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Missouri Linebacker Michael Sam becomes first openly gay NFL draft prospect

Feb 10, 2014|

With the story breaking last night, that the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, Michael Sam, announcing that he's gay, Mut and Lou discuss what this means for the player, and the organization that will draft him

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-- and ID 37 WEEI. Heading into the weekend. All eyes properties are Joe's our bonds part of big project cupid -- we're not gonna talk about it now but -- -- at 1 o'clock today. We got some details of how things went for -- eligible bachelor. Up their onstage -- a lot of fun with that. And the result was shocking. Shocking is the result that I started very young I Twitter at 530 now the world was shocked Joey. Fair by say we're shocked by what you saw new Twitter feed late Friday night the -- product. Open bought out drunk was everybody what the -- is go out shocked at this immediately AT&T to start the show. How much has the winning bid was given to the what they're sealed -- yeah I'm just. I just fell below a look at your social caucus felt about it your seat. You're -- just -- -- sitting on the floor got to continue a little kids at idiots out there like that now how much the winning bid was given from the winner. -- to the winner from George always -- bank account the mixture has been on. Folks what this comes up -- at 1 o'clock today you'll be freaking bored. What I have profound as any jiggling eyed at all that was the case we -- Ford wouldn't talk about that. Later on the show and I'll say the I was shocked you were shocked Hillary's -- job. Not at egg ever was shocked and will talk about that but so much time on it in the 1 o'clock hour with I believe. Eight Colin from the lucky lady herself and some audio and video from the event and if we don't have any of those things but it's put this up there at 1011. It's because a jelly and -- we have all classic I'll call it a deficit that is economic. Visiting hours against. The ship which is like five minutes calls it a work release on Friday and I. At this stuff doesn't -- that Joey blocking it I don't marks or Scott's Utica offer up big guy we have accessed everything will have audio video. That winning bidders will call in and there was a wedding bitter if you can believe that that's coming your way at 1 o'clock that it make sure you're locked and loaded. The world is not talking about -- he's our bottled today. The world is talking about Michael -- but he offensive player from Missouri who came out last night was the right after. UConn Central Florida on ESPN two. The game's about and I'll watch the Huskies and Randy Scott galleries -- -- -- tweets out -- big news coming big breaking news story. On ESPN. And you immediately get this is Horry play hard knew very little about Michael Sam Sigalet Chris Connelly. And immediately dubbed the could stop and get right to it. He's got an announcement for Chris -- the entire sports world what have you come here today details came to tell the world that openly proud gay -- And immediately sort of sets the stage for was two hours of programming ideas PM with and the the reaction here today for the first time. Not an athlete going into -- draft. Of the major four sports. Announces he has. Gay I endured so much from my past. So much tragedy and growing up. Seen my older. Brother killed from gunshot -- Seem not knowing that my oldest sister -- she's a baby and I never got a chance to meter. Motive my second oldest brother and witness in 1998. And me Melissa she was last wants to see him see him and we pronouncing that two years later. My its other two Brothers being in -- Jill since eighth grade currently both in jail you know there was some. Harshest of some -- tragedy in and some adversity. Telling the world on gay is nothing compared to that. -- the initial reaction we obviously listen the the NFL will be at the -- -- reacted -- I think right away you applaud the man right you you. And personally I understand that the way in the NFL works. But when you look at this guy. Somebody out there maybe not all NFL executives his -- from some general manager will put an actual check mark next to. It takes courage respect the individual at this is not if we put this week he comes out before the draft how easy would it have been for in the commode. After the -- Right like a year to not it would have been easy. But here's a -- right now going into the draft saying you know what I don't care -- might affect my draft status but I -- doing it now. He comes out now all of -- and two with three of the players -- -- first second years in the league maybe somebody else comes out. There's a large Kamal before what -- wanted to affect my address that yeah I put a check knock them are rather next to this guy as far as a character goes. If I'm an NFL team that's I would look at its character it balls is what and that's what I'm saying what you're you can make big. Right point and -- that I first bought about -- a lot this last night why would he do it now it can only be because he is courageous because he has balls because. What most people probably do. Is get drafted get the contract right get yourself secure is that okay. If teams are gonna look at me differently now adult wanna deal with what they view as a distraction. I wanna get. Paid -- Jack I want that first -- or -- contract make a name for myself in the NFL for right get drafted. Become a good player third year -- in May be on the Pro Bowl aren't gonna come out and I say it does -- -- felt Pollard biscuits. -- an awful lot coming out right now. You know I -- give them all the credit world for doing it. Now we know all the way the NFL wins. You know how -- affected -- hearing some reports from some people. Will effectively -- draft unfortunately I think it will. Because he's projected talking about the SEC defensive player of the year the SEC. Some other conference. But he is projected I've heard anywhere from late second the third round that type of guy. All it tells type residents in the third round pick all politics is one team -- near and mid third round you think Michael Sam probably go to right there. One team. I think is probably going to be more than one but one team that might sit there and say well it's this guy or this guy. Let's go with the other guy. The next ten picks might not be looking for that position they might be looking for profits of -- and in that you look at for -- intimate look at the wide receiver quarterback whatever might be running back. The one guy I think he'll drop. I'll follow the drop. If he's host a goal in the third maybe you'll see is -- drafted the six problem -- get some. To get a pretty good player with serious character. Is Michael sample player. The first openly gay NFL player but the current NFL head coach would want take on. Sure. I think when you look at this situation. Hopefully you can -- at the same way the University of Missouri Hanlon. And I think if your head coach. The thing did you go to -- do right away as call holds pickle and say what would the repercussions when. Michael saying -- addressed his team. Saying that he was it a gay football player. I am sure they will do that I'm sure they will. Make that call you Gary Nicol was on ESPN today talked about how it's affected his team. I think you -- right it will affect his draft status because of the type of player he is he's not seen as a slam dunk first round pick this is not. And using that it Teddy Bridgewater is the example Teddy Bridgewater will be eight top ten picks up or in the draft. He's a mobile quarterback that can help -- team right away no matter warp projection in the top ten pick. It's not like teams are gonna say -- Where it is not gonna affect his status is Teddy Bridgewater Teddy Bridgewater. Michael Sam is in that Tweeter categories. -- good as my eyes buddies -- 62 outside linebacker trying to make a transition from defensive end to outside linebacker. Vice -- He is in the middle ground not because he's not good because they don't really know where to project and they got talent. Everything I read this morning Michael have been higher but that actual position -- in the NFL doesn't exist for him. So if there are teams that are gonna use this as the measuring stick -- say you know we don't want a distraction and we view as a distraction. He actually -- the draft why there is no doubt about it -- He did come out and talking about how at the Senior Bowl Michael Sam himself that he was surprised at how many people that -- At the senior ball. So he felt like UC if you want it to leak out if there was gonna come out is going to be his story wanted to own the story so he came out now. What really amazes me is the fact that he told his team in August. Now Missouri was an SEC title game we've played for the national championship now we're gonna be SEC defensive player of the year he told his team in August. In and it and it's transitional setting right all the positions 810 guys and -- tell me something about yourself what you become like a team building moment. Just tell me something about yourself what your major whatever might be something we don't know about you. When everybody went around the room. This kid fifth year senior he knew kind of what he could be made great player with a -- -- -- and all SEC team whatever might be. At that point just like it was nothing like -- said it to his teammates -- that benefit. Analysts say those words in the world as does a load off my chest I told my teammates this pass. August I can not much -- -- and state. Ticket great. They rally around me they supported me. And I couldn't ask for better -- We're now moments feel like to tell your teammates it was I was I was kind of scared even though they are reading news but I was still scared to tell on the -- to secede. The reaction was awesome and they supported me from day one. So that happened in August. This did not become public consumption until last night -- the FBM when he sat down on the aired the interview. With our Chris Connelly. Which you're right it's pretty amazing. You know a bit of the fact that these teams now when they look at how was -- was story which was handled pretty well. Think they played at a very high level all year he played at a high level twelve sacks SEC defensive player of the year. So. I look at him and say no -- there's one example of -- team already dealing with -- there will be inevitably beat teams. There at the NFL level view that now that it's out the open. Or become more distraction and the example I would use would be. It's probably is not perfect but we we saw firsthand. Year one for Daisuke Matsuzaka. I skip boxes -- came over here was the pace of the season for Daisuke. First game at Fenway. First game at Yankee Stadium for scheme on the West Coast first game with XYZ -- first for Daisuke Matsuzaka. There'll be a lot of firsts for Michael -- -- NFL team. You know first openly gay player to play a home game on the fans wanted to be verdict ultimately -- Daisuke I like about this amusing Daisuke because we saw up close right that we look at the and there's a while. It was a year a first for Daisuke you know whatever team drafts Michael Sam. Is gonna get that Europe first for the first openly gay player. In the big four Jason Collins is an openly gay player play in the NBA he's a free agent. He has not played for team since he made his announcement. They're talking about a guy on eighteen Indiana only culture and it's where -- GMs -- stuck in the fifties. Going through all these first it absolutely you'll practice that I think there -- teams that will say we're not gonna take him all this is what this is like on the. Jessica's Jason Collins Palin of his career is questions whether he can play anymore that he was he was at that point. This is a kid that. Should get drafted. In a certain area we don't know how the draft is we've seen guys have a -- a third round dropped to fifth just for whatever reasons. It can happen with him and we -- that this is the first real test I got it's kind of starting his career -- very good player. Going to a team and I think that teams. Have to look at themselves the at the look at their own locker room. Whether they can handle this or not. You know I and you gotta be truthful I mean -- myopia a head coach or general manager doesn't have a problem with Michael stamp. But I don't think it's ridiculous that we should either even talking about the -- just look at the player. But unfortunately at the look at their team and -- -- have the locker room. Do I have the leadership that can handle this. It's crazy to think that Missouri. But Joseph what 171820. Year old kids can handle the way that they did. That these kids knew they say they knew before even told them that what he told -- made a public quote tested them at least. Nobody leaked this out to depress. The -- football team. University of Missouri football team was mature enough to handle this. And to think that the NFL the could be issues but that's the reality T to do you have the locker room that can handle it here in New England. I think it would be squashed right. I think that this is the team this the guy you could see the patriots draft that. Because -- he's a third round -- get a benefit the sixth what's that equal value. Big bill Belichick's it's I have no idea -- draft that going to play football and a story that would be an issue. At all. On the other hand there are teams that. Do not have that -- a frat house mentality well -- maybe -- a first year coach who goes to a GM and said this is going to be a major story and he's a good player. But we got to focus on the team we don't want that distraction I guarantee there were teams like that I don't know how many there are my guess is there's probably upwards of a 567810. Teams in the league that today say this is probably not a good idea for organizational give me an example Miami Dolphins. Mini golf and just had a major culture tests on their team with the -- can't beat O Jonathan Martin. Sub story which ends up it's not exactly how we thought was right but they're their team their their locker room dealt without the entire year. I feel like a bomb in Miami Dolphins GM. That's a player that -- for not for lack of talent but for the distraction in the storyline that would bring to my team it just dealt with that for a year. I probably stay away from that player right and that's every top my list what teams of cross them off. And say we're gonna probably stay away from that player in the middle rounds. Miami Dolphins number one got a young coach you got a young GM. -- who said frat house let's say be at veterans you don't trust and and it's not that the culture of you know the patriots of -- this every Bruschi Brady. You don't trust your locker room might -- -- player you wanna bring -- locker room right now I would. I believe. That between general manager. And head coach. When they're talking about this player. They've identified some players on their road team that we think can handle yet who would be a problem with. They know these guys they know each of their individuals like they might sit there to Miami for example before -- they -- -- will -- we can handle this. You house critical need of a deal with -- right they identify some players with a couple guys in the patriots whoever might be may be there isn't anybody. But if there is I guarantee the general manager and head coach Noll what individual it could be an issue with. Just being around them knowing the personality knowing what happened guy he is they know. Now it's up to them to decide you know is this something that can work if we only have one or two guys that might be an issue with we talk to them. We Tom this is what's gonna happen is that going to be a problem with -- and Indy go from there. I think you've got to look at yourself a look at your team it's a hopefully we're a team where at this won't be an issue. Because we think he's a pretty good player we're gonna get pretty good value whatever we draft the. I'm curious as football fans -- sports fans when you watched that last night you read the story what your reaction was will take your calls and texts on the sixth once seventh. 7797937. Is the phone number 61777979837. You can text us. On the AT&T -- one of 37937. We're talking about where he's gonna get traffic we're talking about. You'll have a play areas health gonna affect his draft we come back. I'm gotta read you a a paragraph from one general manager who is a GM in the National Football League not ten years ago not twenty years ago but today. Who makes an extreme case and believes that -- Michael sand yesterday what he did it. Wool and not just affect his draft status little -- -- the draft board altogether. We'll talk about that with your phone calls next.

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