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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/6/14

Feb 6, 2014|

Ask it all, we answer it some!

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's. Time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question -- answer the question yeah. Are much Witherspoon us really all this hour since the sweatpants and. Tank top. Talk cape a -- talk it's like the teapot dome scandal this is -- -- -- -- he had not don't want to leave your pre nup what you're histories like for the right around the time of the Hawley -- -- the Smoot Hawley -- with the -- -- the Simpson's reference that's all -- that game parent. Story -- You need Dave Barry. Not -- humorists and if there ever Dave -- -- like. Occasionally I don't care -- is his history of the world. It's funny though and it it was funny then. That's cute cute clip from -- Look -- -- you've seen -- criminals. -- -- -- -- knew that I don't rattle CNET and the cart. At the thing that's different and yet officially it's. -- -- Actually I haven't seen it I don't know what that it's the question brought to buy -- restoration specialists. Your property your facilities manager don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place be prepared contact heiress and 8774611111. War -- there. Dot com -- guys. At what is it acceptable to start wintering in floor. Great question the necessity of the money as. You can afford absolutely you answer asked -- -- -- little pop in your finances a lot like this he do. What's your psyche though. Doctors is not about your bank account Specter psyche if you are a person who's going to Florida. You're wintering in Florida yeah this that if you -- not ready maybe you're not ready for that what your credit for you have the money umbrella. At the age umbrella right now at 34. You're 34 year old man who knows spanning half of the year in Florida perfect. That you probably feel 24 no you don't get that sun value on seated and come back you don't have brought to spend that time with old yeah you can find other -- -- now you don't. You have to go to western third on the line the old people Hollywood -- -- you go -- your gear gamble on during the day you're going Miami night in Hollywood California Hollywood Florida OK right. A great party. Can right around. Right around now hang -- with Mike Napoli you're probably you're probably late for your 430 dinner at Denny's reported Perry's. God I -- given to go to Denny's fourth third I doubt that it's -- out at least not to -- -- -- free can now be happy hour right now you'd be at some bar. All women got any agent is down their goal. I'm -- women you needle and you mean like moms and -- no girls on vacation in Florida if money's no object to what would you choose a better place accidentally got it just farther away but you're right. Any right. Next question. Who actually is whether a that are in the -- and oh -- I saw some of the questions. Wise my boss has to do expect this one question guys I deal with there. Was -- for me in my. -- because regularly while that they -- -- talking about Andy X -- I'll answer every boss. Do you who's ever at a good boss. Next question. Would you rather where -- what a date or Wear pants to a meeting. You can keep on -- -- given aid on it actually kind of bad ass at it it's a talking point that why you're in the case well. Back to my place just to sort of walking. Up. Are getting that she is -- that text message taller friend absolutely that might date it's where you -- -- what about the text messages and the next morning you'll never guess or slept with that and Kate was amazed I mean where the cable got a. Followed it with a wrapping up his cape reserves rate -- -- some -- -- -- -- the best. My wife Wear sweats all the time and I -- -- want to like tell. Recently he wouldn't sweat teller asked what's that that's what you -- no doubt alone -- -- -- had a great athletic but it looks terrible and -- -- -- -- -- And I don't tell without an argument that it without divorce you know what you're definitely -- Don't Wear them and that's about it argument how -- it used to tell that they do look at you said that your wife she's -- in -- that violence. That your half the terrible -- -- she's pregnant right now -- pro brisket but it generally -- it's it's it's such a thing we're learning that now. Why you toilet now -- Not a place to hide an ass what you it's a there's no way. Not showing it or you don't like that bind to boost your credit not to. It -- -- -- all right I don't quite like a windows yeah right now. Always more on dressing. Did you talk your undershirt in your underwear or leave it outside -- -- in any you'd be surprised at the -- really. We guy's pocket mirror under certain that it. To their underwear underpants. No to your boxers know it depends on your boxer briefs and somewhat. Not until. -- -- there are things that you tuck in your underwear. From dressed up and assuming it revealed undershirt under the pressure on the show why I double up and it doesn't notoriously thin and small. I don't feel what's in your underwear is notoriously thin and small. -- A moon. -- -- -- To work now to what they have to work to -- Got caught out. It's time. And divine engagement ring well but I'm not sure how many carrots or how much is enough to spend it. It was not the disappointed seem cheap but also I don't -- break the bank and make about 60000 dollars a year. Okay that would work of art that's twice as much as me it's just figure. Out how -- Struggled the more that's what he's got a question did you not say the generic answer Nicole and it was not it was a generic answer I don't know that ditty and engagement ring as well I heard -- Should cost. The same amount as to your paychecks now I think what you should do. Is go with her until you go shopping Italy's so. The pressure. You know made you feel like -- to figure out everything take all the pressure off of yourself. You go together. You let her you ask her what she likes -- but and see where she had she -- she winds up it's an awesome it should also be at least that we'll tell you. You -- you want to but it should also do all we shouldn't inhibit the little above your pay grade. Then this is the last time this horse there's a little when it does not trying to propose. Nor did not know what you save in four to watch them. -- Feel -- How long you with us. How long you have to be seeing somebody before you think it's OK to -- them on down. Prosecutors started dating before New Year's best -- -- they miles its -- in any time. Every time I can be a week a month. That there's no and also when you go out to dinner for Valentine's Day it's like the special like yeah -- -- fixing prices are you all and I only seen her at that time. Yes. He could take them for two weeks and Alex and I first date in college was down to earth and our first actual days in my life -- really right around her -- was like the day after valentines that amicable over the time ago -- ago. What's a nice upscale. A -- enough stores chain restaurants olive garden. Column macaroni grill macaroni grill put it right there. What would you order what you need the government that read my personal they're nervous I was so you're nervous you put on -- -- that they did not or swiftly decided dress up and I am married to my wife did not eat much because shoot we going to Cancun and all. College they all got real trimmed up for -- equipment first day. In -- is a voice expert Greg date of date while they went to Cancun that was great they want all of garden. He got -- well actually it really can't code was given. Pork they went to Venice it was amazing all right we got -- here but I -- run over to to in -- about a -- are -- -- -- -- and to your -- keeps them from -- up against the line through the yeah I don't know. They their ego I said we be surprised by the answers and I guess we were assault my. Represented at first they keep you. No -- -- one -- memory bank for the there's still some memorable last couple times you talk swept -- under the office. Immediately committed that we -- do that every day for the rest of good positive but will be about the guys tomorrow 2 o'clock Antoine Walker on the -- at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. We'll talk you to.

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