WEEI>On Demand>>Heading in to spring training, can the Red Sox still be considered favorites to win the AL East?

Heading in to spring training, can the Red Sox still be considered favorites to win the AL East?

Feb 6, 2014|

We discuss John Farrell's appearance on ESPN and the pressing needs and issues the Sox still have as Spring Training is about to commence.

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Are you ask your question right off the bat Mike. Our candidates are for do you yes he's the moral dilemma all bad -- and asked me a morality question at 2 o'clock. What starts the question I want you don't know the answer okay once you you know morality you know checked -- after four for a third it's gonna target to. You do morality right off the bat that you are we wanted to hang on the show today. Do you answer a question of legality morality legality all it all comes together in one big quietly had contact my attorney before it -- started this -- who -- -- -- is. How do Todd Lodwick I would I scooter did you go to high school audacity is a fool that views that your isn't. Who was that I have -- you know tall Lodwick and out Nelson prize -- yeah. I figured you would know Todd Lodwick he seems like he'd be right appearance -- really top. What's what's Todd known for I don't know a lot about taught or you know to be honestly you don't know I've seen a picture album. And in the pictures carrying a -- ski poles. I don't know whether he's a downhill skier fees they cross country skier or thief could be ski -- maybe -- as the guy stole some ski pole right but Todd Lodwick. Is going to carry the US flag OK US flag bearer. Tomorrow night at the at the Sochi Olympics opening ceremonies which take place a day after the Olympics actually start. Can't tell you what that is Olympics start tonight. Opening ceremony will be tomorrow the only thing I know it's -- at the opening ceremonies is gonna start at 814 Sochi time. Which is 2014 or 2014. -- thorough reform where's my morality here is your morality question okay. It is customary. For flag bearers as you walk by Vladimir potent. To dip the flag -- towards the post per hosting president there in a sign of respect respect apparent there however tip of the cap however. It is also against US law to dip the flag to anybody. It is it is against the US law to dip the -- To any person or thing except for in a rare situations involving naval vessels. So you were -- -- would you go with protocol. Tradition. Respect to Vladimir Putin in the hosting country of the Olympics and dip the flag as you walked by. Or would you stand by US law little known US law which says now. You do not dip the flag to anybody now I should also tell you because I don't want that he's gotten to remind people that this guy who jacked. Bob -- -- -- right to return like you -- know but he did -- I also don't want you to think they would go to jail there there is no penalty associated with breaking this rule. It is not an income of like mandatory minimums it's not like eight to twelve years if you do it there is no punishment. Just that you would be going against UN -- Whether you've got to figure out do you trust Vladimir -- do you trust that if you don't do that that it's it's going to be cool who does give you dirty look or. Those hotel rooms there but it keeps talking about. You'd beauty bash the one of them expect -- don't wanna go to sleep who you don't wanna fall asleep pay you don't have to dip the flag but I don't be careful brown water. -- You say it because you'd be a national story. Flight but didn't sway them to be national spot and use that to QAQ iTunes some like the next Gary Powers in the U2 spy plane. Let me say this out and cleared at a -- -- in the ideal -- fitness -- of the United. States of America. I dip the flag and no man or woman I know. -- diplomat flag went up to one up on. Them. Up to. Him what's up -- what up. Well a -- when I got kids not all acknowledge you a little knowledge of the subtle monitor. Them and on the goes up not a not a goes adamant that. Texas' Greg Jones -- you want -- I don't want there was little mode that Michael glad to know Bobby's loads of. Just so I understand your answer you would not give the knock on any would you give up and I'm glad I let -- -- of course. Would you dip the flag to Vladimir Putin yes you would deal. Economy get out of Russia alive yes -- that would make you bend the first US flag bearer since the 1930s. To dip the -- -- welcome back to America city you treated you would be the first person since the 1930s. To actually give wedeman and I think that Hitler. And I don't know what is this 36. There was 32 okay 32 are. -- 1930s who did it. Every American representative since 1932. Was kept the flag aloft even when passing Queen Elizabeth the Second. Audience not just a -- Russia thing even when you pass. Very friendly nations. A Queen Elizabeth the Second. Nobody nobody has -- the US flags in 1930. The very that's an -- for moral dilemma Michael I appreciate that thank you that was easy to that's one day until the opening the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tomorrow we are nine days. Away from the Red Sox opening up their spring training with the reporting date not just pitchers and catchers but everybody shown up in nine games you've already for baseball season. If you -- the Red Sox have have had a complete like it's been awhile since we've really focused on it and sent a little email today and things it would be talking about first name and his list was like new acquisitions by the Red Sox have a completely forgotten. That AJ Pierzynski is going to be a member of the Red Sox he's the most interest -- Off season acquisition for this team they really haven't changed all that much. Just it just doesn't like. Without without focusing on the top of mind to answer the Red Sox World Series contender again of course are the reds are likely to winning other worlds here -- -- And I wouldn't it be a -- if you look at that team last year there's. Really nothing lucky about the team that figured out. How to use people in the right positions united I'm thinking that when I say that I'm thinking specifically of Jonny Gomes and used them like other teams have used to. Jonny Gomes and Daniel Nava. -- -- is a bit of a question mark that's a big -- losing Jacoby Ellsbury -- -- girls. Are you look at two rotation they added to the bullpen. Yeah I'm I'm not. Come on down in the Red Sox at all met for four World Series champion they had very little turnover. Very little significant turnover in the big one of those that is Jacoby -- I mean it's center field of the left side you're -- -- that's gonna look different than it did a year ago at least in some way I mean Bogart's body maybe in a better when it may end up being better of Bogart's you know is what he looked like he was going to be when -- in the in the playoffs and then there's the chance that he's not that. At least not right now. Writing news Keith -- number two prospect in all of baseball behind Byron box in Minnesota. You know had if he's still prospect as he actually plays -- in between but. He was listed as the number two prospect in all of baseball if he's that guy immediately you probably upgraded Rusty Wallace -- -- -- prospect on those -- rules. I know he's probably -- are -- how much time he spent in the majors. -- are picking names out of a -- -- I think about the Red Sox prospects at bank of Owens I think of Barnes and advocate -- I don't think of Zander Bogart Bogart not a -- TI I guess I would still see you really I don't know I don't know exactly what negative view of criminals to be shocked if he doesn't make the team and he's on the team. I cannot be shocked if he's not starting shortstop got a result so I look at him prospects on the prospects I don't think -- about guys who are. We're being counted on for in Major League role. In 2014. They can about distant you know Webster. Dale -- rose you know when one of those guys going to be used could be 2014 maybe. And I got your -- -- spent almost as much time on the Major League rosters he did I know it was their for the playoffs the way the way -- was. But I but he spent almost as much if not more time on the on the roster this past year. But what's really wasn't up for that long right came up at the end of the year September got to -- a little love them but but probably not even as much as you would like to have. He still prospect -- would view him that way because I think he's still pretty much. Unknown quantity isn't right but I don't know that I can just pencil him in for for his stats yet that makes them. Every that you can't you don't know what Zander Bogart's you know is going to be on the team which I don't know he my knee maybe. Or a rookie of the year in VP candidate right or he could just be a guy who gives you you know 245 to fifty. You know 325. On days. I think is on this current map I just annual -- certainly looks like you -- gonna take a -- have a patient at -- it for a little bit -- power. If there's one thing I'm excited about for the Red Sox season -- he did not is in the number one thing you're excited about to -- -- -- yet somehow getting up I would say is -- Bogart is number one on the list -- the techsters is thinking -- I -- texas'. What about Grady Sizemore will -- have an impact. I don't expect it but I'm looking forward to see if he can stay healthy because they healthy. I mean now we got something fun to talk about what and as something fun to watch. So I think Bogart's one. I'd -- a Grady Sizemore. What's left there to. And then. I guess it put two and three would be Jackie Bradley to not because them advocate -- -- some great. Major League player but I wanna see how they deal with that big hole in center field. Do you buy it. So that's what could be. It was -- -- it was on the scene of the day them. Terms Briton Tim Britton who -- of the Providence journal. Was on this during the -- -- city and think Jackie Bradley and Grady Sizemore could be on the roster at the same time but they're probably wasn't room on the 25 man roster for both of those guys. You gonna have to make a choice which one need to start the year at the center field. And obviously a lot of us -- -- to do with Grady -- help help if he's healthy I'd much rather start the year with him in center field -- Jackie Bradley junior see what happens and know that you've got Bradley just in case that doesn't -- want it. He's healthy he's got to start. Your options on Bradley to sound like. Thank you have to have more on the roster. I'm this. I would just be OB. I'll be blown away though. Wouldn't you if you come out of Fort Myers. You have Grady Sizemore not only on the roster be great if he's on the roster could be your lead -- guy. About to penetrate these guys report it when was the last time you thought about him boy hasn't played since 2011 was -- I don't. Thought about -- hasn't played a complete season -- the last time he played a complete season moss 20092008. 2008. In 2009. He played in a 106 games so so nearly complete season the last time he played. With 2008 played -- 157 games that was coming off two years in a row where he played 162 from 05075862. And a 162 when he was dynamic. 832 OP has 907852. In -- away 876. And then really re injury riddled years. Followed by two complete years off. -- But -- he -- figure -- out the Red Sox have to like six years seven years since the guys really been somebody can count on you guys got some good stuff here techsters AT&T -- by rethink possible. What Texas as what about meadowbrook. Another one says and looking forward to see the looking -- -- of Clay Buchholz can stay healthy for an entire year. Another one looking -- seeing a healthier Dustin Pedroia. May -- buckled that's the one that jumps out look at the way he started the year. In the way he ended the year. Don't completely different guys both effective in his last start of the year. He was able to do is grind it out nobody thought he would be -- pitch to able to give you enough for five innings in the World Series. And and but the Red Sox in position to win that game. Start of the year. Best pitcher in baseball. Nasty filthy crazy. So in Clay -- finally. Put together a successful year and you had years before -- where he's giving you 200 innings. But they weren't 200 innings that you wanted to say it one year -- 173. 175 innings somewhere and and neighborhood 1717. Wins. The only criticism was -- Seymour. In a bad bad a bad Bobby year like a lot of people did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For for Bobby bad number to those that and I did the nugget he went eleven and eight. With a 456. ERA a it wasn't to America. Was not -- so that the trick it up 25 home runs yet it's hurt her political life is that you're given -- -- to give up last year. -- -- Lower -- lower. Feel for who runs all of last year in the regular season how many innings. -- a hundred. Before whole -- 500. Goodyear and considering giving up 25 the year previous that gap but he got the trick is to get buckled those. One idea that to a five to ten. With the numbers that you think he can put up. He's not a 456. ERA type of pitcher and he's probably not a guy with a sub two ERA either that's crazy. But he should be in and the Jon Lester neighborhood. You know -- -- whose low three ERA and you can do that. Maybe you'll be an interest -- in the regular season you may be other January apple sort of my question is if you look at this Red Sox team and figure that there were guys who. Over achieved or put up numbers that were a little higher than you would expect last year and some of those guys you would expect to level off back towards their mean this season and yet there are other guys last year who probably didn't put up as good -- numbers. As they're capable of we'll middle Brooks might be on that list you can Alexander Bogart's in now Dustin Pedroia is -- on the list because he's dealing with a thumb injury the entirety of last season. Injured the very first game of the year. -- getting back some new members your bullpen Andrew Miller is back you've got some guys you've acquired -- but you expect the same season at a Koji. You expect David Ortiz to be the same guy he was a year ago you have a year older yet you expect the same sort everything works out for victory known Gomes and car. And those guys are all of the perfect spot at the perfect time that you expect all those same things to go right a year later or do you expect them to level off they do those guys -- right way to -- -- -- would -- what -- -- you know what he's gonna do if he's healthy. Talking about. Cart. Not novice slash Gomes to use the right way gets away with other two guys. And they usually get favorable matchups in games and they produce so why would that change. It's not like they did you know Jonny Gomes didn't do anything different last year then Denny's done the rest of his career and that's why -- What I did last year was what he was brought here to do. -- did something a little different but you could see flashes from car to go back. And look at his stats. Oversee always last a little bit of power there was something in there was little inconsistent. But that stat line from my -- a good team. Playing half of his games at Fenway Park. Should have been expected. Well open up -- 61777979837. As we start thinking about Red Sox season. Which is kind of been in the rearview mirror but fun to watch on the think about leisure as it's snowing is -- gross out as you're dealing with now couple days after this -- is the worst time. Like gray. Gross disgusting mocked on the ground you're walking around like. He's not like at least when it's no I don't like the snows you know at least then -- some of the beauty like winter wonderland theme thing yeah -- it's bad. Now -- gross now just in your way in knowing disgusting. Like you know I I got it today. -- disagree with you could you like it now I do you call. Don't want you don't had to do today. Like I got I got -- got stuck. Have my my my beloved Prius on the street gets stuck in your car now without the Prius was on the street and -- forgotten how to move it really had moved it -- who had moved it into the driveway while I was in on the street why did you -- on the street not the driver to be -- as you know block and hope thing you know you need to get out it was blocking -- -- so blocking my wife so I just. Moved out -- left on the street. So she can get out of the drive way. Storm came Prius stuck there. A move that today. Since -- knows you. It. Was a tiny little car you know it was. Tennis no. -- did very I. Know it's perfect it's perfect consistency at all. That's ever seeing. How long. Did that have been nasty. Out and and the conditions have been awful -- it just impacted in the air got to dig it out. -- to two and a half hour exercise. I've met you you like this don't I like you look like if if things go awry in Boston for you at some point you may move north and steps out. I may find you do when like ESPN Nova Scotia RTS and Nova Scotia in a couple you to be at Halifax products that now that's just shoveling out that's condom in August and -- -- that's going to don't have that Indian but on northeast. -- -- that out yesterday and that they're talking about how facts. Cocky. Or what else -- the only major cities there with a hockey team hockey it is hot hot hockey talk like local hockey. They talk about hockey that's the way we talk -- NFL. All year long. And they got talking hockey to plant -- what do you do. Course now been there once and I was a kid I remember listening Sports Radio -- there -- molester drug test. Here's I'm with them I think you're crazy is miserable. Weather's miserable to good times start thinking about again about baseball John Ferrell was on with first eight today team -- of them are behind you NE SPN right now hold up the trophy. And it's it it probably spent so much time are so caught up in the in the patriots -- what the Celtics and Bruins just really the first time I've started thinking about baseball about a month or so. And -- I'd like this team and I like who they are. I'm excited coming -- I'm excited for AJ Pierzynski but he's he's a character like I'm sure he somebody will be talking about this year and a I'm fascinated to see how how we builds a relationship not only in the clubhouse. But with the fans he's always such a polarizing figure what is that relationship look like I think it'll end up being positive I do. Tom I don't feel confident and app but I think it'll end up being positive and keep somebody they'll kind of take this city to the atmosphere here and vice Versa. But -- is the one. That's the guy wanna see that's the thing I'm most excited about -- going to be crazy this year. I do think he's gonna be -- -- -- -- amazing put up crazy great remember numbers that the end of it he the runaway rookie of the year are nobody's even chosen and special. He hit low in the lineup does he pulled the Trot Nixon thing rickety even that was one of the better gators on the -- Start off that way to to keep the pressure off from that after awhile -- -- be obvious he's got a he's he's just won an Oscar superstar. Iraqi we -- -- in I don't know why they don't see him. And won a World Series. And he's a young guy and he's not played. A full season so you don't wanna. You don't wanna raise expectations for Zander Bogart's a look at they tried to lower expectations last year you don't Barack. Talked about it in the -- -- -- Stephen Drew out there when it was obvious that Zander Bogart's have been in that situation until finally. They took the leash off and look what he did ask the man's a you don't want them to bring back. Well I do. And I would tell it. I'm not sure I'm not convinced it is as convinced as I am on Zander Bogart's will -- -- social. That's not sure which gotten real metal Brooks. Zander -- is called the prospect by Keith law even though will battle Brooks has been in the major leagues I still consider him a prospect of warmer prospect vendor. So you can bring in Stephen Drew. Nothing crazy. An average shortstop and Alexander Bogart at third -- on. I think that's a that's a big question. Seems like kind of a make or break for middle Brooks I mean I think that's their but the reason I'm I'm I find myself very torn on the idea Stephen Drew on one hand I agree with -- -- I don't feel. Like middle Brooks is a player that you're definitely gonna count on and the idea of saying hey this team is gonna count on -- two guys who haven't really proven all that much and that's going to be the left side of the infield for team that's expected to challenge for another World Series seems like a lot and so from that perspective I really do wanna see Stephen -- here on the other hand. Feel like this is it for middle -- and you -- find out what you have you got -- ride with him at the beginning of the year find out whether or not he can hit in the major leagues regularly for average with a little bit of pop can he do all that. And if he can't there what happens if you don't have Stephen Drew on your roster so can you signed Stephen Drew and sit him. For the first couple weeks of the season -- -- -- -- -- that or he's gonna rotate the three of them through the two positions so that two of the three are always playing everybody -- two thirds of the games maybe you can at least for the first few months. -- spend a lot of money donut guy that ultimately in a perfect wanna have to in a perfect world he's not on he's not a regular player for us right that's why don't have to spend money to me why an ex alcoholic WE. Today who do you think's gonna be you're starting shortstop. Well right now reasonable course you know there's there's no one else on the roster that would -- be ahead of him. We did pick up Jonathan her with that you with the trading. The Rockies last for the provide some depth there but. You know we're talking about one of the premier young players in the game not just from physical standpoint but. The way he responded to the stage in October post season a very mature 21 year old and it was a very bright future. John Ferrell on ESPN earlier today watch an easy answer. As of now you're starting short courses -- but at a labor and I Stephen Drew is going to be on Iran to -- further though he said. One of the premier young players in the game didn't say a good look at prospect he's got a lot of potential. For me air. Young players in the game battery and nobody disagrees that it's again absolutely you're right of course not a good look at prospect but -- -- that's a little bit more. The united say that's woody I think that's people projected to be and and John -- dollar is hardest thing he's here. He's -- tablet with Stephen Drew. It's gonna cost a lot of money and crazy could happen -- -- because of the date February 6. So. What are your options. February 6. For Stephen -- this is. What the Red Sox have to manage more than anything is how to if they're gonna bring him back how to bring him back without embarrassing him. In a press conference in the in in. PR type situation right to -- her down one year fourteen million -- US open one year six million how does he -- open not just with the -- between his legs and into the side of Scott -- that nobody talks about he gets so many props and utterances -- Brady is in this is the agent. And you know this is the agent that any player should go -- in the right. For the most part it's a lot of money. Stuff like this every now and then -- that's it that's what Jason Varitek. There's a mystery team out there when when Varitek was up -- the red vaccine and to make a lot more money. In the Red Sox hat -- and they were able to. Make it comfortable for Varitek when he came back -- -- the -- ministers that was the first time -- while -- they're gonna -- that -- -- they want to -- with the injury you have to find a -- way to make -- comfortable you tell your client that turned -- fourteen million dollars and you can -- more. And he comes back in its in its early February and there's no offer on the table what you do. -- two years for -- fourteen though and a total of fourteen million. Are -- with the -- next year or two year old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody will maximize your dollar value better than Scott Boras but he can't create leverage for you if you don't have. And Stephen Drew unfortunately is -- not a good enough player that teams are clamoring to not only pay -- money but also to give up the draft pick to get him in the Red Sox the one team that doesn't need to give up that draft picks are really the only in the consign them to one year deal. Right I mean if you're the Mets who came up your streak it's time to one year deal and give up a draft pick for a one year guy doesn't make sense. And are -- worth more than one year deal to a lot of people so I was -- -- kind of handled this wrong body -- of the accepting this deal except -- -- until America and I think it would have been a nice steal from both sides though. Out policy I think again it comes down for me though it's less about Stephen Drew. And more about. Middle upper amending -- EE -- right. I don't know that I am getting on with the I don't know that I believe he's going to be that guy right off the bats I'd probably be more inclined to pay Stephen Drew a little bit more than enough. Right I mean if you're saying that. He's -- can be offered six million are maybe a game seven or eight. To try to find a way to keep them on the roster even if some of it is in incentives they look at you end up playing a lot will pay you'll. If you don't end up playing them much and and middle Brooks is good items are not gonna play you know to pay you and trying to somewhere else next year. Not a -- to our own Canada situations talk me with a player option for next year a lot of obstacles a lot of competition competition between. Metal Brooks and drew. He open it up in spring training that we we don't think spring training means all that much. Willman -- Brooks very Welker hit 450 in spring training and Stephen Drew hit you know 135 does that mean that job as an -- well it gives you very. Easy way of saying the job as will -- Brooks right it's an easy way to go to drew and just say hey man sorry but we're gonna have to give the job -- will least stark got crushed in spring training you didn't. But sit and sit tight. We'll see what he does in the first 34 weeks of the season if he doesn't do -- back at shortstop. -- will bump -- over to third by the way if it turns -- Bogart's can't handle the position defensively that's another way for you to get in there. I mean I I you know maybe you have to be a little devious and -- normal little bit or were tweak it a little -- a dollar to make it a fair competition but it's not really fair and ultimately the two young kids get the job and you wait -- see whether or not they can handle it. With Stephen Drew waiting in the wings to take over. We got a text throughout goes to the Red Sox are good but other teams got -- no question. You think the Yankees got better. The Yankees got better yet they got that I don't doubt enough or are they are they good enough to take over the American League east conflicts advocate not to make the playoffs. Probably. As a as the second wildcard they make the playoffs. Yeah I think the last year or that's not make in the playoffs or or view you know if you look at it this way. You had you had Tampa. And Cleveland. Are they are are they better in Cleveland. You think Cleveland had a fluke year I do. Only only only Cleveland's legit but Tampa. As much as -- like to make fun of of Joseph Maddon. -- them all oh wise one Joseph -- are the Yankees. Got about the Red Sox. Early yankees better than the Tampa Bay Rays. Got bigger names. A better team in the -- they get Tony. Guys on that team -- -- of the name recognition but don't have the number I -- CC sabathia is the prime example. I -- out them looking you're gonna tell me that that -- hockey comes in and is an ace right off the bat okay thanks he becomes your third pitcher some okay fine then we can have a conversation. But do you think to knock is gonna commit and be dominant. Maybe he will and I think you saw the can Texas looks pretty damn good Yu Darvish here he came in him was -- like right off the bat -- a pitcher in hitters park rather just like get to -- is gonna try to do -- outlook if he comes in and is as good as Yu Darvish. There are. The Yankees may very well be a playoff team this year and might have an opportunity to leap for leap -- the Red Sox if the Sox take a step back. If the Red Sox are who they were a year ago and I think they're capable of that I don't even think the addition of cannot is enough and Ellsbury to make the anchor you're -- You're mad when Jacoby Ellsbury went to yankees ground. Thank you demand them see him now I amateur Yankee uniform and never felt like he can have the connection and is never somebody that would bring up that kind of emotion in me. As an outlook and even Pedro who's one of my favorites of all time the way he left made it hard to be mad when you sound come back a few years later is -- But like if Pedro it -- happen with Pedro -- there's so many other players who when they leave they leave with a lot of raw emotions still on the table. Johnny -- Jacoby Ellsbury by his very nature is an emotional. So it's hard to develop that emotional connection when you see him in pinstripes you know I -- to bother me at all. Plus he was so on the unbelievably over it. It just making so what this argument I've gotten out -- gonna make so much more money than he's worth. It's participate -- get upset it's like the conversation we had yesterday. And the price continue to have to be able Jewish settlement Julian element goes somewhere else for four million dollars is a man that's a -- Wait you're telling me this -- any of four million and the patriots were willing to pay him but he goes somewhere else for seven million dollars -- be upset. You'd be upset at at at admin for going to get paid seven million dollars when you don't think he's worth more than three or four. It's hard to be upset that guy really angry specially. When you have no emotional attachment like that with Ellsbury. Yeah I think posters can be good for them though this and that and that ballpark where hopefully enjoying games there. He's gonna have. -- bill that topped twenty home runs again I would agree I don't particularly in his career high 32. But he'll he'll be in 22 low twenties I could see -- twenties steal some bags think -- look like. A different player I just don't think they have. It is old. -- -- I got Jeter have all the respect in the world for Jeter but. On Jeter Teixeira coming up injuries. Sabathia then look quite the same. Mariano Rivera gone. Yeah I think -- Alex Rodriguez out. We're gonna do. I -- think they've they've made some moves are made and made some splashes in free agency is just don't think they have enough to have let -- but I do want is a dual party to support Tampa. I wanna see -- first before I make a call and don't normally see with the kid looks like him and I can watch some grainy YouTube footage trying to find out what you look like in Japan but because as history is told us. And really give you that an accurate representation of what will be in the in the big leagues. Syndicate pitch. To appease an ace Michael what he's better than Darvish being -- Yu Darvish really good pitcher right yes he's quality pitcher yes I do what he's better than Yu Darvish. That would that would significantly change the way you view the Yankees -- what it is a potential 23 game winner and he's got dominant stuff for the Yankees opened -- NEA's and and pitch against them. If that's the case -- seats CC bombs back all the pitchers bump back he pitched deep into the gains more off I mean. Maybe you don't need them the Rivera factor isn't quite as magnified. I can see how to knock it being dominance. Would change that change that conversation but without knowing really what he is finding yankees to be kind of wild card it's -- form not a baseball form. Coming up we you do have by the Boston blitz some baseball conversation imbedded in it that's -- Ali W media.

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