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An open (and very sappy) letter to Peyton Manning: It's okay to lose, you're a nice man!

Feb 7, 2014|

It's loserville day in the Denver Post... we mock an open letter to Peyton Manning in the newspaper... its okay to lose the Superbowl in embarrassing fashion... as long you're a "nice" man. Shlock at it's finest, and it brings out the pink hats to boot.

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Dear mister Manning this piece reads Michael dear mister Manning. I'm not a sports reporter not an NFL analyst and former player never studied film. And I have not cataloged all the best and worst moments in football history in the game of football well this road of forming in line one. -- -- when you start out dear mister Manning is going to be very well. After his conference -- -- Trent Dilfer are now now now this is not Troy was not Trent. This is a woman named -- -- black men. -- -- Lot of more. Bull man animated Latimer maybe she's like the -- the program right after she finished writing these -- going to. Starting defense. At least at that table. -- had the windows out of well. But her name is -- Latimer -- -- Balkman. She's writing here in the Denver Post a nice letter she's tend to -- that maybe -- a canister but here you talked about how she's never studied film. I know the game of football she says well. Though I still can't figure out why you can challenge first bounce off but not a pass interference -- -- -- the point. What I have done -- -- to seriously rugged flag football games Don blue and orange every Sunday from August to January for the past 43 years. After some unbelievably for two games at mile -- even seven months pregnant. I even -- my beloved black lab after John -- We're still believe is responsible for saving the Broncos victory. Against the Packers host and with us on these authors also for making my partner -- -- is -- OK now. Let's just pause here which he's trying to do is. And I go insider knowledge you right because you expect me. As a woman. This day all it's all about Peyton. And John Elway. And all the stars. Would tell you. And a little something else Michael John -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I -- undeniable -- biased. They were getting enough craft. Below in the care and the not grasping at or below. As is went -- to argue that not it's because the my bias and lack of NFL in analysis experience that makes me far more qualified to talk about your legacy. That any of those analysts former players coaches and commentators and a look at you Mike Greenberg well increased car karma. They operate a world -- urgency dictates everything controversy sensationalism make headlines. I am more qualified because I am. It certainly you know ready for me continue said he regrets her kids out. They were got -- of play that more than 21. -- where I've been I have been and ball. It's that I do and I'm reading Avery and try to get her to finish the sentences reports -- Books you know. I'm a mom -- is actually understand in the most basic level what legacy. Ruling and now Michael I think you're giving them enough. The -- and background legacy is something handed down that matters. It something that matters to young players and athletes and it's looking for mentors they help them find their way you don't hand down Super Bowl trophies you know and done in a -- the -- Franchise records you know him down touchdowns that's -- win loss. You hand down an example. Work. Courage come back after a career threatening injury of humility in victory and graciousness and beaten. Them in perspective. One's own accomplishment. That legacy matters and that's -- yours is on tarnished even and especially. After Sunday's -- it. It matters that your professional -- talk to reporters that matters. That you give credit to others coaches teammates mentor it matters you don't give up and a bad game. Keep fighting no matter the odds it matters take the time to write handwritten notes the fans and autograph even after crushing defeat. I. It matters you know the difference between being embarrassed by your team's performance and just not being the best team in the field that. And it matters that you meticulously prepare to play the game and encourage everyone around you to do this certain -- continue. I -- take stock in what those analysts say about your legacy no doubt treat your father's really bestowed upon you and your Brothers. I. Want to hear Bobby burger credibility of our opponent tomorrow. I want you to know that. This mom of two young boys who already recognized your different from the others believe your legacy has never been stronger and I am confident thousands of others agree. Whether you win another game your accomplishments of the -- nothing short of remarkable in alongside many other outstanding. Pitcher character. That sets you apart from so many of your predecessors and peers. And acts. It. Ethical thing -- Latimer -- Goldman and paper journalism professor blogger mom. And Broncos -- -- journals professor's eyes as she lost. A native of Colorado a graduate of rocky mountain high. She was the Colorado scholastic press association for school journalist of the year. In 1980 to 1980 S history -- out. Well personal papers in order appreciate that you read books knows that she had no matter. Or buy diesel bullet proof that you don't would be -- -- -- out there -- -- brother you. All of them all global tears at Tennessee believe people's thoughts on the -- -- the -- here to say thank you from a bad. -- -- thank you for the entire Denver Broncos organization. I cutesy mr. John -- you are. An average. I am guessing there an average. The email articles. What she broke you -- it. Because body rules say -- this is now the news the women's -- football now now if Lori. Vault and Latimer is collateral -- Latimer is just starting defense plea to the table that's from all these stuff -- Latimer I imagine her all like with the with the full face paint it Latimer at the movie I. -- you don't win another game so. What was all. Time on the -- -- -- Be out there. My guy and one -- the horse run around the field. Drop and John Mobley. You're talking about the first down and pass interference they both should be challenge. And they understand it doesn't really. Matter up games wins distinct character in the decency of -- talking about -- know what is characteristic. Only other that is the best point you could possibly make a totally hate I hate when we start describing personalities the players that we don't really know. Maybe Peyton Manning sends a nice letter and then goes home beats the crap out of his wife we don't know that I'm on accusing him of that but we don't know these guys. Do you like Ben Roethlisberger before you start hearing -- -- you probably didn't but somebody did. Nobody realized he was the guy he seems to be when he's not from the camera but that you find out later that Roethlisberger section kind of a terrible guy. Yet people it is against any while I don't Ben Roethlisberger for a -- have you did you know about this you really gonna stand up for. App which you have to find out -- -- dark side before you stop believing everything that we tells him for -- camp handwritten letters. All rights and Clinton -- that that pretty good guy. It seems to be gay guy and I know people that know -- they say is a good guy but disappearance -- review during athletes for being great guys. Now especially when it comes at the awe -- BS. When I'm in a given yes give me Antoine Walker instead what -- -- what she bought hook line and center -- -- Would you guys know -- know it would you guys say you know Brady's character no no I wouldn't know. No you don't. -- you do Q and you can't say how I know this upon note Tom Brady's character. Would -- -- if you're talking did you pick character witness for any prefer would you want a pretty professional athlete -- -- mr. governor. After -- right in us. I atlas and he broke down cover two of them actually that. David do that form and ask him about you know of their scheme that he would you wanna get the details. Our firm it's even better to Peyton Manning is a great brilliant entertainer. Exercised pretty at a child will welcome to the century there. Can I -- -- Aaron Hernandez's character dark yet. -- And has no other entertainers Aaron Hernandez -- the consummate entertainer. -- -- with -- what are you hoping to get out of writing this column this guest column for the Denver Post. Saying while Peyton here ego thank you thanks for your participation. I know you didn't win but it's okay thanks for being a good guy. It's over Peyton Manning wants more qualified because. I am all. Mom. A better -- -- -- response from Rutgers student she's a journalism professor. What do whatever student's -- -- -- political whenever students -- are a professor Larry -- a nut graph we're right. Know of one that occurs due to -- This is why Peyton Manning makes me sick but this is why the Super Bowl loss. Makes me think that Peyton Manning is not the greatest quarterback of all time and come up what they'd come up with a column. And I want professor Latimer there to grade that student on a different opinion. Torture journalistic. -- could do that right. A good journalistic quake hit you and you make your case why Peyton Manning. It's -- as his legacy intact is not the greatest quarterback of what I wouldn't be in our legacy is the fact that. Because we're talking about football let me ask you this patriots fans as you as you hear -- -- -- -- -- better. I don't know patted daddy as I don't know I don't think about that during I hear ms. Latimer letter does it change in anyway. Your opinion on Peyton Manning and his legacy 617779. 7937. So now WE. Fifteen local football -- Seattle. -- hit the ball Walters good good good good but it does it did it's. Good food yeah. Yeah. And nearly -- boutiques. Now. I am more qualified because I am all. Text message HTT -- trying to -- 7937 you know if you win the it'll have to write these letters for -- letters proof Peyton Manning the loser. Nailed it -- troop. You credit you're you're better go to ms. Latimer -- that. He's not feeling that -- and other people -- to say before if you miss the Antoine Walker he really was very good today very candid about his life his memories to be an embossed in what happened afterwards. And where he is today ia will replace them for coming -- about that minute that the call -- the breaking news -- the breaking news. Alex Rodriguez who dropped his lawsuit against MLB now you don't say how wide because they had no chance because he's guilty as you know what what else. That's pretty much the reason yet because they try not to have too many frivolous lawsuits in the court system because he didn't have a chance -- -- -- and are on the time. I -- I'm not a model but I will tell your. Little lady. Remind me almost to Chris brought it up while people brag about it should be -- like Olympic because not a bad guy. Like I I don't like its -- like this they thought. That and it's. A brag about so there. Which are secure so the cut out of that. It's a legacy it's -- so sold it to. But this regard greater. All -- -- it or not -- than other textures than it fitted perfectly he took a pretty non. Football approached to -- football situation. Nobody says that the losing the game makes Peyton Manning a bad person -- talking about is his personal life and and I don't even know much about Peyton Manning personally. I don't know how many kids he has just had its first -- recently I don't know his wife's name or -- some news today and I don't I don't. We're talking about football. Why weren't we bring it into your your polite with the reporters and even even in defeat you do this you do that and this shows me that. That analyst noted that and just talk about football you talking about. It's just a football discussed Chris is in Chicopee what's up Chris. -- -- -- They are -- -- absorb. All the pop up in nanny and at least be armed. I mean the Red -- is. It's a quarterback. An immediate technical buying all these times and super ball that I can understand what you -- that Super Bowl streak aren't only want one time. I'll let Chris how many nice letters as he written to people who Avastin for an autograph that's really what we should be asking about is that. Are you so worried about Super -- -- why do you have to be so worried about Super Bowls and MVPs and yards and records should you be more worried about how many nice things he said to children. -- Yet now I mean we're talking about sports period you know I mean that's where I look at it as a player as a as a person I don't know how he is. You know what he does a great thing you know there's a lot of guys out there that do that to -- now. Dahlia I mean I think that's -- point and that's sort of the Joker trying to integrate thanks thanks plan locker leases in New Hampshire great highly so what's going. You've gotten yourself trusting and all I. Now I know your corporate gonna be but often when Brady not particular about can't quite -- it wasn't punished because they thought that -- the Balkans since he. You -- it at 9 o'clock you aren't there at the time okay. Of course is -- so -- is it less because he wanted because he didn't win. And -- it can't be. Because I know I think that because we ought to that -- -- -- look -- Sorry you lost. I don't of people I think -- when you talk about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady it just comes down Q. The number of Super Bowls won and it really that's what it comes down to like it if you know Peyton Manning has won his he's won one Super Bowl and he's lost you Tom Brady. Has more wiggle room I guess and Peyton Manning since he's got three impaired and Manning has once. That's not about losing -- Could you really need an excellent. Derrick bringing the same way about it both. -- you know and I think the outcome of the ball would've been the same sort of a chance and. You know what's a little what's the problem the problem is what you don't like people -- -- make -- -- the letter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It artistic focus as the focus what did you think of what did you think of that letter. I thought she spoke. I would like to thank Ike could articulate what blank. I'll. Aren't you know you're not in all of you hate me me later it. And I would repeat you can't jump off that -- regret in my act and how we never go back and went thirty years with the PG excellent. Least -- what happened so disappointed when Pamela -- There are really February it was really mostly because a lot of her top to Wes Welker left did you somehow that's it that's what struck me not because that that thought no it wasn't your battery and it would mean I -- -- out. -- check whether or not. My -- ridicule what I would like. -- you -- you -- to my team to get that you weren't Cleveland Browns. What you did at Detroit Lions I'm going to dog that ate at so our whole lives and make sure employees that you've been pitchers me for how long. Thirty over thirty years been teacher told us all odds on the. Sure I understand. During the entirety during the rod rust years or year. During the McPherson year during the Pete Carroll Bobby Grier ear during all the -- during all the time Sullivan's own team. None none of those directions the team is heading in that never bothered -- but Bill Belichick a guy would won three Super Bowls and been tough five in an eleven year span in New England. When he decided to let Wes Welker go that was worse to you and forced you to jump off the bandwagon more than going one and if. You can tell you why let me tell you -- is. It because. -- -- and coming back to victory and I really feel like you wanna make sure you find new team before he's gone now. Let me. I don't -- bet he beat him and you thought it. They don't -- and the weapons. -- I know I never really it was. And that was the only time and then the app and content that the so my thigh and I feel that they haven't given him what we could have been on the paycheck would have been. But not all our players. At least you can at least that all day long we can have that debate you guys -- right might be wrong I -- stop being a fan of the team I don't don't -- -- -- manager -- would have -- and I noticed that there's there's -- you got to plead the fifth and you know there are just I don't know one more quick victory who who do you report. -- -- Because -- Wes Welker. I decide to get here and I did it really mean me and why initially include a lot and I'm an academic topic -- I won't ever YPD. Let it all I'd that's I like November and then anyway and by that joke among everybody back so much crap from everybody. Really you do you got proper people for abandoning -- that's strange and it anymore. -- Lisa I'd like you coalition I want more of your opinions on -- think team that you call the show every day I'm curious about how you feel when other teams now -- -- -- -- time for today thank you for your call at least the weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh -- I. Less and you'll. Be kidding me -- I have -- this whole opening saying I made train and plan or I -- -- and. Including Mark Martin in the car right now guys like cannot even -- are all over -- and driving. Don't mix. I. Oh -- you read. Great football player and that -- I don't I don't understand. -- What is it gonna take for you to give up on the Detroit Lions I mean she gave up on the patriots and they lead Belichick go to Chicago or when they let Welker -- -- in like the direction Belichick was taking his team how can you haven't given up an alliance yet. If we can afford it rehire Matt Millen and yeah I'm out block away. You know what if he were to do that I think we'd all support you I think yeah I think the other 31 -- say hey come join our franchise nobody you know that's. Property only and Jason Hartford -- -- it. All of -- a lad lady called patriot was dozen -- -- is the Broncos who saw his options offered and. My -- here but I'm stopping traffic on eighty for the -- ticket -- -- good and wanna go when a lot. Costs the next day as drugs and lately there's not a resident represent all -- And low paying off a lot about. -- -- controls the people riled up throw yourself when you don't -- -- If you missed any of Antoine Walker he really was very open honest about his career what went right what went wrong played the whole interview coming -- -- WB.

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