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Big Bad Podcast: Bruins hot as they hit Olympic break

Feb 8, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and DJ Bean assess the Boston Bruins at the Olympic break. The Bruins finished the pre-Olympic portion of the schedule as one of the hottest teams in the NHL, going 8-1-2 in their final 11 games before the break, including Saturday's 7-2 rout of the Ottawa Senators at TD Garden.

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Welcome inside TD garden where the Boston Bruins head into the Olympic break with loads of momentum after a seven to route. Of the Ottawa Senators -- Mike which Elliott joined by NHL Bruins expert for WEEI dot com DJ being DJ couldn't have worked out any better. For the Bruins a lot of the players that they wanted heading into the Olympic break with some momentum. Got that momentum Patrice Bergeron leading the way with two goals -- -- -- -- proud -- that is to many beta today to see that not only did his victory in club treat this. Do we think had a veteran team would not really losing focus heading into the Olympics but one of his best players on this team ends on this team -- Patrice Bergeron. Showed up big time. Now there are couple of other players that are heading off to. Associate and the Olympics and I think but a couple of them also had very big games and have been playing well. In an 82 and one 81 and two stretch heading into the Olympic break in eleven games start civil -- Julian pointed to. As something that would be key for his team we looked at Louis Erickson he is he got assists on the first two goals today. Now also saw David Craxi who is playing very well they play these last two games before the break without their captain Zdeno -- in their defense really didn't miss a beat. Right you give credit to not park -- step of the way he has he's led the team in ice time last two games. Miraculously today Johnny boy chuck was last among Bruins defenseman in time on guys -- only played. Eighteen minutes nine seconds but that's include doing is able to do today he was able to play. All those guys between eighteen and 21 and a half minutes and he got the job done on your point on crunchy. -- the guys dominated the post season. And both of their Stanley Cup runs. Look for him to go off in Sochi because when the games matters most -- -- this this guy just has another -- so. So watch out for the Czech Republic came forward they are dark course I think in a lot of people's books yeah I mean it yeah I mean when you when you can write a guy like creche you. I know that people kinda not necessarily slept on him but we talk what between eleven cup run talking with Zdeno Chara and you talked about Tim Thomas. Talk about last seasons post season run. And you talk about just how wolf the dieted and shutting down a team like Pittsburgh. Both those policies and David -- she led those post seasons in points so would not surprise me a bit if he steps up big time in the. -- -- one thing DJ that Patrice Bergeron told us in this from. After the game against the senators today. Was that when we go to the Olympics it is like getting ready for the Stanley Cup Playoffs all over again and this is kind of a dry run for us because the intensity is up. At another level. Masking you now do you think that helps a lot of these Bruins get ready for what's going to be coming up in about a month and her half. Month and a half or have they been it for been through it so much that really doesn't matter. That's actually what I'm writing for -- not to -- out Sunday but for Monday which is that. None of these guys who are representing it with the exception of Louis Erickson who are representing their countries Neal picks haven't been through some sort of insanely high stakes sort of playoff run. And depending on who you ask those guys will say that the Stanley Cup Playoffs is far more intense. The -- Olympics obviously it's a bit of a different animal look at your playing on different sized faces but. As far as facing this sort of pressure goes cordially -- saying yesterday he knows -- guys and he knows he are you know Saudi response that kind of pressure the due to the Patrice Bergeron is gonna hit this Olympic break and just be overwhelmed no because he succeeded in two. Deep Stanley Cup playoff -- And that's one thing I did ask close Julianne after the game and today against the senators was that. Given the fact that this team has handled so many bizarre schedules. In the past they handled the Olympics back in 2010. They handled obviously last year is a labor shortened schedule where everything was compressed. And he said the one thing that's working in our favor we usually have a very hectic march and it won't be any different this year and I think that helps them. Helps this team get ready for the playoffs for a. It -- back to backs are gonna wanna get to know the guy you played today between the pipes Chad Johnson pretty well the pitcher and had seen a lot of them. And he people don't -- today and he's he's he had showed his previous game against the against the Oilers I think that you're going to be seeing opponent Chad Johnson because that's a this a million times to the Bruins credit. There were the Smart teams that realizes if you have a good record and make the playoffs that's kind of all we need to do in the regular season they don't need to care. -- winning the president's trophy because those teams are gonna play amount if they go balls the wall in the regular season the one time the Bruins have gone also go on the regular season in recent years. With you they got bounced in the first round when they had that means yeah debt and seen around. Throughout December and January. And they weren't the same team for the rest of the season why play your best hockey by focus on playing your best hockey now when you can patients' cells in the regular season. And then go for the post season the Bruins to their credit do that not a lot of teams that compete effort Stanley cups do. Asked you during the game whether or not to the Peter surely -- who spoke before this game. Would make a move for backup goalie in your point I think was right on the money you don't waste your chips especially. When the cap is what it is in the NHL. On the back up goalie you take your chances with Chad Johnson he's. As you just mentioned services team very very well and you just hope that Tuukka stays healthy and states to -- Yet for me I mean if if Tuukka -- goes down and you lose some for the post season -- -- kind of screwed anyway. Especially right now without Dennis Seidenberg you don't know who they're gonna bring into it to strengthen that top four but if Tuukka -- goes down right now you're probably not talking about a Stanley Cup run anyway. So why invest in something that will just only kind of soften that blow I think that the Bruins in addition to there. Great defense switched over the years has kind of gone up and down people kind of slipped on that a bit. They've also gotten great goaltending in if the can't rely on getting great goaltending it isn't worth paying a premium for so Sokol and -- Okay back to Peter sure rally in I've got to ask you do you think the Bruins are gonna have their -- number one priority set. And finding defensive replacement for Dennis Seidenberg their big bruising. Totally killed. The man who went down obviously and that -- some really just. With Johnny boy it shock and and Zdeno chart -- kind of fill that role are they gonna go out and get somebody like that. Well here's the thing -- Dennis Seidenberg goes down you think. -- to go and replace Dennis Seidenberg. For me losing Dennis Seidenberg just underscored the fact that they now need to go and replace Andrew Ference. Who what when Dennis Seidenberg is that a cyber throughout the season plays on the left side of the second pairing. When they reach the post season include Julian likes to make a super pairing if you will. A Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg on the right side because he's capable playing both sides as most -- shots are. Without Dennis Seidenberg. And interference -- interference is a big reason the coach Julie could do that because he could make a very good second pairing with Johnny boy chuck. Now you're going from Chara Seidenberg Ference boy chuck too as is currently constituted probably char boy chuck slash Hamilton. Krueger or I'm sorry apart -- boy took slush Hamilton. And that's pretty significant step backwards and now granted this offense is better than it's been in seasons past but. They want on the strength of having two really good defense pairings. I think that is wells not part -- he's handled playing at a top four role -- we're speaking about before. How he's glow of the team and ice time last two games I still think that's -- position that's worth upgrading if they can't do it if they can find a veteran defenseman. Who can play between 22 and 25 minutes a night. Then then you do that because as I said you're not just missing it. Dennis Seidenberg from what you once had you're missing two pieces from what you once had. And someone's gonna have to pick up those minutes now -- -- he's done a good job of doing it thus far I'd be surprised if they were comfortable going into the post season without being played and. There's certainly a lot for Peter surely to consider for Claude Julien to consider -- -- rosters -- rap right now frozen for the Olympic break the trading deadline is march -- So we'll cross separation we get to -- but certainly that would appear to be the number one priority all right the Boston Bruins DJ. Our number two in the east behind the Pittsburgh Penguins they look to be in solid position as they make. A run up that Eastern Conference flatter for the Stanley Cup Playoffs after the Olympics with DJ being at TD garden I'm Mike which rally at WEEI. Dot com.

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