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Rob Bradford and Alex Speier are on location at Dave & Busters this week, they talk with former Red Sox GM and current Cubs Baseball Operations President Theo Epstein, and close things out with newly elected Red Sox Hall of Famer Joe Castiglione, and Paw Sox broadcaster Jeff Levering.

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Boom there it is Alex of time draw thank you welcome to another edition dot stove show our second to last long him. Of the offseason Alex if you prefer the ultimate you know I was gonna say that I was but the fact is that. We are here at the very specialized Stokes showed tonight for a lot of different reasons one awaits is that we live Dave and -- Probably it's sort of great event the winner. Roundtable. WEEI. Providence 1037. Sponsoring it is fine fine folks here and there are going to. Racists with some questions later where it. Talk about hot stove talk about spring training when the talks are kinda stuff in right before that you know we're gonna do. Tell all you talk to Theo Epstein president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs. Pretty Damn. Yankees some people no yes yes forget and I think he'll say some interesting interesting things about not only. His current state with a how do you view the Red Sox -- -- Also -- big thing in this entire offseason which with -- and carries that you were putting a -- eggs in the basket the did not get an -- The level the Yankees went for tonight I don't know you can blame them. -- -- in the Cubs were winning maybe as much as yankees and an actor throughout the together courtship was unquestionably a really significant one because the Cubs are trying to put the emphasis on acquiring. The thing that don't have an assessment is interesting because. The reason why both the Cubs in the Yankees were so heavily involved in what has been so much is because of their failure to develop homegrown pitching. It's about put them behind the eight on a position where. They have to be willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in order to be able to try to acquire pitching I don't think it mentions that Alex beer B yeah I'd come on rob Bradford taxi and as I said before this hot stove show where -- -- him buses and province. Alex before we get to the field which will be a little bit or talk about what. We solve this past week network get real close to spring training I'm -- that we get so close to spring training actually. When he less than 24 hours out. -- -- -- your decision to bring this and -- -- -- -- reminder -- -- right in the hot stove show the actual season by -- -- so hot weather the answer but that's -- this that when we have weeks like this past week yeah okay not a lot of signs may be you know a lot of news but there -- little things here and there -- start -- -- -- -- what -- can expect. As the Red Sox have this spring training which is personal day is February -- the witches. -- -- -- it was like you -- your reports you've been to the week from Saturday pitchers and catchers February 5 as of today reports that -- yeah I think it's actually. -- so some of the things that we talked about this week which is ironically what we talked about. For the in here. Off season in your -- stove show if I made a that we view at the beginning of our hot stove show Ryan that we which it was Stephen Drew. Every single show honestly would you have taken it because that would suggest that he would not have signed by this point. You would not have signed by February 6 would have taken that I would not have taken that that rob and I don't think you are economic IP and signed especially guys coming off of what was really a pretty good season. Being unsigned and figure but it's not just to -- there -- a lot of people on this but this has been. Probably the lead as the -- and developing market that we ever. And its use. To catch people up a little bit. Because as you point out Alex are guys who are on signs and very notable -- and sign. And they're coming off the market day by day by day because we're getting close -- different Fernando Rodney easily it's one. Fernando Rodney to close of the race of course the last couple years. He signed this -- Yeah and it's funny because you know you think back -- these 2013 season. Will -- -- -- game winning double against Rodney in the ninth inning in Tampa Bay and I believe it was made. Was really one of the most significant moments of the season for the Red Sox all but in the regular season it was -- -- time line. There was some uncertainty about you know it looked like the rays like kind of the you know in a position where their pitching carry them for a little while the Red Sox. Look the and that's here's a little bit vulnerable little bit wounded he looks to -- had been terrible he pitched pretty well that game and in middle Brooks had this you know they they they Rodney Lewis saved you know the Red Sox delighted media team if you alignment came in you know all the shenanigans. Getting smoked in in the trial there was so there -- no aero piece up toward the -- But you know aero with that anyway you look at the Rodney sign with Seattle and we look at the landscape. Wise. And where worsening. Heading into spring training -- -- to -- and know the Angels are loaded with now and I know you know you have Oakland it was always in the -- you have access them with. The -- become -- because -- yet -- eagle on in my I don't think the Bjork. Don't worry about it everything's all right closer. -- The stuff after the type of pitcher he can beat along with what else have been -- went along with the other acquisitions have along with what they've Marty that's starting rotation. In the east -- is no longer the toughest division in baseball I think I think that top to bottom the AL west you know and even. Well you have the Astros -- -- bit of a -- right but they don't care they don't count but they're getting closer to a point where they have a lot of talent. The level of the year -- in a year a few more that. That's you know a top to bottom or that Beckett -- top to bottom division -- -- pretty odd yet another reason though you talk about why you should worry about -- records of those teams not only because of the island. But because they get the play the Astros yeah it is I know I think there were a lot of people for instance with the Red Sox last year. We're pretty terrified at the possibility that there they could lose out on the second wildcard spot because remember that would've been a great -- that -- at this time a year ago. Because the Astros were so terrible. That they thought that Yale was teams were just going to be whether to lay waste them and get their merit Arab or -- bring this up pretty early on Wednesday June. And they said which is gonna have more effect in the pennant race which was the steroid stuff in those suspensions for the Houston Astros. Because as we found out and it was absolutely true whoever played the Houston Astros. -- made the Cleveland. It was a nice story in the made a nice run. With Payton and that in large part because at the -- that question that was the nets think about it when the Red Sox the Red Sox -- that played the Astros that went -- there. Most difficult stretch of the season they won two out of three that was viewed as a failure. He has they've they've failed this week -- there was concern about whether they were opening the door to. A great race team that will this bring it back to their cycle and we talked about the injury it would -- he's that what we know so far as it was. A report the -- about that the Mets were made an offer. According them on my sources anyway and other people sources that the Mets have not made that offer. So that left him still there -- -- Red Sox supposedly. If you wanna come back. Find what you have to do it on our terms in which -- gonna have to juggle some things first and foremost and you wrote about this. What are the things that would have to happen for Stephen Drew to come the -- that because this -- as simple. Stephen Drew doesn't have market he'd go back the right side to a BB twenty million dollars per team. The Red Sox would either have to commit to going over the luxury tax which I don't think there yet they they. They think that there is an open as to if it's you know it's a significant impact position I don't know -- true. Basically creating redundancy in depth on that beane ball by that. The second thing is they could -- from their flexibility for in season again I don't see them doing that because. We've you know you have needs -- row in the middle of the season in you don't wanna be in a position where he can't address that that. Again -- deals with the financial ramifications. In so the third would be -- if they were retained through they would have to find a way to trade. Money off their books which means one of those -- there were -- market the trade market for one of the starting pitchers and right now they're still not free agents on the market but it's really hard to -- -- in as we're heading down here news promoted Dave and -- a great crowd great great people. With reports of problems yes. The spirit chair Guerrero never gonna -- statistic at the crowd going before a minute ago I am the crowd and we have really good play proper shot he had a good night is still young. But because -- and down near those reports we came out from John Paul -- CO fox sports that added another little layer to the Stephen Drew stuff which two people found interesting that was was yeah there is a Cuban shortstop who's going to be cleared who is who's still available and is expected to be -- pretty soon not named a -- Diaz who is. Not viewed as as not. In at least this class defensively but nevertheless being a potential. Major League shortstop and so you know that could. That could freeze through his market you've -- further that it's already been frozen by the fact that he costs teams that sign him. Aside from the Red -- that draft pick him yeah it's it's interesting to think that at this late date there may still be starting shortstop available. That's a -- -- is the ultimate question review pass inside it plays -- -- with the with the beginning of our hearts stove season that we would still be talking about Stephen Drew second to last show up and give you an out double or nothing. Are we going to be talking about Stephen Drew. About signing with someone by the time our last hot stove show rolls around next Thursday. We will I think you'll still be on -- in a week okay that's fair I'll say it again Michael Bourn. February 15 last year Alex Rodriguez figured Ortiz back when he was traded from -- from the -- the Yankees to stop or at the a lot of stuff can happen. As we mentioned we get a big big show coming up all the way up the planet Mikey. -- alive here Dave and buster's in Providence would have Theo Epstein coming up we're also gonna have later showed taking some questions from these fine folks. All running the gamut of questions and and we're happy to answer happy to talk about them and helping us will be hall. Of Famer Joseph optimistically down. It is such a pleasure. We have good with -- -- -- we don't know what they've practiced with Andy is popping off his base. Unbelievably great job joke great job of making it. Came all the way up here -- good at right back down to Fort Myers and get things going down there. There wouldn't talk to Joseph later in the show me it's the questions but before that after this break. Theo Epstein. Present place baseball operations Chicago Cubs former general manager of the Boston Red Sox right. Well joining us on the hot -- Saturday were honored to. The joined by Theo Epstein president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs and people around here may know him from his work -- work with -- Boston Red Sox while feel welcome. They drop they -- me I got out. Hey -- so that's I guess that -- jump into this you know obviously. This has been I imagine a very interesting period of -- of a few months. Very interesting offseason for you guys but -- that's kind of start with the end of of the season that was in to you know the opportunity to watch the Red Sox. Winning the World Series you know a couple years after. After your departure what was that like to watch them from afar and you know and what are your thoughts about about building the Cubs going forward as you're watching the success of an organization that you were. You know pretty -- that you're an integral part of for such a long period of time. Well for a -- a lot of fun to watch. In that. From the ops department and here in the mind it was magical runs right -- you can put on Red Sox. To watch that team. And built momentum to use -- and then. Go on the run they they went on in the -- you know the chemistry. -- was incredible. You know as it is. Prior particularly fun for me you know season is is familiar a lot of players backgrounds in and you know a lot of guys because this system and it was -- -- used as -- Matt you know magical run a lot of fun to watch and and really happy for and and Hayes and Brian and they got the opposite. You know it. Can you don't think about this but you know a year before that would mean. Did you know that the typical -- and the 2012 season went. People start thinking about their jobs and security in and out of position and things like that it has to. Their fortunes turn around -- in twelve months like that featured groups that so good at what they do and so deserving and I thought at first and work. Diligently and made tremendous life sacrifices for the benefit of the Red Sox over the course of the decade it was it really gratifying to watch back on the and and -- happy for the players to. And Red Sox Nation you know the people on my mind first and foremost the baseball that that work well that's all I care about. They're -- mentioned some of the players that you watched and you obviously had a hand in bringing suit to Boston to any one or two guys that there. Participated in last year's World Series run. That you took. Great -- him -- he said all while you don't that guy became something needs are you thought he was going to be or even -- exceeded what he thought it was going to be. Yeah there are guys that. It is certainly fun to watch a lot of big stage I mean. When we signed Bogart's. I don't think any of us and Madden and there is -- in the 2013 World Series. And just to see equality and a bat that -- they'll put together. And for a kid his position as it was a remarkable and that being hurt to what do. He's done that actually goes well there's two guys that. You know Craig Shipley and the team worked really hard to sign and had -- great vision. And Barry and those guys and and and you know to Ottawa. Never really got that shows -- Before when he first came up to the big -- although it breaking down. And you you're extremely tired on the undergone rehab. And came back with the velocity he has -- as an amateur in the industrial league and Japan. And got a -- split back. We actually try to trade form -- the Cubs volume down. And doesn't and you know and and he put together an incredible. Incredible stress there too and -- they go around the field. You know. All homegrown guys that are. They're there -- special you know the people -- -- -- to see you get to know when there. In some cases sixteen years old another is. Schoolers is the -- toy line. And you see them turn from from boys and tendencies and though is players but as people and -- on in the World Series on the -- get you know. Well. Well that's obviously be the idea of developing homegrown talent developing young players into. Into future regulars of the championship caliber team has kind of central. Thought to what you're trying to accomplish in Chicago right now. Where do you feel like you guys are in terms of you know in terms of what is who went -- you inherited which was a significant building project. And you know this has been an offseason. Last year was a year in which you're you're identified some building -- signed guys like. Rizzo like -- Castro it's a long term deals. And then of course you have to have the transition to managerial transition. After the season where you guys in terms of building the foundation for what you believe will be sustained success. Well I think yeah. You have to separate. Each category out as far as. The infrastructure. And where we are -- our our scouting department and our player development department -- really like Korea are we've gone. The system that wasn't. Very well thought out to you know one that. I think pretty clear it up but system albeit -- And so on some publications about -- we have we have some impact position player count coming we need to get a -- the group -- And you know and clearly. The result that in those those result hasn't manifested yet the big league level so we're two years into. And that building project that I didn't take. Longer time than that but I think there's there's plenty of momentum internally. And poignant moments in the farm system and our job is to make sure that that. Transition. With those players -- big league level and goes smoothly and we came away as much sounds possible the big league level that. Ready to make a run he can sustain it through on. The UST president of baseball operations for the Cubs joining us since you've been in Chicago where it's been the biggest challenge for you. Because of the way things have changed. Yet. I think the biggest challenge is just. Yeah. Change is really is CBA is you can't you can't really choose how much you want to that are anymore. You know an -- then we decided. That is going to be fundamental. Q are -- and that in order to. In order to win a World Series mean to develop homegrown players in the hours ago players. We want to -- is the name army sources that -- -- in the draft so we you know we let. Free agents walk after those four World Series. And and and Cabrera walked use and use those picks. Albers and -- the world and then. -- you mean trick or Victor Martinez knowing that yeah. Here -- production for comment from him and help us get to propose -- and hopefully it and then in the regular. Let him walk in and we got. Hendry islands and and not -- -- victors so that was the fundamental part of the approach you -- it was a strategy. Is pretty important. We've built the organization. And now. You know you can't. Really develop a strategy around -- Sure you might have someone. Any given year you can make off by doctor you're. In the indicated the Red Sox yankees in -- couple of multiple players in the qualifying offers you. And get it that way but you only get one pick you know get to you anymore. The goal of players to receive competition is much more limited and and most big market teams below. Rule rule will very rarely if ever have. Top compensatory picks her through the creation now so that just something that you can't factor -- you can't you can't -- players later. More -- you know if you really go for bargains here your first round picks so that has really changed to gain in the -- you can still. Quote unquote dominate the and make an impact in the draft going to -- -- but -- done a much smaller scale yeah I think it is getting. You know like Barnes Swire -- Bradley their first four went to. Does that they're probably go on and and you just have to you have to make do it you know. Wondered if you pick like that -- -- go all -- -- with regards to with regards to to the kind of scarcity of you know of possibility of building through the draft it seems like that's had. Considerable impact in terms of the market. Four veteran players from from my vantage point certainly. You guys were were very and you said that you have had struggles in order to build the rotation part of what you have him going forward. You guys were very. Publicly connected to. Two it's not guy in his side and his posting case were you surprised by where that it's not a market. Ended up in to you what is what is the fact that he ended up signing that contract functionally a seven year 175 million dollar contract. Or at least team commitments. To him say to you about about where who -- how teams. How valuable pitching has become how scarce it's become. I can't say I'm surprised because stick to answer questions just reflect the dynamic that there are. Many many teams with a lot of lot of dollars to spend and very few. Places to suspend them very few players on -- and you know that represent -- sound investment dollars so. I think anytime. In this market that you kind of player who will be. In his prime years or or pretty prime years are close to his prime years. And it has been held the masses. And there recognized. Tools and has a track record in this -- track record in the league but it track record what players get. -- significant interest in yet. Get right more than is expected. Just because the supply and demand dynamic. Dictate sit there they're a lot his team's demanding talented prime. Players and the supply is really trickle if you -- your players of that poker free agency. And you know it it's it's pretty rare that you kind of let me be one player a year like that opposing system if you want through. You've been creating the that. With a player who qualifies to be outside the international standing rule. And and that's about it so you're gonna see the these these prices that cause people -- -- and he did not decide to opposite launcher payroll. They get the TV deal the team that out. Have a lot of money you know a lot of players attract players to spend money. All wrapped up with this given the centrality that we discussed about the acquisition of of top amateur talent in terms of team building. Obviously this is an exciting time for you guys with the Cubs in terms of the group of prospects. That you have coming up and graduating to the upper levels that said. How attentive argue to what some the road some of the guys he did bringing to the Red Sox system who have yet to really make it to the major leagues Bogart's. You know having just scrape the surface of course but you know for instance with that in same class of draft class of 2011. Or at least potentially insane draft class of 2011 with a with the Barnes and you know with the -- by heart. Owens Bradley group as Bulls -- bats or you know or the guarantee -- of the world and Alexander both parts of the world. How how how has that group developed relative to what your expectations report and how much do you follow. You know what -- that kind of group of people to whom you were when you were. Fairly closely connected at one point are doing. A follow up follow really closely and probably would equal parts like admiration pride in jealousy yeah. -- yeah I mean is I'm really proud you know what we built. As far as you have to go I think out as pretty pretty hands on you know that we -- just got an apartment. And -- sound ball players and it is and you know is that it is just a great decade. That's the most fun or on the -- chat beginning and then bring in Jason McLeod. In the gate and last. Promoting on the L scouting directors he's done a phenomenal job. They damn proud. But those players not laughter I think if that. You know there is enough that. Went wrong in 2011. I think in time. It would be wonderful thing. For everybody if they hit. Maybe we'll read that there moment people think of 2011 I think that draft class. I strapped with -- -- The united it mean great things there at Stockton. Mean that those players went on to have great careers may elect a curious. December 2011 away for everybody and for myself that that hasn't happened and operating with no a lot of open players. Open championship and thirteen. Yeah it is you know it is a great decade. In the draft there and that that was a great -- draft. You know players are are performing really well you know the prospect rankings so I definitely -- or am -- a -- haven't done it at that time that I wished them well and yeah I think I think. Is there at soccer is really well position has been a phenomenal job. With with the -- out to Nixon. Some of the talent that he's brought and there's. They're they're prize try to beat the system in baseball. On the way it but it impact on nation be your career along. Long time and and and you know -- I think there and of this fifty players on the. Altered rosters there are some of them might. 35 or 38 homegrown players in the Red Sox Cardinals. And those those two franchises -- -- continue to excel and that's really modeled the Cubs were. We're starting from you know the bottom of the well aware were taking -- Up and and you know that that's what that's where we want to view on the team of young players street crime primate players. -- home grown up. Not not that we don't use players' -- to -- in -- -- enough that they'll call. Entry signs and the time that we get support -- bill great about the roster great about our -- disintegrated batter batter. Salary structure great about. You know the and and your outlook and then you get out. Off seasons like the Cardinals and -- that factory is operating out of position -- -- and get the pick and choose what you want to think you have that that redundancy. At a lot of positions in those players you reference -- get a date because it may in -- And -- -- great doubts. And great leadership so so they should continue. And continue that. Wealthier thanks for joining us really appreciated and I know in -- we all expected things from the Cubs this year and look for a -- news here. Had sunk in yet please do. Are already back hot stove show hope you enjoyed Theo Epstein. I certainly -- it yet while there you go about that you know there's an endorsement thing to monitored Israelis striking figures someone who's on. Who's on the other end of the Major League roster spectrum with regards to the talent -- the Major League level. Talking about how desperate the challenges to try to acquire talent should be -- championship caliber organization. You understand what the long term building also you understood why he would wanna focus on the 2011 draft. Forever in the final for good reason rather than a fun final month of the season was the good stuff from the go and as they -- before this is the hot stove show that is Alex spear to the I dot com rob Bradford from the same organization. We are privileged to be on location here David -- in Providence that would around table our -- friends tubby I won a three point seven Providence. And now we are even more privileged to be joined by the semi new and the brand spanking new. The semi new being Jeff levering. The second year voice of the -- -- I mean absolutely okay so that's the semi to the brand spanking. It's -- a favorite joke distinctly. Who celebrated his induction into his his stuff election for induction into the Red -- hall thing yesterday. By flying from from the warm weather Florida up you. Here right just for this compartment that -- our station in Springfield and that tremendous honor guys said. And you know I don't belong in the same breath -- Roger Clemens Pedro white jury and Nomar but are going to be going in dollar payment council and I think that you probably have as many years with the Red Sox all of them combined actually so I would not beg to differ so Jeff when you listen to Joseph. And we all listen to joke and when we listen to -- with Joseph. What are some of the things that we might not notice about being a play by play guy that -- does so well that -- -- while I didn't realize that. Have to do battery does that so well I think it's really just need that genuine enthusiasm that Joseph brings the game I mean he has fun doing ball -- I think that's what it's all about describes the action that's on the field and -- being California guy born and raised now being out here being in Red Sox Nation. In listening jail and and Dave O'Brien to the games every single night is a treat for me I've learned so much despite listens to. Look Jeff we've got to pick you hurt your brain after it because you know you have a great perspective on some of the guys. We're going to be central characters both in the reds suffer the Red Sox in spring training has closed the regular season having seen the -- -- every game of last year. Jackie Bradley junior. Obviously Lester set the world on fire in the spring and then when he came up to the Major League level there were times when he appeared overmatched he made strides but couldn't -- it necessary to get all the way there. What did you see from him over the course of both he's meant. Based on your experience of of watching these guys at the that the player development stage in the minor league level is he ready to graduate based on his approach at the minor league level. A 100% defensively you guys saw that last -- well he's so good defensively in center field the routes that he takes the arm that he has. There's no doubt in my mind that he can be a very strong potentially gold glove caliber center fielder -- offense translate still yet to be determined we saw what he did in spring training is you mention. You could see flashes of that in spring union to 75 batting average extra base hits had you know career high with ten homers and 26 doubles. But they came in spurts I think it's that approach and he started to get a little bit towards the tail end of the season in an up and down as many times he was. Couldn't really given that find comfort zone that he needed to get into. But you could seed in spurts when he starts to work the opposite field in the middle of the field. He's flying. But it's that pitch on the inner part of the plate that he struggled with that the big league level he struggled with it. In the minors and in the socket is well if he can master turning on that inside fastball. He's going to be just -- But David Ortiz made a great transition Guzman became the reds thanks that was his weakness and inside -- article that that's -- is a problem for many hitters but I think the fact that Jackie has such a good knowledge of the strike zone will help. And he backs off maybe a little -- he can adjusted to that pitch and I'm eightieth to eighty to ninety. The vote and of course Ortiz benefited because he had the mind -- the green monstrous incentive to be able to kind of stayed back on those pitches and be able to use the whole field. Even on those pitches governments were locked up you know Joseph and -- caravan across New England today we were in a -- of the united manner find votes are our partners over in polio in Springfield area. He knew it says something that was pretty striking talking about the end of Bogart's. And you said that he had the kind of charisma in and powerful words -- mouth but along those lines that you really hadn't seen since paper. Right I've I think -- is the most charismatic -- you ever seen and I've never seen an athlete that they had to Kennedy charisma since then it's in their Bogart's has said. Just that the way smiles the way he greets people. On a personal basis for the way he handles himself on the field the way he shakes off adversity. When he might strike out there and to come back in to have the same confidence that same approach. He's got to be huge star. Because first of all his ability and his personality. And everything else -- bottom line is going to do a really translate I think in two one of the great players are Red Sox have ever had. I would I can echo those sentiments as well seeing his maturation from his double a promotion to triple -- and sometimes you'll see players in their first triple -- game and not just -- their big league game to. But when he stepped to the plate sometimes you can see their cleats should have just a little bit and that that batter's box he was as calm as a cucumber and then. It's the nicest person one of the nicest guys I've come across he's not gonna get two eyes not getting it to loan banks and even keel. Well after a great story about you know let John -- the trainer from Pawtucket and John Jacobs can't. And that -- that it was called -- vaguely remember we had a sack Sunday night game against the Yankees. -- expected to sleep that he decided not the slightest yet this after the Knicks -- though I happen to be at the ballpark at 7:30 in the morning because they stayed in town getting ready for the flight. After that night game. Which in there about four hours before -- very Yankee red sex game anyways hander came in a beautiful suit on. And job -- trainer told me just last week and he hit that it was is so. I think and it didn't have a suit and -- -- low for San Francisco we have a fight where like where being from our -- but he needed is some sort of are the trainers who. First first Major League trip. Don't know probably get a few more suited for a those are experts are good distinctive clothing now schools just think the close great points always went on five good quality reps into dove into. Jeff of the of the pitches he saw very talented pitchers going to -- last year you got to see -- -- for the end of the season got Steve Brandon Workman. Allen Webster ruby tiller roast and Matt Barnes at the very end of the year who do you think makes the biggest impact on the Red Sox in 2014. 2014. I I would have to say it's gonna be Brandon Workman because while the Red Sox policy in a starting capacity at the beginning of the season stretch him out. I have a really hard time believing he's going to be in Pawtucket. If at all this year I think I think he's going to be in that long relief -- seventh inning role for the Red Sox this year. Just -- -- fastball in that big hammer curve ball that he's got. Just breeds success and and he's got the make up -- as we talked about Bogart's in -- Jackie Bradley junior. Brandon Workman is a solid guy -- there's not a lot of bad guys in that clubhouse and even the guys that are gonna become enough all solid guys to -- Brandon -- is gonna make the biggest impact. Barnes has such electric stuff. Guys get thrown 9697. Miles an hour but guys hit 9697. And pretty good percentage guy his swing through his 9690s. It's -- process that's Jeff levering radio voice of the pot sites and Jeff another thing. That I wanted to approach -- -- because they can't use the these guys. For the majority of time last year that we saw may be just in spurts a guy talked the other day with Ryan of our way. And they're making the switch he's gonna do a little bit of a sample size and at first base in spring training. But it. What you saw from him as an everyday player last year did you see the kind of progression that you would hope to see. Because what we saw in the Major League level and Joseph can attest to this. Is that we just saw him play once a week maybe when he was up and yet the face basically. The number one you don't run Joseph remember this -- run of going up against the important starters almost every single parents that happens -- that back yeah exactly but but as an every day guy down triple what you see from. I felt defensively he made a lot of good strides in the news thrown out runners his release his catcher release times were were significantly lower from where they were a year before. That the issue with Bryant is where it although the power ago from a couple of years ago I mean it seems like. He went from hitting 2520. Home runs in 2000 elevenths and make his Major League debut and help out that club towards the end of the season to. Almost hitting no home runs last year it just seems like his power is. It's gone away he and he needs to find that again if he wants to have another job whether it's behind the plate or at at first base. He needs to figure out what he needs to do offensively for. To be tough to do while shuttling between positions yeah okay we get some questions real quick before we wrap up here as we said we're doing the hot stove so. Live from Dave and buster's in Providence and this once you joke is to you don't but it -- -- hall of Famer Joseph Castiglione before it. How long have you been broadcasting for how long you've been with a right. Sox well I guess I have my first full time job was 1970. Is it peavy anchoring Youngstown Ohio. Are my first broadcasting professional job was in 1965. In the Ravens filling in part time. And my first baseball jobs in 792 in Cleveland TV came here in 83. So this will be my 32 year which a match that mark for the most years. Writes right yeah that's of their crowd thoughts. All right next question from the five votes years big pop be coming back in 2015. Which is. Along with the Stephen Drew question is probably the most popular quiet. Question that we get out tell you take that yeah I think it has a much easier answer which is yes I think that the Red Sox will do the Red Sox. It for David Ortiz not return and finish his career with threats -- something would've had to go terribly. Terribly terribly wrong for relationship that have been longstanding and as. Proven says solid over many years yeah I'll -- my little rant on this and you guys heard this earlier today but. With -- -- if you think that as a potential of him going to another team afterwards. You throw that much money yet 39 year old I don't care what a loyalty you have it's hard to turn down. And you do not take advantage of that opera this to be one more year fifty million dollars that's not a good business decision last question here. Who is going to be the everyday clothes and -- well are fit in well -- going to be the everyday closer. But this this Jeff I want to ask you this because we key flaw obvious the -- on the other day and and Al Webster was probably the most polarizing guy of the list the top ten list that he makes for prospects. And he thinks that he is going to be your relievers. As a guy that saw -- Webster on what do you think. I think that's where he ends up. Corey easily. He could be as dominant as starter. As I've seen he had a couple of starts we struck out twelve guys and guys indeed it look simple he got through that first inning he was going to be gold in the next five. But he struggled that first inning he wasn't getting through the force you to come -- and exactly. Fastball command he can figure out how to throw that fastball command -- every pitch basis. He is lights out in -- changeup is whites guys that way well -- you -- this is what you -- the biggest story lines of spring training last year we Jackie Bradley junior but. In Christian baskets they should also know what I remember being in the broadcast Booth with Chris that's his first about a guy we scream that we did I -- But I -- -- -- Webster 99 in spring training I mean I am. It came at Damon statement -- the twins play first inning was like 8687. While it makes the 1996. Ya and just really Iraq you see that. So he certainly has the arm and coarse gotta put it together because as you say it 97 miles an hour that's right down the middle his big league hitters are gonna hammer. Well as a privilege to be with the guys here at the privilege to be here at Dave and busters -- -- votes of one of three point seven got the guy. The winner roundtable. Jeff flowering voice of the paw Sox in perspective here until particularly noted for its first here's a hall of Famer. Alex -- WEEI dot com I'm rob Bradford yeah I knocked off. Will be back for our last hot stove -- next Thursday but thanks to everybody here great show great time we'll see you next week.

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