accurate consider any of that and I just don't buy I I I don't buy a I don't -- that those things -- -- never really bought it I thought that for awhile the NFL's been ready for something like this. A little surprised that as a told you earlier that it's gonna come from the draft and not from a veteran player. But now that I think about it I don't know why am surprised I don't know why. I always expected that it would be a veteran who says hey guys I know you don't watch me for eight years but by the way am gay. It's not. It's going to be key witnesses say I told my college team I'm going to be in the NFL draft me be prepared for this is what you're getting. And a team can handle the couple quick press conferences in the pre season for an inning happens more often. And I think it'll work out just fine. Is that if say if the University of Missouri can handle. NFL ticket that it realizes and to read this story that Missouri throughout the season. Had declined all interview request for Michael did not speak during the city's interest. One of his teammates are running back named -- Jozy. There's too -- mr. Missouri seven and one in the SEC -- -- most of the attention today or hear about Michael's they have and they had a great season. They've had some terrific players -- a Missouri over the years going back the days of just met who went there. -- Dean Smith was in Missouri guide to. And I think it was probably -- Smith record. That Michael slam -- Nineteen tackles for loss and eleven have sex which tied the school's single season record if he didn't have a record all -- Huntsman doesn't have a just since met -- so I'm just gets. But teammate said that. I think that helped them a lot because he was under pressure talk about declining to speak with the media that come to -- by the tidings something's on property of the courage to come out. And out to the world that he's gay he's comfortable with that during the year. He didn't announce -- I -- to cut down on distractions and focus on football that he did so that's that was at the university mr. Let's say when he's playing next -- for the New York Giants with a New England Patriots and prediction. And either Tom Coughlin or Bill Belichick says are. We don't like rookies in. You're a rookie yourselves that. You don't know anything about the National Football League. In Pakistan. You'll speak when spoken to tell you when you can talk with the media. Barbara ten minutes to talk about teammates and upgraded is you talk about learning and you've got a lot of improvement to do and being shouted down that's always going to be got a Brooke. Then that's it. Then we will we will focus on everything else will -- we always do during football season will focus on the best teams in the league. We'll focus on fantasy football and you know focused on quarterback -- -- another part of the story and that's -- team like the page it's at the giants who understands how all understand how media relations works they talked the other guys in the roster it's a just so you know. You know can be talking about this either. We're not gonna be answering questions on this either none of your gonna say anything like Chris Colbert did at the Super Bowl few years ago if you have a problem -- you're not going to say anything about it. That's -- And that's going to be the end of the conversation the media is not gonna keep sniffing around for -- is not going to be story there the players gonna get along. Fine in the locker or he's not we're not gonna know about it and my guess is if he doesn't get along the -- as we talked about earlier whoever is not get along with. Is equally as likely to be shown by the team as he has. I just don't -- I don't -- that the NFL isn't ready for it. When your guy after guy like Matt -- who by the way as we said. Campaigned against gay marriage say act like it's from the gay teammate I knew the whole team knew it and it wasn't a problem for the Tina made his -- for bad guy. Which is why didn't feel comfortable coming up but it didn't affect the team the teams survive just -- Hillary can now. Predict can anybody I mean this this focus on sports whatever you considered to be. A ground breaking event in sports or pioneering person in sports can you predict. When people are ready for work -- and you can you speculate on who's ready for and what the reaction going to be to point it just it just. Happened an excellent point just happens right. There's nothing -- what what is -- signed would you get that somebody's ready for. -- -- we need you don't know right you can just keeps saying they're not ready to do want to get three guys on one team have to all stay together in unison we're ready for -- player. How do you know what summit is out there and it's as the NFL's ready for James is in his car -- -- Yeah James -- what's up man. Hey I wouldn't act used to draft -- I don't think it's terrible that he felt that enough to work. Where the potential. -- it in a circuit. You're talking about a guy who probably best case scenario a special gamer myself that I think GM decides he -- despite. But the -- was it was considered a third to get those checks from the -- -- they're just they're just so people know. 6226. The played on the defensive line and he probably wouldn't be able to do that in your typical. NFL defense but all those some. Some defensive coordinators say fine print and make a situational pass rusher. So to speak for our own betterment of -- situation the -- a situation we can make a lot of plays in our scheme but for most teams -- right James for most teams. Yeah he's gonna have to adapt to play linebacker. OK I it was a special game I just think -- are gonna fight it very easy to appoint him. It's like summer a terrible place and we aggregate in about circuit level. And it it James and my. In my old age birthday coming up -- half weeks it would have been trying to do James -- deal on this person be more truthful person it's over I got this mission. Totally truthful with you and I honestly you're going to be truthful with -- I have never. Ever seem Michael's am played football I haven't heard that -- that hurt and it was yesterday and they're mr. And I -- everything I know bottom I've read and I've heard people talk about how about you you've seen him play. No I didn't same -- you so quite -- a team of about what it can't do what you're haven't comply. I basically an -- Albeit a major -- right -- About but the information was a whole lot -- did you not Turk is the information was as of yesterday before it came out -- use a third to fifth round pick why do you not think he's an undrafted guy who -- In our ports itself. -- but either way that's still a draft pick means. But on a lot. Well no -- be truthful but I don't think a lot of old guy to beat with it set off the record all of yet that we take out the. -- our budget that's a different conversation James LeBron James that's a different conversation. Whether or not you think other GMs will take and we can of that debate moment but you're saying you wouldn't take why would not take a not because you. Well because -- now. But people said he was talented yesterday but people say about it. People said he was counted yesterday James anonymous it is and -- first trumpet shaped arena same flourish if he's available in the sixth round why would you take -- sick he's a fourth round already on the same story. -- what do you do lightly and I must. What do you wouldn't. You wouldn't waste the six are pick on a fourth round talent that would tell it like became I don't tell him. -- mean James James. James you have said over and over and you haven't seen imply. Before we came out. He was let's say let's say fourth round out there third the fifth. Was what I saw most of what things a fourth round talent. But telling me you're telling -- Roger in front on -- and we can't -- just gonna ask your question then then then you're gonna -- can we agree for a moment that before he came out he was considered a fourth round town. For this conversation can you agree that this conversation. -- Let's say the fourth round goes by he's gone. And nothing happens he's still fifth round goes by. Still there six the round comes up. It's your pick you have nobody else ahead of them on your draft board because you thought had him as a fourth round -- You're telling me that you wouldn't then draft him in the sixth round when he was the best person available on your draft board. You created this situation that I don't believe that accurate why he just just agreed to me he was a fourth round back. -- had a double I don't disagree -- some people may have happened that I. But I am I did what. When it has you don't pick I would not that -- Now com did you don't know that you are now making this up if you are out -- OJ what are some draft pick. Don't know act clock hot dog got up. Hot dog got to stop. Not true now -- lawyers you know regular people alive every man bomb and a -- I've seen a guy play published on average same sort of that. He is undersized. 260 grounds. He had eleven and have sex. Critics say some of the -- can't get some really bad teams. He had nineteen tackles for losses at the pretty impressive 260 pounds yet how many how -- just out of curiosity what do you think all -- Smith that you -- who brought him up early in his defense -- and from his -- What do Goldsmith a lot to 7265. To six about five or your -- he's undersized like five pounds. Is that really the arguing it may well Altman's met though was special account it was more especially Ricky came out as a -- as my regular -- is why he was the first trumpet it -- a top ten panic right. We'll talk about this guy as a fourth round -- That's what happens that's what happens for guys who were little undersized and are they become fourth or -- their productive. Molly ball loves this guy right my analysis -- productive is exactly what you're looking for. All right this is what I like about them -- the guy just missed the profile we can play or not. In this is that it's interesting to me I have a lot of respect. For the SEC and if I didn't have respect for the SEC all SEC. Fans. What does wag their peers -- had shot me down until I respect the greatest -- in the country I know you are the greatest conference in the country. FTC for -- a little. Bit and got myself. -- -- Alex stepped. The best conference in the country. -- look at that. I look at what is team didn't account for a look at what he did account for and I have to say. He's pretty good if it's very rare most comical. It's rare that a guy can be the code of good declared the year in that conference MB described the scrub. Tell you what that's out of script I'm not a scrub -- -- no way this you hit it very analogous to Russell Wilson. Right same argument really like what he did out in the field really impressive. He was obviously very productive went to the rose almost won the Rose Bowl that -- with Wisconsin rotate with the out of your captain will immediately and our particular what is the problem. These are our guys -- I think he's under I served out the door Russell Wilson is a little do Russell got with a deadly deadly Russell -- a little don't take any opportunity you -- give a shout -- undersized Michael this is exactly right that's why goes in the third round instead of the first. And they both have some similar which is a great character. The fact that this kid was able to deal with whatever dealt this year. Came -- had no problems played the rule was SEC player of the year after this but let's speak to -- -- -- handled himself in the last 24 -- -- not speak to his character is -- what you're looking for out of a fourth round -- who might be a little bit undersized but finds a way to to overcome it with either his ability -- -- character. -- like exactly what you're looking like here in NFL executive. A little bit of an edge to them got -- heads. His background. Is in its. Consistent with a lot of players in the NFL who have been through something -- have been through something they've been through some adversity. And they bring that edge in that ship. To the field. Every Sunday and they never forget and I don't want to trivialize what's happening about him about somebody's sexuality and about his his family background mean he has. It got a couple of siblings. Who have very difficult lives right now both of them in jail and he's got a brother who went missing in -- and has been. I pronounced dead after looking form for a couple of years after the never got a chance to meet you need to know about -- -- guide. At a young age there's a lot going on with this young man so you wanna talk about the -- he's an underdog. He sees himself as an underdog in so if he projected as a third round pick anyone that going in the super six round. If he can play you've got a guy -- complaint. -- is bringing some nastiness to the field to six or 77797937. Go to mark what's going comment. Except. I -- that it I think it's great that Libya openly gay player in the NFL it's you know -- long overdue. But at least it's happened that side. I think you know people at -- -- doesn't talk about next week until it curls around and it's going to be the draft. And picked -- probably gonna -- this young man to New York. That's going to be when ticket -- -- -- -- up and it died at the -- it's just. But he -- and -- -- take -- -- on the gay guys how many thousands of ballot could be a lot and it's all gonna rotate around and I really all. But it is it it's invited keep declined to know anyway. And another ordinary -- epic -- that did a great market. I think he will mark as until I was thinking as you were talking is that my guess is he would declined an invitation that the -- -- -- due to go to New York is as part of the draft what are your -- you know why aren't they go to New York. Record -- really got us is that there and a green room all by yourself. That I -- are gonna be your first round pick. You sit there and not going to be second round pick it right right is that there for three days that there aren't as just have ever going to happen this week here Dan is in the car hi Dan. I -- I want to prove that I like James will never be involved at football operations. Sop basically go to it here. He's not the same side actually bigger than James Harrison are the -- -- first tee looking at a true 34 linebacker. He played in that you know besides event they're picking up in Iran to treat for the real implement in into the report concept is actually in the speed. And again you know changed -- -- -- come from Kent State. Take totally underside on traps that look ready to pick his football player ever Super Bowl. It's super forestry sort of concern but he's such papers keep that another culture without this storm besides. Under -- yet smooth over you know -- street sport position and look at -- -- adoption you get out of a Teddy Bruschi. You know some NFL you have some football experience there. Yeah -- -- now or outraged and why does not count the oil cooler -- thing I think -- that outwardly say it saves here and not have to -- put him -- report three guidelines. Well we're talking to a Steelers have that's why -- I -- like have you ever liked disk out of him he doesn't anything go to college football players being from Pittsburgh does not count. You know like it. Sort I was trying to balance it out comedian -- -- you don't and that's a terrible coughing and try to fight maybe not but still got a line ma make my. And you are like this guy's going to be art. Gonna take over the spot from from John in Cambridge and harassment you got to take over from Eric in in Maine to you're going to be our -- dealer guys you have now now have the title. -- the crown. Other official WEEI. Steelers and rest of them will have him they may show them. In -- -- and -- him either gross inequity he -- the next Sam is in his car -- -- Our comment about that guide James brought the situation the Michael stamp was available in the six round we take them. And now I don't -- As closely as some -- obviously but I try to -- looks -- and I would watch the draft in outside and he he spent the later -- -- -- in the round Wright preached creature. It would sure all of this. Dinner now I mean it's about time in my opinion that there's an openly gay player in the NFL. But if you ability extra income. He can't play for a treatment. Imagine being a fan of -- there aren't a threat of a team Sam and you say. -- team's screwed up again seventh the relatives of seventh round. In the seventh round we wasted a seventh round pick because you know we really value those sub tropics we're quite finish seventh round pick on it guy. With the SEC defensive player -- the year. Our missiles don't -- it. Always screw it up. A group -- realty. Address unknowns. And a seventh round we don't what those FEC depict the player of the year. I go to the list of them earlier who were some of the SEC defensive players of the year are you don't connect Patrick Peterson and -- You know Demeco where I -- Willis Jeff Jarvis Jones. Patrick you know those guys I noticed. -- -- -- -- You hear about all the time of the National Football League. You get a chance to maybe get one and laid around that no big deal 6177797937. Allow warrior calls plus the most aggravating -- The most aggravating. Comment I think we've heard over and over again today is that this is a non story. Steve Buckley is on this earlier and explain exactly why this is the story play that sound axle canal at W the. It is that the story execute so that it would not just when that is. That is making this up because he had nothing to talk about you know massive Super Bowl mean it's the story. Well it's an epic story -- why -- they have to announce that I'm mark early because they couldn't keep that a secret. That that's all the proof you need to know. Go read that piece and they had to move it up. In our Sunday night because they wouldn't it for a culture despite -- -- we -- -- growth within these schools that are out story. And you definitely want to be a -- like if you wanna be out front of that because if oh Q. And then -- tell ya -- you -- -- it and that. We wanna be a part of the story and and in your own and that's what happened here and get a great job. Steve Buckley all of those earlier today and that's one of the arguments we've heard today this is the story shouldn't be talking about a well. Lead story on the regular does not the sports news ESPN is. -- gone on over your shoulder Michael they've not talked to one other thing couple couple market smarts. Saw one. Each segment for like two seconds on -- means other than that this is that this is the story today. And I think box right now is it bigger because we're not talking about the Super Bowl or anything else huge today yeah maybe there's nothing else to knock it off the pedestal. But this is the big story in sports today is going to be conversations one of those things people -- opinion dated on whether they wanna admit it or not. There opinion. A lot of people wanted to I don't really care I don't really care but it turns out they do care even when they say they don't. Yeah if people ordered definitely opinionated on it and I think what we're hearing. Most people are saying I don't care. I don't care you know draft him on the team that people -- I had an I don't doubt that people feel a different way and some people. Don't want among the team. Some people have a real problem with that we're seeing. Them but we're not hearing from those are most of the textures and who. Are you have idea of the really sharp. Criticism of homosexuality. And how it undermines marriage and on and on and on but we haven't heard from many people the other story the other conversation or argument that you heard is why don't I have to know about it. While wide is this important for -- to know that this guy's gay he's trying to be self aggrandizing is putting too much attention on himself. By telling us what can be just being gay without me knowing about it and a box answer to that was perfect. Didn't -- very simple answer is that why you talking about Europe being gay the other people don't talk about it being straight when in reality they do. Michael thought argued they'd -- She's she's fantastic she thinks she's a little kid now -- Right in an area and noticed is that it was new on the radio listener Michael Ali and radio I listen to dale Gary you know. My attitude last year will Maloney has hit. Is in an and they all have quietly it's. I noticed because I'd listen to the radio. And if if you listen to any of the on your personality to any of the stations or one hour. You're going to get certain summation of both the private life. Not because they're making any bold pronouncement but because they're being conversational. Well I can't speak conversational and -- -- make the announcement first. I think that's an extremely well play. He can't be himself unless he makes the announcement. He can't show up with his boyfriend or husband or Parker or whomever he can't talk about what he did that night of the night before without first saying look to see you know a conversation may involve the fact that my partners a man and a woman. He's got a sept got to tell you first that it can -- wanna live his life normally as as he wants the deal. -- in the NFL. Who we keep guessing if if the NFL is ready for this or not. The NFL is ready more ready than someplace. And I don't know -- yeah. The rundown -- the policy of biz -- every business across America for that matter every business across Massachusetts. But when he goes to the combo. Like a lot of guys go to become. And there they are there interviews that's how it goes through its fifteen minutes. Bell rings and another fifteen minutes and they it's like cattle OK off to another station now off to the patriots off to the jets. Off to the raiders at the -- -- -- off to the 49ers. And these coaches are talking to you about who you are what's going on in your life now -- one of these guys. That was -- Mary during college. So like Vince Wilfork. Events you don't have a a longtime girlfriend not tell us about that yeah you know. My my my my girlfriend -- my wife now Bianca we've recently got married it's a it's a normal conversation. So if -- Michael -- I tell us what your life. You up in people I've ever heard this question of witness BTD be -- life. Do you have a girlfriend. How serious is -- different questions you're being asked at the NFL come behind. Most guys value. Got a girlfriend and I had been dating her for five years. You are married. If you're Michael -- NFL. You come out and you say yes I have a boyfriend. -- does that mean you're not going to be draft. In another workplace. Maybe -- maybe that's the deal breaker. The fortunate thing for him he would not the greatest college football player anybody's seen. But he's an above average football player and fortunately for him. His talent is going to be well trump everything else. Is that the case across America I mean we keep picking on the NFL we're picking on pro athlete is that the case where you work. Wherever you work is that the case. It's somebody's talent trump there their sexual preference. And Arnold someplace that does I'm guessing most places but not so much. NFL probably has more puts more of a more of an emphasis on what you're able to do one on ability than anything else right. Probably more than a lot of workplaces wherever it may be carry that guy in there really that good at what he does the firing -- kind of they just carry them. Yeah yeah you know to my covered for this guy really stinks that whatever it is you do but hey it's hard to fire on the -- in the NFL is all about merit. It probably the ultimate meritocracy right should be can't play seal -- Luke is in Portland I look. Our love your show purse on excursion to them look at comment. I can't believe you guys averaging input. Arms united Missouri played all year. Well they're on Eli I remember you wish he would -- equality and against in them. And in the bowl game that it wayward -- want to start in Oklahoma State. It would issue is short course or second or should be at the -- -- In these doctors earlier -- Michael and yet. Two plays later. He came across. About field on the. That I did want that no I sort of conundrum you know what Michael I swear to you I -- watch that because I remember the announcer saying that. I remember saying -- -- -- this guy's name and he did something couple plays later on paying close attention. Mercer I do remember that I do actually remember that that was and the other -- branch he would have been all. Didn't play in the course but keep candidate and his words -- its -- -- Well I thought -- recession worse than what we're calling error pretty good talent I mean. Well -- kind of between the kind of between -- of these NFL scouts are saying. I don't know but he you know vehemently defend the band is going to be able to play at linebacker. Housing in spades he's undersized on and on and will is -- mr. -- already gotten. Another dispute about these bad. Like the glass. Closet he got there was a guy -- -- nutty reuniting -- And want -- guys quit we all kind of knew he would get a bite. Don't ever say thing and then later on it was good -- and why did you like he. The -- just sitting there and outreach to the -- good value of memory Iowa. I turned out later on -- because -- -- -- nice -- -- actually all the big American flag on the field at all on stadium. That's exactly what it kind of just be all well -- these. I'll talk to people talk about saying that about yeah fans -- Bailey and I'd like this what do those looks any US servicemen in the eyes -- under that -- And tell them that being at Bob Bob Bob Blair requires Archie Moore. And it does argued -- yell about a member of the military. Bought an X or an excellent point to Chris Chris so I will tell how long. Were you in the know how long we in the Marines. Here so were you there when -- Don't Ask Don't Tell ended. Well not quite as Jerry don't -- don't we could not come out right over done. Not -- I don't look circuits since don't have them and that's part of that one of the one of the easy parallels here which is since Don't Ask Don't Tell ended you've had men and women who are gays serving alongside men and women who are straight and I haven't heard of any issues I don't know that they're not I don't know I haven't done. I haven't heard of any major issues. It's just like Barkley said. We enjoy seeing and show our next negate it -- a whole lot so why wouldn't be -- -- To it's and it's a great point you make and and thanks for Collins good perspective Greg tell me that report it's only the military can deal with a -- NFL locker -- camp well I. I don't think the anonymous scout this guessing. -- mr. -- compare to that. But it was just the so the the whole cliche of -- what it means to be. Tough football player. You know toughness is the immediate comment. You know making it is one thing -- in many examples of toughness than in the in the eyes of this guy out where this executive is just one thing. And for him you can't possibly be tough and gay but I do wonder that. In this and unfortunately we don't we won't know this for sure the last. On an opportunity to do another behind the scenes book. Back and look at the bodies -- information but I would like to know what the descriptions were. Of Michael stand by scouts before he came out. I now according to this guy you have to executive today you'll he's soft he's a top player. But I wonder. Before anybody no rational thought they knew it's not like they already cleaned it well they were started noticing people let it be if if you asked your your typical scalp before the senior guy sums are barely a year ago at this season. -- but this guy from Missouri number 52 what do you tell me about him. Wouldn't that. Would say he's relentless. He's our kind of guy coach I mean really get after the quarterback. Doesn't quite have a position on complained about the man in our system. But he's pretty -- he's a playmaker that what a good front office executive -- gonna -- that's got to sell anyway like if you're good about our good executive Oregon it's go to your your SEC scout and say OK look. I want you to forget everything that you've heard about this kid off the field -- who is on the field. I want a straight answer. No pun intended only who he is on the field. And then at. Worry about whether and I hear you you're you're willing to let the other stuff creep into your decision afterwards but you first need to get it clear answers to who he is on the field. -- worry about the other stuff which I don't think. I don't think that many GMs are gonna be that worried about I know I'm reading what I'm reading. I AI think you're kind of right I think that a lot of them line issue when it comes in the draft and -- it only takes one or two. It takes one GM -- -- sorry he's fourth round pick take them for somebody else to seal it let's go with the rescue and be happy Chris is in the car. Cars. Out on top a Chris. They are not about Don't Ask Don't Tell I'm currently military and our navy submariner rear gate and our -- and it nonissue there -- Thank you please tell me about the -- about Sam. You don't think -- right. All I don't. It's a good quote he demanded we're here to make a -- and it has been pretty. I didn't look at the latter being part of it I'm gonna write it I'm sure they're not we know what would you report. -- -- -- Bowl. And now you look at my my guy cloudy. Plays an SEC each bring -- If he would play if he had been focused and here are three apps are left crowned by the way but. -- -- -- Allies by far Clooney is. He is the best player which is why he's gonna go in the top five in the -- the kid's gonna go -- -- -- which is why should go one breath -- if you just go based on awards in. Go on talent level -- should've been. Right now but you've got to admit it had always -- about it would get to admit the clown is not a great season around right. -- -- are you got to admit -- this died. This without a great season for -- Now -- a lot of that would hinder you certainly don't make it big and very good I broke one count north -- overcrowding problem and even in high school. He was -- -- would -- everything and he wants. I can never ever do the best player -- a doctor from the Texas that take them I take what we mean no question. Six who served before and I know it's not just about the -- that -- 44. 2076 thousands of freak. Text message -- one on one of those jobs it's hard to get fired from the I don't go to get out those at least according to what you read Jonathan apparently hired gun. John hello. Hey up and done it are just -- Peace or. Mike was. Obese or you doubt it -- here -- my exam. You know -- brokered. Our peace or he'd check -- now to a team. We didn't hear it in the bottom and it can now and is actually C player of the year. Maybe it makes it mark consulate come out. Yeah did you -- don't know I don't -- kind of player he was before this year I don't know. Two point I don't it I wondered but I wouldn't I mean I wouldn't hurt I mean I wouldn't hurt whether he had a couple of good years or not I don't know whether he just had one the year whether or not he's been good for few. It's got under in Hartford request -- I pick -- out -- that it got a quick question up. I agree that he had that say something to get it out there and so what are compiled by pick up your computer earlier and you -- but my question it. Do you feel as though he attitude good kind of spectacle brawn James sort all of decision -- dating EXP. Yeah he had been noted that he be getting all day all week. The tightening on Monday that it got really -- he had just like a letter. All the Jeanne good got something to where we -- an article about it don't sit down one I want. Me and every single ball. Maybe but I think but I think you want to get his story I don't know I don't know probably him wanting to get a story well. I think you wanted to tension I think he wanted attention but I don't know -- planted they had the Olympics are going on right now. And this is a slow news day so maybe -- announced it on Sunday and will be talking about it on Monday. It was after the season was after the Senior Bowl it's before the come by and I think there's no question he wants a lot of people know about it right. So it won't have to be so we won't have to deal with this. What when he goes to come -- and. And that may be his biggest -- -- -- -- one thing with a front office executive -- saying you know what this kind of it was a problem from anti table for the common. That unfortunately for him he was seemed exhausted from dealing with -- all this stuff. They got to that he was deal with last year that he got the combined -- didn't perform all that well and maybe that'll happen for Sam he's got the bright to control. The end of having a good come on runs well -- well whatever. Nobody ever think about the fact that he came up for the com lines up on him. And I it up part of it doesn't bother me now I mean I think he's raising the winners of this issue and saying here's what's happened move on well I don't fundraiser in the awareness of the issue. I mean he is but I don't that's his intention. Chris Connelly I think my littlest what -- not ludicrous Connolly. Chris Connelly who. Did the interview with with Michael's him -- all the views on all of us. And it Connolly was saying -- wants to play football -- championships. It is not like. These people are gonna try to make him somebody -- was that more. Well I honestly do the interview with the SPN -- I mean that the caller as a point America's sports patriarch but but you don't you could that you could have done what the caller suggested which -- Just write and email in or write an article write a letter to all -- 32 teams -- to a media group is okay this is -- -- and answer any questions but I'm game anybody and I thought he wanted to controlling what the mess that nobody wanted control so it's not like. What what I'm saying is. It doesn't sound like he's trying to be. Somebody that everybody's trying to make him. He got a text from our or tweet from the First Lady today president took. Her from all these people like it's very courageous and I'm sure it's a relief to him. But it's not like he has -- he's on a mission. To prove something beyond. Me. I'm like I can play football he heard from the president the First Lady in -- -- -- all the knowledge can you imagine how exciting this must've been for young Michael Sam. Answer the question is next we need your questions what he got 379837. No it doesn't have to be on the subject can be on anything anything in the world. Any question you got and plus I really want talk to Mikey about The Beatles last night that's coming up -- and WE.

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