WEEI>On Demand>>Discussing Bill Belichick's frumpy dress code at Pebble Beach leads to a full blown sweat pants debate

Discussing Bill Belichick's frumpy dress code at Pebble Beach leads to a full blown sweat pants debate

Feb 6, 2014|

We discuss how Bill Belichick looks playing with Peyton Manning, which leads into a debate about golf's snooty rules for dress code, which leads to an all out debate on sweat pants and slovenly dress on men in general.

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Isn't any of these shots of they'll check in Peyton Manning playing golf together and get out. I've seen at Pebble Beach yes. It bother you at all well why would I like consorting with the enemy he brought up not probably just picking his brain. I just I do imagine it's an awkward conversation between them but what would be more awkward. Playing Bill Belichick playing golf for Peyton Manning. Or Belichick coaching. Peyton Manning at the Pro Bowl. By keeping it in 2006. -- but wouldn't go again. But the problem. There stretching. Its patent bill. Talking. Didn't know each other. Both enjoyed the match in every conversation you have to build your Peyton Manning is really awkward partially because many conversation bill awkward. And played golf with somebody for -- commitment right right we -- you're out there you -- out their four hours together. He spent pretty much every moment together except when -- off actually hitting your shot in the Carter walking together. And he's got to imagine your patent everything bill says everything he asked you every question. I constantly be worried he was trying to get something at a -- judging the we're looking for an agent something that would beat -- next year in the future. I'd find myself I think very guarded the whole time talking to us that offered. Did you. Who was the buffer pretty soon because most people rating. Shortly. World that they were exposed plated the foursome. Before snap an 1122. According to USA today -- and so pictures -- some reason updates dated what day it was. Treaty. Brady Belichick and to Perot -- to insert the pro rights that you're actually dealing with only in the group at a and -- is where authors. He's trying to restore. It from Chris -- two hours. I don't -- mile off the page in the AFC championship game spots. Still have these days these the rearing and at one point Belichick. Stuck in the making this up. It was not as bad as I originally thought his -- quality. From the from the four -- shot it looked like he was Doris torture would like that story on it. He's not he's wearing something that at least like -- like golf jackets actually some pixel -- actually looks like something you would Wear golf course but -- respect our ability. Picking up -- -- -- on the golf course -- you. At Pebble Beach. But the differences. It's he's next to Manning was born -- same exact thing Manning is on spelled -- person -- for companies is not where. It was -- -- -- golf jacket. Same exact thing it's different. Better patent in -- there right now looks better. It was all India. That if you call girl elect mark -- and Pablo. Got this great guy at work on it's built a good word while it turns out she does such good job that's not insulting word. You don't play the golf. It's -- football like that shot. Swing. -- -- -- Here's doctor treated one or something at the end it probably encouraging turbulent airplane jeans are jeans shorts some Patrick photography -- think that they should be any dress code on the golf course just go out there and do whatever you want to Wear jeans -- -- -- -- -- Surges of Orange shorts can assure you Wear shorts and golf course would be to deal with that please don't like PGA. -- Short on of course what's the difference for having dress code in a sport. Well maybe they should just Wear jeans in the NBA and have dress codes and sports cable what you would like a different -- shoe lace but you're gonna complain -- -- is making Wear pants not shorts. Leagues do that have a dress code what's wrong with that. Dress code is that in the in the -- you need to Wear pants and a collared shirt eagle out your local municipal golf course Wear shorts. Should be gulf shore up their store where we have to Wear like or Droid something its future. You know after tuck your shirt no you don't have to do that -- -- look like a slob you do that and then you interest in golf. It's it's -- -- that matter the sport now it's that. I -- think it's I don't know what is the lead as it is but you think it's morally isn't really. Because you think that all these rules of that are from the PGA would apply to just going out to wherever it's true place most golf courses where whatever you want became aware. And where. You shouldn't Wear and lastly publisher should be doing that anyway predict -- in life yes as a man a sleepless. She can have -- white. Tank top you don't you know we commands where tank generally no one. If you play basketball running of those would be exceptions to it like in general in -- -- should mention of -- that we shortly. With the rules are things that these little things -- jobs with the PGA I don't. You don't like short sleeves like I would like -- Wear shorts with sweats that widow of the public. What's normally get a pair sweats from on every morning you're never go walk the dog and thought I would like go out for the day in -- -- if you look ridiculous. Apple prided yourself get their accounts where you have nice pants again nice to write down society. The way that you -- to convenience -- just a quarter. I mean for some like I -- until it but in general to go to expand your gay and actually likes the people. Should you Wear and pants not sweat and it's ridiculous how surprised with this what NC juicy I mean the worse. Bro that's. Pride at some pride in yourself that's real pants. I don't Wear and don't -- sleeved shirts and tank tops. -- -- One can do better. 61777900. I think I have issued -- -- I don't think you should Wear a tank well they had separate that double but a -- And you people you -- well every day. Talking about today -- dress well Larry -- tied it when you're talking about that would -- Wear pants to work. Yet. -- -- they work real work if you get a real job our viewers -- -- if they if they let you are used to cover all sorts of teams that you Wear sweatpants that the garden cover Celtics. Look. Total locker -- swept that you wouldn't do that the driver he does it. No I haven't done any more used it is actually go to work -- -- -- you'll just what is it definitely shorts. Started dressing up to be taken seriously have to dress up a little bit can't -- not dress up at all of the TV. That's what but he started doing before it was on TV which makes sense out of what exactly you're gonna show -- swept into everyday I -- Canada is it -- OK I think you'll look really great on our program show up wearing sweatpants and a tank top at the rate. It looked like it ridiculous -- put pressure. -- -- -- Worn down a sweat pants -- turn around and go what color they are all -- -- raggedy you're absolutely totally out -- I know -- I know you guys notes from great sweat it out there are. Great -- -- come to an Italian households with the men where at the dinner table its -- talk about and you go outside. I think you can have that stuff and home. Go outside somewhere or other people are gonna see you and it's a little so it is important Anderson -- interest in their ego. The defender of all things at nine innings in such history. People -- crazy is that -- doctors have a guy that Texas sweater and it's picked them do -- -- -- -- -- Another with this first and -- agree with -- -- I forget to Wear certain high everywhere you go I just think he did it it helps you might not look like this law. And you think the same thing -- you don't dressed like a slob you dress well. You dress up I don't mean you Wear a suit era talks around you dress up there is there any reason you Wear a shirt tied it and I got some are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have to -- for NASA but I I didn't want to I was. And wanna win this law in -- -- -- got some good tomorrow configured like a gross get up that you're gonna turn into something -- 67779. 79837. We'll take football calls apparently fashion calls and maybe even Brooks calls -- is on the cape Mikey. Hey I'm as a champion currently are sucked into -- Are there actually are nice one though. But then again I also think depending on what you're doing and where you're going. Certain dress up as required I think it's important historic summit that. Okay alarm on my also question was about the Bruins actually armed that -- On which each year and Brad Marchand did not get on to team Canada. Do you think that's going to you'll do anything to articulate a fire. -- -- of the great I think he's gonna get a couple weeks of rest Keith which I think is a good thing and I think it's a bomber the Tuukka Rask is gonna end up playing deep into the into the Stanley cut into the Olympic Medal rounds with Finland that he's gonna hurt the Bruins long term. So I don't know about lighting a fire -- my -- -- need that. You know mentally or emotionally. Yeah I think it's a good thing for them in terms of the arrest eleven because -- there. -- Goes all the orders. There. Were announced her -- -- it's just terrible. We're sweat pants and family are showing respect for whomever -- you're going over -- ground uncomfortable. -- and family Europe's law. You wish you were disrespect. And I'm bringing you over to my house I have a nice dinner that somebody is cooking. Or spending a significant amount of money on medical care -- to -- real saints. You sit around in your in your lazy ass what it in mind how dense stand of hangout that's what did you ever do that yell out or watch a game that's our goal vote to watch game fine. The genes for god sake of this country -- don't -- put on jeans. He simply. But. It's at a geographic rules it's not -- -- where it's beyond one -- Just about -- I think he's got the right idea. What about when I'm going to do that skews how far wasted essays from your -- is three blocks away from my house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are they big blocks a little we walking or driving. That's right occasionally out of a car for us about it coming your defense is becoming cliche to say. This is the first time I agree insult people need to get over themselves. What is the deal and I mean what is that Dan Reza din and I'm sorry. Your name and see nothing now see now you got me that's -- sorry the -- make evening his worst enemy devices that succumbed to Marjorie. Treatments often velvet. We're valve could you pull that off velvet and anybody no doubt he'll head to tell you got a better shot at an idea of -- -- doesn't ever read on CBS. -- -- -- -- only question -- can you pull it off I -- staples and get a belt but so I think you know have a velvet suit I don't. Oregon do you get when it builds does not sell though. Do pretty go to get a velvet suit -- Tim after so -- you have velvet and it's totally go and ball outside the speaking at him Tim is in the car at him. They're -- Jim -- I'm on I'm sorry to have the Portugal later right now. Well Ali I got a Saudi marble -- there's not like a fresh air at night he let at least on the inside. You put out an issue in the quarters -- aren't any human being in the dark at -- Children on their ego. Out -- -- of what do you do for England not at all epic its -- Jim what do you do -- -- -- -- -- You work for to -- her to. Port Portugal and restaurant car show up for work wearing your work yet. Well yeah it at that opt in order it fresh Brit of course. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Basra if you litany of reasons why not what you're trying to you're trying to -- that you have some self respect and respect for her to about the other person. -- respect for the other person you're willing to dress up a little bit like more than the absolute. Bare minimum you have to put on. Frequently as -- ever seen in the third grade right and I and I wanted to were swept -- ever my mom is Crazy. Horse went into a restaurant. He knocks it where that if gene that would -- the security technology. That's up when you're going to play basketball total restaurant. To get I don't think you need to dress up. Just think he -- -- -- some self respect where there is yes. Part of it is just we're real good news and the girls who -- -- plan poems and slippers that. Go you know living in the worse is -- to the two places you see that I remembered more as a -- it like being in high school and college but if you had an exam. Decided that was like an excuse to Wear your pajamas to school that day and I was. United mine until it's exam there a better product that jam it can we be clear there's a double standard here and that's why he wouldn't talk a woman going to a class I did you ever. The women coming to class. Quote I don't say that you guys had a problem that focus on the top of the problem with the girl maybe you're New Yorkers may. Well I guess I have an exam today a better put on like an oversized flannel Paris -- and as some gigantic -- not comb my hair Wear glasses today and that my contacts. Hard to just show up like it's any other day and the other one airline. The people get on airline and they decide they have to -- like old as Randy is there. With them why because I don't think you know the -- -- when you get older you just might appeal the sway the in this small yet. I agree to when when you -- and in some -- amendment does you know right up on something that you don't care about them but I think if you get there I don't care mics and I'm. And without power and Mike. Hey look man this action kind of funny here I think the way you dress with a swept -- go according it is -- Packers I mean one. You can't beat some 350. Pound guy we're in a Wal-Mart grants work ethic and I have that -- costing at the bottom the elastic at the bottom of the looks you know like. They are those what those -- paid him. You know cool Becky cannot sweat pants you Wear at the white sneakers. And a shirt on with the chain or whatever it is something that Ali -- get away with that -- about about. I think it's I don't know why is you can get away that if you also look like Channing Tatum it doesn't work when you look like a normal human. Yeah about it -- what you hear an -- -- something you know you were swept into a lot on -- like -- and athletic as you can get away with it can't eat. You can't be developed for predictable broad -- of eighty book. Opener colonel walker -- where they did not look right you know just like some guy shouldn't Wear. You know the button the button down shirt it's it doesn't look -- -- depends on my personality. That's true that's true -- that's the good point -- speaking of terror exactly to exercise. Takes about Kate haters Jeff -- who has kids rocket can take. Again that's an issue of where you find it like I don't necessarily a problem it's not the case just don't know where you would by Kate you know he's Iraq okay -- -- brought up earlier now with Batman. And -- And Superman Bernard King embarking Bill Russell. You rocket -- Russell. Really. 69. Rocket at -- That's guys didn't get to knuckle walking stick at a noticeably different. -- reporters -- why are we not offended by -- And I don't miss the conversation earlier we talked about what looks good -- the great on checks if you walk in wearing the pants I promise I'll be offended. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The maestro on -- they'll work. That that European yes. Problem with the idea I can't get a plane -- -- ripe for a comparable. To Xbox gate it's the worst. And so now. Q where are culpable sweat pants on where were everywhere company you wanna start quote assigned felt to me at -- and Jerry -- the one who said his best bloke wearing sweatpants out of the house you're admitting I can't be successful sort miners will be -- You heard me you're admitting on a flight I don't care what it looked like. I wanna be comfortable on this flight eight in line on the plane and getting on to meet somebody important enough aborted due to meet somebody might give -- your next job what appear to sit down next to somebody who's really interesting who might be -- potential client for the station. And then we'll look at human like use lobbying shop on the plane look at what the governor can run into on a plane berserk voted message and -- I don't know. I know you're gonna run and they -- give -- up there about Ottawa hi I have a problem but today that the nice. Polo shirt buttoned down fly at night at the -- second decreased straight from Holly's cleaners on. Nice shoes and why argument I gotta yell across clown on TV -- like an article clogs on because I was hanging out I got to do TV with him -- a senior Irish ago. And Mike's -- says you can't be comfortable on a plane I have to Wear. Like these press anti DIC and I think if you're -- can't just where GG is uncomfortable -- when you're traveling. And I can't stop travel genes are perfectly comfortable they are -- -- like some sort of not. I'm not -- -- it was a great old school gym class sweatpants. All right but there are plenty of comfortable pants that are not breast cancer genes that I don't care where a plane. It's like sucks engender a -- on our multiple. You guys -- but the guys can when it's not maybe maybe like ten top because I -- I want to work out well I can't totally blame to go by NASA has grown not talk about this whatever the show. I don't know what I did and after the Bruyette Bruins and balloons will be on. That's what you do and I don't ordinance in and out onto the studios are. It's very close to the arsenal boss got the -- and in the dirt Watertown moment so there's a marshals over there mark to get the sweat pants. In new -- weapons or no sweat pants -- nice. You guys haven't a back and forth for about sixty seconds that almost acts on it's a pretty heavy nuclear case for rape case against. If you agree with talk -- and Saul program that -- into OT -- The goal of the declines when it came as a nation or bad thing that your idea or topical and right there. And it's not a good time no comfortable pants and honestly who said no corporal plants. -- -- -- how things that don't have a roster that too much to ask don't Wear pants that -- you have to -- about the incident -- points to close. An increase in the WR yeah I've seen it all genes can have an old school but in general is the -- -- that decrease in there urging. Increase our greatest. That's what -- -- -- -- That a lot of the full and take them at people and animals. Eggs. Optimistic where for men like he. -- all all got to. In the works. And -- his mother bleep in sweat pants no we know and tolerant. I bet -- -- on my side. It's our hardware and like some pants out he's not -- by the way address this is what it's. Probably need to. Be comfortable -- like light. Get comfortable as -- which weapons. Not. Old school grace but will it work like athletes like I -- -- -- -- -- not that that in between area say that I feel like you are looking on I am but I want to double bird it's off when it's -- comparable. The -- on the way. What's that can be volley better of genes that you're with a couple of Gary's in -- I Gary. It has gone on a -- I admit I guess I gotta agree with salt and I think I think gas pump into our reserve for bad guys. You were -- within days when warm and it actually got here knowing you're in Maine it's freezing cold there's the guy you get to break the rules -- -- -- you wanna -- time before sir. -- -- -- You are you looking for some -- -- I just I feel like you're a different level if you think you can't Wear sweatpants or nylon pants out of us the U. You do the whole. Our boat tied -- the bass like address and up everywhere now this is more about the minimum it's not about the Max it's more about the minimum. It's saying look it's not that I need to go out there and try to look like you know like human eighteenth century English oral every day I just try not to look like a slop that's -- I don't think I think Lawrence has a -- Where the Earl -- Again with the sweat -- -- -- comfortable you know the message he's sending out to the world with these weapons you're telling the world I give up. And I can continue to normal society it hundreds of bull so I might as well be comfortable. Yes I would -- much with -- -- -- and WEEI let's start -- Salt is an ugly slob anyways this attacks that they're five ugly how we cares that we looks good joke ugly strong. I didn't realize -- -- messages -- that it VAT to recognize and act quickly that was Brad got -- -- -- -- -- LP an ugly and that's just telling law committed that under the table the least you can do is if you are -- like me -- least you -- do was just shall Wear something decent. -- that -- it -- have even if they hold it happening to society go to hell and -- even if you thought you were ugly. That's debatable if you thought you were ugly you know what you're not you're not ugly -- I'm sure some of the beautiful after. Hardly alone. That's going to be ugly analyst Alex clip reloaded. While they probably go to other equity got real -- yeah. Alone here's some advice don't Wear sweatpants -- -- the house and certainly not when he first -- what is. What are some of the other now the other twelve topics -- like -- -- -- a working at a pharmacy and nothing says I love OxyContin like pajamas and slippers Woodruff and -- that lets the slippers a different however I was as they weren't -- -- -- -- -- my god you're going to be in a plane -- got to be comfortable one anyway your slippers what are your other two topics today on a little while -- traffic on the -- you guys going to be the only one -- -- though. Debate one topic I wouldn't. We don't know we don't know yet and I've got it checked back in four of the candidates some candidates can help -- something about Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick there's something about all of its Red Sox -- in the. -- -- stake in the offseason back and -- of what -- reason they can't decide on a topic I've no idea don't want I show up I yell at salt I win the debate and I believe that's how I I don't know how -- over at NASA you do that for four hours every single -- -- seen all -- Miley do for sixty seconds to -- Don't talk about. And they can't decide not -- your socks on this tell us what we're gonna yell. -- -- -- to decide with the people in order to. It's this whole Pete Carroll Bill Belichick think we haven't talked about that we've gone we've -- We've gone right to the end like she's that he regarded head instead. To the patriots need to. Using approach that Pete Carroll used with the Seahawks for the defense for the Patriots defense. Well we haven't guard Pete Carroll vs Bill Belichick who ya got. Can I have would you and a happy -- it yet I do want Pete Carroll's approach. Draft your ass off that's Pete Carroll's approach find three guys -- secondary -- in the fifth round or later. Lock -- up and have greater -- well -- -- -- -- is late in the draft there's got to go to Bill Belichick always is better right now that bill -- about you don't know it yet -- or caliber as you'll Belichick is he better GM the Bill Belichick all those -- yes he is right now I'm -- energy and the Nobel Carol John version of -- but we. We agree should -- Carol John Schneider GM. Group as -- much better job of assembling talent. The Bill Belichick has just their -- here and Michael Bennett called for years I don't like everything Michael -- for year five million haven't hit. Cliff made her fable two years thirteen million. It and -- a question in bigger -- -- Michael -- couple you're about that in about Zach Miller was clearly over to our military carries an eleven minute. At the big yet. It's been good though -- -- -- -- what an -- Iraq's civil rights enforcement has been hurt but he's been he's been not a great sign but not terrible all over overpaid drastically Percy -- nice player but first a fourth and seventh plus what they gave them. They overpaid. With where they the group that trader for Charlie -- in whitehurst yeah I'm not in the perfect I don't know at the big this. Also Sam -- Matt Flynn. Before Russell Wilson's they'll happen route so I don't think might not what you say enough armor. Closest Chris I don't know and we see the -- when you see the amount of talent they assembled in four years starting with nothing. They started with nothing they -- zero talent on the team like after like two -- -- such that you would want they have -- -- as you can mention right now they'll have left tackle was -- right now. Well -- -- draft I draft that Oprah -- colonial it was there before -- nobody round draft ever heard about how about hunger. Hunger hunger is the one guy -- -- offensive line -- Brad Bryant Red Bryant what they had removed position ready -- you're -- get -- you're talking about there's like I say is it's there's three guys Max -- Red Bryant and brain -- and that's that. Those three guys the year before their first round pick the Seahawks was was the guy just got is out of the -- now I heard her. -- current current terrible he outscored -- linebacker defensive end play for the -- on anyone to anyway regulators he was awful. I couldn't play for poking it literally could not -- -- There was no talent on that team and for years they turn them into a Super Bowl winner. Patriots had a talented team yeah and it had all these extra draft picks that they were Smart in terms of acquiring. And have not had nearly as much time I -- pretty talented team from win from the from the time they started. When the patriots started -- a -- -- -- -- -- build what you're saying for years so you'd have to go back to what Pete Carroll. Received when he got the town right what they became in four years. Bill Belichick what he received when he got the town in four years later what -- Bill Belichick received more when he was here there's already more year. In New England when Belichick -- not close he walked in to. Potential a pile up potential hall of Famer I mean immediately dialogue. You know Willie McGinest has -- her caddie Bruce -- Richard Seymour now how -- does it ratchet zarrella he's not Seymour. It you have Tom Brady brought him enough that lupica the art agreeable. -- -- -- -- -- and -- smitten. After that I did look at it outlets and doting Bill Belichick get a job at the beginning when he got -- TO I also don't require more and Edwards good way to advocate that could debate. The one that I would watch who would you all right so here's the question to go out what was it about the talent or about the coaching -- that. That the question is would Bill Belichick you've got less SATA Pete Carroll's defense. Meg do you give Belichick that talent. He would have taken that team would -- defense of one of the best -- -- agree with you but -- -- and I agree spot on on this I agree that Belichick is is just as good if not a better coach. On the field coaching defense than Pete Carroll and by the way his approach has led to a twelve years sustained excellence Carroll has not shown that he can do that yet. However very specifically in terms of drafting defensive talent. You look at what the Seahawks built in a very very short time the Carol Schneider combination has been superior doing back at doing that one thing I've definitely done a better job recently. But that doesn't mean that he's a better overall coach. It means -- right now he's doing that better and that their philosophy. I think of drafting big strong physical fast guys who do one thing exceptionally well. I think that serve them. Read our I have a choice here permanently out of its wanna make it's when a tight and a little bit here would have to streamline things you have a choice. You have. Door number one you've got Schneider. -- Door number two you've got Bill Belichick -- to start a franchise from scratch won back to the early. Jacksonville Jaguars. 1993. Before it even had a franchise that's OK Tom Coughlin -- that's two years or year before we start. Help us get this thing going you're starting from scratch easy to roll on its Bill Belichick is for what the reason I just mentioned sustained -- The ability to drop something turn it into something amazing and sustain it over early on I don't want to sustain excellence -- does -- have a franchise now well. Well I don't wanna wait for five years to start quickly. Get -- started quick. A couple of our football retirement -- and you'll pay the automotive and not look NFL. -- article yet that a case that regular topic at three of us would all agree now that it. Don't double off tweak it took to the point we but I think I would here's that here's a better here's a different probably tweak it which. Market there's two franchises that are both the market that puts it nobody is what pants jeans back to current and back facts -- opinion. Two franchises. Both starting from scratch yeah one franchise -- to Bill Belichick in the area. The other franchise starts with John Schneider Pete Carroll -- not talking about sustained excellence. Which of those two teams competes and -- as a rule for. That's what I want an expansion team are -- I was at first -- -- because again I think of the Belichick. Answer works because of again in the long on that he's been able and in the difficult decisions he's been able to make in terms of keeping talent together I don't know what's gonna happen in the next few years is Russell Wilson it's eight. I don't know what's gonna happen when the guests are paying these guys and making the difficult decisions on who keep who -- go. How to restructure I don't know how they're gonna handle all that so I I can't put my money on -- Schneider in that regard yet. Who wins first. Based on what I've seen the last few years I gotta go with Karen Schneider. -- hardly go Belichick increase Dario because it in that in the chance that I I don't nailed a draft. Put -- more faithful. To maybe then coach up some of those bad players nice twist I would go Belichick because Syria -- cannot opt out without question because one of the things I think the Seahawks have done well is coach -- talent. Federal that -- scheme I don't know like I can't speak whether their scheme is better than another scheme but they've coached -- -- pretty damn well there's a reason that all -- fourth fifth. 67 round picks have turned into pretty good players some of them have developed and he meant to Malcolm Smith. Who was the who was the -- of people haven't dropped USC he was not anything good at the beginning. I remember watching him he was he was an extra guy who showed up -- -- I looks like whatever. And it didn't it wasn't until really this year is third year in the league that he actually look like a player. Texas and that's harder and harder to draft when -- -- in the AFC championship every year that's one good point mother also talked about the scheme or heard Greg cosell. Earlier today -- so nephew of Howard say that in the Super Bowl you have two teams. -- very simple philosophy. It's not like Denver's offense there's nothing complicated about -- office that is. Really it. Except for the simple. Just execute at such a high level everybody knows what that is both be doing and -- to the machine that is very tough to get a handle on and Seattle. I didn't think about skiing one time during that game did you guys all went what you're doing computers pigment is being fast to the ball hit hard. Don't -- exotic fare well as they were fitness not just in Denver after. So it is when I was a question I asked earlier I don't I don't quite a money thing with Seattle member a big hit the major title year. Atop your head you remember a big hit the patriots sent. No I can and it doesn't it doesn't come -- I'm not saying there where I am guessing there were a handful of great show there were but they're really hard to remember. Nodded and there's they're not built like that there's no hard hitter Friday -- -- for Bernard Pollard the entire offseason last year got mocked by patriot fans -- the bag I ticked down. Tom Brady. He's the guy you would want he's the bad guy you want is secondary now that would intimidate. And inflict some pain in the receivers and the irony is the guy who's gonna be out there this year is a guy who injured ground TJ -- I -- I love field gates left field BAT's on ESPN now I. This what do you talk -- going to rip them bloody says Steven Gregory a guy going forward. I'd just like the question today Michael -- field today is like so. Does he do any of these or does he tackle well does he hit well that the cover what like five course -- -- -- now. Isn't any of those things but those are all the things like -- -- never -- Gregory is on the touchdown that they gave -- that Mike Wallace. Mike Wallace. To leave one out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- needed GPS unit out there to figure or is going any at that happens far too often he put Bernard Pollard back there. TJ ward back there one of -- strong safeties out of the patriots -- Harrison Malloy. It be much better defense of -- about it. Texas says I know Pete Carroll's draft scheme is. Here's the matter Allan McDonald and and that's got a text message to each coach get to cheat because that will help determine the way also to retreat to choose the -- Derek is in -- -- me in on the. There hey I don't know it's Eric I don't know -- general project now but I did I what I call it was a bad call and just like let's say this all went so I'm 63200. Karl yeah. And have a Barry activists went if I'm -- in the August I have to live in a tank. I don't want to. Everybody -- really the only here's a wet. It's gross I noticed that your sweats. I'm a little bit not a lot I don't like with the can't match up that much -- -- that he shot or Obama I wouldn't want more. I looked sloppy at times do I got an active sweat -- myself especially on the right arm -- -- -- -- I don't -- the smell -- -- helped -- -- -- -- We got -- Belichick quickly easily gets. I'm but I'd I I'd have to check although. I just I I think to myself. Dish here as Cogent in adult finished thirteen and re with a trip through the -- that's agreement summary it is about a brick building of the team. I mean they're both responsible for building teams. Yeah I mean I think. I think our -- is -- -- coach. Bet ever you know all in all but. The GM are like I just an average would you Wear tape over -- tanks. No. And wanna make sure I don't know why -- -- Michael talking earlier about the caves around you got -- -- and I -- this picture got to see this picture of Bill Russell. Rock -- like I'm imagining this guy instead the six foot 4275. Pounds sweating -- wedding all over the place with his way into the right now we're underneath with a tank top Beatles Eagles swept it's me that's right and it may have swept there you're not. As a is a -- work you're not catching that -- to keep your arms are rebels you know since weapons with -- that went to mr. Johnson put on a jacket to you probably gave them again -- Q2 -- of tomorrow sweatpants and a tank tops -- What a show that's can answer the question coming up any question any subject much sticking around whatever you got me some good ones. Nothing yes you need good questions that some on 379837. Whatever you got alcoholic WB.

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