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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, joins Mut and Lou from Sochi

Feb 7, 2014|

NBC Sports Analyst Pierre McGuire calls us from Russia to talk all things Olympics and of course, living conditions.

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Here required joins us from Russia. He's brought to you by north of power equipment and by UMass on line. The Airbus a little -- you. I'll do it -- what -- you're -- -- it blew all of Europe we had a guy in late -- -- a -- earlier with a terrible cell phone -- or Russia. You sound like you're that it next door appear that's a great phone you have there. It's fantastic default great rush hour period where rumors cleaning I know there's a lot of stuff out there -- at large -- any of that stuff. But I can tell you that there are certain. Yeah these people let. Have had a lot of bad luck commercial Russians have a lot of good luck so. Now I've always -- happy to have a good luck I was gonna steady pronounces it isn't -- that as as a -- as a moat. Just put a lot from you which one because there's a bunch of them. All like Nazis the ticket until the summer -- I'm just gonna say -- -- -- -- -- Olympics resort summon up this year were it not work. Everyone's saying their year at the weather itself. Looks like a seaside beach community. That is hosting the Winter Olympics -- does that feel like that when you're there. Thought no it's probably between 35 and forty degrees Fahrenheit every day it's on me but if you look behind these -- seaside in the black in particular. And you look at the mountain about -- there's a lot of well. And amounts are extremely hard in the very deep I have not been there about various yet I'd just I'd look at them every day when I walk to work. Dear readers are beautiful idea -- actually electric arc it's outstanding. While watching Olympic opening ceremonies at least the and as a Bostonians group he has been very probably Zdeno Chara -- -- crucial block it. It was awesome to watch and committed the stadium watching -- Russians sort of a reverse it needs. While watching the Russian in my room right now and is it really is a very very it's just touching open arteries as. There was that no no dogs or anything made it to the opening ceremonies have you have -- zone a lot of straight -- You know what will -- but that's kind of a shot and around here and I'll say this. -- out of -- All of a lot dark in my life and see what's happened in the dark population are not very differently. I would say if if anything then really sat here and you know our I don't know what happened to the population before outcome in this country many times I feel we're privileged just to be here. But I never been to Sochi I did she altered mr. inside in the value to worship in the Chelyabinsk. As in the mosque soared in the street Petersburg have been -- match -- been a lot of places. And you are wobble have been a lot of different places in the country I've never been tortured -- never -- here before. But they tell me that people had to be moved. For more of the Olympic partners and basically -- people when they removed they couldn't afford it was a dark. And shall -- became straight. And nobody really wanted to take care and so it's really -- doctor -- probably one day walking out of the arena had a little -- food because -- wish -- -- to China open the door and I dropped from the -- is thankful that he for the dark. I have no idea what happened that but yeah I've actually losses. -- such -- It's it's rough here in the same stories there will be your -- back here you joked at the beginning that you've. You've not seen some of the things that the western journalists are are tweeting and and texting and writing about which at the the shower curtain the door handles a light ball but I guess that askew. Have you heard that talk amongst your media bred to be heard some of the horror stories from guys you work with guys and gals over their covering it that. They didn't baiting get it is -- isn't as lucky you and there accommodations. Were not as good a sound. I have not but I have been here since Sunday. And you go up but which is being here since Sunday has spent all my time either in the gym in the structural or -- I have not really had a chance to see a lot of other media people sure because -- merchants get near the either got here yesterday is the day before they get here tomorrow. I've had a chance to see them. Try I don't know I really don't like. Again actually the stuff but I've obviously she -- on the on the Internet. And I'm -- it's -- -- -- -- people in the emotions up. But again I have not witnessed that and all the people who work within NBC no responses. The area -- at Douglas some of these guys north Americans you know going over that Sochi we've seen some of the accommodations we've seen you know 34 guys. In one small room togethers. Is there are concerned you know leaving North America in those chaotic conditions that -- know what we're proud playing for a country. But this just kind of ridiculous just get the hell out of here you expect the effort. All I expect the effort I don't think anybody can say that. From what I understand and I've talked to really cheated olympians. That have been through many times. -- in the hockey players in particular that really don't get treated any like. NHL players do do -- like the Olympic village they like accommodations they think it's fine they think it's for the better with the -- we've -- Now there's a little bit of a walk properly what they've complained about a little bit of a walk from. Their residence where these C. Finding areas. But outside of that there's there's really not a lot of complaints. I can probably are more bolstering shark that bit of multiple concurrent with the Olympic villages it's really -- it's not article at all. Compared to Vancouver it's pretty simple and I will say this being biased because I thought and I've done this like the Olympics. I thought of all you look at sort of the privilege of doing. That's Vancouver was the best Olympics I've been a part of but I thought solar city was the second best. It's always you know. Then if you're using their who vertical parable. So far we haven't started yet obviously you'll be sure market and I. We'll see where we go with -- but so far into the pretty good here. Well the overview of -- -- -- -- some of these teams Vieira made the turn and you'll be covering here starting this week. -- the Philadelphia Flyers ownership is the latest ownership amount and basically say. We hate that our players are taking part and the quote was he was he was asked the question which like this you return to our World Cup format and the answer was. I like -- anything other then the Olympics I mean I hate him and it it's feels like there are. There are other owners who feel the same way in your gut here is that the last Olympics. Of our lifetime where the NHL players are gonna take part -- -- hockey tournament. I think that -- -- -- -- ignored she verticals and after that everybody wants to prejudged looked -- chances humor goes. Let's say you have the US and the final or US Russia final -- saw the church period. And these are huge in terms of numbers. Think everybody's -- judgments -- really do on the yeah I think it's going to be easy road South Korea and now that's -- than actual analysts which are consumers really difficult to -- a lot of studio virtually really do. I think -- there are some really progressive gentlemen and -- there have my people than their older years and say you know what we wanna have. The best -- best -- -- the at the Olympics. What it's a pretty special follows the first however privileges or literal approach 976 my hometown Montreal is pretty amazing. Really was and that's what kind of got north response. You know everybody watched 1980. Good luck 1984. But he was 1980. But I Albert Soria nicest. It's pretty amazing the Olympic Torch involved is pretty special. -- -- year old -- starting Q I start to feel or sense that the pressure that are on the Russians. The start in this Olympics as far as the hockey term goes. Also I totally agree -- I think the biggest problem is going to be for the Russians as pressure. And yes everywhere I go in -- interesting being here. A lot of the Russian fans hockey fans of the NHL they get to see our games. A lot a lot more than you -- think. And they all they speak in broken English who want to can speak English in the water no what are what you think of Russian team. And I could the Russian -- skillful in particular I just normal they're going to be what kind of pressure. That's going to be the biggest thing in the -- and I think candidate did it unbelievably long twenty cents. I'm not sure that the Russians are going to be whatever -- -- -- this country song for Wal-Mart offered sign Pro -- level of hockey international sport you know -- though. I'm talking appear McGwire BC sports he's in Russia to follow all things Olympic hockey I think. The public pressure on Canada PR I'm looking at these in the web sites and I'm looking at the odds and and this is not a perfect scenario but candidate is they'd. Overwhelming favorite from a Vegas gambling standpoint to win do you think. -- I wouldn't call him an overwhelming favorite I would call them favoured I would call them overwhelming at all just because it's Sunday -- Just because your question marks in school just because your question mark the passing of the torch on defense. -- question marks about that -- -- -- the team is built -- absolutely or only because stepped down the middle matters. And there are just so deep down the middle. And they also have great handled strain to think about sharpened age and Chicago invincible get up and Perry from. And in your -- but -- unbelievable character and an iron cougar. So they've got an insurance they've got stepped on them at all. They've got some very good skating on the back end but to call them the very huge favor to -- -- I wouldn't say that at all. -- you think -- took a rationally be leaned on it equally is is a guarantee he'll be the starter that's still open year. I was talking to the net and I hit a big Russian hockey Garrett does look different among them -- for a long time. And his -- said the meters kindly your stinking Americans Canada I think in the rules deal with because of to harass. And this is -- very knowledgeable Russian hockey aficionado. Is that they can let him do that party for a long time -- -- I think it's irrational view this tournament. A civil Seattle defenders of the most well enough about computers can score. For the and that definitely stopped -- -- -- to have any chance at all when you're charge against him. A appear forget that the US team that they hit that the Swedish team takes with the dean you opt out of this tournament -- take them out of metal consideration that much of a loss for them. Not yet just because the soft like this is played so well and I will -- the show transgendered involvement -- inflation should -- not -- news -- -- The particular -- medal contention would be a little bitterly. But but I think that they've launched sickening people without your confirmed without. Hendrick Lundqvist are -- without her virtually been such huge problem. Such a little bit different from the actual you know that plays well put you know I had the street is being one of the top fourteen inch I don't know couples straight. Sketch out on this Pierre. Bob -- went on TV last night here in the United States. Is -- all pink man eight is is that you guys washing up safely over there is that a -- around in the Olympic village. I looked a little previous. Moderate moderate. -- warned that kind yesterday boom in the morning. I don't have been better off. I don't offer something midfielder -- that the -- -- -- the -- -- But -- on the insurers what the doctor -- sentinel blog you know the doctor. Blocked over there have been at least ten people have had similar problems and out into different also all the Bob. But you know what I go to gym every day at work got to -- -- -- -- mr. tolerable vocational. If it's on the air I don't know some in the water but -- a lot better tonight in through the swollen in my -- it was yesterday confirmed. The -- great stuff when we first see you want to see here locally well. Tomorrow morning the American ladies Bible where there are so that nobody's talking about The American -- -- -- -- on the law. They are shall dirt they are so good they trained right -- -- proud of that for national review varying. From about. But the edge which got -- or his family in their words that are. You know the problem is these -- -- really did they are this is the best Americans were in the game I've seen since 2000 they're they're really record. I could say while a lot of the hockey fans will be up at 3 AM here locally to watch appear -- in the coverage starts here Boston we appreciate the time and up look for a talking about this -- -- next week Pierre get better with that I will see on TV. Wildfire related or are good after the Olympic sure but I believe that -- are what I'd -- that you just start and you guys. I'll -- endless circle and -- more -- right now. It's really good. If you -- flammable Boston Bruins and circular -- be -- emotional and very probably shouldn't culture handle himself. It it's pretty awful lot to lose that there's -- Great promotion for tonight will be locked in -- thank you all talked it next week. That's not including the gentleman pick their way out by the way a -- yeah a lot of Providence College so. Representatives to. -- ago. Thanks for hair I'd be here today he's the man Pierre McGuire NBC sports who brought you by Norfolk power equipment not in by UMass on line.

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