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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Yoga pants ban

Feb 10, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a ban on Yoga pants in Rockport.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness equipment we start in Rockport. Where the superintendent and principal are banning yoga pants in leggings. For students who say it violates the dress code. Boys and girls to go of course cable through it -- I have to applaud this decision -- Yoga pants would be very distracting LER. In yoga they're distracting. Medicine in math class. I think the superintendent to be removed from office. If you hit it I know you. -- that distract other defenses where. But I mean I guess now for my alarm on this week and I am on this -- running pants and my -- -- would you -- short so room yeah that's a little screen as it's just. It about probably. Ironically it would of the angry inch put. The twenty other girls were on the school on Friday as a former protest. And we're sent back home and forced to change this this is not this should not be should be all kidding aside. Cameron leggings and yoga pants to school yet that's a good -- I'm really in the media what a cleavage. Yeah we can bring. Can have a mechanical -- with little would you a lot of the girls -- like bathing suits liked. That's not a little different -- of -- warm welcome in the covered up where they just seem like -- yoga pants it's honestly don't see things the old you are used to shape yet to see the -- almost everything. So different than when I was in high school history in the Rogers of girls Wear these big -- the big flannel shirts and nobody would -- interviewing -- spectrum was ridiculous was all -- of the imagination. Now is crucially everything. But not it's a distraction agree well. Now horses -- exhibit distraction. Yes. Need to be distracted math class at the other thing we obviously -- against Montana and the whole primary humanities. The girl to -- the girl's soccer team and yoga pants that's a bad. Rockport high senior -- right loves her yoga pants. I relaying because I love fashion and it's a pretty popular fashion statement right now I Wear them because. They're comfortable. When she heads back to school Monday morning she and other girls at the school have to leave the popular pants behind. Within the handbook that we weren't just relating but it hadn't been forced at all Friday officials at Rockport high decided it was time to enforce that part of the school dress code policy. A policy that is in the -- that every student it's the first day of school they say they told students about the renewed enforcement ahead of time. -- in about twenty other girls wore them Friday as a form of protest anyway. At the public school and people just feel that comfort was important to the other girls and then they wanted to keep wearing them. School officials talk to girls about the policy violation Friday Nolan got to and -- have traveled work they say the policies in place because the pants are not column. Question doesn't I guess and -- -- -- discriminate against that kids. Affect its cargo pants. Really I can't really make them for that can. Stretchy this again goes back to my idea -- -- adult after eighteen or over should be -- the -- is Eric question that needs to be asked here with -- problem. Right where it was there -- a problem at a cabinet of like yoga pants -- outer. I don't Wear -- -- work you guys know that have prominent to see the -- the speed skater ticker yet formal. Like forgot she had -- -- that's a good move to speed skating the single most boring sport. Ever invented I can't I can't so farms on into a ticket in this Olympics can't get next to the downhill is great it was great yeah but. I knew what happened you know -- You didn't go for the day with my fingers in my ears not on Twitter real bode screwed up -- did a slick is worst finish Emporia. Possible billion years old and a -- -- eighth but he was point. 51 seconds behind the guys finish first yet that's a world net that's for that sport is awesome I mean there are. Close to death the whole way down. Mega deal between them this week in the bottom of the cross country yeah it's the toughest for the world -- -- might be a way you see those guys do that estrogen -- fat ones. Now double -- particular -- -- again and -- -- know -- it sort of -- editors this woody Allen's story. -- pharaoh and an op Ed that was last weekend in New York Times so what -- wrote an op Ed this weekend yesterday in New York Times. Refuting everything that was said -- -- -- gets into it sort of piece by piece just a few highlights he says he finds the idea of molested her she was seven so ludicrous he didn't give it a second thought -- first presented with -- that's why didn't hire a lawyer. He was a 56 year old man who had never been before after accused of child molestation to be going -- with me for twelve years at the time and as he says. I would not -- retire because I was in the blissful early stages. Of a happy new relationship with a woman -- -- -- to marry and doesn't mention in the piece that his daughter if you think about it for a second. -- soon Yi from what she was about two years old yeah basically was her dad not title and watch for all the way and then marry -- which she was eighteen. -- -- she reached puberty you know given credit it's hard to -- comes -- this guy is it despicable I got a very fair and if you haven't seen yet to I tweeted it out it was all over the Internet the ten. Undeniable facts about Woody Allen -- by more north and she's like the expert Tim Russert so why is it once again. While she works for Vanity Fair and she has been immersed in the store for like twenty years. And she lays out the ten bullet -- a -- -- cannot read this without coming away with a conclusion that he is a child molester here's a creep and if you give a dollar to -- -- At that at the box office you should be ashamed and -- have very -- I will never ever know -- the idea of supporting him. Makes me sick it's the guy is. You know he's father Shanley. That's putting -- creepy it's here's a couple of pilots. Allen had been the therapy for alleged inappropriate behavior toward -- with the child psychologist before the abuse allegations presented by the authorities. Or ever made public -- -- instructor babysitters and I was never left to be never left to deal with -- refused the polygraph administered by Connecticut state police. Where's the -- the years. Dole's favor abuse was consistent with the testimony -- three adults were present that day. On the day of the alleged assault a big server -- until police -- sworn testimony that -- -- missing for fifteen or twenty minutes while she was in the house another one told police. Also swore in court in the same day she saw Al with his head and don't lap facing her body while don't sat on the couch. Quotes or bacon me in the direction of the television sets. In -- judges 33 page decision judge will. Found that Woody's behavior to a deal and was quote grossly inappropriate. And that measures must be taken to protect her. He thought there was probable cause to go forward and child. Allen says Allen says that charge at a bias against him he says also we talked about the Frank Sinatra thing he says. EV basically hates me -- -- he says we would they woman. You trust the woman who basically for years like him who the father was impressed at him for years. Any said Mia Farrow had to agree could be used limited to that going globes tribute to the -- on the sure he was given -- career award whatever. Should it give her consent to be in those clips which -- do that he said. If that was you know what who cares Mia farrow's not a good mother -- also weird though it but. That doesn't -- excuse of course excuse woody Allen's behavior now and I mean I don't know what makes people think he would actually you know. Have sex with a zone dot. Always he carried via his own daughter I mean this guy is just. Patent despicable human being in yet another tribute to home. Of a lifetime I he's good verbal with the -- also -- the wanna just give them surely went into it you'll -- you know how we're stars next birthday party you know albeit Barbara walters' house for a on the Hamptons for dinner parties here's is out with Steve. -- about twenty years ago when this first broke the allegations are that you took Dylan into. Attic or crawl space and -- That you touched her and her private pardon -- is there any truth about it at all what would. Be it be logical about this I'm I'm 57. It's ideological that I'm going to at the height. Of a very bitter acrimonious. Custody fight. Drive up to Connecticut. Where. Nobody likes me -- some -- and a houseful of enemies I mean media. It was so enraged at me and then she had gotten all the kids to to be angry at me. That I'm gonna drive up there and suddenly. On visitation. Picked this moment in my life to become a child -- it's just. It's just incredible I could if I wanted to be child -- that I had many opportunities in the past I -- quietly made his a custody settlement with me in some way and that in the future I love. If I'm not convinced if you're if you're Christian crazy enough to do this Colombia -- pixel you know -- What I I've ever done this at this point -- I have better opportunities and operate it was that one time which remains -- Barbara Walters on the view last week she said I very rarely seen fathers sensitive as loving and is carrying his witty his and soon -- These two girls that she said. And loving and caring now. Yes and the success of that goes on on what else is its last time ever speak about was this New York Times op Ed. Couple weeks ago we talked a throw Owens getting married. Generate 2030 Mary racial Snyder -- in America mail carrier out in California. Mail. Mail carrier well made and I all right -- yes yes. She -- to divorce she's moved out of the house after two weeks two weeks she believes that throwing harder for her money. He is broke he had eighty million dollars a player endorsements and he's gotten details saying he has no -- she has money. She -- it would help secure it pretty well she's a mailman -- one element. There for a long time it's pretty secure business strategies future alone you're looking for your gold digger don't like figures look for money to secure how -- Now that's she that's her contention in 8080 million and he has nothing left that's what he said the GQ profile he blames Drew Rosenhaus. Prologue it's that investments hard to believe another -- eighty million -- yeah. Broke she says I fell in love now Cuba trade heartbroken and really valued his love and friendship for five years. Out of love in my heart I tried to help him the secret relationship for five years that America for love. Now it's so yeah 25 million reasons why he should be a lot. So -- -- now sadly two weeks in getting divorced you know but I'm not saying this is sort of a you know. Warning this marriage -- committed -- to be shortly and I did and be sure bet he's got allegiance you know again as a pre nup. Others. Were of a what agreement is the one that would be 10 thanks. That wasn't I feel very convincing. Us. Which would protect your assets. At buy dot she gets the minute she dies -- -- don't. The clips we played a lot of attention he'll hit it really you might have more money and he does -- thinking that man that's your -- that's pretty Laura's or have you talked about maybe pre nup for her -- -- -- -- -- a little I should broached that subject I don't know separate bank accounts. Yeah well and we get married. Shouldn't change your name out. I -- Now. -- -- and our business by her last right coach. I befriended divorced and you know -- he couldn't handle the fact that it was -- -- has set the bug that she's she's buying me a birthday present my body and it just twelve knots -- -- divorced. There's a pets for a net art so that -- not know look it's indeed there's no no adoption -- now with the -- It's -- -- I'm fortunate that the Euro would be nice move a little bit shake things up I think you're gonna get eventually gonna get that question US first date. Why you don't see what's gonna change why do this -- never answered your. You lover he loved her before US marry up. -- -- You're getting so it's a commitment that I'm going to be with their -- but -- to the for the for the rest your life into an agreement about the merit a minor league our doctor staying power that was brought to you by eighteenth. All right Lamar rich Billy your political action then --

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