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Dale Arnold and Christian Fauria on the surging Celtics

Feb 9, 2014|

With 3 wins a row, the Celtics are getting hot? Dale and Christian talk about tanking and the opportunity to get a Luck, Duncan, or Lemieux style of franchise player in the draft.

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It is big to be able to string back to back games there. And play well and help others play well I think that's the biggest thing you know. Rondo is. Greatest strength on the basketball court as he makes everybody else better and and that's really shown itself true in the last two games. That's Brad Stevens the superb coach of the Boston Celtics I say that because I had questions when they hired him whether he was going to be as good as I think he has. I've seen indications this guy's going to be a great NBA coach Dale Arnold Christian Fauria in -- in here. He's talking about his team winning back to back games Sen and stringing wins together. And and when I said Celtics fans are -- time including myself -- that. As well to call yourself a fraud absolutely. -- like I -- the man if I want my team opens. And and I hear this all the time from people around here rob might not what they end. All. They want. Can't play of -- give him air. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that every game not only entity. And think that way. It's I think it's walking -- it will because it's you'll beat out -- I used to watching. Celtics game -- brand new -- a -- and going off equipped with their mother lined -- OK so. Now Olivia is bad yet and that is depending on who you are it depends on what's her sad about what you're happy about but. I agree with you because I watch the games that are going. I'm trying to figure out how -- I'm just watching basketball. I just I'm not really rooting. For anything in -- generally have a horse of this looking at the game so which is weird because you usually. You know your interest in the outcome. I'm -- I'm going to be honest with when I watched the Celtics. I want them to lose. So how can I be a fan of the team and I can't edit it however it they get are running. On -- and also to -- man is playing great old Jeff Green all out. Did it's it's. That's my point I don't know how to watch the scheme beyond that I am not sure because. As a player. OK I can tell me take it easy. I've got to tell me I don't want a player on my team who tries to thank -- so it so what are you put some guys out there they -- not really expected them to do a lot lol lol mobile hold -- the -- participants. And the teams are playing -- -- the magic beat the -- sixers beat the -- who you know low below they actually are still playing should have been Seattle. But OK so they're playing these teams in your winning -- it and built games to go either way. -- who's more motivated. I don't know -- she's -- because I can't. Internally. Allow myself to root for them to lose but I did it. You won a lottery. You you don't this really need number what the number one pick you need three to five is what you need -- -- the room right. -- you have a 6% chance according to the numbers of getting the first overall pick in the NBA draft John grandy. Play by play voice of the Celtics on radio said -- a 6% chance of getting the first overall pick in the draft you have a six point 4% chance of making the playoffs. Which by the way it would be as quick -- one and done as you can possibly yeah. Why -- so all right so. If you're the players now I used to you get a little extra money to make the playoffs but -- really you're somebody's whipping post. I mean to pay to play Indiana our Miami guys are they -- to -- a candle flat out just beat you senseless there's a Adobe to -- -- -- Miami. So there's no way this team can compete with Indiana with the with the players and they happily to they have the scoring ability to have in Miami. You know maybe they let one get away from but I highly doubt it want to come playoff time so their thing. On last night they've been lost to Utah Miami lost to you -- brown had thirteen points and had happen off. And once awhile you on the row exact OK it happened once in awhile. Miami would be -- in war -- -- whatever that whatever the minimum. Plus one -- yeah I accumulate surprise oh my god look what happened win with -- Rondo. If you're a Celtics fan here's what happens if your patriots and beginning of the season Rob Gronkowski -- And you can't wait to get him back in -- it's like I'll come back come on rob idea that you played this week. With Rajon Rondo pierce Celtics fan of open they don't play him -- saying -- don't don't don't don't plant is still good. And you can see. How much better this team is what he's out there. So he called back. And he doesn't look great I mean obviously you're not even close to now elitist no he's not ready but he's out there -- -- is the way he's getting his timing down he's getting his vision said everything starts to kind of slow -- click. He looks fantastic. And everybody else is playing just as good because it's a little -- -- -- there is. Brats just said he makes everybody better at it it's it's a little bit not to compare Brady Rondo. But maybe you could say -- -- any other and Drew Brees OK you can say. LeBron James. Rondo although it's not a great shooter from the outside you know but he is a facilitator. He will make everybody better just because. And up into position to ask -- -- easy buckets. And you're going to be a position to make a play just like a receiver. Looks like Brady would put a receiver and who isn't a first round draft pick who maybe isn't undrafted rookie he's gonna put the ball position where you know you have pretty good chance to catch it as -- an athlete. Now you can't make a six foot jumper he can't make a lay up OK you have issues anyways appear in the NBA. But I tell -- what if your. Danny Ainge now Bret -- probably completely removed from this. Your palate brokered unity solar -- that it. By the -- Danny Ainge and I have no problems with the GM trying to and -- -- point it can player can't and -- -- coaching -- need to get tickets the minute you let that seep into your locker room dressing room with Europe up hockey player anytime you let it -- yen. It's a bad thing but I'll tell you this works. Teams that tank win yeah teams that tank get better quickly which is why your Celtics fan you want them to lose I mean I don't just come. Say let -- and I can't do they can you perpetrating fraud. But it's not a fraud it's. Listen we know we suck right now. Now we know oh okay we had a good little run with the Big Three great coach. Every now we're not gonna happen bridge what is the methadone speed -- payment date equity some methadone that if it is they're. The Davis -- to the next level we have some younger players their development recent other free agency and keep Rondo. And you're able to. Compete and. Eastern teams that not to say for lab for lack of a better term teams that tank. And and get that high pick. So much better -- mean it goes far back in the NHL as the Pittsburgh Penguins tanking games to get the first overall pick. The draft Mario LeMieux and it made them into what dynasty. Warped. I mean there are other examples out there of teams that tank. I -- the Indianapolis Colts. Thanked for lack of a better term they suck for luck okay and there that are all -- a lot better because one guy. And it got better it was a good pick the year this was -- -- came there and it sucks for the person they want one or two games now they've -- middle class Angeles first year. So but who's out there -- Andrew -- who is that Robert Griffin the third. A college basketball and I hope we don't at the Robert Griffin the third. I mean and they're like three or four guys in in college basketball at a Kansas threaten pallidotomy come out well we suck it last night. For two Terrell part Boston College out there like three or four guys may be and as many as five. In the college ranks who they think will be game changer in the NBA. And if you're a Celtics band that's which are counting on because limping along and that middle ground you state that for a long long time. So you're -- -- issue are trying to decide how to watch his game as a fan so what are you want me to be straight up a few. And say it's senate trial like portal re on you are trying to make you see ghosts illicit deal I know you're you're a fan of the Celtics Garrett. -- where -- Celtic underwear as a kid aren't. I don't want out on a BS you with the we really need to lose a season that doesn't mean we don't love our team but we need to lose because we want it. We really let you buy tickets to see that sure I mean that's sure what -- play basketball what I'm saying is if you admit that if you admit to your fan base that you know. Not only wide aspect of -- Not only are we going to be awful this year we wanna be awful this year because then we get back up quicker. I I just think if you admit that your -- basically telling people buy tickets that the. Watch our climate I think that's the rub on their and -- -- -- you people are becoming a game to put not a a sub par product however. You know we're we're gonna play or going to be competitive and that we're gonna try we're going to compete. Just don't want to -- but the so you can literally go all the way -- -- the average -- should they when the game. We got a couple of techsters were saying gaveled him how it worked in the NBA a couple of examples right off the bat. Because the Celtics were involved in one of the Celtics were desperately trying to get Tim Duncan. Failed that it. Dunk it ended up going to San Antonio and they became a dynasty. The Cleveland the Cleveland Cavaliers were awful. Now LeBron James didn't get them an NBA title but he immediately made them viable. Playoff caliber much much better than they were before he arrived they -- good. One guy made them go out Tim Duncan took took San Antonio from down here tell right up there it works. You know Andrew -- Tim Duncan Mario LeMieux it works which is why -- Celtics. I am put up by quotation fingers. You want to lose I want him to lose every single game you not to lose every game. You just not. Part of the problem is you got other teams -- to one -- -- game and you're gonna what's why you gonna play one of those teams that also wants to lose it reminds me of -- old South Park. It's an episode where. Objectives are playing in. Little league world senators like the kids didn't wanna go to World Series. But the parents want them to so it because elongated the season can kind of dump him. So it was two teams playing at each team was trying to lose on purpose. And it's so it is still happen and it's south market ended up winning an -- is that they -- Now I had to go want to go to save Dave for the Celtics like. This plague at the Milwaukee Bucks okay you're considered okay we normally don't wanna lose OK air ball rolled out about no no really you almost two points. You do with the lakers did have about foul out. K and then -- play with four guys. To put god back in those aren't fouled out Heidi -- out. Crazy is that there's a great rule in the NBA all we know you've filed out around players so let's go back out. I -- for pull the whole hoosiers the power went out my team without the view that -- my team without a court right now coach -- organize it as a matter. That's my team out there. I am I have no problem. With the team -- -- I want them to lose my question whether I'm really a -- the team I'm rooting for the team highlight. I want them I think you can convince yourself of anything if you try hard I -- it myself yet I can convince myself. I'd like she's. Like she's my dinner my girlfriend and I know she's like she's a letter -- cheesecake and -- -- -- like I like to see this is great. Now it's not without order -- talk -- I'd want some the Nelson a little more sense -- a man -- order year old does are now. Ha beat the player so all of our country's got chocolate. God's sakes I put her. I convinced myself that got to Taiwan that -- -- -- inhibit myself -- you ads and can't convict yourself. That it's okay to lose. Losing is good -- what you need to do it like a studio drop all the lighting meet him already and there can be no we. Do we debris Pena hit his demeanor and to see if she could convince you. Losing is okay -- losing his commitment yet losing from threats and a liberal limousine for back of a better term losing is good. 6177797937. -- telephone number eight TT tech slide is 37937. A whole bunch of -- party used that we. Encourage you to keep doing that -- you could reach out on Twitter you can reach me at dale. Fauria has a minor league Twitter game that we're working on improving -- I'd give you his Twitter handle he is just. So minor league in this department we are working on it we will get him up to speed soon. We gonna turn him into a Twitter and measured up for for authors tried to do that -- all right maybe a little harder by the -- or go to work on that. -- let's get the -- that you guys in just a couple of minutes as well 6177797937. We've still got the Olympics talked about believe it or not. We still got the Bruins to talk about we've got the Red Sox to talk about who report to Fort Myers this week. They are the team everybody's -- informal talk about that as well Dale Arnold Christian Fauria and here until 1 o'clock Sports Radio WB.

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