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Matt Bartkowski on Mut and Merloni

Feb 7, 2014|

Bruins defenseman Matt Bartkowski joins Mut and Lou to talk about playing in Chara's absense, dealing with trade rumors, and whether or not the game is starting to slow down for him.

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In the volleyed every. -- -- That was the first career goal from half court basketball -- 937 WE -- -- welcome back. The Ohio State got the Pittsburgh native Matt. Lot Lou how -- you. -- there are so judge historical on you like many -- you led the team and ice time with sedate or across the pond last night good for yeah oh. -- aspect I don't know about so many turn things. What's like -- last night you look at that game it's not that he figured that is isn't as a viewer elect at this. This -- a tough game written all over right Saint Louis big physical one of the better teams in NHL note Chara. You guys fight back and pull appoint out of a -- but it showed a lot obviously not. You know happy about the loss but still the goal of that environment that is nice to -- -- report. Here it definitely is. We didn't put ourselves in a good spot here enough that two goal lead but. We fought back in. You know on the and I think we should've won that game we had a lot of good chances that didn't score on and other goalie made some good -- but. You know apart just and proper -- it. Is such a great group young defensemen here -- I'm curious when you know HR is gonna miss a couple of games here obviously you get an expanded role expanded ice time. Last night do you talk about that with Kevin with -- and recognized that for a couple of games are going to be asked to play different role in trying to you know. Focus on that role while Zdeno -- is overseas. Very rarely talk about I think it's strategists understood but. There are really take it about these you know lineup or anything. We're just try to focus on playing our games. We are you know we're not trying to gain you much what we do. We try and -- -- -- -- much. Then it ends up hurting the team are being detrimental so long as we don't cleric gains. You know we're just get some more minutes and you know what lap I was. A good sign of RP IRD corps is that are we played pretty sure are pretty well and in a bit like the outcome but like art and architecture award. Those sort of guys talk a lot about have seen some Twitter things reaction on Internet above the Olympic Cingular the obvious she gets -- Your core guys heading over there and -- the ABC any charities bed of the just put an autumn and at the end of the bed. The try to make a little bit longer for the skies it's actually it is a myth that every -- joked the bottom elect and what the hell you win four BC that the last couple days. I haven't seen the picture is that but I've seen some of the other pictures of the hotels that area they're staying around altered. They're real people -- he saw him on the back at named Sochi but. In prior prior to knock -- over there. We got to go to buffalo this week Campbell take buffalo multiply it by about a 100000 and that's -- big deal with. Over and so she I know obviously team USA is is a team that will be keeping an eye on and and and Bruins fans here watch this team USA. That's a did you think about -- that big goal for you in the future in next time around to be being part of that team USA. Are -- think about it I mean. -- on the focus on you know I just based on the beliefs on this kind of focused on what I have to do now I don't know I get better -- You like to think that someday your -- is it enough to play in the Olympics and he would be great honor like it. Bill guys that are involved in it you know it's great pride playing for your country and in going over there it. But the guys that aren't you -- how do you feel about this break of the season just just two weeks what is it like -- It is Soviet might break you know -- all get very many days to Christmas and this is a lot longer in the also -- -- so there. It will be good some days off -- also have to -- they disciplined. And -- right. You know make sure you are too many Beers and and not too much on his. That two weeks if you don't do anything you know -- it. Well that's my problem every chemical vacation too many years -- -- -- give the Bruins is joining us. When you look last year to this year Matt I've ever athletes -- the time that that. So after you got their first taste of it that things start to slow down when you get that next opportunity whether it's CO. In your first call to the major leagues your first game in the NFL for you. Coming back this team after get a taste last year is that real is as game slowdown or is that all bull crap that you athletes try to -- us. I think it does slow down but I think it's more gesture comparable competent little more more more slaves and them or that you understand. It you know you're yourself you should be either you're good enough -- calories and sugar and there are I think it. In earlier inspections are ignoring it. Play the game like you know he can't. LSU dealt with some of this these hawks red round trade deadline area -- -- thought you were traded at one point this -- that that experience help you this year does anything change I don't need you never want to think about it. Yeah you know all the time it happened I did. They demonstrator along with -- anger but he also -- world including her own on the court action action Brett. Aren't related worry about and I don't. Really even think about now focus on. Something you can't be controlled and you're in the wrong place and ultimately it does not -- -- It's you know your -- Lawny human reason to keep it and and that's good and you know I wanna be here so also equivalent. We're talking -- offensive Matt park cal ski say you avoided you just. This time a year army debris is when Dennis Seidenberg goes down the popular opinion is -- the Bruins need of top four defensemen the left handed shot and you say you'd just did not read the paper do you tell your friends look I don't wanna hear what you read on. NHL blogs I don't wanna read any of that stuff and just say I wanna focus on this team right now. Yeah there are -- -- pay attention any of that I just. Trying. In and day out during folks on what I need to do watch video listen -- coaches and then you know trying to get better me. You know like I said if you're if you're worried about. It traders that are you know the -- come optimal person that -- that you're not focused on the game in new non battle ready. It was like -- this year or last that I watched the -- behind -- -- and -- it would it would it's been like right for you guys as players to constantly have. Cameras they aired yesterday. Last but the episode -- give it to Kevin -- on the one point Six Million Dollar Man right because new contract he signed it doesn't get a comfortable for you guys to be cautious of -- beat because the cameras are around. At first it was it was differences. We personally have literally here's some like bad news. You know you're really. Know what you're saying around the cameras what you -- that -- what you -- coaching and all that but. Now. You know being harmony mild for the seat and I think -- -- It -- it's just normal we don't even really notice of their things so. The that's when it gets dangerous -- now you gardez South -- now you're comfortable nice to see some stuff the markets in the principal's office even though they probably never. Political TV. Yeah yeah exactly hopefully they'll let it all the I guess the funds but let out. Are you as the team Matt do you guys watch that it was their like -- -- AGC the reaction to Kevin Millar hit the episode last but he guys talking about. What they're showing on the show. I didn't work -- so last but I all the other ones did. We surely talk about it that much but I think it's pretty interesting election. -- this I was told the other night the dressing room that you got attacked by cameramen. Does that charted a -- really basic fallen copy of after the game the other night. What else it might organize your request to the market. In -- -- Ago request to talk he's right next release they'll come bark and added. Usually they're pretty polite and everything that district -- he's got a little Ellison started. Rotted and aired it eat pop -- it wasn't a big deal. What. Dick heeding a call for penalty obviously going on did you go -- QL let him a couple of expletives a push what do we get. I don't know I'm glad it got I would pretty upset at the time but it really what I mean it it was a bad he's ward says so. You know I'd hate hate what should go to bigger. Matt we appreciate the time the two weeks you gonna stay away from a lot of beer gonna focus on the hockey and -- we appreciate taken a few minutes past blockage or play one more. Before the Olympic break we will try to keep the cameraman out -- your stall Gulfport. Our record here there has -- our cal ski young Bruins defensemen joining us here on the eighteenth the --

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