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Green Street Podcast: Talking Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger with NBA insider Jessica Camerato

Feb 8, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia goes deep inside the Boston Celtics with inside expert Jessica Camerato of Basketball Insiders (wwww.basketballinsiders.com). Camerato discusses her in-depth piece with Rajon Rondo for ESPN.com as well as her take on Jared Sullinger and the re-building Celtics.

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Welcome inside TD garden after the Celtics defeat the Sacramento Kings final score of 9989. I'm Mike to try it joined by a special -- just -- camera -- of basketball insiders. And basketball insiders dot com. Just also wrote this sensational piece really. Getting inside the mind if you will one -- John Rhonda we'll get to that in a moment. But one thing I'd like to address Justin and you saw what -- sellinger did tonight. Without the aforementioned rush on Rondo available he was thrusting his -- Avery Bradley was out with a bad ankle injured against the sixers. They were you Jared Sullinger was able to dominate against another outstanding big man and in DeMarcus Cousins. Is this the kind of player -- Salinger can be night in and night out. -- alliger has the potential to become an all star player and we -- a -- glimpse of that tonight what was most impressive was how he put the team on his shoulders. Being extremely underhanded. By without rush on Rondo without Avery Bradley to everybody on his back previously injured back no pun intended. We've put together stellar performance and this is not like he was going up against -- ever average everyday center he was going up against DeMarcus Cousins. Who shockingly is. You know it can body up with cell injuries another big guy Jerry did not have easy competition tonight. Well what's interesting also I thought Jessica was the fact that I asked sellinger after the game is he back to a 100% you would figure may be almost a year after back surgery. He'd be close to a 100% he said no way it's not back yet. Yeah it's a very very very tough surgery and he's so young so he's getting his body adjusted to recovery from the surgery. In his second year he's getting adjusted to his body going to the grind of -- season. There's really no time to rest for these guys have something ails them yet Medialink wonder today if not then -- to keep going back there pounding the court scheming team now. You that you know these guys as well as everybody anybody you're here. Day in day out you're out all the practices. We see kind of a funny. Quirky side to Terrance -- terror is there a different side inside that locker room that we don't see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Asked -- followed home his father is extremely well respected on the AEU high school college circuit he had the real. Two with -- their -- these are rebounding when he was four years old so there -- no easy passes for and these guys didn't go easy on him. As jovial as he can be as funny as animated. They're the guys that grew being told you have to play more but not if you wanna compete with your. Older Brothers was also interest and a putt that -- is the fact he lockers that you know. Right next to Jeff Green. And when the question came up. After the game tonight after his great career high performance of 31 points. He was asked his father have anything encouraging. That's 8 AM after that game in and Sully said absolutely not his father like you said has pressed him and I think that is one big reason. Forest development from his rookie year to now. Yes he has -- coach in Brad Stevens many also as a coach and his father coaching his older brother is. Looking -- a breaking tonight there's no denying that -- did this -- -- the championship now it did and it was just one game so his father constantly remind him. Of the ultimate prize in its not eating the Sacramento Kings. Brad Stevens was asked after the game tonight. What a game like tonight means when when you're without a guy like Raj on Rondo that the new captain of course. You're without Avery Bradley the best lockdown defender on the team no question about that. When you beat a team like Sacramento on the road how much weight does -- carry -- and Stephens told us. That it's just good to pile up wins while -- -- and get quality time out of guys that normally don't get it. And I think that's one of the big things were were seem to think someone like -- -- pressing. Well with the Celtics this year rebuilding dealing with injuries. You don't necessarily. Take. The opponent as saying this is good measuring stick for us you take the wind like you were talking about suing each -- you see a player like Phil prescient undrafted rookie. Begin to develop BC's Dominique -- Atlantic Havoc wreaking tonight -- sellinger these guys are taking steps in the right direction. Regardless of who the opponent is these players are making progress and that's what Bret Stephens is looking for what is Gerald Wallace -- into the team. Crazy now ninety. I think they may not be allowed back into the locker and I think Gerald RU -- okay. But we all know Gerald -- he hit the ground so hard tonight and any other player. There be long commercial breaks then Jumbotron would not show anything for minutes in Gerald I think it was like a minute what thirty slightly that. Yeah that's fastest bounce back time even the NBA it is still impressed that this is an Olympic sport he would be off the ground in its second. -- scraps that's what he dies he's been in this week for so long his body has been through tremendous torture. And it's -- leniency at them like -- stuff there's no diva there. There is no argument there is all of -- -- -- I didn't. Okay this is gonna seem like a very awkward unfortunate segue excited to -- on -- now you've had. You had a tremendous opportunity to speak with him when someone. And and we're talking about injuries well obviously there is the big injury that he is trying to come back from and that's the right ACL reconstruction. And he has told you that it really humbled him because he thought he was he man he thought he could do at all. That interview that you did with him for espn.com. What did it teach you about Roger on -- the player and the. That goes into rehabbing from an injury when he suffered that injury he thought he was indestructible he thought he is in -- act in a matter of months and I said. Why did you think you're gonna come back faster than you did any set I thought I was he man. He believed that the -- to get through anything and he had been able to an ankle injuries and the dislocated elbow when he dragged his arm around the whole game against the heat. Bounce back. This list so much more intense than he thought it was going to be and he sat there. Rehabbing and it Condo in Pensacola Florida near he had his surgery and he physically could not -- And when you're a player whose livelihood is based on being so explosive is so athletic and you can't walk on your own without the help of others -- the help of -- It can do nothing but -- humbling you and give you time to think it really puts on things into perspective three point yet -- he is still cocky no injury will ever take away his cock penis. But it showed another side and -- greater appreciation. Of how important his body it and the ability that he had. I -- are so special. Having been taken away for a period of time did affect him. Jessica I can't tell you how many times fans come up to me Celtic fans. And say is Roger on Rondo truly a the leader of the team and the future of the team. What do you think. I think he is the leader of the team whether or not he's the future of the team I don't think we know the future of the team could he be the future of the team yes. A right now this team is such a situation where I would not be surprised by anything. So he is the leader though and his teammates and all said that Steven. But a lot of work with them when he was injured putting a lot of work to get back on the court there's things that we don't see about him. And -- us talking to people like Kendrick Perkins and -- sellinger both numbers saying. His nervousness about the surgery the nervous selling was saying he was scared to go into the night for the first time her was saying he was scared to come back on the court. When you're teammates can your friends used such strong emotional words like that it shows there is -- deeper side to just the athlete that thinks like I can just get out there and do whatever I want all the time. With the February 20 NBA trade deadline approaching it sure seems like for all the world. He's going to be here long term is not gonna get dealt I would be I think you'd be stunned and so would I if he were dealt. Yeah I don't I would be surprised if he -- at some point he's fair but this is not the time for the Celtics to treat him. Purely for want factor his value is not as high as it could be let's say at the draft or at the of the trade deadline rather -- still healing. Right exactly the the treated like for next year let's say he's still healing. Teams are probably in a certain low balling the Celtics we're not gonna give you all that much you don't even know this guy can play back to back games yet back to back to back games. -- right now -- Smart for the Celtics to hold on to him and see what happens you think the Celtics are handling the rebuilding process correctly this year. I do you think they are and I think it starts with Brad Stevens I have been. So impressed we also saw him at Butler and he was a great coach there I did a lot with the program but the -- he's got these guys to buy into the system. Listen nobody wants to be in a rebuilding process everybody wants to win now that he has got these players to commit to what they're dealing. Very very early on well I when I. First turn that they were hiring Brad Stevens out of Butler I had one thought one vision in mind if when I was thinking about what Danny Ainge was thinking and that's Frank Vogel for frank spoke a young coach taking over the Indiana Pacers I think that's what Danny -- Long range would love to see the Celtics turn into. Be fascinating to see what happens in the next couple weeks and how the Celtics handle themselves they just finished their worst month in history to fifteen. In the month the January. It's where we don't have to worry about these do not have to worry about playoff yeah. That is at. The microphone -- I have to say there. Not much because there's not much else left to say about these Boston Celtics Jessica camera -- a basketball insiders thank you very much it's a huge hit. Here at the TD garden after the Celtics and -- sullen Jirga kind of career performance from the big man inside 31 points. Sixteen rebounds the Celtics defeat the Sacramento Kings. Before the always effervescent Jessica's camera -- from basketball insiders tell Mike to Australia WEEI. Dot com.

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