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Jay Leno says goodbye

Feb 7, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing Jay Leno's tearful goodbye to the Tonight Show.

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I -- Davis perhaps it might hold them and excitement. Will ignite and stately. Unlike the torch. After I witnessed the opening ceremony later today but as of right now in the absence of any sort of significant competition. Except for that -- figure skating right that we doesn't seem right that you have to do. Participate before the open -- are more correct so you might Lou Lou's fault. Lose like that in the American team failed them and I don't it's over your dreams -- at all. Crushed a lot of and you haven't even -- into the stadium and that -- wrong in the absence of any kind of meaningful competition so far. The stories of shower curtains murdering stray dogs in complete facilities. Dangerous ski slopes -- auspices. Wealthy thank a year ago Roger thanks to your. Well I thought that was just 1 that I am hoping my Olympic fever will catch on if not my Bob Costas Bangkok where -- was and oh yes. Put up with him on was that real great -- have mr. threatened like you worked sure -- -- -- -- it. Well at that fever or Bob Costas ping guy to your question and get it. Now probably from the yellow water in his room -- like that something that is I wonder well I feel like he's his -- you know but it looks like to his room looks more like. -- -- -- Obama elected and what'll I would say before the like servants. Outsiders or someone with -- -- -- in case he needs -- thinking outside his door he has -- yeah you know logic all over the lockquote I -- get this -- the news a business right that Bob -- at the same sized businesses in a -- I didn't. It's got it good -- and don't let it it. It does not -- but -- what are you bet won't complain. And but he know you'll be sleep in sees sleep and on little cutie bad. We -- play because he's a hockey player. That he's a Slovakian. I heard the overnight. Say that he slept the better rooms when he was in the minors Olympic. Of course he was -- like. -- him. Who's the best western pressure all or -- -- wireless at bats they're really they're dogs running up on oh right now but. You know it's Mazen will get a lot of our news from NBC and they mentioned the dog -- I don't know the -- I don't. I know you watch at all -- with your wife and you you snagging. Beautiful pop going to watch the dancing with us there's odd team figure -- that I'd go out last night every time went back. And rejoices in your guy -- cry. That was the -- crying going on and NBC it was an accident. Jay Leno crying a bit about what's the act. On January the only -- -- wears a favorite is the official. Male figure skater of the DNC should. Johnny off but he yes I do -- happy hobson's. Hands are Perot was stoic and that's fine. You're right also Jay leno's. Weeping like newborn most figures getting statement -- I did opening hurt and he is he couldn't even get through his final farewell. Which is understandable -- he's not coming back this really going away. As we're being told -- I mean this was like you notables like -- -- -- and Howard Stern's Brooke that incredible and it's like one little over or yet. -- -- an eight hour in the worship. Forming session. It was just one little show with Billy Crystal in Garth Brooks Brooks. There was Jack Black Carol Burnett. Jack Black Kim Kardashian Sheryl -- Jim Parsons Carol Burnett Oprah. And some others Jimmy Fallon but it's the very end when he got to say goodbye -- -- is when he lost in the closing I want to quote Johnny Carson. What's your greatest activity this job. And he said I beat you all. A heartfelt and new. Now that brought the room down. Thank god you -- think the -- body out. I was the end. Was not with a whimper not a bang we're sure that we're. It was more crying but of the better and a grown man crying you about it nothing but nothing -- farewell slick is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This somebody who is number one. -- -- Leno twice yes and this will be a huge number right this is -- Olympic night Thursday at a that well -- -- same number but it'll be as -- goods go bigger number than Conan O'Brien of life through. And it will be. Jimmy Fallon is apparently in the racecar people like -- will be rooting for him but. The audience a splintered and equity it's going to be hard. Get the kind of results. Brent it even -- and now his numbers were there were ten years ago right is different you're right now probably get three quarters if right but in on -- that the media like right there at least it is one of those guys in with a in cries that minute -- Major what is the worst assignment you were ever shine either a herald Lowell sun war. Sports illustrate well I'll say the Winter Olympics is close yeah why the worst of the hardest. Winter Olympics is the heart just -- -- about worst slash artist why did the off -- times they go hand in my first Mexico and Sports Illustrated was to go to Mexico and. -- -- And Mexico City which is an awful place he could Wear shorts and no that was Monterrey it was a different assignment after that was over in -- baseball San Diego. Andris. Played real games I believe that -- -- you could partially that's when. Ken -- and Indy in Olympic and -- -- to play economy this legend. There I don't think it was water in the which was heroin. But no so went to Mexico City first assignment in the in the fight was in a bowl. It was frightening. I mean. They just passed the resolution was fighting I think nobody will act or obvious now. It was well past analyst but the U I. Know that. But they just pass that resolution California denying freebies to a legally I imagine not to mention that the said no more free maybe there's no more welfare. For illegal aliens so it pissed off a lot of people in Mexico and they were. Vandalizing. Buildings that trash and McDonald's went across my -- McDonald's could totally vandalized and Peyton -- stuff go home gringos are. It was mostly Spanish but they were real fast and he's. And they told me don't leave the hotel. Normally I'm gonna cover a fight and I had to go to the training sessions and everything. And they said you don't look. You know like you could fit in here yeah be careful. You look like scary. Scary and I went to that fried chicken with Don king and start. But even then people just looked at me like I want to kill me in January when it was scary. And I was at the fight since someone's gonna you know take a swing at me and -- and press -- on May be able. -- anyway I made it out alive I I never wanna go back it was who was very scary my first. An -- as odd yeah well SR has topped it with -- Bryant hasn't wave. The -- associated. And they ask him to put together compiled. 822 page. Metal prediction for every few winter -- but this but -- thing man this is you guys enjoyed us oh yeah this. Well full time job this is like asking Peter King. Predict you know who's gonna win each division. Who knows his life he. Good at it he likes it. I don't think he dreaded this at all this is what he does I mean this is he waits for years to do this. Man well he does this Summer Olympics tube that you know he knows his Olympic sports I mean I haven't I've I've just got to X seventeen pages here and haven't seen the name on so many Miller. Bode Miller I'm monitoring in the winter bode. I don't know but he began the projected medal count which is amazing this guy it's going out a limb here. I think he has predicted Norway to win the whole thing all over the lot he knows a lot -- smoke up -- you -- that's -- -- and I have no idea that always ignore his load -- Norway finished fourth in the last week stocks that. In the production to win it all he says Norway will win thirteen gold twelve silver ten bronze for a total of 35 in its second place US. Thirteen gold twelve silver and nine bronze. For a total of thirty he's got Russia via. Which means -- lot -- an -- hit -- solar panel has a lock the war. Predicting -- fifth but this is prove our point is that in these -- real sports. If Norway can be the best in the world -- at some Padilla. Is -- a real sport at the limited. Little microcosm. And it doesn't think it just has -- -- that it makes it. It's certainly entertaining and different. But it's not real athletic competition like they're not the best in the world of Norway can be the best at. Always a population of 55. Million by -- smaller than Massachusetts. And there are going to be the best in the world that this alleged the athletic competition. And I assume that's because they dominate the cross country skiing. And a and I and nordic combined. That is what's the money (%expletive) is did you. -- country great and yet you issue why it's so we are not a shooter competitor to -- I don't think that's trust. Skiing and ski jumping. They saw our story I didn't pay attention to -- -- that's a good because that's what ya off the ski jump -- pistol Selig didn't believe Neeson you know both. But. They were celebrating the SP -- maybe it was fox sports one new favorite show crowd goes wild. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's opposite the -- favorite you know PTI and around the horn which -- -- -- -- like PG stale like. I don't about it. -- front doors for me yeah. Right so when you watch -- -- -- football chick I don't like the eagle has been look at it and Tony Kornheiser and I I like them -- -- any news -- your regular development I want those guys political back and -- I'm on the treadmill OK when I do now. -- cool mind it's the only problem is -- -- I'm from that. That. You know what time it is and on the treadmill now like I -- let's -- one child but anyway the story was about the only six time Olympian ever. Loved him. Outrage -- across country guys nordic combined I'll now. Out. How big is the pool nordic combined guys for a guy who's like. If in got a bigger as the pull for squash -- future United States in that same size maybe under people's. Squash racquet I was almost in the Olympics sixties in its sixth time Olympian which means that goes over 24 years right although they did it it skips off when he was here right now. I could remove that then they moved in Google has that as they didn't want on this but -- am -- -- It's -- -- and give his age would you courtesies the only six time Olympian ever may have missed ten. Only thirty more of what that means he beat the other three guys who do that you know -- else is -- Eric Frenzel I don't know yet old to be from Germany. Now we Americans don't care if he's the only six time US solo UNC. These attempts as Al order. And still this could have been treated. Battle but you think of six times as 24 years. For -- -- The only news expect now. It would close though he was pretty old when he was in -- tool at the end yeah. Like to pay it was in the 371. Just at 37. -- What's is name. It's hard Ludwick. I am probably how. These are presidential. Race -- when it was 1213. -- The junior six olympians at least 22 years right. He's 37 right now. Just. Can't just have serious as I don't don't engage in direct don't engage. Those -- -- -- What are your 124 -- This one guy on the U we should know -- agreed to special section. Technical does have a special section -- law -- a Bode Miller for bronze by the way. And is -- -- it 36 he's 36 is he really quote analysts 35. Medals this is fourth Olympics. Well I don't think he was expected to have such staying power. Think based on party caveat there were some experts who thought he might burn out at a younger age -- that is the US winning the. Silver bobsled last US medal does not you guys did you show Oprah moment you know I am not into this other guys they've -- but I. But I knew he was in a six times Katie Nolan told casino half the story and he's -- it's like Ludwick or something. Where you're the last time US medal in the bobsleigh. Never. -- you -- 1952. All they have to they have metal I didn't either the organizational -- when a metal -- so now. Not very good -- Opening ceremonies are tonight at 730. But actually -- today read about now. How far had to -- -- -- You know -- well -- at night there. To get we're sick sick the seventeen year -- -- 3 o'clock players agree in the afternoon or if you are already few hours away. Lodwick. Owed DW ICK steamboat Colorado. Olympic silver medalist two time world championship. America's only six time winter Olympian he's carrying the flag. That's right captain -- he's also -- in the -- thing that it is yes. Which is his girlfriend had a sticky night. Is going to ignite the cauldron is that this guy that's confirmed that it's not now they say is that unconfirmed that thank -- but Vegas has her -- a 21 law prohibited favorite. -- you what her Olympic sports. Rhythmic gymnast correct that and that's his girlfriend yes Summer Olympics rhythmic gymnast and she's won a few medals -- asserted is that this. Six time Olympian does nordic combined no one else the world those gets to carry the flag nobody -- election beat Kerry by Patrick -- Think the focus these plays a real -- Olympics means more to this over email. While boating hockey players have their venue that as -- six guys say that I only staged so are you have to do I think it's time for the real job that's the a lawyer asked -- two hours a week that's. Triple what confides that someone else is gonna try sport to get nervous as -- five minutes at the threat watching around the court and get ready for -- what does he finds though like Tracy McGrady wants to try and he's going to be like crap -- to -- now -- a -- wouldn't -- to reconsider my question is theater he's the only guy in the US we even knows what it is the racks these guys in fines up to 24 -- supporters and loyalists just the sickness you know online. Wait nordic crime. -- if you pick -- I get a free -- -- I get a room board and I get to carry the flag. Zimbabwe find out if he's he has a real job this moron did you were brought -- luck with them a lot like no OT. Lot we thought we were on do you he's from Steamboat Springs hot -- leaves a gun running. It's nice I like bird Lundqvist -- there. -- could probably -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is nobody in America we've knows what it is let alone does it and we're supposed to think this guy at some gift. -- -- -- talent and our total week what does that do for. He's scheduled next Wednesday. So he does the flag tonight 730 well a couple of hours actually in real time. And that he just what -- heavily yet what that -- abortion until Wednesday right. -- That -- does this ridiculous thing in the morning in the and and Norway wins he finished like 27. And it wants and he -- think fear of warriors. It. -- -- on foxsports.com. When he is not even default group to also sports a nine handicap in -- it is an avid apple -- from this guy he's my idol artist got the whole world fool. On the Olympic athlete all but you know -- nose job isn't there is no jobless and I think this is his career. Why don't you think he gets paid enough to make it easy to events that easily or -- he lives in between Hillary -- springs have a he's got some money from that lives in the trailer Steamboat Springs golf he's -- hand gold crossovers but please call out those pucks. He should come up support and only you do. Mean this stuff yet sure which nobody could do like he should be in the scale as he looks like like -- so you should be. Skeleton all -- -- -- woods you can do that. Yeah I don't headfirst loosened his backwards they've horses in the Summer Olympics are probably -- in war's. Greatest sports or the horse that sort I would -- -- -- you've -- that summer that summer and winter. I honestly that's the Olympic there's there's this bunch is a deeper pool for that than there is for any of the order of about sports basically does the -- everybody says he's a lot more people's EU and do quarters all the org -- out on them more people on the court well it skipped Louisiana not. How many people to the quarter opening thoughts. A quarter right. Quarters you mean this thing yet there was about a quarter of general news in Louisiana right or Mississippi or Texas which depicts -- texts like the quarters is much leisurely going down -- over the heads of Montgomery don't know nordic combined as you just look that up. Wondered what is it. It is cross country skiing and ski jumping policy that he could couldn't -- -- -- office I -- across countries would not be able to ski -- why not watched in Europe and the SharePoint products of their points so all he has to be as crazy daredevil and he can do. To kill himself out on -- Atlanta in the you know in the practice round to -- and public laughs at any desire to progression. Ski jump -- no snow cave has got Ludwick this camera came up with was -- two things put them together yeah. The people's people's skills to people and do some ski jumpers or Craig's right -- it. -- cross country skiing and cross country skiers. Elect people from Carlisle. They remember it like it so they don't -- cage so -- came up with two odd things that go together. And it's an event who is the only one in America doesn't that's you have to do you do the quarters to ports. So back into -- or so will call a horse will cults combined you know whatever like quarter or Porter. Quarter. More and more or so you combine those two things -- big arm like a 150 years ago when kings and queens -- putting these Olympics together like Prince Charles now. It was Olympic women would be thirty years ago -- started years ago in whatever the questions realized that reflects these places some Norwegian guys probably royal blood and we guys. Are you started seventeen in this first Olympics. That's when he realist is normal and that's the reason you might be able to do the nordic. Track meet the cross country thing they say out. Just don't read. That the cross country's guys. Are the most athletes at the winter games. Like Bob yours or like the -- I believe that rivals that guys. I would argue that that looks except yours is worse yeah I see those guys go -- do that I'm running to. The by the thing. The camera shots and it seems like it or. Running it's running at me with its offer you know it's much easier when they go. Up to -- vikings. And Obama are saying it's going -- and Mike -- often. Are at 61777. Point 7937. Has your Olympic fever taken over or nurture and guide taken over it is a free for today. -- we jeopardy. At 8 o'clock. Fields up well organized. Watch the open so -- in the going to be on. -- 730 tonight. This line we find someone alive and quota of people online soil of people spoiled omelets to your dog will -- -- -- -- commitment ceremony at that you bent on that. -- the to shoot the secret -- TV NBC. It's just bought costs justice in the combine the awful lot of -- NBC will never tell us about. The dogs than it is to sanitize it will accept the deal yeah and then. Will play him mortuary in -- we talked to some other stuff they describe as well which would be good you have. If the bill ought to the people who were supposed to like that the kingdom of -- -- no just or that there it is assumed it's going to be Putin's. -- -- decorated Soviet as cultured -- well it's up to him and it surgery and got one of those guys. With these summer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Between bunch of people. Well it was about 67 times it went out often miles and what the spaceship at the top out into the bottom of the ocean and it the Kremlin. You just extinguished itself that -- it really will -- -- -- on tight turns rule with the pressure question. Will be bad again double enough I want them on the on the chili -- Super Bowl ring on his finger. Yeah it could've. -- -- -- -- Hey pop. This man powerful odds of Jesus believe there of course right buttons and in repeatedly in Portland. On -- Of the NC.

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