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Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley: Win or lose, B's will still be in first place when the Olympics are over

Feb 6, 2014|

We talk B's with Jack Edwards (and a little Olympics as well), and get his take on the Bruins as they wrap up the first half of the season and head into the Olympic break.

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I know the significance is of the cemetery gates but Jack Edwards is gonna join us right now -- hockey Jack. Always brought you by Norfolk power equipment -- orient. We'll treat it like Dario how are now before we get star we have two guests on our show yesterday and both start at some point they were talking trash about them but out of nowhere like it wasn't we can bring it up they just both decided to -- honest we're a great day war. Right first it was Ian Rapoport telling us that he's a world class ping pong player they Carew once he would take them down. Then we had this. Who also -- Always jump -- -- of all people. Telling us that he makes Jack the single best chicken -- you could find anywhere and that he challenged anybody else is making it chicken -- to make it better than him. I imagine there's got to be something that you were superior. Well. You know I'm not connect claimed that in the world status but you know I grew -- in their answers like I mean I can deal. Now I. Let's put it this way I told my kids they couldn't call me the old man until they can beat me down the hill and I don't mean just like. They'll straighten your knees like some -- at Delaware coast sixty and just kill people but I mean like actually ski. And they have been -- -- beat me down and yet but you know. On the economic cubic idiotic is there a lottery targets skiers out there. -- if you them I would guess in the next few days in in Syracuse at some guy from Delaware. -- Delaware. Well you know it's not -- mountainous region and know people usually only make water to ski trip to Europe or Vermont or New Hampshire. Let's just say that maybe their technique isn't the most polished. A Jumbo to -- that commit to compartment. In our report that he will erupt horse that he will dominate. Dominate ping pong. And Jack Edwards says screw Delaware. Up next year. A mosquito in pretty good I like Jack two games left here before the Olympic break neither without Chara we are taught you about whether you're OK without I think for the most part everyone agrees. You just some like a jerk if you're gonna say hey no -- -- can't go hold the flag for your country when you grew up in a Communist nation and now it's a freeze body just. You'd be such a jerk to say that. Yeah and you know it's also remember that -- in. Fortunate situation is being up by six points with the game and and on second placed at stake so no matter what happens they're gonna go into the Olympic break in first place in the Atlantic Division. There are almost certainly don't make the playoffs -- certainly proven themselves or is that. And also you have to look at their big crater or it. You know it's this. Not just once in a lifetime but once in a generation of athletes lifetime. You're offered this incredible honor and that he border city you know you can't do it. That's a difficult situation because all of the greatest. Parts of a human resource management for -- for any companies is try to do that thing that indicate there. Employees most motivated and really feel that they are able to make a difference in people's lives at the end of the day. And that's that's where it's a sharp listening Croat war. You know Jack everybody. Everybody. Loves Olympic hockey and they should if -- any aspect. Of what the world does in the Olympic Games that the NHL can borrow or steal anything. I think it's the other way around I think the Olympics is borrowing what -- and Rachel brings which is the greatest array of talent in the world. Ken Hitchcock this morning at more Gator analysts had some really interesting comments that you know this is. Really the only time in their lives that they have to that that they functioned more as -- -- entertainers. And that's why it's so special. For the players were selected to their national changed the playing the Olympics because. It's almost is that -- all we're back if you and all they have to do it via and there are among other athletes simulating Cilic. And even though yeah now we know it's small and Spartan conditions compared to what -- to staying in for a five star hotel. Really it's just about the pure sport and and that's sort of that's really cool thing. And you know be at the Olympic version of hockey it's is incredibly entertaining but. You have to remember that it's the very best players in the world playing other nations you know. Sure -- tournament this is it not sustainable over 82 games with thirty teams you could pull off so anybody who. Now one of these calls which every four years about how the NHL should knock out the first three wrote on your side -- the surface. 200 feet. Has not watched a lot of European league hockey just doesn't it just doesn't have the intensity of the National Hockey League personally and. Is that just because of the size of the rink or is it just because they don't have as talented -- player. It all it -- you know leave the players. Certainly heard his dirt but let's take a look -- I would say and -- later admitted to us that going to Switzerland and playing. On the wide heights where you don't have to compete -- -- for the pocket or that seemed to open up so much and where he can deduct the park around the perimeter -- -- sought eight soccer convert them all in the board so it's seen. You can give that a lot of in the European game and Woolsey so that. In the Olympics where there's -- a real estate and the defense didn't get it -- that far away from the goal. Because of that the game just just lacks that intensity that moment to moment excitement the NHL has it's so special. You must have covered the Olympics sometime in your long illustrious career right Jack. Yeah but actually what I covered with Alpine skiing and then I was -- -- have moved yet you know sports center but. My first really huge break in the industry which. What a guy from my moral good -- just makes them what was he checker producer at ABC sports. And he offered me the on mountain reporter position for Alpine skiing -- in 1988. And that was what that ought to that. Throw a lot of -- no one that was another big players in Dallas about a that's got to be before Alberto home all right what was so awesome about it. I want that that was actually the jury for Alberto although it has depth and and you know I was twenty he burst onto the scene in Calgary. And other guys from Switzerland named -- server computers just. Literally a choir boy 88 devout Catholic who would seek out. At the smallest church in the smallest sound no matter where it was and and if you. Very. They're about and and humble man and just got tiger on the on the side of the mountain. And that jobless so cool because my assignment was. You know the mountain like the back of my hand and I was on the -- Before first light every single day in Calgary it would it -- so much product cartilage and. Too -- to go to this rated two more games he told us a week ago you didn't think they were in league team that there especially since the loss of Seidenberg. They didn't strike you as a team that was in the same class of some of the best especially in the Western Conference. What I think right now he's only been another -- since do you think that they are any closer to being so they played well. Or do you think that that there is work to be done in these next few weeks. There -- certainly more can be done. It's it's my opinion I've been wrong place at times so there's hope there but it's my opinion that they're not gonna make. It -- couple on without a some kind of a patchwork replacement for Seidenberg that includes. A prop for defenseman. That the young defensemen are probable long really really fast and very impressive what they're doing. But it should be noted that while the pro -- 711 of their last nine. They've never trailed in any of those winds so their ability to come back to the team's resiliency this year. Certainly is unquestionable and this eaten when they trailed by two goals. Part -- which is not an insurmountable lead. They're ordered fourteen when they're -- -- you at any point in the game this year that's a little bit concerning because that tell you that they'll it would seem gets a clinker for the first goal of the game and then maybe gets a second period power play and it's not quite true. It's just about lights out for this broad scheme they have proven that they can come from behind in those kinds of situations and that's what makes me say that the -- I'm not really comparable putting them. Where Chicago and Anaheim and Saint Louis and some of the other the teams that are right at the top and I don't think it's for for who bought it this season series is over. -- there aren't that urged -- that a tremendous regular season record at the Arctic each without seeing him in person that they -- at their record certainly impressed. Are so a couple of things ask default their one you know last year we had all these conversations down stretch about whether or not the Bruins could flip -- switch. How much of of your belief that they are not quite in the -- class could be solved simply by flipping switches they seem to do last year that's one. But this is that we think. -- well I I. It's my opinion that there isn't another level to be reached in terms of intensity that bothersome thing about last season's team Wednesday it. Clearly had the talent but wasn't putting in the full sixty minute effort. They're not. Hitting sixty minutes or single light but they're there in the ballpark in other they're playing good consistent hockey from march. A game. The vast majority of the time. Problems for -- -- rise on the totally kill and in these sensors on coverage where. There you just exposes -- sometimes they they need to separate and solid reliable shot down -- To make me feel that there is revealed that overcome some very powerful team shortly in the playoffs. So I agree with -- and yet every conversation we have with -- -- with everybody else -- don't seem to be that guy out there -- mean there's no obvious candidate. To be that top four defensemen or top two defenseman is gonna replace Dennis Seidenberg. So what do I have to accept the fact that that's not gonna happen. And say all right Jack although I'll go what you do you sense -- they've they've been really good when they have a lead the biggest problem they've had has been coming back when they don't have a lead. Is there room to go out find what might be available which is somebody who can have a little bit extra offense I know it doesn't seem like what they need to. But is there room I saw Kevin called upon mentioned -- manic the other day visit if you can't find a defenseman doesn't make sense to find out another scoring Winger. Wolf journalists you know if if you can make your team better you always to put the price you're gonna have to paper -- Or you know -- reached a 1 o'clock percent and you know you -- -- about Dan Girardi. You know that. That the -- you're gonna have to pay for a player like that you shall -- Especially when it seemed like Los Angeles which is that it's totally poised for -- on it -- all the yes it requires that deadly score oh by the way Pinochet he's gonna test the market so they -- definitely humbled them. But they're gonna get something really high quality back and are you in a position to make that kind of move especially if the islanders -- perhaps more so Rangers are asking for Girardi there's going to be -- going in the other direct islanders are desperate for the announcement and and the Rangers wouldn't give up the market opened back so lucky and convince people that were so are you -- it. You're gonna give up some include helping it. He's -- right now and the defense is the biggest collection for the brought over and that we call kitchen try to find a trip to Iraq hyperbaric chamber so we just recovered remarkably fast name is Damon. Spent on that throughout the. They see everyone's missing the him hidden benefit here. -- takes a couple of games off to go hold this flag or -- key plays a few games he looks great you're able to flip on prison opened the Dublin. This is perfect but it should -- are away a couple of games even before now they -- that they let him play in too many Jack we appreciate it is always. Enjoy the Olympics and talked against him. What are. Your IR Jarrett Jack Edwards -- brought you by Norfolk power equipment. I don't that's works I mean I mean I'm just kind of thrown out there -- just every time we have this conversation of awarded the Bruins who come back the same thing right OK they needed defenseman. That loss -- we all agree. -- seemed to be out there. I ever ever person we asked whether it's DJ Jolie and actor Jack. -- kind of sort of mentioned people but they make it sound as if -- pipe dreams and that any any legitimate top tier defenseman that they get. Is gonna cost more than you think you'd really be willing to give up right. There and especially it's a rental they have they have they have assets the Bruins do their organization that organization isn't a good place. Obviously they got to -- a very good team NHL level put their prospects are good too so. I think winning a championship a few years ago probably changed their outlook let's say if we still were on the drought. In 1972 drought who have so we're going -- -- -- the 42 year without a championship. I would be willing to take some risk and I'd be willing to do some things. Data that are that are bowl but why why do. Why do it now when you can come back. And have another shot when you have -- emerge next year next. A -- trailer are you gonna trade Ryan Spooner and park how ski and a prospector draft pick in order to bring back Girardi that makes sense do you. I think to me it doesn't make sense and he's going to be a rental and those guys -- think your party your future you look at what the patriots have done given themselves a chance to win the every single year I don't know if they win the cup this year but how much of the future wanna sacrifice especially when -- party signed Seidenberg to a long term -- 617. 7797937. Couple Bruins topics after that out there for you and then also char is there are people are upset about it. I was shocked any kind of brought it up today's other people knowing there are people out there are gonna be upset if they lose the next couple games I can't believe Chara left. To go carry the flag for his country I'd be shocked. It may not be your country. Could you possibly possibly. Be upset with char for wanting to hold the flag. When he was chosen as the one guy now don't -- to -- Talked about I don't know I don't he'll drop his lateral there's a rule in the Slovakian constitution about that that's coming up salt and -- -- -- --

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