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OK State Guard Marcus Smart Shoves Fan

Feb 10, 2014|

Mut and Lou discuss Saturday night's incident between Marcus Smart and a fan, Jeffrey Orr. Yes, Smart needs to keep his cool, but is Orr blameless?

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Into the crowded. And those that get up. As far as I apologize to the fans. Whose name is Jeff for a one apologized to him. You know I don't apologize to my teammates my coaches staff course force. My family Oklahoma State University. This is not how -- -- myself. This is not a program zionist I was raised I -- My emotions get the best of me. You know you just can't let that happen again is something our apple are from a -- to learn from. The consequences that are coming would be you know take full responsibility. No figures point this is all upon me and you know I just wanna say truly apologize. So those that are very important to me so like I let my teammates down. That's what I'll be talking a lot more about today Marcus -- suspended three games over the weekend for pushing. Eight Texas Tech fan -- we now know is named Jeff or not -- ID 37 WEEI. I never met Jeff for. And oil and his family. -- army -- for but I feel safe and say the following Jeff four is a loser. He's a fifty year old man yelling any college basketball player. This is a middle aged dude. Who sits courtside. Is a super fan travels from Wakefield told public in Texas. To watch his team play. Yells at players when that guy is a loser I'm sorry this this idea. That market Smart is completely to blame. What happened over the weekend and some of the immediate reaction to it that yes salted. -- salt that is the word I heard a fan for yelling at him is an absolute joke and I have as much of a problem with Jeff or. As I do Marcus -- -- went down -- You know how it happened near salt that he fan I was expecting. A push -- shove it to jump on them drawn down a -- get on whatever previous swing. But a push now mark is mark deserves to be suspend. The three games are doing is no question about -- you have to put an end to something like that you can't allow that to happen -- let everybody know that. You know no matter what goes on you know the fans yelling screaming you you can react. You know your calls play -- good professional about. -- -- with that said it's it's yeah look -- this guy Jeff four and Buick simulates says peace crap. Now that's what he said to Marcus I'm not gonna he's -- -- loser for the record he called market Smart -- at peace across while frank from Gloucester via voting Jeff for. We really know what was said I guess I'll take the -- tickets words yeah for well -- we going -- -- I I have to believe that that's exactly what he said because market Smart apologize in it in markets Smart. Really believed in his heart of -- and it was something racial that was said to win. And apologized the way that he did right he would of come out dead at the Ford. -- Travis Ford won the set I don't wanna get into that. -- is pretty Clarke Moore a market -- made a aches and mistake you make -- mistakes he pushed a fan which you can't do -- made up the fact it was a racial -- afterwards. I think critical piece got doesn't change any -- for the loser. No I am I agree with -- I mean listen we're all you know college sports Providence I go to the games and you know you yell and scream at the other guys and a team. Now it's a year and a student section -- nineteen years old how old glory years all yet exactly -- fifty years old behind a little yelling at a -- it. Now the only reason why don't have because he bought a ticket. You think you would it said that the market Smart he would have been always scream therapy to some industry some water restaurant. -- but because he's in that venue he has the right because he bought a ticket to say whatever the hell he wants which I don't necessarily agree with but that's okay. The right the guys a loser is fifty years old. You know him at his little light for their Sydney airport and whatever the product they're 208 hour ride well they stayed in -- hotel that night they got together but their Texas Tech alumni. And at some point at the Bragg and all night long India markets mark the push him. Somebody broke out at a Texas Tech fight song to put their drinks down the stood at attention. They put their hands -- year for Texas -- and saying to fight -- -- tool boxes right fifty years -- You're gonna go to a game you -- yell at some 1818 year old kid. But you're somebody that you would never say item -- off out of that venue. I salute. Boy it's offensive of Jeff -- on the eighteenth -- Tex lines amazing but he's a paid for -- can say we want your right. Keep -- a lot of money to Texas -- he's a big supporter of their team I guess a lot of booster dollars each year you're right techsters he's a lot of say whatever -- wants. A lot of call the loser. And fifty years old to stop yelling at college athletes. You should grow up past that point -- right and -- being fully honest here today at the show should be about. There are things they said it eighteen and nineteen specifically to comment to Tom Izzo. And Mateen cleaves and members of the Michigan State basketball team in stores Connecticut that I am ashamed of I was eighteen or nineteen. You grow up past that you recognize boy. In the student section there -- example -- billion is -- different that being fifty years old and recognizing what you're doing is a clown fish act. I admit I've been there done that but I hope to god. That when I get to be that age fifty. I ever rages outside of that college and you go to real world every job and you recognize our responsibility is to separate them clarity in your life. His doctor cross all like I'm gonna yell at college athletes anymore. You know I don't pay a lot of money to go see their games. Up bothers the hell economy. Seeing what -- board did. -- exactly played out it's not the first time Jeff Ford's on this. Go look at what Jeff -- dedicating game where Texas Tech played Texas saying damn right before halftime they Texas and a player dunks the ball. Jeff or stairs the player now and sticks his tongue out. Any college athletes. Sticks his tongue out like Mason probably dies what he's trying to follow what you had not stepped their homes than NNN -- exit dog out. Guys are pretty. He's fifty freaking years all. And he says -- good job makes enough money were in trouble for wait go to Lubbock you watched these games and what's he doing. He's mean mugging college athletes in stick in their hung out he is -- loser I'd do this and if you pay your battle. And you literally college game and you're yelling at college athletes when -- all of the stand -- they're making a very athletic play. That you're a loser too. Sorry. Look in the mirror I disagree -- -- but it the -- obviously. Both guys -- fall. There's no question it's just -- want an eighteen year old kid who has most get better of them and hopefully in the jurors in life easily bored what would give great career and MBA in learns from it. The other one is already beyond all that it was fifty. I mean fifty years old and you get over it dude grow up I mean you got to be kidding me. I look at age and say -- wanted reactivation of Marcus Smart guilty shouldn't have done what he'd done. And hopefully learn from it because it could escalate -- doors next time. But I as some -- look at the adult. It's just that he got to be kidney. And again I just envision is that Texas Tech alumni richest sickle Kim may register. Just. Grow up. Who was works well if you're at -- that. In my opinion Jeff or is worse the market I agree. I feel worse about Jeff for today that you market Smart if I'm -- eighteen. This would not affect my draft. Spot my lottery position a market Smart in one iota not one -- This guy always yelled at by a fan. He'd pushed -- -- -- ID assault at a -- comical. Pushed him. Eight it would a lot of us would've done -- eighteen or nineteen you're playing your grass -- -- about to lose stuff on the road. The Texas Tech you fall into the crowd at some guy says -- Europe piece of expletive. He gets. Something in and sit there -- six hours the game at the joke. Texas has fans -- to be Nate on Twitter says fans feel they have the right to say anything which is ignorance he called Crawford it's -- in the atmosphere games. Lockett was and what about to let stayed -- Fenway Park. Apple's feel differently because at least in those cases. Those athletes are getting paid. If you're on the field at Fenway your -- and a touchdown at Gillette -- a pretty good paycheck you let your your your deal was some stuff. And there was some drunk and rowdy fans when your -- -- wrote a Major League Baseball or -- NFL whatever. He's not gay guys are getting paid. -- outside a Pete Carroll's organization USA -- -- -- college athletes. That aren't even at that point if not professional. It's possibly college athletics. -- would get yelled out I feel worse about it because it's college sports specifically. -- understand -- aura comes to professional sports because. At least keep you walk on the -- paycheck. Markets more bosses asked lose the game and -- would GF four super Faneuil. You know I don't I don't I just. I don't agree with it really anywhere -- -- medicated there's a line can be crossed. Just because I go to professional sport you know it is always that one guy that's close the field it's not a player and you listen to it depends on what you sank. Are you cross the line it's like. Would say anything he would say the guy's face to face without 40000 people behind you because he's on the road. You're a barn that -- god I would say some like that to his face around the street's estimate that to his face and fine but I guarantee you the guy that rip them to shreds. You know with all those people behind him -- is he's the class clown. Would never say that doesn't have the balls to say that to the aptly part of their -- Never in a million years so it's very similar. Two yeah. Guy and the AT&T text line who takes a shot you and I personal shot at the got a message board. Who rips people anonymously it's it's. Yeah it is less anonymity because you say in front of other people their people that it can hear you when your -- take the the anonymity of the AT&T -- liner message for we handle can be. Red Sox super fan wanna nobody knows who you are. Twitter -- whatever. You can hide from less of that when you're in the stands but it is. It is kind of similar to that because you're right if the if Jeff force our markets Smart and Arby's. He's not gonna call market Smart piece of crap because it's at a game that he feels like a candidate stands I paid I'm a fan and his team. I can say what -- want I can say what I want but go go look at Jeff for Texas I NM. Old woody did that AM player sticks a -- Alec a little girl. Adult. I got a hero Marcus market and call for -- I feel much worse from Marcus Martha -- Jeff for that -- 61777979837. -- phone a beacon text us. On the AT&T text on at 379837. Curious would you guys thought about that you out of -- civil reaction guide. Last one to defend players but in this case is all the fan. And on the player. About an hour from now we're gonna debut the daily -- here and -- not -- show at 1 o'clock today. We're gonna get a recap what happened Friday night he had a recap of -- our bottle auction himself off for charity. In the Jimmy Fund I haven't told their sound. I've been told there is video haven't told the lucky and use that term loosely in this case -- lucky lady. Who bit on Joseph is gonna join a set 1 o'clock -- talk about. Joseph make it also like losers in the process being a very -- -- myself a loser I don't you made us look like losers and with what -- you on Friday night you were a big winner of the Jimmy Fund -- -- -- about 1 o'clock your phone calls and exports radio W media.

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