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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 2/10/14

Feb 10, 2014|

Salk and Holley set the table for the day in sports with three guests on three big topics... today featuring Scott Lauber of the Herald, Paul Flannery of SBNation and Pete Thamel of SI.com

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A look at all the big stories in Boston sports -- those on the inside. How these. Boston blitz. On Sports Radio WG. Carmichael it's official. Richie -- Nita has weighed in. OEM Woody's. Much respect. Breaux takes guts to do what you did I wish you nothing but the best -- -- respect. Comes Richie -- tweeting directly to add -- I -- -- a good job retreat. A lot more on this the story and more coming up right now in the -- always brought to by AT&T we begin with Pete -- of Sports Illustrated and this story -- is a must read. Title how all the news that Michael Sam is gay affect his NFL draft stock compete you spoke to all kinds personnel people in the NFL the quote that stuck out to me. Is the idea that this distilling man's man's game -- -- put some of these quotes in the context of these conversations like. -- shirt and you know first of all I'd still want that that this story was written experiment from our football prism -- In -- what it was introduced draft and I don't want it to minimize an -- lead the the importance of what Michael sent mr. exit seminal moment sports. Huge moment in culture and out and report back into some of the nitty gritty and some of sort of fortunate cultural barriers cities -- states and the acceleration these executives -- he's gonna say it's. -- wanted to get that notion that that notion across both of these. That the people I spoke with my college there and spoke with her coach GM you know their personnel executive sites like our college sports city of people like. Talk to one of so -- frequent basis just you know and yes. About players and our teams and about what will foreseeing hearing and now. It was. It was it was fairly unique and a much among them and it went in and machines can be fairly unanimous then. Seeing him coming -- is going to -- perhaps. And in and there are certain patient. Some quotes there are opening. The culture of NFL locker rooms and that that -- that they be unwilling to ship. -- president. If Pete you said you could you cover college sports I'm wondering if Michael Sam stood out to you as you were covering. A Missouri game or it could have been Missouri and somebody else and you went to look at another player and and number 52. Jump off the field see anything standout in memory before this big announcement. I did not human or in person negotiations are. Let us it was empty -- and the year so when you you know -- achieve the best league in you know electing senate seat that -- clarity here in the capital and it. He was the most -- -- it is. Defensive player in the that's lead in college all eleven perhaps acts -- nineteen but tackles for losses. You lose today you know -- -- it addiction friendly productive. College player. As we know you know you guys are -- were to draft -- -- him you know and in the months leading up to it. I get ready approach comic Austin Powers college production does not always. Equate NFL star. You know which it so it's it's an -- -- NATO equation. And from out for a pure football perspective there are questions about Michael's -- He was he was undersized defensive end college purchase all the play that position in the NFL. He did not show well trying to play -- outside linebacker type position at the Senior Bowl. You know we've had we had these that the median of the scouts we talked -- out of the ground it ships round which when you're when you're in the match in your cap that leaves very much crap. -- we appreciate it great story today and SI dot com go read it we'll talk to suit. Our peak now or go to Scott lover of the Boston Herald five come on Twitter at Scott blogger LA UB ER Scott. -- try any time and the Red Sox are going and there's still some questions about Stephen Drew what's the latest -- Well it's sort of signs and the market look like it's still very much. You know. Limited for him -- have been -- continue to be linked to in the Red Sox it was well either team willing to keep in a long term. Who -- your contract that he is looking or so. With the draft pick that -- to limp and the fact that after the current a lot of teams beside him. I would still think that he's still very much in the in the picture for the Red Sox. And he could help them by providing stability on the very inexperienced left side of the infield. Red Sox win the World Series last year they the prohibitive favorites in at least in the AL east during the American League or in the entire league heading into this regular season. I don't know I mean I think that you know the Detroit Tigers certainly looked good on paper as they always do I think the Red Sox are contender for -- Speak to return the bulk of thirteen from last year. But without Jacoby Ellsbury they don't look quite as as he or quite as threatening and again there are some issues there that -- -- worry much about a year ago. I would say that they're probably the prohibitive favorite in the AL east. But again it's that it's division that's that's gotten a lot closer with the things the -- -- the galleries always dangerous to their pitching. So I would say they're maybe this paper near -- -- just based on last year I don't think that they are as clear cut favorites I don't well there it's clear cut favorite right you know in the AL. Freedom of the Boston Herald app Scott Glover on Twitter thanks Scott. Sure there are Celtics talk with Paul Flannery as being nation rumors certain float around today Paul the Brandon Bass has drawn interest from other teams. Who are they what could bring him -- fetch the Celtics. That kind of got past that makes sense for a lot of teams because -- -- short deal. And occupier he can apply it seems you know I think Phoenix is looking for help I think Golden State is looking for help. Of what he can bring back when you're really hoping for with the Celtics is your your future and it just kind of try to save money you try to they've they've -- I don't know if you can get picked a good pick you might do to get back around acrobats. That's sort of the market where a player like that is that if you're if you're giving away a guy who's got a year left on this deal you know you're hoping for some cap relief. Couple times this year Paul Jeff Greene's name is also come up and trade scenarios trade possibilities. What's the likelihood of green ending this season with the Celtics. That's that's religiously will Michael I you know I think if you're talking about Jeff Green and that they are they would be looking to get something back. But the first round something along the -- And I'm not sure there's a lot teams that are willing to give up the first round pick for Jeff Green but if there are. That's a diabetic you can deal and you get to that that's -- that would be really nice feather and he just kept. Are becoming a regular here in the -- Paul Flannery he's on Twitter at -- lands PF AL PF LA and and as like intolerant the second time thanks ball toxin. Artists are the guys Paul Flannery and that is the blitz brought you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible. Our biggest story of the day course is Michael Sam coming out yesterday. On his interview with the ESPN. All the reaction including this idea this is gonna be a distraction. The NFL team just can't handle this distraction that would actually European of a team whether you have no problem -- anybody coming out are not yet you think. It would hurt your team they were to draft Michael -- is a distraction real snacks alcoholic WE.

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