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Host of BruinsDaily TV Erika Leigh calls The Mike Riley Show

Feb 9, 2014|

Erika Leigh chimes in on the Bruins break for the Olympics and touches on a few subjects including Chara carrying the flag for his native country and how the Bruins should handle the defensive situation

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline is Erica leave -- live dot com. Also host a -- daily TV Erica thanks for being with me here tonight. Allen to a -- or -- oh. So we get a little break here for the Bruins. And the in the NHL in general right. So we talked about this earlier. With the NHL should this and the players over sued the Olympics which they've been doing since 1998. But about this for the -- aside about them so far air. -- at the top of the Atlantic Division. And -- have a separate the good first half of the season what do VC and so far that you liked and what have you seen that you don't like. We're not Q you might complain about it this link -- then act that they're heat and is authentic and injury. An -- and how all that playing heading into the break even at the -- obviously that that is Q you know and yesterday. He'll bat that. He end. You can't really complain about related and planes I mean you know they they've struggled about our claim that I -- -- -- I don't think they can improve upon things that won't matter when it comes time you -- in the playoffs is that our. -- Literally nothing to really worry about yet other than he was that the injury. -- -- and certainly headlining the defense there. For the injuries was a lawsuit genocide -- that's a serious blow. Absolutely. You mean I remember that you're getting. Is is that I mean he nodded and then the one guy at one. I think I isn't isn't at issue in Portland of course. Fat and now there without. Our view that his team obviously won't matter hating the break back. Out of the game on the 26. But I think the guys that think I'm probably only. In the happened there. Yeah I'm also pretty confident how would David worse off you being called up you actually -- yesterday knows that. You think you'll be with them for the long run are they gonna send them back and forth back Providence. You know like hard talent that point he had been back in port a couple of times. It'll probably be one of those decisions about half and when it comes time and playoff. He has been playing really well for them when he sent here and -- and playing really well opt out. By our. Now I think we'll be back and forth until the playoffs and then -- really unique decision on whether or not -- he can. Here in Atlanta where -- here. Yeah it's actually -- that a little while ago Eric really battling mass live dot com also the host of ruins the -- the V. Erica on what are. Underscore that underscore Erica. With a -- -- LE IGH. The show out there for Erica. I -- a huge advocate with two with a grass being in the the Olympics for team Finland that I'm -- have taken the backseat be in the back up goalie for them and I've no problem with that I think he could use all the rest again. Absolutely. -- did then you know a ballot for the Bruins this year and add on and has really proven himself -- -- humans -- ballot well picking up his big win yesterday. I and Cuba definitely that there are any kind of -- yet obviously autograph in QQ much. With now -- -- It -- to get back into it -- and played. Worry you know Q&A half week like it's going to be. So I hope he does get a little bit of action that I am comfortable with him being back up in this situation. -- brought this up last night Zdeno Chara missing the last and it's over now. From more top last week but about a little more outraged with Shara. Missing the last two games. Before the Olympic break. And some people calling to say that they were a little disappointed as well. That he. Did go early for the opening ceremony to carry the flag -- home country of Slovakia which I do understand happens once every four years. But I thought the real little more outrage here what -- your thoughts on that having him leave early. Well you know it's a lifetime opportunity to be able. Not only yet the Atlantic and also you hear it like for your country. And I certainly under and why you wouldn't want to be part of that and I think he's very appreciative to the Ron -- and for giving him the opportunity if you. You know it -- on power and that earlier in the week. That sometimes there are things that are bigger than -- -- his team in the entire he then when you look at the higher you drop of that. They you're looking down on the line and he -- influenced. Your evening and -- it play out exactly. I in the long. You've been here without him. -- -- the team on Thursday. Was unfortunate. But they did come back with that they -- yesterday or even things out and I think all -- I'd like opportunity how a little more on. Well I -- people -- at a I don't eat the idea where he might not ever have the opportunity again in your life. Erica -- mass live dot com and also the host of ruins -- TV. Eric Eric coming out of the break for the Bruins they're back on the 26 of February it's Wednesday. To signal -- the schedule right now or games within a matter of six cities right now bats. And then it gets busy firm march I mean you're gonna be playing Washington twice with and that. That first week there and then the Rangers that Sunday. After the break at Madison Square Garden. So and then Montreal they got to go to Montreal actually the week after so. Montreal has said the number on the Bruins this year and is not going to be an easy task we know that always rivals there. But this is a tough schedule for the Bruins coming right out of the gates the second half of the season would expect. Absolutely I'd definitely going to be a little bit harder actually because you guys that are all in different Ericsson very lenient and act and got. And I cannot be getting regular practice them. If they didn't happen at two week. And I think lead -- in -- -- all the -- and -- and I'll mention. I had let. Any. If they get it together I think that you know the first couple games will be at current plan and then once they get back. Things should get a little bit easier even despite the schedule only because we've seen I'm playing so well together so. It is. It's a good time a year getting. On and they. You want to want that at the time you want to -- happy you don't want to -- are. Now. I mean I hope they don't gap between who they think once that happened. -- -- mentality. -- -- Category. I think they'll -- Sorry apple on the -- right now the second and third week of march 3 back to backs. Right in the middle that a home game of the century against Carolina back to Baghdad Montreal went home the following night vs Phoenix. That's Saturday at home vs Carolina. Beginning of the week at -- I'm sorry at home against Minnesota then add New Jersey human West Coast -- -- -- to Colorado and Phoenix. Erica looking at the second half for the rest of the NHL. Real quick ordeal like soup potentially see in the Stanley Cup decision early prediction very early -- had. Near early prediction that -- I think it is the problem. Is very possible. That they could be back there once again this season. In terms of an opponent. I'm not sure. But I think that the Blackhawks seem kind of like a lock it as. I mean he got -- he was around you look like. -- We'll see what happened from there. Erica Erica -- mass live dot com also Bruins daily TV host. Just the other night Jericho is part of a -- auction project -- raise money for the Jimmy Fund. And our executive orders are -- are bonanno was part of that is -- Sunday as a good time down at the estate Josh and Amy blow. Doing a great job there for project cupid and the Jimmy Fund and it just can't beat that that's a great night's 161000 dollars by AdAware yeah that's awesome. Fantastic it was great event and these. I am Ali and happy are. Ian the organizers you a lot of hardware. Where did you meet to see that Andy and volunteer. My time where. And I'm just honored and humbled Vietnam. It was our -- very happy so congratulations Erica Lee mass live dot com Bruins daily TV. Follow her on Twitter Erica wanna say the handle for his players. Aren't pat and your partner to me ER YKJR. Yeah I see. Outstanding and thank you for the call Erica open have a good rest tonight and they'll look forward to the remainder of the Bruins in the second half of the season there. Will be with you until 8 o'clock Mike Riley here. And we're taking your calls as well 6177797937. Deacon. Text. As well 3793. Seven's Sports Radio -- three point seven of them WEEI.

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