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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Fan Confrontation Edition - 2/10/14

Feb 10, 2014|

We tackle four topics today centered around athletes confronting and fighting fans in the stands.

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And now our silicon -- swollen already roller board or the -- Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we've solved it finally -- on Sports Radio W GE. -- do agree about. I -- -- will go here. What mama -- push you out your play this because LL cool. Now -- not. Develop markets far from a -- go right L coaches not shivered. Kind of an awkward it. If things -- little awkward or -- it was good some of it it was good DVR. I would definitely wrecked him if you DVR it perfect passport -- what you didn't like. Turned out to its like two and a half hours to see. Paul Ringo at the end -- together. A nice there's good there's some good covers and there are some less good -- they've had so many people. Over the years to cover their work. Quarter statement moved lies this appointment if -- they seem to be they did genuinely -- I will sit face both guys seem to generally enjoy it didn't seem to be a lot of warmth between them. Between Paul Ringo wasn't like god I'm so happy to see where The Beatles -- so good. It didn't seem like that it seemed more like full force like OK we're here and useful thing -- art art bonus work for questions. Hamas -- Nike Adams -- the whole thing got art and hit a veritable discussing The Beatles fanatic as you probably. How many -- most music it occurred after lot of immediate family they really honored them well -- good stories about that moment 1960 for the told them what they some of that set designers. And people were there ideas over the theater. So that they were so many girls people trying to get in they found three girls. In the air conditioning -- -- literally pulling girls out of the air conditioning and sort of desperate to get in there. Can see those guys that know what the camera guys but you're couldn't hear any of the directions to their headphones were kind of yet now that block out the sound that good here damn thing if you just screaming. Purple -- -- your -- on the court bonus for for questions what is the best. Beatles cover of this Beatles cover -- very simple mr. rich girls yes that's good for you play enough for me today. -- Kind of partial to harassment that would come together. You're about -- when a fire got -- -- my life. If he also did down -- Nelson do helter skelter. Eric Harris and get a whole bunch of -- -- with some of the -- no one ever does one of my favorite beatle songs and it never gets mentioned it's kind of like -- a little offbeat but it was a number one hit. Is paperback rights. No whatever -- is a sort of like random stray arrows -- I don't think you know nobody should also allows somebody should -- I had -- I would do I would do a great version of paperback right. Well actually after they -- let's go let's go with you what was your rants about. -- put ourselves. Correct answers Stevie Wonder if we can work it out to get that last night -- get better for bad brings day trip for me you know that it's really bad brains that. OK Joe Cocker she came to the government has good deals that does the conversion of due to help Cisco. I was moniker. If you and I am not -- you're right Fiona Apple prosecutors. Yeah you put up for May never heard that before that was good. Elvis was a great version of someplace. I -- Richie Havens here comes this under the sort of -- Simone I -- -- -- have somebody duplicates. Or even a jazz version. But Michelle which of this I love that's simple but great. -- ailing parent can do that. -- -- -- Today's -- four is all about markets Smart and the bush. Push that is now known around the world market. Aren't push drugs from a gunshot markets Smart -- to Texas Tech and Jeff or. After the apparently called Smart equal piece of Smart has been suspended for three games servers action is -- suspension too little too much were just right I think it's about right I think if -- -- -- beyond this I think they were they would have been coming down too -- -- -- -- -- not entirely -- -- -- -- -- -- -- into the -- but -- think they should be subjected -- some of the things they're subjected to. And to and to do nothing at all well. You -- send the message that's not really what you want. This is not one of those things that bothers -- Mike I know I tried not. To start moralizing about athletes pushing -- or any of that stuff. When I spent my entire child of laughing hysterically every time. I watched -- beat the crap out of the Rangers and the guys don't feel I laugh every time I see. And because of it I try not to get too upset about other hand -- counters that and with a map we push now. Apple didn't believe I am ElBaradei there to -- McNabb -- all of -- back on advertising that's going up for -- nobody. About seven or -- all stock. Overseas there's got to -- a shooting at them over and over. But if you don't put your own issue that a rule for fight that stupid I don't let somebody hit you with your own issue public -- just got -- -- arms on this the suspension for markets Smart. Is just about right for the act the act of pushing -- -- that's right I wanted to know some more information -- I wanted no war no one could be a little more public. About. What he heard. He said he was called -- work. Then we didn't hear anything. After that then he apologized. To the fan. And that's kind of gone to the wayside what happened in the heat did hear it all that he may -- why did he make it up I mean I think that's. As some dynamic that pretty. With a pretty low thing to do. And it it is bad for him and it's bad for the -- and bad for him because there -- legitimate. Racial discrimination going on there's the legitimate hatred happening. And for him to throw it on somebody. But this kind of -- -- -- for the -- it seems like a pretty good candidate ultimately -- -- -- history if you can't you do -- -- I think you're -- about it very I think KK from the life you can't you can be an -- hole you can be a loser -- still not be a racist. So yeah if he may be a joke. But because auto races is something that if you didn't say that is -- I created. -- Mister Carmichael the malice at the palace featured runner status and Stephen Jackson going into the stands to fight fans Jermaine O'Neal punched a fan who ran onto the court. Offered players went on to have successful post malice careers. The mouse was started when a -- for a cup of beer at our -- who's trying to get away from Ben Wallace. Our fans too close to the action. In basketball. -- No fans are too close governor when that when the malice the palace happened. People said it's gonna go back to the old days when he called. Basketball players teenagers because it was actually he each around the via the court combat. What happened the malice the palace that stand by the eleven it was ten years ago. Eleven to eleven or ten years ago I remember to root them out yet it's like 20032000. Or somewhere around what happened in that situation is that crazy -- crazy. Ron Artest -- Somebody -- in the stands to guard started. People crazy to -- did you get a record. Okay Eddie you know those guys their eyes locked. It was like. It's like our romantic scene they get locked. Into their craziness just exploded. He has nothing to do we have. Being too close to that stands and we got to change this rule change that role -- to keep crazy people away from them that's what that's what can be. Stephen Jackson might be the crazies to dialogue is not crazier than our test. But Stephen Jackson gets away and nobody talks about in the about he's not there -- his comments a few years ago when he was the captain of the warriors in the city in what the job anymore. Is -- ought to be capped at. Already tablet because all happened does go out to the beginning to get better in the middle of the -- to be getting. And talk to the -- I don't wanna do that don't wanna do that or like or is wrong with -- -- -- that really what you think captain does the easy answers now that's part of what the makes the NBA the NBA. Have the fans close to the acting on top of it that closely knit environment is. Part of the relevant but I also think these guys who go to especially college games I -- I -- not under the illusion that these are you know. Fifteen year old kids that need to be treated with kid gloves they are for all intents and purposes minor league athletes playing big time division one basketball so I don't believe in the -- coddling them and they shouldn't have to hear anything but you are kind of -- it. If you get your your rocks off going and sitting in the second roll of the college basketball game and screaming obscenities. You really are -- loser -- entertainment now to discuss still it's. He's not enough in a pro market is still that you -- the same thing at a pro market their brotherhood there are approaching he still loser. Your loser he did that a pro mark you're a loser if you just sit there and all you do -- scream obscenities really nasty thing people Bratton NL there's a lot about him they are always there are -- Saturday what they do it's it's entertainment for them in the so expect. They don't expect any kind of literally -- and if push back he forgot that's where that he sure got at this time three. As he has product earlier fighting in the stands isn't limited to basketball on December 23 1979000. Square garden. Terry O'Reilly famously went into the stands to -- a man. Followed in speed and with the shadow. -- and it was worse the Bruins going into the stands at the malice at the. Ellis. I don't think either of them I know what they're -- don't think you know that without that I laugh every time I watch either one of them I love it yes I laughed. I laugh every time. What really happened what what huge danger does this happen all the time if -- -- hadn't happened all the talking Brit -- but the problem. But that's different that different what don't bother me at all offered hasn't happened is one question the other thing of how bad when you look at -- -- and all the time I would be upset if I'm like OK we should probably curb this but. No I laugh when I see the -- everything I don't really get too bent out of shape I don't think it's. Horrifying watching our test and elaborate with the other crazy gather you're just mentioning these things happen every once in awhile I don't know why would be any more horrified by that. Then by watching a base brawl which by the way I like watching also now. If players were credits orally just walking into the stands for no reason. And beating up beating up fans would probably have an issue ideal I think that was weird -- on what -- a guy throws a beer we're on our test and he goes after room. OK but that is sure about it no don't I Europe -- if you don't have been out of shape about it because you not think about it from the perspective of the -- okay maybe should. No I don't -- but it's just that they don't get it in the fans around. If you see. Any hockey -- so you think about hockey situation -- you might know a hockey player. Going into this museum coming into this -- it. Not that you see in hockey player coming into your your section bright and maybe. Maybe he knows exactly who will be a permanent rhetoric maybe everybody coming it's here now average about what to do it MI NN. -- -- Jermaine O'Neal. Six elevenths yeah torn apart at a fifth Ron Artest. Who -- 67. And built like a statue. Coming after you it's frightening that the -- thing it's not frightening terror how. An audio got to put myself in a position for a throw a beer and a professional basketball player in the stuff to happen all the time and thankfully it doesn't but really and ball and not much else. Well and we've gone over to the most known incidents of -- fan interaction at sporting events and miles of the pals -- the Bruins going into the stands so what is the scariest moment. Of reimburse athlete on the playing surface. I would say marriage is not. -- that point or if it's not if the classic band verses aptly put it was a very scary situation to me it's still the line. The Monica Seles. Oh yeah. Monica Seles that was to -- that -- to Jim hey. That's the one where you look at it and you do it years. Eight if you count your blessings because there's so many situations. Where friends are around the court and all it takes is just one knucklehead. To do something like that is you know there's screening. Going into the games but the screenings are not stringent until something. Statute that it. Opera with a back. It was -- shoulder neck area at a premiere of the most frightening yep probably followed by William -- junior -- not. What a player that they -- it was an umpire but in this on going after that umpire Chicago. -- issues of impact Tom Campbell. I'm here and that's an important as the coach for space -- -- it happens right after that Wright was an umpire act soon after that. Another baseball game the other umpire was attacked we write Tom and vote for me thank my politics in any event baskets. Yeah a lot of pride in Texas supreme a lot of situations here. Yeah to preempt that advocate the royals coach a good player of bull fighting. The -- open -- fighting. Tie Domi. Number that would -- you got balls in the penalty box on the disaster yeah I think I fun and entertaining. -- matter Chatham I was looking kind of threat that. If I don't tell you watch -- still has the best line when my favorite lines ever right after that. They asked him around the symbols and -- What you do like how did you how did you think so quickly is that not that legacy of his agreement and the Bill Belichick defense watch film America. It's so -- what -- got the save -- and my mistake it was at the same Super Bowl as the the million little table at a Maryland show absolutely.

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