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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com on with Dale Arnold and Christian Fauria

Feb 9, 2014|

Mike Reiss joins the show to discuss all things Patriots including impending free-agents, getting an outside receiver for Tom Brady, and the departure of Pepper Johnson

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Dale Arnold Christian Fauria here on a Sunday morning here until 1 o'clock in fact on sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. We began the day talking about the the football withdrawal. The -- mine is methadone where you know the end the NFL product you know pitch over the hump and keep -- sucked in. But I also made the admission that as I watched the Super Bowl week ago today I came to the realization that may be instead of getting Tom Brady more. Weapons they need to get more help on defense. We'll see if I'm an idiot or not or. We'll get an opinion about whether a minute while we -- in the exact -- I will do tennis carbonated Mike curry asked him if I beyond boston.com joins us good morning Mike. Good morning -- good morning good at -- everything. And I did -- -- encrypted. -- good day with beautiful family over their legacy place and -- and -- sugar -- over there and -- They go a great dad Christian days ago. You know as I was talking about the Super Bowl last the last Sunday and I was thinking about the wind up to the Super Bowl for the Seattle Seahawks and and wasn't wasn't. Russell Wilson the the epitome of the game manager. You know for the for five weeks leading up to the playoffs in the playoff run making me wonder if we just -- worry about the defense here forget about the offense Tom -- you'll take -- I think it's a good point -- and and really I noticed that shift as well among you know. Where you know get here is how they need to get more weapons for Tom Brady and and then you watch a defensive performance like that and it reinforces that -- thought that as you get into the flight out. Really did the defense becomes that much more important. -- -- when you look at the Seattle defense do what aroused watching it and I'm gonna kinda putting myself in bill Belichick's shoes and considered -- guys. That's the defense I want but he's really had that type of defense he's had. Guys who were scheme defensively. You know always in the right place at the right time creative blitz packages and having the right guys who buy -- and execute those plans. So it can you -- it do you think there's a desire for him to replicate what this Seattle Seahawks did. And is that a danger danger zone for them. Well I don't think he'll go go that far Christian because really it's two different worlds what we're talking about him in the Seahawks do things extremely differently than the patriots since. I think we can also all agree that there's different ways to win in the league just because the team has success one year doesn't necessarily mean. They're gonna keep winning that way you know the next year let's look at the ravens as an example you know last year. I think a lot of us were talking about -- Torrey Smith would be great to have that take a guy. For the patriots you know because they won the Super Bowl he was a big outside threat well. What does that get them this year you know and out of the playoffs so I think. We have to be careful of sort of doing the flavor of the month thing if you will in terms of taking what the Super Bowl winner did and came back with the patriots need I do think there is. Something we can look at and say what the Seahawks did well was they get to the answer. You know with with the standard for -- this wasn't -- heavy necessarily blitz scheme. But they just got after it and maybe that's the one area that Bill Belichick can look at candidates need to do more to improve our pass -- however we decide the scheme. And isn't that the area where let's be honest he's never really put as much emphasis on as I'd like him to put. Yet they've been in until they drafted Chandler Jones I would probably agree with that Stockdale I think. That was sort of a step in the right direction Jamie Collins I think. Last year their top pick even though it was in the second round but the -- potential there so maybe we are slowly but surely. Witnessing a little bit of a shift they -- I just sort of one up. We know that a piece that I just read I don't bulky guys started but I thought it made a point there was a good one that like sort of one up. Think about more it would be in front page of the Bleacher Report and he was talking. In his -- NFL notebook for the weekend about how the Seahawks defense. It's really pretty simple what they do isn't that elaborate but they're just really good -- it and the idea was. With limited practice time these days with the new collective bargaining agreement. And limited opportunities to work in pad. That really what the Seahawks have done is dumbed down. They're not so elaborate but they're sort of simplifying and saying look this is what we do we're just gonna do it better than you. And when you think about what Bill Belichick likes to do on defense isn't it the exact opposite of that. It's a ball being on a weekly basis it's multiplicity. In schemes and it's asking players to play different role. I wonder if Bill Belichick looks at what this Seahawks did maybe not necessarily scheme related put in sit you know simple -- Maybe he tried to dump his system down a little bit and go and that direct. Well whenever they start dumbing it down it means that the guys aren't Smart enough. Who did it so I don't. You know it is the thing is that that's the Seahawks do and the Miami Dolphins -- to be the same way with Jason Taylor Zach Thomas are deep as you know exactly where those guys are gonna lineup. Every single play every single down. And you could run whatever you want to but they had the personnel. To compensate for that so. And I guess I wonder. So what's next so for this team. Okay they lose a couple of coaches. Guys have been there forever. To go ride into the Senior Bowl start looking at possible draft picks and you know who they're gonna replace. What are the teacher is doing now could this kind of but doldrums right now there's really had nothing going on -- in the NFL. -- what the coach is doing an audio on the road of a look at for possible guys to fill spots -- to see you'll -- what's their what's their thought process now. So as we know Bill Belichick has taken a little break out at Pebble Beach with Tom Brady but but on the whole I think the main thing right now I have sort of had this but February is sort of the salary cap months if you will it's that time wind. Every team -- and us reporters and analysts. And talk show host that covered these teens. Sort of wanna get a better familiarity with that to see. Okay what players are gonna be back next year what players are worth the number -- players might be in jeopardy of being let go and I think that's really what they're doing in terms of internally Christian is. All right let's sort this out Adrian Wilson -- safety if we cut him wolf they even that amount on the cap about one million. Isaac Sopoaga defensive linemen if we cut him he's. Limited contributors so I think that's the first putt that the first part of it sort of that in the house cleaning and then there's the scouting aspect we have. But come -- and coming up the draft preparations in the draft now pushed back to early may. So you have now you know. To -- three months to get more familiar with these prospects and the biggest thing this year the big. Sort of -- trend is the amount of underclassmen that have declared for the draft that means a lot of catch up work. Because a lot of the scouting. In the offseason were the -- really could get into the seniors. If you knew were coming out but now -- all these juniors coming out there's a lot of catch -- port so that the in house. Then the scouting and also got to got to decide on the franchise tag the person that you can do about it February 17 that's another thing on the radar might be used the Pentagon someone. We're talking to Mike Reese from ESPN boston.com to expand on your salary cap discussion. What's your gut feeling about the the willingness of Vince Wilfork to -- it was contract because in my opinion if he's not willing to he won't be here next year. Dead -- I -- this is gonna be interesting to me because -- it is a high number. An eleven point five million dollar cap hit seven point five million dollar base salary. I think that. They're gonna probably approach him and then do the same thing that they did with Tom Brady last year saying hey we want you to finish your career here. Can find something that works for both of us where we can guarantee you this money this seven point five million. But you know you give us maybe a couple additional years on the back end of this deal to help us spread out the salary cap carriages and it's a reasonable. Request. I guess I have some doubts as to how amenable. Wilfork will be because of how tough it was for him to get to this point in terms of of getting its long term deal remember. I would make -- sick to your assessment that he finally got. The big money so I think. They'll have to get on the money in some form for him to even want to discuss this. I think it's something we're gonna have to watch closely tough to read the tea leaves there but I wouldn't be surprised if he did them a little bit and says wait a minute. I I thought so hard to get to this point I'm not giving anything back to whatever we do have to be in addition to what I Marty's post again. Does so with the window and a lot of talk after the season and for the patriots was this window there's. This for Tom Brady as far as how many years he has left so the question is. Okay are the patriots. In free agency and the draft you think they're all in. More setting up the steep for the next two years. Or are they still in that okay. Long. Rotational. Focus on OK keep building a team that can last throughout the years not just buying in to a two or three year span. I think it's more the latter Christian -- they don't have a tremendous amount of salary cap space and they also. As Robert Kraft winner when the youngest teams in the league so I think their main focus. In my opinion -- start with the key to lead. Try to bring him back and I think that's gonna take up that's probably if it works that will be their big signing. And then I think they'll want a compliment that with more of that. Did the lower levels -- and the point I would make it don't can be good you just got hit on them and I don't think they have had. As much success in that area as we've seen in the past -- this goes back. You know to Jonathan the -- a couple of years ago this year Leon Washington Adrian Wilson. Now they're all dead but I think they had more swings and misses in that area then maybe in the past. With the patriots be willing to step in front of the salary cap boss and franchise Talib at ten to 111000003 year. I think the only we feel like -- -- doing it was if it was similar to what we saw with Vince Wilfork in 2010. Where they were willing to do that knowing that a long term deal was imminent with him. And it was just -- way to buy them more time. I think that the reason. You wouldn't you that is if you had any concern. A boat long term you know hey what is different that the money gonna change this guy and maybe -- Where where we're OK and immediately if something in the right in the sort of the Red Sox model of we'll take the shorter term deal that may be a little more dollars because we don't want that long term commitment. On clean cut there but I think they're comfortable with and now and I think he would be okay. Along with the longer term deal having worked with him now for a year and a half. But they have a much better feel for the type a guy he is the way he approaches his job and and the feeling that maybe some of the off field question that came with them here. I'm they have a better comfort level is so I think that -- prefer the long term deal and that they can detect. It would have to be with the idea of they ripped you know we got a long term deal imminent battle that they would pay him -- -- to be about eleven million on a one year deal and that's. That's probably the amount opponents are guaranteed money they'd be sinking in that ballpark for a longer term deal. These are the pacers -- a -- and and do you is one of the drafters were tied and. I would say Christian at this time it's probably about as good of a guarantee as we can give knowing that you know there's really no guarantees but. I'm you'd look at the questions for the gronkowski in terms of when is that you know when he'll be available and even when he is available you don't. You have to account for the fact that there's a possibility he might get hurt again. So I think -- -- that and then you have to free agents and Matthew Mulligan and Michael -- I would -- they could come back. And they're good players for what they do with the role they served I think they wanna be more dangerous more explosive -- the positions so I think. And the I think China freeagent like a Scott Chandler from the bill. Maybe they can get away without drafting one but it makes a lot of sense to me when you look at the way that. The -- this setup where it's pretty deep at that position from what the analysts say. And also the way they're set up on their roster with gronkowski injury situation in the -- fit that bill strongly look at that direction in the draft. Like -- from ESPN boston.com is with us I know how what was post publicly doesn't it seem clear behind the scenes at least. That the patriots parting ways with pepper Johnson. Yet they I think the more the more. Time that's passed then and we've sort of seen the pieces come together that it it seems like it's more in that direction that the idea that he went to buffalo. To be a defensive line coach what I'm like he was leaving to become a coordinator. And we heard some friends of pepper I think Christian human -- did that Steve -- had said that that sounded a lot more like. -- the patriots decided maybe it was best that they part of the way it's and they sort of found a way publicly hit you with a classy touch that may be behind the scenes that was. A little stickier than that and I can understand now I think there's any time you end the long term relationship like data can be tough. And I thought they both handled it well publicly and and what -- say when he got to buffalo. The respect he has for Belichick but the idea that now. You've done and beat them twice a year on that sort of gave gave a little more context that situation and maybe we had when the news came down. One word answer I think is all you'll need to answer the techsters question. Would you trade ground for the number one overall pick in next year's draft and and -- actually more than one word because my answer would be. Why the heck with Houston do that. I mean I think you you would do that I I I don't think right now in it and gronkowski would have much about. You I don't think what you'd get back let's that you put him on the market -- I don't think we did get back would be. Anything worth doing that force and close yet to meet to meet the whole thing with the coach he is. The end of 2015. And that's really what this contract is that the ten million dollar bonus. That the patriots have to pick up. Activity the last four years that the deal I think he got a two year window here with gronkowski that you just sort of right out and you see what the picture looks like at that time. Mike it's always fun to talk football with the enjoy what offseason there is because it seems to be less and less of it for you guys thanks for taking the time. -- -- dale thank Christian RCC a Mike that is up Mike -- from ESPN boston.com read his stuff pieces that is there is not there. He and guys like Chris price there are guys who I might I read every word they -- respect all of -- in the trenches and every single day of battling it out every day absolutely. And out I wasn't mocking the text here because I've heard this brought up elsewhere to trade wrong for the number one overall pick in next year's -- course they would. Houston wouldn't even consider it. No no they have either an -- clown he or -- man Zell has an other option. No it's never it's -- that. They would last which she with you if you suggested that trade. Are back to the calls we go 617 how it up at 6177797937. That text line that the detector used moment ago 37937. Dale Arnold Christian Fauria Sports Radio WE yeah.

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