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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/10/14

Feb 10, 2014|

Monday's suck, NEXT QUESTION!

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It's time for questions. Question what's. The big question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- im so glad you're here to wait to see Houston's last night waiting to talk to you since that watched on DVR thankfully things of harmful and it was glued what did you think well I think there was you saw Urban Meyer. -- Urban Meyer. The -- was there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're trying to make is excited for the figuring the mix reunions I am excited. Like. Extra pills and I don't even know there was another person in the arrangements I just thought it was Annie -- and there was another person it's obvious you don't care about -- personally guacamole it would be right to your room is guys that do this of course is why it reflects -- good fine big dogs on that last night. It was their first union for some last. Wasn't good and you saw that woman she's so we know one reunite with that. Speaking of which what do you think -- you all the shots of Yoko Yoko you know the Japanese beetle. She's unbelievable she's the shoe and use carries she broke up the page and all this stuff she's out. She should be just let his addiction you know frequently it was router so that's what she -- -- -- -- marketers anything else. -- Primal screaming. Looked -- all that's the stuff John Lennon Robbie had in his career and from a hot chicks and an even rejected. In his career you it's obvious he was addicted or otherwise -- to go back over and over anything you want it. You'll agree that if you like to Google's -- that sort of forced in her behalf. Trust me but she's not even the things she -- this kind of thing you know part of The Beatles. Well Donna they're glad they were different -- There is no they get a break the other time clearly wanted to look more liberated big images she was just one another insular probably what -- been two more albums without her. Really it's. -- -- -- feel like dancing out of it's 'cause she's an eighty year old three -- is -- that she's a freak in moderation. It's got to be -- it's. John let 174 this year its usual there's. It's the question is brought to buy heiress restoration specialists of your property your facility manager and go to the cold weather disaster plan in place being prepared contact heiress and 877461. Level -- could -- -- -- Dot com -- about paternity won't move. Speaking of where it should practice against that it was even more than it should be admired right. Couple of Beatles questions. Augusta has some skills Renault are Paul and Ringo still friends or did they make it last pretty forced. Well I don't think they hang out you know but they -- hates Ringo. Ringo is one of those PP's campaign -- companies harmless. -- -- his music with the in Georgia closed the ring nose to our all stars or whatever so resolutely alliance hey you know what that I just. I nobody's sevens -- or right but here's the thing I saw them alive and AMP DC Peter Frampton last night. Hello playing guitar and the white haired guy playing guitar did see -- that actually be different cryptic he's going -- realize that -- -- to target the heat goes around Ringo played. Ice ring of the all star -- Boston. And they -- the the keyboard player broke there from Jack -- from cream played -- they have a drummer from bad company they Peter -- play guitar was a damn good show as much as he can't CNET cut. -- -- -- yellow submarine but I like to open differently people. It was I enjoyed what is your favorite beatle they heard -- your favorite -- what is your favorite Beatles. -- we can't do -- -- ovitz and it was Sony can't do that a bit about the top though that really it is. McCartney McCartney. It raised up as genius. See it's a two of them together Linda McCartney written songs that you got to use it to America half -- -- have to do it noted they go to the other current players the fifth field. Pete Best he been as -- Very -- show. Me and care of -- -- it is argued that we're sure goma and. Michael this is for usage in Iran and -- when you can legally honeymoon this year. This year you're going on a honeymoon. I have Michael the question we're general outlook Michael there'll never won only -- now open to things you -- go on a honeymoon in a wood to your wife. -- That's usually aren't aware of the -- -- -- place you're closer to the Caribbean have been a wonder why -- -- I've been. How about Jack what's there Jacksonville Florida because that -- after I. Have so much to do Aruba. The and ask us. Yeah it's time it's. We know that we go this year you called me at 9 o'clock until this story to a tenth of a call from Jackson -- You go your honeymoon we call your honeymoon like tell everybody that your honeymooners you -- for years and he Tallahassee better. But the Secretary General last subject which was that Alabama coast was there all in all the beautiful. Scores. Would you use that dual toilets setting scene in -- Gotta go you gotta go all right what are your heart and that's whether -- not gonna use that they would alternate well. Co -- guys seem empty box of Chinese restaurant. If your doctor. About it about it now. And it was accidentally getting special ducks are supported the so it's Michael weapons. What are you speaking of which what do you do when -- at a meeting were you sneeze. You'll snot dangling and he knows the -- art is -- to sneeze guard people hoping sneeze in your rooms people now. Mean holders sneezes and just don't let an article that lifeline port at at our industry is different. If what you that happens. -- up you'll be right after room. What. -- can't do its part a lot of it's that you really this not all of it once and they first get the broadcasting you know you stand W standby. -- -- Stand for -- might. If you're not a woman -- -- and something. Never I don't do that if you can't internalize. Sneeze I would go hurt yourself. Final question today I was listening to the radio. And that's it I LB said he puts deodorant downstairs. -- I've seen this you put any deodorant downstairs it's called empire empire it's for fumbles. Available Wal-Mart and a -- -- to answer your question now you know why -- deodorant doesn't appear worried about -- you know -- some other. -- you Hitler's idea. Well maybe the -- water. That's gross. Mark. Medium and powdered baby powder will do two things -- -- -- -- didn't write about deodorant -- it was -- little arguments. Maybe it appears to side with the beast. That I use them that probably he's the mental. But it -- this is just. Shot or every eagle on has -- it easier towards its. Strong which shot just sent water -- it's going to be enough sometimes it's not -- -- -- are we can all be so quickly -- you -- shower twice. Showered twice of the date only does the world our politics for show. While fifteen -- to. Prepare my time in the shower door there and you need to know about that will be back tomorrow or classic in order back tomorrow at 2 o'clock Mike Adams coming up next. We'll talk to guys and -- Available at Wal-Mart.

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