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An Olympic disaster: Mut and Lou talk about the Sochi Winter Olympics

Feb 7, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss the issues surrounding the Winter Olympics in Sochi that includes stray dogs, pink eye, and surveillance cameras in the showers.

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There with the for a moment that's us they're my friends in the press office countless inquiries. I have no choice but to go all Peabody and Sherman and for the next couple nights since I woke up this morning -- -- left by school and shot. And just about as ready as the old Soviet flag. According to the NBC doctors here at some kind of minor infection which should resolve itself by the weekend. If only all my issues -- resolved themselves and whether that's another story. I sent to the start to the Olympic coverage less than an NBC. Bob -- through lead anchor. Looking like a super villain from a Superman movie. -- big backdrop behind him and his I. Swollen shut those classes and what he cooked it up backers to take over the world. To get nuclear bomb somewhere. To get Pelosi wants one million dollars with -- -- you know very freaky. You look like a villain look like one of those -- and you would see in Superman like it's meant to Stewart's gut -- to the -- -- pulled down meaning it's only. -- Usually about a point just as usual and very funny as I hate it and kind different food particles -- you and your partner cavities. You get -- guy from eyes Jason Segal said in knocked up. Particles on explains make it their way into your art dealer could have made a lot more off the entire coverage every single everybody over their -- guy everywhere so it's -- far on Kostis is still there at the NBC. Palatial state. Over and so sheets. And he laid down on a walk up and got the next day I'd say that's it. Vote for that event that start is about a week is golf pre Olympic public coverage in general with the Olympics themselves. With Costas last night looked like super villain and probably that is the positive part. -- -- -- construction worker put it bare ass down on pillow. It's really -- that football might woke up with that. So we got the but the opening ceremonies start here but I 1114 hour time it is out of all right this is well I was gonna start with. As some breaking Olympic news. Lose this. I told Lou on a conference call that he could not watched the opening ceremonies on TV today that NBC was saving for primetime right. You'll legitimately just -- you really don't want to during the showed today this is why -- way at the Olympics I just want him in North America you know. At the US hockey team rocket and its 730. I and really honestly not that I would I would probably get up earlier anything but the the women's hockey team which. -- sport to watch from recent times the Olympics. Or at 3 in the morning on the play at 315 Saturday also -- the opening ceremonies -- 1114. I think right our time. So it can be yet 18814. When he fourteen military -- -- bright over there Smart though there's beautiful great job Russia. The prediction that the war and a shower curtain which you get the time right to build snow we can do whatever you want -- can't but African doorknob on the -- but that's okay. So it can't wash your opening ceremony got a lot got to wait till tonight is -- prime -- is gonna be prime time prime time Deion Sanders everywhere right prime time. Now I hate that. Hate watching Olympics when you already know the guy won gold looking silver. Doesn't take away from everything which you watched a Super Bowl if you knew at the Seahawks would just pull out the Denver Broncos if you saw the school would you watch it. Probably not now -- unless you had to do talk about the next day of your sports fan I -- the scored he would watch it. You turn the thing off. You realize the opening ceremonies it's there's not a result tonight it's just going to be. The pageantry of all -- today don't chart excellent price here's a 36 year old Olympian the United States show a lack. And pop Beck -- -- for those that work but this Alegre artists I didn't know you had this. This mechanism. You have found a way you gonna be able watch this online today but that's how. That's all -- that you are making sure to see the opening ceremonies live where. You were -- dust in the -- office got a note that's been up this link. -- is staying eighty can't drive -- -- -- -- the life they actually do it now it could be you know. And let's let it be illegal -- There are wasted elected downloaded that's been -- directly -- some things -- the UK it's. BBC two and it all these different things you can sign up that you get three free days if pretrial. She can sign up for watch it live it and I saw a lot here to cancel. So maybe you can't of you if you guys noticed Lou distracted today it's been watching the Slovakian team. Don't you wanted Zdeno Chara but assure our. Hold an avalanche. Got a lot of 07 well -- I don't feel the same. Next the figure skaters snowed out no no no not at all next the last week OK a Golden Retriever that that ritual of walking side by side. We chart -- you wanna see that couple at. Couple of Golden's. With each hour -- if you wanna see that live report it's the web. They would just I think habits if it happens where there's a couple of dogs out there and I think we'll see -- on the Internet before literally today literally out there let's. It openers lassie with team USA. Is old yell her at the Russian you know you wanna see that. I. It's let it properly and let let's throw out the whole thing the whole opening ceremonies is -- my other I've and other issues. Do we wait just before we start the Olympics. Can we have opening ceremony. Can we do you like BI team figure skating last night -- like the what you need at some people jump on whatever what are already eliminated from the Olympics before opening ceremony. This one okay. Great closer. American mogul skier Heidi closer in this by the -- starts the two weeks of absolutely. Butchering names so let's just get that straight -- I hope it's closer. It close or I don't know Closser -- whatever it is. So. Opening ceremonies were like hours away this -- yesterday. US Olympian. In the interest that qualifying run of minutes before the qualifying went just stuck 1 o'clock -- -- warm up piece. It blows arteries -- she's 21 years old politics -- thinking about the Olympics do you think she's been thinking about walking out. Opening ceremony representing their country with a little sweat suit on right away even. Bill will pageantry wave to the crowd the pride that moment. -- What do much you can do. -- -- Olympics opening ceremony between Mexico -- question we'll watch it -- Olympics just wait I know n.'s -- like tomorrow I can answer the. Prime time thing why you have to watch the opening ceremonies in prime time because NBC paid a lot of money for the rights to. The Olympics they wanna make sure that you have to watch in prime time they get those ratings in prime time only so that you're not works streaming them today. And don't watch tonight because they need a big fat TV rating throughout these are just about our advertisers in two years in the Summer Olympics comes up. Please pass X amount of dollars look at all these regs we had. That's why spend money with -- yes -- -- -- why they started last last night no clue but not US that the team figure skating would have been eliminated the finish fifth. The scoring last night at least whatever round was they did not were the top three but it finish fifth. When it keeps them out of something debated not farewell overall of the their results last night that affected some way shape or form. The Olympics there is scoring and they are Glenn's last night it happened. Before opening ceremonies tonight which Chara and the dogs helps. That affected the producers and I -- nobody at that -- -- is it just right this is an Olympic thing as we've seen as everybody now problems for him. Just wait for Friday night of Jessica instantly as we -- Saturday the start of I just don't it blows my mind this poor girl. The exit 21 years old glory -- you know while she's in the ambulance she sit there with their debt says it in my still Olympian. Imagine that's -- in army up 41 year old girl. Am I still Olympian rule lottery CL just brutal practice and as you -- at a walked through the opening ceremony can't walk. Opening ceremony if we throw in a wheelchair daddy general dropped I don't know. But I don't think that that's one of the great moments of reps say Charl what a great moment of course we don't mind -- -- a couple of games carried a flag what an honor. Think it's of people here that are already blown out before the techniques that came into. We -- done this before GO. And now that any radio through the redundant but we bring you sometimes play by play it sometimes we bring you play by play -- ordinance that we enjoy whether it's creepy caller. Yeah great play. We've never done with cross country skiing and -- I I wouldn't you. Well like the race the play by play of cross country skiing yesterday people were getting ready for their events and the Olympics actually. This is happening yesterday. With olympians olympians cross country skiing practicing. For their eventual trials and a an Olympic. Glories they go forward missed out -- yesterday in Russia. That's not a joke you set this -- have yesterday calculated as real solid -- Dogs -- The videos outstanding -- mean there's. There's a cross country the best in the world what they do you missed. It out -- -- this thing out. It is one dog. That is running around -- -- -- You can hear the ash yeah. You know in you don't wanna see 5678. Dog walking out the US team. The. Idea and Alec you wanna see dogs out there. Now. Not to bring up a source -- is there any chance that August alike. Any shot that dog is still leave India -- totality solo shot to try to make every Patel. The try to make everybody feel that they actually set up like the underdog right now in kind of shameful right to take them somewhere in. -- a little -- farm. Of course. It might do it now to make an apparent -- recently that your dog went you know it pretty spaniel named Abigail when I was young she went the dollars and argue it's not how he sees that he's definitely make everybody feel like. They've given him an actual hole. It's. It's. It happens in the Olympics are over efforts that will argue farm but still. -- Helping -- what they're doing is gathering. -- -- did you beat you two weeks with disgust. Did you not of that dog who knows what will hopefully there. Oakley tackles the gold medalist of jumps on the like right now. Even in the we have this. We had video that they'll do that we have the video that's the actual play by play. It sounds like that the I OC and Russian general might have some video that journalists aren't happy about. Speaking of butchering games -- butchering this. But Russian deputy prime minister. Dmitry -- -- continuing another day in the Olympics. Was upset about the western journalists and upper trail of the so -- hotel rooms he's very upset about it -- it's like they're being. I'll bombard about these bad Americans. Always pictures now about these media hotels are. So we get up there as part of a press conference yesterday. -- he called the deliberate sabotage this is a quote from the Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry -- -- We have surveillance video. From the hotels. That show people turning on their shower. Direct that nozzle at the wall and then leave the -- All day. The the Russian prime minister basically admitted. -- fury western journalist. Guess what. Canon cameras -- year old we're yeah I videotape. That we are deeply sorry what's going on in an era while your shower and by the way committee said this. Russian officials immediately. Shut down the interview it took off the podium no follow ups. Bewkes he was huge bragging about it sounds almost like you don't what you want proof I got proof for you. We surveillance team results Arabs -- what exactly what people -- do -- in the lake while low low low low. You have surveillance cameras in people's bathrooms Erin Andrews like I know what that's like me so I know about that but the minute he. He uttered these words. Shifted right up the -- it right out of the podium. I'm serious when was the excuse -- -- where's the excuse well balanced ticket because it was actually it's. I haven't if you're gonna react get break their Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said that a spokesman for mystical exact center Thursday. There's absolutely no surveillance in -- hotel rooms or bathrooms occupied by guests. He said there was surveillance on premises. During construction and cleaning up so she's venues in hotels and that is likely what mr. -- is back with -- thing. A senior official at a company that built in over the hotels also said. There is no such surveillance and rooms occupied by guests no bull crap they are -- that they're building these hotel there were cameras there. But they just they took out to -- -- -- -- -- it'll -- up a little bit there about. That are sabotaging this strike that -- are talking so poorly about the conditions. The courts -- -- -- what he was talking about was. His own. Make when when they're building these things contract or a bold faced lie so in the -- you know a -- their building these hotel rooms the it's -- -- people doing this with a -- no this stuff. There's a reason why you pulled them off the podium if that was the reason let him explain it you pulled them off he said dammit. You gave away our secrets -- we have surveillance cameras in all the bathrooms and out of -- safe there is no privacy is this is Russia. They expect that there would there's going to be CCT. Cctv. Secret footage everywhere object urinal that's it somebody -- you but they are out about. The surveillance drones that they're using all in the area. And every one of your communications -- cell -- attacks the email expect to be monitored. Why you're in Russia. And if you're showering Dan Wetzel try to enjoy yourself. In the shower just know that it might end up on. You to somewhere this guy and a western American -- is relevant -- who by the way but what else is earlier net press conference yet she said this. We are all grown ups in any adult has the right to understand their sexual -- jerk but police don't touch decades. That's the only thing leave that children he said that leave the children -- a load. I should lead the children locate -- himself himself rather. Who's got his girlfriend we -- a slant torch we think we are all adults here. Right devastated sexual act probably a sexual act OK the please don't mystic. That's electing -- I give you one more that's a hell of a Rezko gave you one more while. You got a morning routine right your cup of coffee guy. Stopping your coffee. -- US athletes can't get their yogurt. US athletes. Cannot get 5000 cups of Greek yogurt. Being held in customs the dispute with Russia. You have US athletes and we can't get -- yogurt are -- all screwed up. Such as another thing that's affecting these athletes. -- a day what a first day at the Olympics. It's. That they want yet yesterday was they want openers are gonna allow opening ceremony 617079. And popular. 61777979370. If your phone -- -- us. On the AT&T -- life at 37 not decrease them let's come back and officially go on record when it comes the Olympic like some input from you guys to the phones and the -- Let's -- ice hockey. Out of it. You do want it then you go back and say I'm gonna be -- repeat -- one event of a practice for my life missed many years of my public that we're skier did. Practicing for an event. What what that event B could pick one in these Winter Olympics we'll talk about that with your phones and text bubble that got a 37 WB yet there. With the for a moment to spare my friends in the press office countless inquiries. I have no choice but to go all Peabody and Sherman on the for the next couple nights since I woke up this morning with my left by swollen shut. And just about as red as the old Soviet flag. According to the NBC doctors here at some kind of minor infection which should resolve itself by the weekend if only almighty issues would resolve themselves -- quickly. But that's another story.

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