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OK State's Marcus Smart pushed a fan last night!

Feb 9, 2014|

Dale and Christian bring up last night's incident between Oklahoma State player Marcus Smart and a Texas Tech fan.

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I don't know if you've had the opportunity maybe you were you watching the game last night but if you weren't watching the game perhaps you've seen the highlights today. Oklahoma State is playing Texas Tech closing seconds. Oklahoma State's 6561. Loss to Texas Tech Saturday night Lubbock Texas at Texas Tech. -- Smart guy who you know it's one of those. High draft stock kind of guys. You know a lot of people looking at him as as playing at that next level. He out he attempts to block a shot at the end of regulation at the end of the game. And he ends up falling into the stands which happens a lot you know kind of trips over the photographers and the following. He he -- his head around quickly. And and it looks as those at a fan sitting their guy by the name of Jeff for wearing -- came -- wearing a Texas Tech golf shirts obviously of a fan you know a regular fan Texas Tech knows who we as he sat right there. You know next to the court. And and markets Smart kind of ends up pushing him a little bit. Now the NCAA. Says that they don't actually have a rule that allows them ten tick -- -- is Smart out of the game. They get a technical foul but they they don't have the ability under their rules to say hey you can't -- of the fan here look we got taken a locker which probably would have been the safest area -- by the way. So they can't do that it was an away game. He's at Texas Tech is a lot so that's why I'm saying you know all things being equal you'd probably like to get him off the -- get him in the locker -- him from the -- to which are not able to. He gets the technical foul now. When you watch it initially it looked really bad I mean you -- -- college basketball player pushing a fan. In the stands. You look at it more closely and he's down on the floor he's he's he's fallen over the photographers and fallen into the first row or two of the seats they're behind the basket. -- what's his head around. And the jumps up and or the fan looks like he's saying you know like. Just get out there are some -- -- of makes this dismissive motion with his hand and or pushes him and then goes out on the court. Well that the story today he has that this band Jeff for. Use the and work. At Oklahoma State's -- Smart. Now I don't know what's true story is I wasn't sitting there I have a feeling we'll find out soon enough because there were other people sitting there as well. And it's really easy to say that this young kid this NCAA basketball player should -- the show restraint he can't do that. This is if this if this nit wit didn't. Use the N word and calling the N word. We're expecting he's gonna you know just turn the other cheek. And I had to have the ability. To calm himself under under under duress and under that crazy situation. And when you see it. Innocent or for me for anybody really to jump into the stands and attacks but it's not a it's got to be more than just. Page is get out of here that they got that -- he just became a little -- and and he turned and walked away it's got to be personal. You know heeded some of -- -- are attacking people. But it's got to be a little more personal because you know listen he's. It's -- in the big twelve or at least smaller. Grasso. Stadiums. Indoor basketball Arenas. War Oklahoma State Stillwater of their on top you and Lubbock Texas there on poppy. So. Those are tough situations and you know your rate now you're losing you discuss bowed out. Get a technical nicely not a bad and other hounded. Okay by the way this -- had issues. Marcus Marty kick the chair on the bench against West Virginia he's been kind of an emotional guy. So you immediately they all while Marcus Smart via their on air America -- it can't control exactly. But but what if you know he balls into the stands. And this -- Whitney's Texas Tech culture calls Indian ward. Well more you know the rule is. I bricks and stones can break my bones but words can -- -- -- it's still easier said than done. And dollars and the gear blocked our own running back had a same issue back or did when he was playing against Boise State -- -- the game one of the Boise State's. Deep -- alignments gave him some work after the game. Did use any you know it didn't use that word. -- is made a steal record collector like deterred. But then the care goals and had punched the right John -- right -- -- basically loses -- -- season comes on the pros and you know and the rest is history so. My my word is always okay -- you need to be even better person need be become personal but. It's so easy to say I was -- -- -- an element it's all all caught just calm down now. But in the end. If you could just remove herself from maybe three seconds -- commerce self down you'll realize. That. It's so much easier to walkway but again dale listened all bets are off. You start turn up the Edwards stuff do -- off that ice -- so we fight this kid for people say that to me like for whatever reason. And my dad gave me a free. Free pass. Is that you -- ever in trouble. Are you on every dollar it say that again Obama -- press record failed one more time -- you'll never get in trouble I'll I -- I'll I'll have to play like your intro by. Not gonna happen. And -- the techsters who says I'm just throwing it out there that maybe he said the -- that's not what I said what I said was it has been reported. This morning -- Jeff for the fan used the N word and directed it at Marcus -- isn't mean just throwing it out there. And out to you now does is it easier for you. To condone that. Assuming. That debt debt debt that word was used yes absolutely earlier Campbell a -- there it is his doing it why not good with it but well I. Understand it if if this guy did call him the N word. There are. I don't think there are limits I don't think there are things that despite the fact you pay your money and you get to boo when you get to say what you want. No you don't get to say whatever you why I grew a -- there are limits you know and their are things you don't you -- allowed to say. And and that you do have to pay a price for now it's easy to say that if your market Smart. You know you have to turn walk away and hope that somebody in the stance points this net without in Lubbock not gonna happen. And argues that you have this you know 5060 -- an air traffic controllers sit right behind the banter he's gonna get -- mouth -- with you and then. Not directed to specifically at this guy. But I was -- people in the stands it was like they have like this invisible shield. So 80 when it gets hot and heavy game gets close you can see there's some guys are losing their temperature losing your temper and losing their composure. It's and it trying to goad you into doing something stupid if you react like god yeah we outlined. Yet it's so I agree with you -- to sit there and do whatever the hell you wanted to do expect like not to have the repercussions that might go along with that. Some like circus where you -- April Peter it's epic epic really indicated trying to get him to go crazy. So. I don't condone it in any way shape or form. But I understand it I guess isn't easily -- There is a an article in the Lubbock avalanche journal says that this this this man war. -- lives in Waco travels to most tech home games several road games. And as an article but I'm reading here says you know are are we to believe that Marcus Smart just pushed this random guy for no reason. Or are we to believe the story. Which was reported in the newspaper. Oklahoma State is in what town. -- and still lost Stillwater. That in Stillwater the radio -- current state quarter past and I -- And and that's where the story begins that you know of this guy said. That ward. The magic word in my opinion. And this whole thing will absolutely. Deep ball in to wait he said she said thing unless eight Texas Tech fan in Lubbock. Probably very likely sitting in that group of stand up fans where all of the Texas Tech fans are that yeah I heard -- -- it. And he did and it's not gonna happen now. But if you look at the reaction it's hard to imagine that he just. You know snapped and decided to -- and push back guy you see as head whip around. As if he's heard something I don't know what the guy says I'm just telling you what's been reported that that's the word that he use an AP did. Okay and and do -- say it's all right for mark is Smart to push -- no it's not. Do like give them your dad's pass. Like given your dad's passing if that's what was said to want. -- do realistic this out I was about him high school and idols play any of the team seems have a situation we're losing the game. OK this guy says it's like that -- donated. I am a machine even admitted -- had but the guys in the middle of the game. Had but it head butted him in MMI guess if that's not quite what I meant to get out of a house we call that a Wednesday after the I had but I got kicked out of the game -- nightmare I mean it really wasn't honestly. A kick out of the game got suspended. I had to write a personal -- -- letter of apology now into the player to of the school. It was a stupid it really was stupid. And and my dad didn't mean this whole passing you like this not what he meant okay -- And I regret it to this day because. In retrospect. It was so much easier to wait for the next game to get back. And the text or who says dale I'm surprised that you and disappointed I can understand the reaction of the players can never -- fans he didn't. He pushed out on a cycle crazy here even when -- in the painless. MBA player -- -- -- without him right went into this man I am just went crazy this is not that no I really this is a short burst of frustration. Okay yet at losing your temper losing your composure and got 88 and just got -- a controlled situation. We'll take a break will get the calls on the other side as we turn our attention of the Red Sox and spring training this week in Fort Myers. It's -- and Christian on a Sunday morning Sports Radio WE yeah.

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