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Dale and Christian talk Red Sox

Feb 9, 2014|

Was last year's championship a flash in the pan? Or is this team built for a dynastic-type run?

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Just a couple of things real quickly here if we open up our number three Dale Arnold Christian Fauria but just the kind of complete the discussion we began. Before the break the top of the hour one. We misspoke and it was not Latrell spree while he's the one and choked his coach PJ Carla -- all. It was Ron are acceptable -- went into the stands I just in the interest of getting things right here. And out there a couple of things here that. I just -- Circle back to the market Smart thing mom. Several techsters at this conference has the Mondale and all the facts. Texas Tech list this guys they're number one super fan he's in their promotional video. So a guy who supports -- mostly African American team is throwing around the and word. Asks -- question marks and the very next text says. This man has been involved in many instances of taunting including -- Brian Davis. Horry gave in the old up yours -- -- bonus finger and a ridiculous tongue out and shake. The guy is a notorious. Maybe now we stop taunting these kids and just just enjoys the game instead of trying to be -- Texas tech's Spike Lee. Com and -- And it compliment her I -- not -- Mike thanks to Scotts of the cop who's you know do in the flash forest here and and directed me to Doug Gottlieb Twitter -- I don't normally followed Gottlieb although maybe I should. Got Doug Gottlieb from CBS sports is is -- friends. With up up. Ban Texas Tech went and got one local and he knows this guy at the friend knows this guy or evidently everybody everybody does. This guy had a text conversation with war. And and this friend then passed the text conversation on to Doug Gottlieb who posted. The friend says to this or okay good did you say something bad to him why did he push you glad you're okay. And or responded yeah I kind of let my mouth saying something I shouldn't -- I feel bad. The friend then says was it that bad what did you say. He says this war says it wasn't vulgar or the N word are. He says but he says yeah I kind of let my mouth. Say something I shouldn't have I feel bad. Just so that you guys understand and I guess I'll have to repeat this we're not saying what Marcus Martin did. Was Smart the bar raised via and and that you know you shouldn't be in the stands pushing fans and and -- am not saying any of what I'm saying is that if your college -- You fall into the stands and you'll hear this guy in -- and -- I'm practicing. This is he says she's. If you -- in fact heard him say what. Smart says he said. I can sort of understand why you respond that way. Now he didn't punch him he didn't soccer punch and he didn't drilled in the face raining like that he pushed and pushed him away. What's leads me to believe dale that he didn't use that word OK because. If you're already heated in -- kind of pissed off at the situation going on on the right or an -- often this guy this. Middle aged white guy is going to throw that word out that chaired a tag go -- -- there -- some violence. I'm not just. -- Germany in trouble anyways so while much is pushing him under more to push him irritate if you're in that mindset regain a little bit more by. Either way I think in the end did you just it's Europe player you just can't do anything. Right -- right. You can't do is what you want to as much you think it'll make you feel better. You can't do it. But the what you put it last hour was perfect that's that's great theory in its real success. You know and then somebody. You know says something about tour -- there are -- somebody you know just talk about but you are your Obama what you know there are some things that probably gonna get a response. And I'm yeah I'm jokingly referring to that one but there aren't that aren't there aren't things that even though you pay your money you don't get this. What would his she walked dale like honestly what would really pissed you off -- put two to a level. Where you don't -- nobody holding you back that. Well I I I don't know I -- it. There is that point for everybody and I don't NL I don't know what mine is yeah I don't really know mine is either -- appalling have to do with my kids improbably a -- overdue miked absolutely. And that's an easy because believe me like it either and I am not the parent exits in the stands and watch the game and wants to. You know run out of fuel prices helped our kids play. Every now -- then if my girls are playing basketball or my -- there was some vague and some other parent is yelling or some other kid gives them a cheap shot you know. I am to have it. Not really go get the advocate but I I'm tempted by the parent and a because like I NN not the mom public for the debt. Okay 'cause there are -- man on man like a K -- he -- -- it. And that usually be the point where you're not gonna hold back. -- don't do that to the security there they're there is that point for every person on the plan everybody. All these self righteous people or saying you know this is inexcusable he shouldn't be -- he can't do this and that's perfect that in -- in -- in a perfect world your right. I'm promising new theories that phrase somebody could use on -- -- as it pushes you over the catch every single one of us. Has that point that boiling point that that phrase that word that whatever. It's gonna move you right where you don't want to. -- -- equally by Lucy I can get it out of view the next hour and a half an hour up all they leave the national -- delegate -- -- you better TV. But we're not that's going to live like right. Like how Long Will it take for me -- asked -- -- almost don't. -- yeah you can have a two minute like that so anyway back to and discuss this -- which is the Red Sox -- Some kind of trickling in to a City of Palms Park it. And it really well that's. One and like eight degrees. Players are starting to trickle in they don't have to get there until the end of the week that's on Twitter this morning rob Bradford -- ready. All yak there's so many stories after write this morning Bradford in sunny -- and drive they get down there. As Grady Sizemore is the one players arrive today. I I have proposed that all all of Brian Butterfield with his new fungal -- Which by the way -- the big day for those guys on. And -- but players will trickle in as the week goes on the surprise of that size down -- leader. He's the one guy you're one of the new guys out you wanna make that good impression you know an annual. Personal Mary yeah house of injury concerns about it or is he gonna play Emmys are going to be. Is -- contributes. I think you know. That's it it it's not you know. I would -- down. While that's the other thing sure I mean it's it's a nice day -- -- it's cloudy and 66 by why it's. Terrible that law triggered it's reached at degrees at Gordon's -- through the toughest point four degrees in -- It I was listening as I was driving in this morning I heard an interview on ESPN radio -- Brian Cashman the general manager and he talked about now. All the teams 29 teams in baseball are all trying to get where the Boston Red Sox. That there are the defending World Series champions and all we're all trying to do is catch them. They spent. Half a billion dollars in in payroll in this offseason in their attempt. To catch the Red Sox and then I heard him almost after they talked about how much they spent the offseason much -- ownership stepped up and Allen -- in the unit. -- yes all these resource is a problem but we still got some holes. Have dollars Moleskine you have -- But everybody says that the Red Sox -- who were shooting for their World Series champions were trying to get what they've got were trying to get where they are. The Sox really -- Red Sox fans lines all with was this just one of those seasons that you can't always expo. And we've seen this happen before you know where where it should call eight Paula. Whatever it is it's magical I mean the US Olympic team winning the gold medal in Lake Placid 1980. Nobody on the and it would suggest that with the best hockey team in the world. But he worked for the tournament all matters but it worked for that game against the Russians they were the best hockey team in the world that day. And and they won the gold medal when no spot they had a chance. Is is that last year was for the Red Sox or are they legitimately. You know that that dynastic -- their World Series championship in the last X number of years are in the last ten years is this that dynastic kind of team. -- and keeps. Rolling them. And I think that's the question is okay so back to the methadone. Okay analysis look at how we start the show that we do bullet and say oh well I will let -- -- I let it out. Because you know it no more football KN FL fans are -- that are methadone that's really -- there was it was supposed to be for the Red Sox. Usually supposed to be a bridge year. Let's kind of regroup and get some guys get let's build some character. And then were we know that were really gonna be there the next year well. Listen without their control they start getting good pitching they had like good depth but more importantly. Every great champ ship team always has a core group guys inside the -- Mets were always starts. And you can't -- -- John -- like you knew this was going to happen. The big church in new these guys are gonna click so and they are all gonna grow the beards out -- all gonna play it they usually does it surprise of course. You can't. Forced out of that crystal ball hoping that happens. Com so I guess the question is okay and they built on OK I always say if you when he winds. And any -- it's like OK you can always be considered your your one off situation you have a lot of luck what are Buccaneers on the super you never really heard of him again. Okay of the pictures -- no winding -- years like I have wild. They had a great year was the same type year -- really nobody expected them it is to -- -- Super Bowl and when -- all three they would know for. Bomb that first one. It didn't seem almost an elector there conspiracy theorists out there who say that in the aftermath of 9/11. The NFL had to have. -- called the army they re ready it's now win the Super Bowl and yet it was finally arrives or operative like -- that he would be if the patriots went in ones in you forget that when 9/11 happened so. I think like I think the nucleus is there. For these guys to make -- a long sustained run now they -- it again this year who knows. Note to meet you gonna have to get a lot of up yet of why pop up appearances. A great huge horror -- and Aaron those ecology yeah coaching okay -- because -- a Cogent and now let's go to meet the way he played. You really gonna get that out of him again are you gonna get through the whole season -- really just wanted to be. During the world's during the playoff the journal sir David Ortiz are you gonna get that same type of production from him again. -- about 688 in the World Series but he had a very good year the whole year OK are you gonna get that again from -- eight looks like he's tweeted out pictures of him working out AM -- ago -- -- Iran does looking -- staples sir but okay. I agree -- -- seven or six. Okay very attractive man now to don't think we have a -- but I just it's it's the nucleus is there. And I think if you're a fan of the Sox. Days you're OK with where this is going for how long it can be sustained. You've lost some players from that -- yeah you know your center -- is not gonna play center field for the Yankees this -- -- can reasonably Satterfield. And that's the question is -- Jackie Bradley junior. You know do you move Victor Reno over to center field. I was kind of mocking Brian Cashman talking about the holes that they have. When they just spent half a billion dollars in salary in the off season. But the Red Sox have some questions. What's going to be the make up the left side of their infield. You know we think it's probably going to be Zander Bogart to shorten will middle Brooks at third we think that's what they're gonna go with who's gonna play first base on a regular basis who's gonna play center field. You know they've they've changed the catching match up a little that they brought in AJ Pierzynski up is he going to be able to fit in with this clubhouse culture. Based on the reputation that he arrives in town with. Which is what and the gas. You know a guy who dies and is not on its own team won a fight him half the time. -- is that is an issue and if you're relying on this guy -- thought that you know club like you know baseball clubhouse is were different. OK because you sped east especially if you add do you think you spent a lot of -- -- football player in the NFL is if you compared to of baseball. -- close. So. If there's a couple of guys that you cannot use can expand. OK there could be some issues but at the same time it's more individual sport than any other sport. Because it indicates the pitcher the catcher -- It's a designated hitter it's -- the other not relying on an offensive line as much as you are any other sport. So it really kinda all goes together. So it obviously Agassi right I mean there's really don't know Mickelson maybe ease the pain in the ass but you know guys like it. Maybe he's -- -- kind of fix it with the other Gaza maybe they are maybe they cut him down to size right away. What's funny because a guy like Pedroia. -- If your outside of the game you think what a pain in the ass he has he's always talking he's always spout. Guys on the field even opposing guys on the field -- They think it's funny they think he's you know he's a competitor they don't -- they don't wanna fight Dustin Pedroia. I wanna fight AJ Pierzynski all the time and and I'll be curious to see how he. It's in here but -- do you think that's his personality as a catcher. Vicki could make his case he's defected from the sand lot that's always -- -- talkative guy coming up the baton provides discount to face charges quiet down a little bit is he that -- maybe. And may wanna like come. Yeah like already immediately I could stand. Rodney -- Could stand him. It is God's plan to get some I told that I told -- went when he was an opposing player either of them yeah opposing lawyer hated him now. Once he got on the team. Loved him. Loved it was it was it was different it was and he hit to there so much respect but it knows this now. Take some other guys in the NFL. Now I don't think that would happen but maybe this is kind of you know this is kind of what we're gonna see from them. 6177797937. -- telephone over the AT&T -- minus 37937. Do Red Sox fans think the World Series title last October. Was a one off. Or did they think that their team is in fact. The guy that Brian Cashman of the team that Brian Cashman and everybody else is up they're shooting for that that they have they have the building blocks in place here. To continue the success that they've had look you went three World Series titles in this day and age and a ten year period you're practically a dynasty already. But is this a team that you feel is is well suited and well built to continue what you saw last October. Or was that just magic was that the US Olympic team at Lake Placid where you know no matter what you were just gonna win that time. -- Boston's strong call whatever you want lets you forget about that it was just -- eight. That's the question for Red Sox fans this spring training begins this week 617779793. Sevenths telephone number back to your call Sports Radio WE.

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