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Feb 9, 2014|

Christopher Price is lost on Sunday with the NFL season over. So to fill the void he called Mike Riley to discuss the Patriots off-season, including Gronk, Blount, and ponders what the end-game is for Ryan Mallett.

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Sports radio and added three point seven FM WEEI. Mike Riley here with you for the next thirty minutes we'll get a few guys on the line there chat with us spent bank tonight boys because we have. Mr. Chris price from WEEI dot com joining us right now on the AT&T hotline Chris thanks for being with me here tonight. No no no word at all -- really appreciate -- I can do what I'm doing great thank you much do now about the football season. I look at this morning aren't expecting it out there you know it Adam dale Arnold and or Cabrera they are a -- -- the paper's top but what's going. So you got me I'm like the -- team right maybe disease. That's OK and of the where they're gonna fire away some questions for you Chris offseason time for the patriots in fact. Today is February now on the upper ninth and what is that a month from Tuesday. Is one the free agency. Begins march 11 and a lot of questions are patriots in the offseason. I want to start right at the top here Aqib Talib. The -- I'm pretty franchise tag them. I think you're gonna reach what we believe where. It is my gut feeling the weight in there right now. I believe they're in franchise that they continue to talk about new deal I think that you would usually import. Except. That you thirteen patriots seem. And they think there are starting await the ground and we believe I think they'll try to achieve better if you go to each year how important I don't know how. Realistic it is considerable long term. Investment you know maybe got -- but I'm working. I think -- -- anyway I think about its future. Is that there it's like a week -- so I can be used. That it actually warmer contract -- to -- -- blueprint going forward and talk about oh believe it because he gets he's the paper he gives the patriot. Oh a little bit of flexibility and it allows them to guard against serious -- so you've -- the contract. It with a lot of playtime incentives you know that the player. It's a security and the able -- it looked like -- -- who -- on the it would at a party didn't see any future entry. -- how about the running back game of league Gary blood another free agent -- the patriots this offseason. A top priority in my block. I hope they re sign him and give them a good deal what he's offered when he had deserves rather. He was just fantastic during this stretch of the season. And pretty good up until the AFC championship when Denver shut him down that -- running game altogether. -- what -- you would really I think that the time I think. To be realistic where you look at the running back market it's not a great market -- you're so public record -- -- Frankly it's a little bit like that they are -- situation lacklustre onions everything. In this in the and the situation they think. You could look at the situation where you can look what are we let you back onto either short money. We're not gonna invest all that much you know I you know I I could even see your citing a one year Gilbert and into England. But but yeah I think if you come back and it's gonna -- for -- money because again you look around the league and look at look at the market that the agreement -- get a great strip club. I think when you look at some of the other possibilities out there. I think you might be able to find what you're what type. -- all that all this crap people would have been able to plug them into the -- often ignored them -- And just so happy he got his act I'm there after Ridley was kind of in the dog house for the -- situation and here's -- left and his deal. I know we thought were you are believed that attitude believe get another two years contracts that look it's gonna be really interesting because. When you're talking about. The running back petitioners both questions about what that secret to -- coup in in how we oracle in or port because it's like to figure -- -- It is Wrigley you're number one current airport fort -- can actually got the ball security -- and yet. Or a flat you're what you've seen Marines stay healthy over -- fixed thinking he'd get so I think -- -- -- -- -- dynamic offensive options and give. British Open can it be that -- -- all great people so corrupt. And I both interest in what way you you talk to our our Arctic are public that this -- lecture. It that they or running do you like the patriot or afford to turn back for very different things here you know what when you. We talked about wanting to follow the hatred small period and -- -- you can get what you are running so about it there was a patent were a total interest injure. We're talking to Chris price of WEEI dot com patriots beat writer NFL. Expert all around you know another big concern for the patriots here during this off season Chris at the top of my Melissa's getting another weapon. For Tom Brady and a -- big name that has been thrown out there. Is Eric Decker currently with the Broncos up for free agency there's talk they may not sign him. So what about him landing here in New England. I think that cubic -- -- a little bit I think that you can look at or. In the -- the same question with Eric records that might have with Julian government. As to whether or not you're a product of the system and whether a public it would go so well six. I do think it -- going to go where get a very big contract that both the governor who has been appear -- other pitcher wide receiver treating and that. You could go somewhere in New York ain't gonna have a decent year. You know you're -- to root for your help -- but I expecting it. You're not going to PP commensurate with what he brings to the field I think you're great you're very -- a lot of amazing things that are good profit. I don't know about in the long term investments in straight. I don't know which Chicago you don't have voted -- out there. I think it that they're there are quite selective about whether or not Decker it is the product of the Denver system and whether or not to go several. And it -- except the you know the book with -- Our Chris at through this topic go to earlier for our crawlers have some great. Comments about this this was brought up funniest in this week would you trade Rob Gronkowski for a first round draft pick. After the twice fifteen season pats have that option to opt out of that deal on the correct. Yet beat you beat Hewitt in I have actually heard that a couple of before. I think you stay with what you. I think. Greg are you still had a chance -- you know we we remember he's. What you're into a career and I think there. You know while he's been injured. Over the course of that for for a large stretch is quite frankly I I the think you let it play out I think that the comedy in the -- Tom -- are long you out with a Brady the company agreed in -- who'd be one of such a comedy I think you know -- I know that's another segue into my next question there were Tom Brady. When that the right now I think all of New England is are gonna cry when the day he retires it is don't wanna see that happening but we are a big closer to that happening. It's just not -- you can't have -- facts here but went to the patriots have to start thinking about drafting another quarterback. I think you always have to look at quarterbacks I think you'll have to make an uproar in the draft to get at least one guy. Whether he's a low round I'll hire an undrafted creature -- released -- in a farm. But I think you need to start thinking about that would in the next year plus I'm asking that -- -- that is. As to what the end game is going to be between light ballot in New England you know people leave that -- You don't be -- rocker become Brees Brett Favre I don't think that's really a couple we have -- bad analogy I'm but I I think that's. Yeah outfits are thinking of I think you have to start you know and that thing that you go out you -- it to the middle with people here. Marketed reporter but I think it's -- you need to start planning for the future and start looking at some of those options out there. Look pretty although they acknowledged Altria Group -- -- know -- to keep one eye on the future in it and I think the secret source Smart in the sense that. They'll -- get a quarterback to ever -- electricity but if you cystic impart to over the look at just want to keep you know the starter and backup threat but. I think -- -- pleading for the future I think that future start this year with. You know look at a quarterback in the lead or else. Window is closing we know that there's no hiding and that. One more question -- Chris I brought this up earlier and a lot of people seem to agree. How about in addition to pass rush this offseason Gemma Jones he's good he had and great. You're this year at coming up a rookie season and a good sophomore season. I think you -- another pass rusher look at Peyton Manning needed that they couldn't get to him in the AFC championship beating one more big name guy out there with Jones. And I think that is a top priority for patriots. Well but -- jones' brother Arthur yes public -- like that I'm writing about these these possible free agent it's. Last week and write about more this week and it -- guys -- -- out there in the Indian it wouldn't eight. A ridiculous contract to -- somewhat like an Arthur Jones would who are very important part of the Baltimore defense -- the last couple years I'm not talking about going out and spending all the your free agent money on. You know I don't know who added that you know the names that are out there that are going to be intranet but you're Michael Johnson and Cincinnati -- -- -- about Michael -- at Seattle I think. Both guys might be out of the -- price for it but you can't think of these typical. -- -- -- High level. High profile guys notice that Julius Peppers are throughout there but there are a lot of really good complementary guys that they might fit with the all England. Again starting -- Sergio who developed into a really good defensive player the last couple years with Baltimore. You know of a Michael Johnson a Michael -- he can't the guys need to focus on alphabetical effective quick defense and I think you know depending what the patriots and doing with the -- I think agreement in the market for a recorder or. You know outside rush linebacker so. The great thing about it team building process it just that the processes that -- really start. In -- in a couple of weeks what its franchise that would open up and we're gonna -- -- free agency that would roll into the draft and so. I think this process is just getting started but it's an awful lot of specific. Groaning around in the gulf networking to keep such expert -- is that -- And one more question for you Chris one more weapon for Tom Brady you know we talk about Eric Decker briefly another tight and perhaps instead. What effect. -- I think if they're good that I it and I think there's been more like dude in the draft and uploaded in the Dennis had out there last week government I think it is actually. Going to be your routine about Baltimore colts and put him going back to Baltimore but I think typically go after I didn't it's going to be the -- with a good -- another wide receiver specifically the -- free agency not a high profile guy I don't think you mean you'll see in your movie try to make -- what you it was a restricted free -- I still think that makes -- awful lot of sense for the opposite of a lot. Still has to play out. Uh oh what they're gonna -- -- treated you what they're gonna do in the draft but -- what's gonna happen Julian -- but I think if they're going to be if they're gonna have a wide receiver. Colombian free agency and -- -- -- in respect that the it's either and it's going to be the draft of history so that's usually approach -- Well as a set where one month and two days away from free agency and 89 days away from the draft Chris that can be busy right. Up for it never thought that the great. That's always a way Chris price WEEI dot com -- be writer NFL expert thank you for joining. Us here tonight chorus very much accurate portrait or if there aren't immunized Chris price thank you very much joining us here and you can read his. Great work over a WEEI dot com we get wreck Shaq will -- and Nelson all the lines stay put guy's guilty after the break. Sports ready united three point seven of them WEEI.

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