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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 02/07/14

Feb 7, 2014|

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793. Putted on sports right. -- -- three point seven. Yeah I don't know. Then it's time for answers the question generic answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer that question -- Answer the question jerk tonight we got your questions they come in the attacks 37937. Mikey -- with -- from the greatest bar. Mikey you you're kidding me but he came down here and guess what your answer the question -- feature yes coach York's in this entire bar -- I acted out all four floors not one -- four floors of a bar detect each floor -- How many voters so far would you estimate there's hundreds -- ready -- it's early yet some ways -- can be date we have going -- I'm real -- here -- -- again we have everybody in their closet coveted tonight to visit with us. Comedians leaves winery. Lyndon byers is -- -- -- theater John Fiore from The Sopranos -- it realists serendipity. And different yet. I don't know so well and have self count Leo I don't know we've got to -- no change -- -- Humans think there's going to be here yeah you right after his -- So it'll be fun good and I can promise you this. Lots of gorgeous women -- I don't know how do you know guys that are open right now how many gorgeous women are within -- shot right now. Fourteen to fourteen. Next question a dozen. When the doesn't just in the rule of the conference room right where we're broadcasting really carried the dignity of confidence -- -- -- big fan. Let's turn that -- -- -- this note giant fat old ladies here let's do we got here what is better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Her bicycle when it's a tough questions jagr lag is this your kids kids like this and commercially. Not to admire her nerves or normal. The moment but it's funny. As a -- funny yeah. The -- funny that we will not funny yeah that was brutal spawning this as far as not gonna work the way I love the thing -- about -- that we go week when he you know. Jump a book on it checked real fast. Said the guy on perhaps half hour -- -- I know it is. Is like give his whole life story I go out there like that though we -- -- with the idea that Turkey -- one. He was exactly at a Turkey giveaways was committing it refers you -- Turkey's show of bad view of -- bag you know OK next question guys and stuck in traffic a rule once I stop looters away for traffic to get better. Yes -- you stop telling the tragic event. No usually -- I'll stop looters and wait for traffic to get better. When when you stop and voters went through traffic get better -- -- going to be looters were -- two hours minimum ten and a half three. Four hours WEW my -- that might be stuck at hooters you might have to get a cattle drive -- can happen in stated Elaine opens up. It. Is double dipping OK if it's just you and your wife. If Christopher's did you. I mean in theory. These guys are sharing a lot of seems all right -- flew it on my food kits are yet. Well if you don't assume that you probably bigger problems in your marriage or whether you're double dipping on this issue which lips. Mean. It was -- although you may -- -- that problem accused Johnston was with the younger which it's. You -- next we're giving it to me when I'm feeling. All thank you Steve this is a -- one it's all it's been all over the best Saturday Night Live -- ever. So many. Cancer. That's the best single sketch. Pictures. It's an analyst Chris Richard -- temperatures on its plate and we viewed from -- -- -- -- -- The Pulitzer Prize -- went old school and I don't know I won the Roland. My favorite. Richard Pryor temperatures -- the -- I like a lot of the download stuff from the eighties and he's mr. Mr. annoying -- funny about Will Ferrell a little -- I'd like where our work out well I mean that the first like one single one that's that's way up mr. That's what cynical sketched out by Alan about -- and Murphy thought this up as via like shortly ball incredibly or white. Which weighted balls. That -- -- our only question that's questions we disagree that the Rolling Stone was that the release was terrible it was just a miserable list. They the Timberlake and Andy Samberg -- in a box pretty he has. Next question when they did a few years ago I should have often make us when they're looking for the the day in his hotel room -- -- Joseph Montana. Honest guy again that's not it's okay now that's funny all the all drug Olympics ever made. Late -- Can all agree that Phil Hartman disagrees this and help out here -- Our next questions. I get my Valentine's Day gift to my corporate work she lives there she were to have been office building. Or her name be enough for delivery to find the answers questions. And it is desperately need help get it on its 2014 sets itself. I think he brought her office that you felt like you not know what companies she works for. You should know what company your girlfriend worked. You don't go over -- when -- like random digit debris or something or. Like in person you meet up so. Yes that's different that stand out you know. It was a good. Argument here -- -- thank -- congress just gave me finger payout which on air guy has the last year's card W yeah. Well it's gotta be it can be done dentists -- but he knew -- tomorrow right. What's -- right now he's got a really nice. And Audi but did you know drive like some. Like two -- On that report serves but whose debt John -- And -- Killing land -- About you Mikey and -- you know Mike about it tribunals Carter WEEI nobody ever invited me over for that don't go for the last year cycle for the functional and the right price the -- vehicle that's -- -- two cars water -- and thought you just take that opportunity to promote brilliantly I think it's tied between host and newscast right -- -- -- that I -- it. Yes Paul body experience will end within one Prius was worse having diarrhea at a crowded party or having to people stuck in traffic with militants -- -- No cops -- -- by yourself and the other ones with the -- and he's entered diary is by far worse battery and a crowd of party worse than being a repeat just learn to hold. Diarrhea that its -- Especially crowd -- -- poverty sexual harassment that was funny that's at the testimonies that ever and also it's not even funny in the Peyton Manning doing to threaten the united way. To be another Katrina opponents let the weapons. What did you decide these are bound to sell what you just like my side PS IPs were you -- for the jurors various. -- -- -- And that is very dot com and your side can save some money. But effort -- -- that upper right here -- and our market -- is -- from -- side of -- -- percent off with a start and then -- take her over to my flop house -- my. Was that Aaron Hernandez had that Federer hit a flop -- the merger flop house. -- -- It's next Aaron Hernandez opposite was also on it and let it -- with I. It's right near -- place right time for us to get out of here we will catch you guys on Monday stick around for Mikey. At the greatest bar we'll talk to --

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