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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Bob Marley/Babe Ruth Birthday Edition

Feb 6, 2014|

Weed, legacies, booze and more are all on the table at 4PM as we discuss and debate four topics surrounding the Marley/Ruth born day anniversary.

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Now word excel and Ali score. All right roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we've solved it finally got on sports radio and WD yeah I do agree about the. -- for them on best. Long. How did and why was looking right through the office. We think that fighting stance looked like these like the old school. Fists he was doing -- It. Happy birthday Robert Nesta -- right. Is Bob Marley -- -- -- -- So utterly to drink specials Bob Marley and -- group that it would not along I think they would have great. Bob Marley was the Babe Ruth of the Reagan Babe -- actually as the character one of what's his -- books you're just mentioning. Who else -- that's not a doctor Cyril go like a popular guy from Boston that is for every morning -- in the giving day. Favorites like a big characters aren't. Or four brought you by see beyond your technology ally yeah other business to manage one up -- more of an excuse me when I would see beyond. Manage your technology Dan. Can you speak loud voice over the Bob Marley what you have to. Yes I can Mike at. Roger Goodell is playing the prospect of allowing players to use medical marijuana. Will be also allow the use of lead in the next three years. Tell -- know they don't know that long it will happen in -- saw Ryan Clark today Ryan Clark what brought it today. On first take penalties today. That. Some guys use it you sit there some members of the Pittsburgh Steelers. We're smoke. And they do it to relieve stress. And to relieve pain and are your kids -- defense they definitely. It's got to go to overthrow. The good of smoking and in pain mom dad it's -- time I'm stressed. And -- campaign. What a joke what's so bad. -- he won't they won't allow it. But they probably also it is as Ryan Clark pointed out there are a lot of ways to get five testing system through and so thrilled to hear that this morning effort that. But they won't they probably won't close the loopholes what would you say that. What was the upside of Roy Clarkson is just pure honesty and evil or -- But why do you say that we hear her play and what are the other side of doing these are you may help yourself -- your career once you're done playing. What would you wait till you're done playing this it can't wait for four years and I don't consider it through some consumables rankled some -- and on topic I expect that. But but the answer is no -- Roger Goodell allowed -- and Xperia. We are over the years we've seen many players who admitted admitted to and been suspected. Of being pot heads -- that there is wrong with that. Who's the best Stoner aptly it's important. I don't even have to delete this -- it look like it Sam Perkins and there's no need to debate this for what else what can I got you cannot -- I got literally looks don't every moment on the floor and once. I got a guy who looks don't. Who was stoned. And play at an all pro level reviewer Rickie. Topped that -- I'll stop that imports through Nate you. I'll call 800 pounds when he was solid -- Part of it you got it what pocket don't know they don't -- -- they don't think they they use the product I think that probably do I'm not saying they don't. Well I think it's pot I don't Samper you don't think they distribute. It -- -- it. -- couple you Drew Barrymore it's about many runners. Mary. It's interesting was I get hide hide. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Robert Parish. Iverson. Is Iverson and I raise you an Olympic gold medal Bill Walton. Michael Phelps -- Tim Lincecum. But I through their territory Harris was on what the that -- house in -- here. Hi it's here's what on the here's one on the download never nervous nervous very accurate Marquis Daniels. Out of every. You want to run. Look at all the time. We've got their Perkins being Smart kids. Nobody nobody has him per pack again look to sleep every moment is out of the court but he would dream threes from anywhere Randy Moss. Bill Lee sells pot -- curriculum that. I had a really on experience with proposals -- the I operate on the street here yeah it was a day that I'll completed -- it would -- for this was here. Out of services usual Mikey -- -- walked into the bathroom and purpose Ellison was acutely in the stall. And is heads is fully out of the but it is strange to see somebody actually tall enough that his head with it shoulders were both completely above. The divide you know a little all the little. You know that the actual stall that creates the bathroom I just kind of looks over ms. Clinton -- so -- it. Weird to see that capacity at the Olympics in the bathrooms and capsules. We have bathrooms when it's lined up next to each other. -- shirts and -- -- a lot of holes pars right. Now the open toilet in the bar -- Texas that Rasheed Wallace now this story out of it got pulled over he was driving -- Stoudemire ran is that not a game wore on him yet out of -- When they were the jail where they were pulled over a good game book -- -- are. Both teams play hard and so postings where are. The cars they they they opened the car towards development we. Rasheed had some great time. Governor but what he had something about the -- they throw out the window openings where our. Good -- say they smoked at all what are those two guys tried to they had a couple of issues is one of them tried to bring the weed in wrapped in foil through the airport right. They're like well -- kind of went off in the metal detector because it was in tin foil. But it's I think that was I think that was Damon Stoudamire and the one of I think just tried to each had just put they're gone through the metal detector but it was just like in the back -- -- go to the airport to take off like I'll. Us sir your guns in here it can't bring that on the plane can't. Well Oprah yes I do yes I do not smoke -- -- -- before I went out that it's not now. Now don't work like. Your high right now X -- yeah. -- a pop up. Factory. Back to honor of being Bruce and his birthday we all of the legend of how Babe Ruth and ended up in New York Yankees in the career he went on to have so putting ruthless side. Who went on to have the best host Boston career any sport. -- Posted Boston careers that's a great question is just bad we'll count. I never made the boss that's IMAP and you know it has organization is accurate Jeff -- count yeah I would say Roger Clemens sure. Anyway and for how many companies -- that he went after Boston the fourth. That sounds right three. With probably one it would be more than that. Does he won them in Toronto new York and Angie is right one for. You want for post moustache are back in Toronto one in New York -- and you stomach go a month ago. Roger Clemens won Texas thank you so much for your help. Number two Michael Curtis Martin. Well yeah and it's. Couple other good answers though I duplicate Carlton Fisk. Rick Rick Fox -- some of you if you can if you count is. His acting credits are they going to LA with the best move for that you know didn't Vanessa Williams happened after Boston. To Vanessa Williams after -- analyst excuse. Championships. Yes while -- laws more year old though that was involved. When he was on ons yeah it was felt it really. -- have to -- to get drugs in this place. Yes -- that aren't in a plea -- anybody but some computers so -- to bed with the equipment at every episode and that show. Chauncey Billups Pete Carroll's advance Pete Carroll -- some might be the best dancer basket -- national titles and no Super Bowl. -- friars a good answer though he's this trouble now. Doug Flutie. Yeah that's about it that's what it via our populace and Chauncey Billups who won the title. And got a very good career -- is that I thought anonymously so -- -- -- Hussein ray -- I don't buy Bork. He did win a title but he didn't have like a great career outside holes go when tech. Fact the first Arab and yes became a hall of Famer when he left here. Currently expert. We boxes -- say about Barack Obama. It's pretty good group of respondents -- -- advocate. While none of us -- the chance to see debris actually play game if you could go back in time to watch any player played their respective sport. Who would debate -- thought about this for so long have you yeah. I don't -- What -- for you get -- I think for export -- you don't read an article don't -- me. Hockey would be Bobby or just the amount of time my -- been talking about -- everybody else I would love to watch them. For baseball will be Bob Gibson I would love to just seen the intimidation on the mound I was little Italy before it was born would love to -- Bob Gibson football -- Gayle sayers. No doubt. And it basketball there's like a couple of guys is that a kind of torn on I would loved to have seen that the Wilt Chamberlain. Bill Russell battles. I wish that I had I saw a little bit of doctor. We talk about doctor GA. Afro yeah red white and blue lazy days you all we did just squires I think I would have loved doctor. Strong yet so that's my answer people don't remember miss the rebound terminals -- in the stats were a little bit off but you go back. Many was averaging. Nearly yours and yours you know 1516. Rebound to -- was a very strong power another player might put on that is that the -- A pistol pairs of basketball with you -- wanna see what they sit courtside. I want Russell vs Chamberlain. I want what I don't wanted to be in the playoffs. I just wanna see those guys go at it. I'm I had boxing. I remember. Watching. I was two years ago so is this a little hazy I remember Ali at the end. Our member Larry Holmes beating him and feelings are informed. Former sparring partner but I would love to see all the Ali list and want him. -- Miami eat your words eat your words to the media after after knocking out -- listed. And baseball. -- facts. I would like to see that hockey and refused anorexia. I've never saw Bobby your -- lives like -- Bobby your. And baseball and I ardea baseball mr. animal football Opel will -- Like to go back -- -- I mean my answer is still definitely Gale Sayers but I'd like this I'd like to have seen Campbell Earl Campbell life. Did you see him yeah I remember or care how good was Earl Campbell. Number people bounced -- off of Imus in the like the one shot you always see with the breakaway jerseys -- wishing it was brief though it was -- those get there it's because they -- but for different reasons. I Campbell -- get the ball too much just took too many hits. Would not run out of bounds he was punish people like that. I don't like hearing from this guy right now and or well I would like to watch him. I've heard so many Jim Brown's stories. And if you grow up in Ohio. Knew it from from a young age you always hear about your round in the legendary stories and how he's got a very slowly after each tackle he didn't know he was hurt. -- -- walk very slowly back to the huddle get to the ball and get back and just run over somebody I would like you to -- This tax how old do you 220. I don't think we're talking about people who played in the ninety's Bill Russell life. Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain I'm upset I wanna see courts are 35 -- New York 41 about every three yeah. -- 43. Big guys. This long -- -- Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain played. So what I couple years the credit card got about trying to call you out of you saw them live good tell -- -- stories but it -- governor. They put Tony -- them on you know which which answer do you think that was for -- think that was for the most don't athlete is that for somebody had a good career after Boston. Was that summary that you which she would -- quite live was -- and down here. -- -- A -- or Al Sadr. Jenny go back what about it from the legally because I'm black I got a big job Gibbs didn't quite get your third Josh Gibson what he wanted it. And interactive brought that up really a lot of tree product. Why he would like I -- -- all black people audio. Well what's over that you accused me hate white people is gonna come right back to you from view of what can dump them Jackie Robinson Mario gently -- -- -- products. It. Where it's terrible salt you're my age my god I hope I don't look that bad that's terrible why would you say that that's a really really mean spirited thing to say. I looked up that for 35 we can do like I look like I'm 35 a period. Michael you look like younger than 43 I was shocked when a ton -- that -- not really. You're about I don't know 4142. Something like that oh man you're bothered about that. Jack get her to join us -- Jackson's ruby is he's old enough to have seen or right. Yes.

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