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Former Celtic Antoine Walker with Salk and Holley: Finally out of debt, and ready to start the second half of his life

Feb 7, 2014|

We spend some time chatting with 'Employee Number 8', former Celtic Antoine Walker. We talk about his history with the C's, his financial issues, and his road back from it in a very candid conversation with Salk and Holley.

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-- how it's gone off a glass of unexpected. He called it pretty. City College golf -- Antoine Walker joins us right now employee number eight. Antawn cyber -- on Juan Martin nicknames he joins us be the eighteenth tee -- Hayek taught how -- yeah. -- -- -- We're doing well well well glad to have an opportunity to sit down and and W for a little bit and so we thought we'd we'd start by going back down memory lane at the very beginning when you first arrived. Here in Boston your member what do you remember him of that first first moment when you realize you've been drafted by the Boston Celtics in your -- Boston. I don't know what Mike will probably give me a hard cuts. And now they've been. I'm able to grate -- me from the currency and banking company and then you know what worked out great you know. Larry Bird you know and it's not the case -- ML -- I mean does -- and output at its core group great -- I was follows a wild but. To get -- about it so he's going to be a part of that organization was some very special to me. There's got to do this and historian on the while I agree cracked so I'm Manuel spent some one big one to get Japanese it's not a by the Celtics -- no written it was around. My first couple years in the league and I'm -- -- -- in the moment and really get to talk and they get -- and so grateful. What Italian I think it would just talked to some of the of the day was saying how much Kevin Garnett would have loved to have been around the -- they really would have enjoyed swapping stories and what do you remember of him as some of the story some of the lessons he taught. Well it was because we -- it was. He feels very aware of the game -- west every game at. Two of the fact that he's -- very knowledgeable began when opera's got -- 960. I mean does. Just becoming a leader on the team. You know what it means could be achieved Celtic. Been around -- -- have been a competitor and really does Vinatieri colored greens you Inga. Do whatever it is -- a fight for the -- so you would determine -- that in the Lamotte talked a couple of places little -- also you know you'll get leader in electric cigar as well could Eagle County with a cigar as he got to worry about their. Never liked -- everybody always liked talk and talk with you and have a year round now you mention a hard time that people like me gave us to be a hard time every now and then but it's funny. Every everybody everybody had expectations. For who you're going to be I remember coming out of college this -- from Kentucky. You know he can rebound he can score he can pass. Everybody wanted to some by some guys wanted to play mourn paints and by guys like you to play outside how you what did you think when you came with the league. What kind of player did you expect to -- Went public in the -- wanted to be. And wanna be again it is made to delete I want to be announced one Libya impact impact player. A new muscular look. I think -- ultimately again. A unique opportunity to play the pre reproduce most of placed ballclub but I scrambled Rick -- You know with a solid pro at that -- sideways -- current market such as literacy. I'm really on millionaire and Wales and the kind of -- I would yeah. I think you know. The great job of China and you know bringing me along lightweight pinkie. Another source for the game because of the slow Whitney and then out that we cannot know the debt that would moment was the one in the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a part of what is a must do muscular look at what equipment medal of the very confident player in my ability. I want to be effective. Respect you know I wanted to score one rebound one dissidents one dollar Phillips actually so. That's -- Myself as being an olive oil and VW bombers don't. About the three point shots that was that you took a lot of threes in your career specially -- -- maybe three or four year span that come from you was that encouraged by the coaches discouraged by the coaches what was. What was that relations. -- could -- -- -- me -- we sellout silently colors not that much because you know the frequency and by. Wants to -- to -- where that plane and not all are just coming out. You know kind of got caught in that position at Rosenblatt told him volatile like got you know -- -- -- -- the limitations on number -- -- mud and blood. You know me Apollo had a lot of play him pong thing I'd want column that it's a great school again doubled in a lot. So I -- absolutely get a lot of open looks to rebook it was -- became part of my game that was not. Big as part of my get a copy of the requirement in my pick the best part of my game what surely be -- it would have Obama must. And they play but it just became part of it is -- can contagious. You know sometimes difficult Europe a player you -- established in the league rookie comes along. He's good you don't wanna just give in the props immediately went on to earn it how long did it take you. To acknowledge that Paul Pierce was an equal and that he could help you win some games. Let -- you know about his first year I think we'll also what we talk and the -- with a -- on the show that -- -- -- -- -- -- it. You don't to a Korean and Japanese -- -- that -- -- And I think you came in with a simple themselves I'm really. You know on -- about came in very hungry. What is skill that was in the permit small forward in the league right away. And -- I was absolutely -- -- to go out to where now a premium on a great success. Undermine the preschool only not closely with. The government -- -- -- -- policy must open book but we at least so -- -- worried about it. It would look good place while the court that makes it much easier to deal went on the court and we considered the success we can you know we both understood. Well he's trying to do and that's actually -- -- back to a play out in the cold outside and when that one is so it is implicated his natural beauty trend this. Former Celtic Antoine Walker here with a son WEEI. I think most people are most fans of -- -- one moments that they associate is their favorite moment in terms a year year -- Boston. Do you have a favorite the one thing you think of that stands out above anything else from your time. I don't know that -- -- certain moment was actually is getting -- about it so I think. You know. As a basketball player -- played the game for a long time -- -- You know I'll follow -- policy in my era when I came out did not follow Michael Jordan had a great. Not a great chance of seeing him -- being here from Chicago -- in the champions that they or just you know interrupted by the -- certainly a part of that organization you know have an opportunity to durability. You're -- and I -- suitable forum it would learned and -- and you know -- -- was around the time that parents. It is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think that the one -- you know I was a member. And I remember when you signed your first contract with the Celtics are member when you signed the extension and we had a talk about. I grew up he did you grow up with a lot of money. -- a lot of people who helped you out along the way in the new took the opportunity to help them out when you signed your contract did you ever envision. Did you ever envision that. The money would do Wendell. -- -- he just gets a point when you signed that especially 72 million dollar contract extension did you think that you were set for life. Of course without question you policy. That would -- that would take about the bottom line. I think it would mean my career whistle. I think. -- when I wouldn't change anything about. You know helping people. Especially traveling -- close -- Topeka. That's wanting to god bless -- with it it would regardless of laboratories that make it -- when you're supposed to help people. Do great things when it. I think from the yet they got a blow to in my career of I was wanting it that volatility young guys just. Not that's. Well when you need to invest. Especially in good spirits as your job is to play basketball. Follow the 101232 year period and you're gonna retire at a very young -- when you get on the up until the world invested in the world. And the did not want to that is not going to be like none of them are so if you let them sent to. That incompetent that you can watch and that you can control all of them bases -- not gonna interrupt you and what you have to work. It looks closer prospect that the time by. Not humility about that stuff -- so. I think what -- You know us being in a guy in the league for a long time minutes went to there's -- introduction now which -- back -- -- is currently -- a young -- you might -- -- -- site. And you've got -- -- because of value about the game so I think it is. But the common things that things not know what to -- and the announcer -- and other people. What -- -- -- recovers again it is really sit back wait and you know be retired but -- that particular player so -- Smart. I read does something you you said a couple of years ago Antawn usage to create a lifestyle for yourself in the NBA you're spending a lot of money. As you're living there were thirteen year NBA career. Does that mean what does that lifestyle like for young Antoine Walker in the -- yet. I think it's a big you know maybe -- -- coaching -- to I think you know when you -- Of their properties struck area called the situation where -- -- the -- -- the -- Of of household of maybe 20/20 five people you've. You know you'd have 674. That you grew up with. You wanna make sure wobbles people are taking care as well as you -- And also Ukrainian myself itself -- which you -- from you know. They've been in the -- doubt about slap me now. And not understand the upkeep but the taxes of it's -- different variables to a bit bit then played applauded. When you create a slight you've got to maintain the last. So it's about being there and play and -- want to indicate that you don't sometimes. You know you don't pay attention to and to come back and -- it was a -- Television dimension Michael Jordan. And and we know Michael great player and also a great gambler I know you guys. Used to gamble. Was that it was that a problem that -- -- Michael Jordan gambles all the money that he's still make money yet and played in years. It's not gonna hurt she is not gonna hurt him the way it hurts you was that a big problem for you. I'm not Michael -- -- -- -- for Michael we've got to kind of you know what role model for me it's far. Basketball a lot of community and it can learn how to win in becoming a player and then they can be focused really. What came in the first thing everybody he added like what I'm gonna get what like -- We have the pictures of Michael money into it once and Michael Michael do you would be my commitment you know -- gamble -- -- If you have ever like Michael -- well laboratory that won't speak. And you have to give the gamble is not at that type of our. But I don't have -- unique opportunity to spend a lot of time around Michael and then learned a lot but I don't think they'll. You know will be the book that two other. You like it. -- you're right it wasn't a problem for him I think the question is -- that was that a problem for you not necessarily gambling with Michael but does gambling in general. No update you -- it looks like epic last incident that happened -- and and in this if it is unfortunate. You know you've got to get that opportunity completely aside the story to the situation on all the while that -- -- amount of money that went out. Yet that would document. And I write a check Miller never wrote a check how much they. It is this kind of big in this so you don't -- -- it to work your side of the story in. They just deposit markers. It took account there was an open in eight years so this is. It's unfortunate they took that route but it was some that there have been in it and you have to respect they have their. The right to the pod of the market where they want to bring in the capital activity a year so. It just came out the wrong way so. Other women -- like you. Necessary at the damage was -- Legally an excellent fuel necessary for me to come out publicly and try to explain myself to go back for so. Look at the damage was done already so that every other vigilance is there a lot of people on understand and understand everything -- -- -- it but. Doesn't know Ryder -- -- to write what they want to write people believe what they want to believe it. Welcome. You know in -- -- in and in the story about what is general Atlantic that is about the way that the taking your business sometimes you got to be on top of the other held in the professional manner. And they exceeded that should make the right this -- but I don't think it was a problem. A lot of local money and in investments and in doing a lot of listings in the real estate market. And the selflessness and that car apart -- -- and 9% so in Mexico from the but when you -- that a couple of mixed in with the oh well maybe not about -- I didn't. You know once. That throughout my career. How much our area could just tell it to give us a sense it because people like the numbers it's easy for them. It to grasp what that means in OK we understand I'm out. 800 but it kind of felt that that was there when that's what that's what -- looks Vegas about. And other than that there's not a significant amount of money that was -- Now that. Most of the amount of money in -- that was the one time. Want that they've had like 800000 dollars or anybody's a lot of money but if I lost a 100000 dollars go to brought me to my -- what would your reaction. When you lost 300000 dollars in one night is that what it was. Dog down. It was a -- we will go and yeah that might have my period okay and what there was there was that little one night you know. -- -- I was actually like I was actually trying to negotiate. You know in the pay to play a bigger -- got back their money or they -- the league program cases that they did it. Sort -- -- them and what's on them and and that part with a belt and ball players that they will put pressure on the if you didn't know about big big if it is so Barkley may -- a couple of years Formby. What they went maybe a year ago -- -- -- awful situation where you win it but when it's -- -- a little bit. What to expect that the lakers have that right to do that they could do that out of 45 -- that you all the money so they could make a good look. There and it's always tell people the numbers we're talking about before he came on your first contractor second contractor third contract. Within the Adidas contract you -- -- all the numbers that that she made in debt. Is that you lost the money. It is hard for people to grasp and for me. I would be -- at some point I start to get scared when it's all the money dwindling did that happen for you did you look and say it ain't. A hole. I'm in trouble here when was that moment. Well we didn't have that moment moment came when -- -- -- -- and at a lot of loans and I personally geared toward. On loans so when that have been good when that happens and and they want their money. There was no public -- the guarantor. And people to understand business understand when you reports that your tour. You have the president went so I'm responsible for -- back there and an. And we had an. Stopped to let the host of Chicago on commercial. Our residential. And so that comes up there who were involved there so the number with the big numbers so. It is all kind of happened at once -- welcome slow granted trust account they want it caught me off guard them and went on like it in my life so. It was on the debt levels. I'm familiar with. I had to gain knowledge of that. And they really -- know how we around them shortly and eventually just because without the current gear towards a common good held up so called pill swallow when. -- not been able to know that you know. Other complexities. In my life on the number -- -- either be able to make money and and and wildlife. Will have to make a cut in the again probably not. -- you elect a little bit more at. Important and inhabit some 300 million dollar and the gap between XP is so that must Sam has been a bill that my -- So we continue to grow on -- and that's about. -- what does life look like now a few years ago you know the biggest thing -- order to pay back that money have you paid it back. How are you make good money what does life look like now for Antoine Walker. Let's of those losing them and China on recycle failed in my life. And different in different -- on the trigger we'll look in the sports of some capacity. Four time. Possibly a markets or is that. -- left W that it -- to get everything together so nobody Lambeau trying to get. Make sure everything's going to be okay out there but in the process so. -- you have -- Yes a mountain out of bankruptcy squares so good about a dead in Atlanta this sort of the small book mobile often mallet. And make sure that you know you try to make -- -- the full amount of these young guys that come through the can be can be a role model for. And make sure that they don't make the same mistakes I did in Italy carbon negative situation until uncle or. My goodness this is different I -- if I'm trying to grasp of the fingerprint in my -- about -- -- forces some capacity -- -- won't work toward better. At least two of those gaps. TV radio immediately what I like to -- via involved sports. You know I've got to say that the -- it we've got a text you here in he has he or she have the same thought that I have Texas is this is fascinating. He sounds too much together. To have lost so much. I did you do you don't you don't sound like. You don't sound like you're down there must have been a time where. You were down emotionally or something right. Oh without question I mean that I -- I would I would never embarrassed that I had a -- now. But the great thing Mike Anderson -- -- the assembly must come in Mumbai -- -- -- -- being great. People have been very impact for in my life you know Mike you know and males and opposite of the they keep people that you know. Two -- my life that are being about close friend of step with me they're very proud of that. Definitely you know in more ways than one this is being a supporter of is not a -- and you know on the environment that this'll mean different ways and I don't know -- doesn't make me as a person. I know I'm on the Warner -- make in the market. No word about it now because I've been Colorado whereabouts and everything on the obscene everything. How to look at what quality of life would that be back in little Lama to do that either talk about blog -- -- Don't some. In the programs and sports world. And that's what I wanna get back. You know -- I hear you talk about the story and and and having never been a professional athlete myself for even close to that or even covering the team full time the -- Michael has. LCD going to be I mean if you're pro athlete you're making a lot of money you mentioned in your story maybe you don't come from a lot of money you don't understand the value of the dollar if you're going through to see young kid. How CD is it how how sketchy the characters. That can float around -- BA basketball team. It really I think it's a cultural great. I think. You know sometimes nothing you know most African Americans and most aptly. -- single -- home. And that and sometimes not habitable parents in the home and -- admissibility -- -- you assume that responsibility. At a younger -- And in an open yourself awful lot of mistakes. You don't trust real well. When you get it to delete. We see in the meet in London for an amount of people that we -- in that we should let it. Sort like that companies are now wanting actually you know pinpoint. But I speak. Probably will be like much. Outlook in the area and different people and of went to my experiences that indicate. The Who you know I'll become an athlete so you know we get rid of somebody's story that stuck in our stores and instinct that they do to epic career. But this comment it happens. You know -- -- -- -- were actually playing you meet a lot of people. You're doing a lot of different things and he's -- have to bite here a billion. Pound on the does that happen. Now I a couple of more questions were -- wanted to -- to get back to. You know talk and basketball coach a basketball like -- -- look at some analysts on TNT you keep can you be the next Charles Barkley. Could be the next. Jason Kidd coaching the team what he wanted to. It doesn't -- I mean come home on the basketball as well sports fan. A much of the gain mama bear around sports on the watch them daily basis on what that but daily. That's what I'm it's my passion. He's not -- -- could do both above and beyond TVs in the primary camera talking about a bit and give people inside the beginning. Also at the BC am my lifelong dispenses that book called the game and make them make -- -- better ballplayer. You know make -- -- Antoine Walker and exactly two years so. I believe that I got built -- the capabilities to -- that play it all still. Yeah after it left -- assembly and Chicago home and still play with the -- church and the guy. And there's some type about velocity bullet hostility you know. You still bring up the wiggle. No doubt they'll do real -- got lots. Of what was the first wiggle can you tell about the first time you brought up the wiggle. -- -- -- -- I'm thinking god became a little bit it wasn't as polished as well. But the but it it would apply countless -- You know what I remember this. When you when -- -- to bin. You would know much better and I would but I think it was the third or fourth year I remember. Your ex fiance coming around -- was a lot more quiet. This -- these days off until me she said a lot of things she has -- a lot of things about you on TV do you have any problem of her portrayal. Of viewing your situation. I do. I'd reduce you know and I'll be glad -- That somebody else with ten years and it's unfortunate. Did not mention in the waited to hear I have my own personal take on what things ended in. You know what I'm happy or not I'm not I'm mad because before -- mean she's you know and the reality preview. -- -- market now on the world. It the scope and that you know people like him in and involved and in. You may have felt that -- the order regional -- either and then in the bottom out I am I guess and that's in the world but. But more personal. More so than what she's done I think when you get somebody -- use of your life should be teaching them life. When it from this respect the B a little bit more loyalty but that's a learning curve of mine and that's also some that I had to learn as well also. So difficult to slow them again but you know about a bygone mica. Has been a few years on good. Multi your story in this interview certainly is resonating with people at Michael Bible reading the text messages that are coming in that. I want is an excellent interview I hope he gets the media job he wants after listening to -- so much more respect for this guy what a sad story but he great outcome. Good for him. -- sounds great line this employee number 81 of my favorite Celtics personalities. Ever so those are just over the some of the Texas I mean another vehicle there's governor thank you for your generosity hundred dollar bills for valley is edit some people at all what you have -- sovereign debt so overly much on her way out there are up for grabs. Because of the to give them that in other than -- You know so do you Google very difficult -- for me to talk about my situation but I -- -- the pillow and expires on. You know monitoring you would do over again coming -- which could well give -- yeah I mean you leveler. Who likes to try to make -- they got to make the best of it out they -- a lot of people on that some key is 11950. Euro also. -- got to continue to be a role model for them make sure they have a quality life. -- -- -- You know let them down so. It's not big that it would you know just you know money for me I mean come on other things that -- affect your life and you have to fight for work for Leo what so. I think sometimes to get a little shell and you know you get. No writers and people just write stories -- can elect effects from that is right the fact what -- -- and what paper. Well it's sometimes a little bit more to this story so no I appreciate you go out and give up on the campus at mile course on my ball started sometimes you don't get that opportunity a lot. While the door is open anytime you find yourself in Boston give us -- -- a mom Bonnie and spend an hour spend a couple of hours coming Ellison's studio -- -- hoops or anything else you're up permanently a permanent. Open invitation for anytime you want -- thanks so much we appreciate this. Art program -- all right there you go there is any -- on walker former employee number rates. -- cyber -- Antoine Walker joining us there be the AT&T hotline lot to a lot to reflect I'll get right back to a sex alcohol WB.

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