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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - the 90's in Boston Sports, lost decade edition - 2/7/14

Feb 7, 2014|

We tackle four topics about the 90's (the lost decade) in Boston Sports, all inspired by our interview with Antoine Walker.

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-- Now word excel and Ali swollen painful -- roller board or a -- More fun cleaning. Mean -- Well we've solved it finally -- -- Sports Radio WDE. Do agree about. If your song like you know mobile through this. Nothing much. Good things together got -- -- Eddie guy through. Of course itself was named Penn because -- -- mine -- -- plans that was my hand. -- This thing. If you work you and it was very. Expressions. Thrice passionate and I. I mean I'm all for -- is -- of any better pearl and that is a great. And -- -- no doubt this is a great help. Everything after this. But I love this well everything after that I don't like anything like that you'd like virtually -- I told you were pulled OK okay. This is it okay this album. When you -- out your best mountains to promises to be ruled. Can promise you don't know -- -- -- if you want to play and I want to go Morton's junk in a fight scene for fifteen minutes its review. Or four brought you -- see beyond your technology ally and business to manage one and let's see beyond and manage your technology and of course then tell us. Why were listening to eighty better -- Well. For Boston sports fans we've experienced a whole lot of success in the city but the ninety's to now be referred to as the loss. Decade then no championships won't loser goes. So like I said no Boston team is -- won a championship in the ninety's no team got closer more often in the Bruins a common theme for the Bruins are in the ninety's was ownership never doing enough to put him over the top. What was the most frustrating move or -- move that the Bruins did during the night. If this evil it's easy but you know -- two went -- moves. -- the head out now or make that doctors are perfect -- W -- holding them out and nobody has ever said. -- -- art too moves that really stand out one. Ray Bork are I'm sorry -- -- you when you get the point where you have to trade. Your franchise defenseman. Because you've you've basically. Give acknowledged that you're not gonna win you're not gonna do what's necessary. To put a winning championship level team on the ice that's one number true. -- hiring of Steve Kasper. Who then went on to publicly embarrassed not just Kevin Stevens okay that's fine but Cam Neely. And Toronto. And three this is on the doorstep of the 1990s but think it happened in 2000 vote technically doesn't count. You hire Mike -- What my hiring Mike -- the ultimate micro manager. Who set you back a little set you back probably to a three more years so but I was stand I was startled -- -- And -- very frustrating goes to move. Well and those were frustrating in terms of the big picture I think you know the little thing is just not giving you that extra guy dominates every year you had a really good team but didn't go out there and get that one extra score to put you over the top in 1990. Is probably the best example in that decade but there are few of them. The Bruins teams are always almost good enough or or maybe just good enough to get there but not good enough that to be over the tops are really. The biggest pictures probably let in the rain Harry sinden go on too long right. And that lasted well into the 2000. -- just it just too long. Or it was a hole here it was Harry said to block. Right because when Harry is -- -- a -- -- armor underneath guy and really was there is a god send them. But that's really if you're just looking for one thing that would be it that's the one problem. Fans attitude toward the team that we changed in the -- came and took over would surely was initially. Still mockery absolute mockery there's no doubt people were still market but. Some of it was deserved at that point to -- coming off that first lockout. They hit the wrong miniatures there's no other way to look at it that really good players go it was a sector. The second after the lockout 95 -- -- amid the of those conservatives don't want to 2000 to one but you got to -- -- right that they just handled it's a Portland -- good players like Brian Rolston go broke up the team that was certainly a contending team. And got back again it really took them a few more years and yes -- -- -- showing up Peter surely showing up. I'm bringing in big names like -- Savard -- guys kind of turn this thing around. -- If this is the -- second. -- stupid not to look at them don't Betty -- should look so -- Sixteen at this time to curb that but I didn't like -- okay. What you -- there. We're nearly any idea what's so ideally sixteen plus six theaters. A very respectable thirty tell what the problem for what's right what was the video for the net was the next album personal. That's the best things on -- and that it is that there is. -- is it. Now. -- grow up this season although I remember that. I'll figure out it's great to watch it. Am just to look at the Red Sox are. The ninety's well but not well enough getting swept by the aids in the 1990 ALCS. They -- again in 95 and 99 per -- The Sox had some legit stars in the ninety's with players such as Roger Clemens and Mo -- Of the nineties Red Sox players who would you most wanted to see winning championships here. Bob obviously Darren Bragg on all the obvious answer -- obvious answers. Aren't they figure a slew. Other than -- other than what other than Lou I'm -- -- just -- the obvious one but other -- what you consider a little -- to -- -- -- player yes there are -- -- No competitive. Ongoing or had his chance he did or didn't know more OK I'm gonna take the out toothpaste. -- put it back and to remember that changed the course of history. If Roger Clements. Had won it World Series in Boston. He never would have been allowed to leave. He never would've wanted to believe. He wouldn't have done. His name would not be mud today we'll be no controversy over the Red Sox hall of Famer Roger Pedro going and have never paper about it being here but. There will be no controversy over that in Roger Clemens would be a blow it. Red Sox icon we use at the magic words Peter never would have been yeah I will sacrifice it to -- a -- yeah. I -- you know mobile on in the morbid -- -- -- Roger. We just sit here keep saying rather over and over again -- -- that were not -- changed my god do you wanna get a prevent you gonna prevent you from. Being it has steroid guy. You'll never meet Brian McNamee. You'll never have to for your wife under the bus about -- Charlotte her opponent in Houston Jack I not been all that happened because I got to watch Peter during that time I'll gladly trade the end of Roger and earlier that it would never -- I -- -- do Pedro Martinez a -- it would never become your best friend he would not -- remember. We wouldn't know Rusty Hardin. Nor we know big justice. Note that just distract who's just. Short of a columnist. -- just Richards and Texas yet. I didn't realize that if a court it up. If your neighbor to -- quarks are torture -- I'm busier here I'm watching Britney Spears toxic video that mr. thank you thank you Rhode techsters. The sentiments of the red -- -- it's the like naked. And a blue stewardess outfit. She's on a plane. Factors that you carry on a BO architectures that you pervert sixteen as the target sixteen has about 32 pride and it's. Compare him in The -- -- just a stone's -- Agree that you -- I would also like twenty at that time. -- well -- ago when Sam warned. -- -- Royal tour -- very liked our power to about. Oh -- Troy O Leary Mike Green well Jeff Frye look Jeff Frye we just thought Jeff -- Carl -- we -- -- that would mean I didn't say you were there I heard about my -- agent of the learnings that one pocket and that the cancer institute for about that promotes Scott Fletcher. And remove me so much as Jeff -- the same guy about like public -- for -- -- freedom. Freak me. We support music it was one night. Nearly part of the ninety's for the Celtics of the downturn from the brilliance of the eighties after bird McHale retired and Robert Ayers moved on team. The Celtics fell into the NBA of this that move followed by bad move to the Celtics to a perennial lottery team. As the worst move the Celtics -- -- in the ninth wise. So what now to what now to what took a bullet to -- what now. Let's -- have a trouble here due to what now. Easy. Easy. Meg 18197. It would they've made. Or June day in 97 when they lowered the -- ML Carr had a great line we don't lower banners in Boston we raise them. They lower the better the great press conference -- home. Rick portrayal apologists use professionals but that it descriptions Rick Pitino comes to town takes the president away from read our back. It tortures the French guys -- thinking successful so why to what now. That's the -- to what. Everybody -- are you right pirate -- hired forget alright but nobody nobody nobody you know -- -- have a problem if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of your past if you life becomes part of the future or is the easiest. -- Come again without. What you're different if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of your past if your life becomes part of the future. So tell the truth right now don't lie about assault -- serious while trying to come up with a one. That is that it can't I can at best to Rick Pitino. Sure to. Retreating four and vin baker in 1990. The six. 97. As Latinos for those who later it was pronouncing that to you contracts to brilliant -- behind Jarvis I get a wide. You can also not getting anything for the victory as they were indeed there. That's the early ninety in the end of the eighties early ninety's. Allowing those guys to just sort of you get anything at the end from -- -- you'd get eating at the end for Pervez. You maybe you find maybe couldn't Dilfer could just make him watch the franchise here Bo McCalebb Paris you were able to get anything at the end for those guys catch what you get for any age -- -- mean and Joseph Klein -- I merely get anything for -- vote for that great team as they were exiting. Prime portrays -- Celtics it's okay. What's so it did it was everything that -- so it paid by the way shooting exhibition and a basketball camp misguided missed from anywhere on the floor. Half court just draining shot after shot really think you read a book. Jack McCallum wrote a great book on that and that era that I in 1991 Celtics. And that was caught unfinished business. But Ed Pinkney was passing you know Jack McCallum great reporter Sports Illustrated senior writer but he had a detail that book that pick me. Everybody looked -- and -- -- just put together. People talk about him that they -- kind of took about Jeff Green differences right if you -- activity just fit but he picked they develop this basketball cough. -- -- -- Just during the basketball season and McCallum interview his -- that he never does this in the offseason but after it was kind of like. He collects -- nervous tic like a psychological things like a somatic yes. It was it was it was -- -- basketball cough. It was all but it was between me here's -- great guy he's he had great got to give him shoot baseline jumpers that's all I really think it was a technique she baseline jumpers. No food. It would be your next okay. Okay smash mouth. -- It's. A crappy music from. -- some sort of over the years when only -- happy. And sent him and late night. Terrible. -- This is a worse economy Shaquille ON and you know just debating sugar and -- if you're used maliciously or sugar Arabia played those on them they were like they were and a man. Had a good isn't -- that's on a pretty big -- -- -- -- Electric relaxation. -- Patriots started. Out of the ninety's by going one in fifteenth. When they finish the decade going aiming under now beloved -- -- We've been talking about how Brady doesn't have enough weapons of -- one of the lets those weapons from the ninety's input on this team now. What a great thing. -- -- It be hard for me not to go my favorite player on the patriots in that era and -- that comes. He would definitely help this team you could use another tight end like him to replace Aaron Hernandez. And be that other pass receiving threat plus block. He looked pretty good this team now what did coach would be great team a bunch of guys you know what action it pretty well this team they embraced. We've -- his victory go across the middle of the current Smart. As you and -- and one of bullets those weapons in the -- -- running back. All of this place and out of like a quarter is just beginning guys you throw the ball gag their guys running -- -- weapons retrieved. A feel for quarterbacks. Just like. -- -- for let's say a quarter of a running back can you record for quarterback play action to save the quarterback a lot of stress and grieve. Will affect the defense got a great running back to pick that's what you don't look at it theoretically you could either have -- are -- -- is not terrorism market he could have Curtis Martin on the patriots right now or you could have. And coach you rather Curtis Martin I didn't say -- that's a bit now Ben -- that the probably beat the number one guy or his artwork -- you. Eight Terry Glenn with his head screwed on straight would be number three Terry Glenn. When he was on his -- Terry Glenn with his head screwed on street is a date yet. -- and saw it couldn't go that low for the dollar lack of your notice it's all a -- airport -- guys from America guidance. They're putting -- -- on but we got to see your -- and with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady it didn't work all that well saga I got to eliminate him. For one game. -- in you. About publish on Jefferson. Good outside speed not a Paul got 511 big cup for -- so for for bullets of Stanley Morgan doesn't work a lot of -- decade -- but he's -- -- Morgan does Dave make it to intercept one that's what position the patriots sounds like they're in desperate need of a third down running back out of the backfield and constable. What if they did. Now he's familiar gave -- the past 2 days and I -- out there -- -- when he was here right around the nineties but it stars -- -- -- like he's primarily talent witnesses you know I just don't I don't mean the government in jail by the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About Keith -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Keith Jackson. Are obligated to say they're all charged colleagues I'm about to cook. That's my excuse to play -- -- from a young delay effect on. Michael bishop. -- Could limit Michael bishop into wide receiver. Boom boom -- I said earlier Sam Dash -- that neck roll I like it. -- -- said earlier LeRoy Thompson. Another third down running back and I love how they -- Coke. Bottle laughter Sam gash. -- Nobody -- Kevin turner Hartley dykes wrong decade right approximately eighty. Totals since Tony Gator -- colors. Good stuff that's good -- today they had told you brought you by see beyond that I Lola liked the idea of the -- be in the laws decades troop. But the Bruins they may want Stanley Cup final and it's 1990 really that teams still left over from the I know this doesn't count the question what's. Quarterback weapons bright young -- yes. But let's just -- a little bit. This Texas you have the right idea -- magic. Andre Tippett. Are straight separate on this team. Yes I can't. Andre Tippett on this thing we have talked about. Well we come off five. About 56 Super Bowls. After a ticket right now. Operate separate right now the patriots. Situation it'll pass rusher. Every fifteen plays a game dictates -- to play every sexy think he'd get in a year if you were given this -- game right now. Four sacks I just want to ask your -- I seen the footage. All we if you haven't seen by now everybody -- seen Andre Tippett Tippett throwing Johnny Hector into the quarterback. OK I can get to the court wreck right now happen but there's a little running back a primary not pick him up. Ice -- And throw amateur record I'll get my -- how he gets stuck here. When 300 -- more Andre Tippett could have been one of the league's great players in that era -- that he got stocked here nobody paid him any attention while it was playing if he's completely overshadowed by player by LT obviously but by. Carl Bankston and and all the other good players of that -- In it and you should have been just as good as any of them and really was so don't talk to Vatican summit terrible team every. It's a kitten. Man that can't mess that man has his own yellow. Ugly jacket. All -- -- and almost comes the apology it's like eight and put your can't and you deserve it but we feel bad. We're really sorry to play in this lousy teams all this time of -- played for such terrible loans and eleven and five teams.

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