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Dino wins Jeopardy

Feb 7, 2014|

In a much anticipated match-up John Dennis took down Kirk Minihane in Jeopardy.

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Now in the interest of full disclosure. Alex from back. You need to explain that we are. We do a good job is Terry -- busy you -- I'm waiting tweeting either you holes out. -- prepare for a day just busy trying to get drama to meet -- weekend bastards -- that's important in jeopardy. You saw that picture priorities -- sorry I'm glad to screwed us up on child look at that at a -- and sausage it -- -- enemy that's true but a -- odds on favorite is -- Callahan could have -- drugs because he's already making excuses because he didn't -- of the official language of -- -- -- as well that was parties. That's suburbs of tricky in the -- psychological games playing. I don't well I was like civilians even brag about your jeopardy. He wanted the dragon. Your -- for years -- -- -- I will look for full disclosure. I am a professional. Game shall play your amateur status is gone Valentine's Day 1999. When I was living in LA. I went on show on fox called sports geniuses hosted by Matt tasker should with Lisa Guerrero was the eye -- will that one. What was the -- all sports geniuses who was short lived the critical call you when money. I -- trip to Vermont couldn't -- Smart smugglers notch and you're living and LA. I was living on a couch in LA and did you take the trip from the trip to Vermont and no money involved no that was not. Well we sold on the show. Really yeah that's true that would be a problem and nips at lunch before you're drawn on an Irish open wheel -- Lisa Guerrero she was good to Hughes looking very good to me. At -- very unspoken sexual sort what was the question that which over the top five there was a -- three people. And as one guy's got knocked off in the final moments he'd face off and they ask you a question like mean ten this. -- was Detroit tigers' opening day land mine at the 19840. You could name all nine guys and guys did. Still do my -- worker Alan Trammell was there. And Jack Morris on the mind his pitching. -- pretty easy catches for these -- perish perish or Sharia that Chet lemon Larry Herndon you know full well what you -- since 84. That's when you do when you're young nineteen house and I did get it to reliever was a Hernandez -- -- Dave feels like -- you close to right. I sobered today and ready and -- ago our problem and maybe yeah what are you -- the -- you're gonna keep the money -- tabulation over -- dozen -- -- like that's a good start at a fast -- -- -- I was can not only -- the point would you like who's the favorite. He's the commitment -- -- I don't agree -- hand. You have this is the glorious results of the misspent youth and in the case of men and like he's wasted most of his life but it has. He has immersed himself in the trivial and I don't know why would you vote said you know you'll trivia Japanese trivia. Oh it's just not distribute exercise of the mind jeopardy is trivia that's what an -- so this is trivia and human hands couldn't reveal I don't know I don't element when this thing. I have been ready to win I'm flipping a coin to see it goes first -- -- could -- it. John and flipped it. I did you call -- you call had -- There's an over the head -- you look at courses which is that. That is tales many and you go first period thought in my full Bill Belichick humbled and I'm gonna differ. Your sickness -- it to Kirk. -- again I'm gonna defer to undergo for yes gesture the six categories are you ready right this down they don't have to ask me every time you get a question. Brand names. Named the novel franchises. Languages. International food and drink and college football out for those of the categories. -- do you know. I'll take. Brand names or 200. -- and names for 200. I should reiterate the rules each gonna get five turns it went -- through the -- first I returned to get it wrong like -- a buzz in right. Write a book no -- we try to give us we and that -- protect. It's. Our goods are. Up to a roaring start -- yeah it. The company that sold noncore lenses in the 1930s started selling cameras. Under this brand name in 1940s. -- Correct. Job. That's 200 bucks for -- yes. Now still Mike Turner it's his turn now Mike -- your turn OK art I would take out college football for 600. -- daily. Their daily doubles and find out appear their daily doubles this selection system was created to -- the top two teams in the nation against each other each year. What is the bowl championship system. And all take that. Old championship BC yes. The ball -- championship series. -- -- Of technical difficulties. You have like five seconds to answer this. I just keep it out that you got five seconds to get it right did you get orbit. Series hundred jobs -- 600 for me. My turn. I won't take. Com. Mean I will take. Brand names for 600. -- Adjective before dog in a brand line from Purina. At 224. Dogs. With the puppy Joba does on an edge given dogs and even in there I don't know. Men have would you like to answer no so he's he loses 600 their total I'm good I'm not pass a pass in the and the answers happy. And you know -- -- -- that the minute hand I'll take -- cultural -- at 300 after choke them -- -- -- -- In 2011. Jim Tressel resigned as coach of this. And that. I don't know of this team amidst allegations. Of NCAA rule violations which I have on this one and ten seconds. And its existence. It -- them Ohio State. Correct. I was I was which was -- it was 80000. All right be you know. Right I will go -- militia franchises. For. 600. This chain Serbs Friday is the heat is on Saturday Sunday and Monday too it's one of their trademarks. Read it again. This. Restaurant serves for heat is on Saturday Sunday and Monday to Friday's Eric. -- just say that was these these -- under jeopardy history. Job -- yeah yours was in Russell's -- the US was easier suspected children's version. At three questions each. There was a third and a third of them are coming optical football for us older. The face of this school's national championship ring for the 2010. Season including the letters. Eight you know in blue god what's the questions are. Well into the season I knew you among repeating a hundred can't question forever. It's a flaw in this game I can't -- -- -- her lashes you repeated the face and arms on the ring. Did that repeated question for him. Okay on this ring from this team that won the national championship in 2010. Are the low letters AEU. On the -- being asked in the school that right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what's the score as the 2000 swing. It. -- -- About what's left on college football not two and 400 optics cultural ball 400 idea. Coaches go grave from these plays that the players here at the line of scrimmage rather than in the huddle -- doubles. Yes correct. Manhattan I left agony go for big money -- what some -- name inaudible franchises. Don't go -- go for having his language expert I'll skip that one. I'll do name the novel for a bullet and suckered in Munich minus 2000 in this assay at the house. In 1961. Once upon a time there was a martian named Valentine Michael Smith. But the question. That's the question repeat that your now I can't no we someone repeated got to pay attention. In just flashes the question for five seconds and it goes away in 1961. Men. And an analyst said. There was a martian name valentines -- now I've. Not. When it. And a stranger in the strange Larry Bird. Before each. Final 1 but I am minus 2800. Puts the you know it let's play final -- about the -- Come. Brand names for owls team. He ready in lost in translation Bill Murray does ads for this. Japanese oldest whisky brand hated that movie. If I don't answer we have directed. Not nothing happens. -- -- also -- like real jeopardy now. On the loose is getting set Japanese -- whisky -- whiskey when -- when money was at south of thousand yeah. Companies with I don't know he would get more now -- hand. Look at the notion could. I don't know I don't know he seemed to. -- oodles of movies seem movies do. America Bill Murray doing a commercial too and he's reading it -- -- score right now. -- gets it wrong. I'm getting wrong it's 12100. Article four catch. RC with a drink in his -- starts let's just starts at an age to then it. Let's move on and on I don't hammered his son -- I don't know and answer can go how to answer did not answer it one more OK so what's the score and I'll be O. Take the that -- -- Obama category -- yes I'll do that. Brand names for 800. The last names of chemists Franklin an album combined in this brand name. When they came up with the new oil filter. No idea. Is this for 800 and all of them. -- what is program. -- -- That's not to take a break threatened and we get to play dot final chip final jeopardy with a point. It's fascists and I was Fram. Not to lose let's give me an amateur is to get too much time let's admit that hair again welcome back a -- with the patent. I'm on jeopardy do you know the housing and final jeopardy has no model that's right good point what is meant -- for money. -- minus 40600. OK if you get all of these three right this 3000 questions. If -- all right tibia in the red numbers. Of franchises for a thousand. Food that fills in the blank in the quote the great state and blank company. -- exist steak and potato company. Correct. Ever since this doesn't feel right lots of languages this is the daily double on. I have to wager for the Chinese in Hong Kong in Mac -- Mainly speak this Chinese dialect. -- -- Correct if that's -- And I put it around and it's a three run homer down like 12100 million is it to get this right that you have like a hundred dollars and you can play. And that would answer. This is rigged and hi this is food rhetoric. If you see equal -- much LUM a CHE. On and an Italian men knew find out. The Spaniard Alex -- flaw in the system the Brazilian drink -- Rana. Is and I seek and collection of Lyman a -- in electric distilled mainly from this crop. I'm annoyed no clue coconut milk. Well. They do you know wins you know you know what are your idea I -- the you know -- matchup that we can't -- final -- because you -- money or he can risk I don't know it's over should make him risk his own money as the eye to -- toy box -- finally you averaged twenty -- the you know you have -- -- have what I. How much are. We're gonna come back and all welcome back in the final jets in a hole.

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