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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Jay Leno gets emotional

Feb 7, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Jay Leno's teary goodbye to The Tonight Show.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible -- by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do. Precision fitness equipment. Historical -- Massachusetts yesterday you know first time in nearly a century. That state House of Representatives voted to expel. State -- Was into on the knock out game I was not no no -- had a similar yeah I guess that's actually true yeah Carlos Rodriguez. Won 46 to five. Has been expelled. The talk to the five. What we heard from one of them pretty extensively yesterday. Russell Holmes state rep who is pushing for him to run again in which you don't think it's not a jail if you'll -- you will be depth is -- question will it be state rep again. Some question would you be surprised I would not be surprised -- -- surprised. I would. Really doubt domestic violence is not it's like drunk driving taken Monday like -- -- and -- that's true it's hard to get the woman vote exactly. I don't look about a war on Ryan Grant war on women I mean if you were do you wire took a bribe. Maybe it's probably money in a bra correct for Massachusetts was this a particularly bizarre event yesterday -- yes even bizarre for a few days I -- -- gets comes out yesterday unbelievable. Unbelievable. Is it bill wreck right now serving his sentence if convicted of domestic abuse -- the snot out of the -- report anybody's daughter she jumped out ran for libraries -- this. Originally a charge of assault and kidnapping of this woman and released in September kidnapping charges dropped. And he was convicted of two counts of assault battery charge since the two and a half years in jail six months to be served. In and over him fall two years of probation he comes in the state -- yesterday completes his innocence. Although a jury found guilty on two counts of assault and battery it does not change my true. However our realized that my -- offered me some comfort during one of the toughest times in my life I'm not shore from more displeased. While the process than the result in any case when the train is bearing down on you it doesn't really matter if the light is red -- green. -- more from him. That there's another bite actually heard him say. As a result of what's happened my freedom's been taken away that's my career has been taken away by reputation has been ruined one follow me. They dirt bag whose fault is that it's. I his freedom his career and his reputation. -- -- obviously the way column and Harold and Marc -- one reverend Mark Scott. Addressing the supporters. Of Henrik is like the NAACP. Mom. -- air force captain Cuba supported. And reaches in his desperate attempt to stay in office and he says this is to score as disgraceful as the violence itself. And he calls to the calls -- other black leaders. He says black leaders have with a rare exception failed to raise their voices to call and -- this is expulsion. As a black man I am outraged it's -- real good columnist good to hear that. That it matters I mean here's what. Race is what would that matter how could that matter I saw some of the letters and some of the protests and that you know it was a bad look. Marching this -- in into into the -- it was a white rep that -- be facing similar thing let's starts let's talk about with displeased with them with them. The house and the -- -- other -- yes the lung cancer -- lost a lot of weight hell hole prison and where is he Oklahoma hockey or somewhere. Does it matter what race or nationality you know your state rep Russell Holmes who is that support -- Rose sixteen aid does not fit the crime. So if if we had a rule that says and I believe we should have a whole new rules -- thing if you're incarcerated he shouldn't be in the House of Representatives today that didn't exist. Does he personally thinks he'll run again -- home says of his friend and and -- -- probably -- that's his that's his production and he comes back there's no -- They get for the special election there was maybe gonna be able to gonna push that back. The names of the five that voted to support him and believed to Vermont women yes they are newsworthy in and together via. Gloria fox Boston didn't east probe most of Somerville Benjamin swan in Springfield Kyle. CRT no Medford all Democrats of course voted to support. That's almost like people right there is what puts a chill down my spine when I think about a jury looking at -- Hernandez it really that's what inclement. Voted for him to keep his job after he was convicted of two outs of beating I'm sure we can talk woman. At some point and say how do you vote. Against this what is your they would say in the hectic quality or whatever that wouldn't says -- found guilty of such a bad I don't know I was in jail and it was convict. In general accusation it's a conviction right. Monuments men opens today -- probably don't know this ESPN is -- no promotion for this. George Clooney Matt Damon Bill Murray juggling you would seem you would think Greg asked you would think that people love -- you think this to be critics cat. There will be running up and down for this movie is getting destroyed. -- I saw one critical the most boring movies ever seen a -- high minded message strikes out says our globe and mail. San Diego says it's a misguided mess Wall Street Journal says disaster. -- monuments men and rotten -- 100% as I should get for rating. 29% of the critics like this movie will really hit 299%. Is a big budget -- huge budget. Is a movie true stories about you know towards the office has started -- Saudi at all. The rest of stolen art turmoil too important a -- like rescue people that is that captain Phillips captain Phillips -- when -- -- number Saving Private Ryan here's a clip from a minute. Why we must and will win this war we should also remember the high price it will be paid to the very foundation of modern society. -- destroy it. Michelangelo and joke and made. It's just the man to make it we can't even tell us to find and protect remarked that the Nazis stole it well the champs are very anxious to get started. This is this anything is is a big seller for -- I don't I don't I disagree equally when he says the very foundation. -- America of our of our world culture is art foundation. That's a clue reset of our world out there was destroying like TV sets Abby -- I guess the foundation of -- I guess the book is pretty good and never got a budget to the book is great but he's better views it's too bad book is great. Very rarely does it work up the levels of bad reviews tons and tons and this is why adapting a book wolf of Wall Street was a book called the greatest movie you've ever -- oftentimes the movie does -- the book is almost always better than movies -- -- examples were maybe the god -- And -- -- wolf Wall Street's one don't know I'm sure it's not that I'm telling you they're -- -- survivable is better. Yeah -- Unbroken is not going to be good move. It will be wheeled out about the expectations. But might be good. You can happily at 600 pages -- -- we do it how to do well. How easy -- -- fast forward like that lone survivor the fast forward to 200 fatal the opening of what six minutes -- one albatross then focus on -- probably focus on the Japanese prison camp. That's that's -- it started at the Olympic -- -- -- and his is that it'll start they'll let me micro climate that the show right nearly every meets Hitler kind jail that whole thing and in. You think the show that camp stuff into the system. Probably -- Particularly now when he's 97 years old and also -- an -- actors have to play this yes -- -- six or so it's a great role for an active people Nelnet. Which questioned as a movie ever bit as good as the book how often is a movie better in the book. Be read you read the book that you've seen the movie so while the movie was better than the book. Good question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah which -- like these candidates is not protected sector -- you as a parent when your daughter she got it. -- -- -- -- -- She can get from him you know which is usually at all I think he -- -- -- after I I would -- not that those girls. If you scrutinize the all now -- -- one woman man out there she is hot pack that you know she's dating now in real life by the way Robert Wright Penn. And thought Ben Foster from lone survivor really what's his face you know she still -- Robin Wright Penn yeah pushing Natalia. And really got crazy. -- group of marriage on chocolate -- -- a lot of laughs and being married Sean -- you know Sean -- dating. This is a good score for -- old. Bieber Sean Penn -- -- know in America know this is the hot item one a three hottest object of the plan Charlize Theron. Yeah that's a good school Sean Penn as the evening she buys into the act the -- -- -- -- planned golf Belichick that you -- so long as it should -- -- -- -- with -- tortured artists that you know if this election cigarette breath. I know. Maybe she smokes which would knock down notes anyways tonight outlast that rather. We -- -- at the beginning of last night Jay -- 22 years. During his two stances tonight show. Epic -- wasn't Johnny Carson -- pretty good job. And it was not for me better understand why people like him Jimmy talent takes over when the Olympics had done. Whether it was really emotional last night the first time he was not emotional at all I wonder feet. Probably thought the time he wasn't done you know some capacity late night -- a -- they were you heard him he knew this was it. -- -- in the world I got to meet presidents. Astronauts movie stars. Is just an incredible. I got to work reminding people who make me look better and I really am. I got the work of audio people may be sound better than they really do. I got to work with priests. That products. And just all kinds of talented people who make me look a lot smarter. And they are -- him. Who loses sob and if you don't play that clip. You know what do you -- sell -- and -- -- as a bad imitation of -- and now is yeah a lot of people imitate him via a sales. -- does it but it got worse when he got -- parents yet we have as well should I tell you. First hear the show I lost my mom. Second your last event. Then my brother back. And after that I was pretty much out of him. And the folks here became my family. Consequently when they went through rough times. I tried to be there for them. The last time we let they're showing my -- we have the 64 children that were born among all our staffers that -- but that was a great moment. And what people say to me they wanted on ABC wanna go to -- winning the gold. I didn't know anybody or there. He's the only people I've ever -- Who. -- -- Empathy always get no nieces and nephews you can know 'cause he's the highest -- guy and a lot of cars the cars like this yeah. Yes or Jay Leno is gone. I mean again for job he said desk and talk about the personalities and do that anymore at the center we. So strong. Now. Can I say the semi regularly when athlete to retire I was out there and they were to you know -- I'm not gonna I'm not gonna catch a throw a liar I say Solis. Is what my largest that you never cry cry -- what I would do. By Leno I would cry at -- start at throw the ball. Now -- -- bar yeah I -- -- look at them and family to me as a whole. Name one I -- Favre put all the whole time every. These fragile. That. And nothing else like -- Other things to do you think even though is located in grand kids -- stand up for him and understand. Nobody does it every Sunday night I saw him do that out most of -- -- -- Who was talking about it and the guy is the greatest. One of the greatest ever signed Phil said that stand -- faculties -- to stand up a sign that these guys if he ever do it does -- I don't doubt Busby. The best standup ever see you wouldn't be edgy enough dirty enough from me I would put out. You know like Chris rock and more. Young Eddie Murphy yes funniest -- a -- I ever saw was Dennis Miller back when news funny amused stance Tom is -- -- -- serve. But most of libertarian he wants everyone have a bag -- my point is he's not he's lost his sort of these terrible month for Opel. That was corner -- -- but you're right that's true that's. Headlines brought by a team best standup ever. I tell us what Dennis Miller a couple of times and it was the funniest thing I've seen this is about this when he's on sent sent the -- you may be laughed and he's great Eddie Murphy at the beginning was. Was -- -- double -- up their pants on any witches. What in the nation he was -- and since then he's done nothing but stupid -- -- -- -- I think he's got lazy instead screw Beckett in my forget anybody who yes who. You're forgetting the -- person I forgot because I can remember his name he was on the celebrity cruise. It was the for joining us at. Like the dreary mccreery your McGrady -- like that partly. So funny went back to see the second -- I mean I was I when he was done I was happy he was done because my stomach hurt. With the -- in the next night completely different act and justice money dirty but -- -- but not it wasn't based on that right just. Unbelievable the observational -- George column would be. Equity among prior -- aren't always the people's put column a -- prior. In my top five all right you know who else was published hell you can never appear again because he's just PC anymore. Would be Andrew dice Columbia Sam Kennison he can appear you wanna hear him if he were alive Sam Kennison -- Sam Kennison. Not a consumer still alive now he'd be the dad Ahmadabad BBC says in effect and the Pentagon career might help to -- it was. It until killed there and Iowa -- -- in anticipation. Of our 8 o'clock jeopardy showed out. The answer is and spit this out of work him back from the break. The answer it is. Hot hot Clinton -- You've got to come -- the question.

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