WEEI>On Demand>>Should Roger Clemens be entering the Red Sox Hall of Fame in the same class as Pedro Martinez?

Should Roger Clemens be entering the Red Sox Hall of Fame in the same class as Pedro Martinez?

Feb 6, 2014|

Mut and Merloni debate if The Rocket, after his tenure with the Yankees and alleged steroid use, should really be entering the Red Sox HOF with the legendary Pedro Martinez

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Yesterday spent some time talking about the Red Sox hall -- actually. It broke all her on the the first segment of the show. Red Sox hall -- was announced it was an emotional day for EU. When Nomar Golan and guy played with -- and -- guy you work with a one and it moments what are your favorites page -- and Ian and Roger -- York. And -- eight hour class my of this story at my reactor at the time was. It doesn't seem right that Pedro is going with Clemens. And again today -- at content and turns out not gill would have felt this way. Because I thought Gerry Callahan wrote a great column not good but great column. In the Boston Herald today. Top -- shouldn't have to share stage with -- And he caps waited in how many words here. What I was trying to say yesterday. There is something wrong about Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez board of the Red Sox hall of fame in the same class. If you want a ticket a step further I guess I feel like Pedro evil and it's no offense Nomar -- stake should -- got him by himself and certainly. Should at this shared the stage at page at where Martinez and Roger Clemens should not be up there. On the same stage. And I go back to something Pedro said. A couple of years ago -- spring training after -- David Ortiz his -- a couple years ago. Is asked about it doing -- clean doing at the right way. Any set I would love to face Roger Clemens. When he was Roger Clemens didn't -- -- -- the face Roger Clemens when he was on the stuff. And went on to talk about how he did a clean he did at the right way and do we know that for a -- -- we don't know if any of these guys. But face the fact that he and of his career was 32. Climate -- for like ten more years after that. After I left Boston. As a is that the difference there in the -- the wage guy's career ended. And what each guy I was doing at 32 in the next ten years after that. And I I find it -- the use the -- disrespectful. I find disrespectful Prater Martinez that he's gonna have to share that hall of -- stage with Roger Clemens should be -- Yep it's a team hall of fame Lou what he meant to this team you -- -- been fine. But I find it ridiculous to put up there with Pedro I almost feel like this is sort of a shield the Pedro is being used as -- Pedro is there with Clemens. Or is this any bad paper -- the most beloved figure Red Sox history no Mars right up there joke is that -- state. But three guys that love and one guy will be loved and Pedro. And it will soften the blow. Up putting one of the cheaters in baseball in the Red Sox -- Fame I feel strong opponent where's it gonna soften the blow like people's. So erratic challenges wrote about it. Like at the event. They -- soften the blow the event you voted cheerful want to -- at that type -- event. Big Roger Clemens would ever not to -- The recent years but it could be some pretty significant boost you know now -- there would be. About -- half and half but usually when -- sex addict when a player gets into a hall of fame there -- zero blues. The fact that there be any any would be a big deal it's it's the Red Sox hall of fame and they'll block general account her you know they deserve to be in there we talked a talk domestic -- -- says it's a lodge. Right it's it's. Cooperstown. It's the Baseball Hall of Fame Pedro will not share that stage to Roger Clemens. You'll go win next year it's it's -- apps for the law to share with Rio Randy Johnson. But it's the Red Sox hall of fame. And I I don't agree with them in the commons. Would really ever get who'd been put its -- for him it's just not an ecstatic. It's not. You know the U2 walks on the field apparently is gonna be cheered it's NB -- net setting. In other -- columnists write about it to be talk shows maybe talk about it that it all agree with that. But it's it's it's -- Red Sox author. Pat I don't have a problem with a -- goes and this won't take you very much you look at the clash a regular guy she Clemens is there and I mean I don't agree with everything and he did bill Woody's time -- Boston we accomplished okay I'm good -- -- -- go into. -- Without Roger. That's kind of what's important. The quote from Pedro he was asked to discuss the allegations regarding purports dancing drugs involving each player -- -- Clemens and bonds specifically -- was that. Ortiz is gulf -- a couple years ago quotes really difficult to choose either one. I would love to face Roger Clemens when he was Roger Clemens with nothing. I would love to face him all the time again it would medics with Tom Glavine -- learned so much from watching them. I was clean he said I know I was clean that's all I can say I was clean and I was out there. They got the best out of me beat me or not that was the best I had and clean. I wish it was the same way for every one of them. -- when he was asked the witty endorsed the pair for the hall of fame. And asked about the perception of of bonds and Clemens -- PD news. I don't really in my hardest is pitching is difficult. Just like Barry Bonds look at Barry bond to say hammered Barry Bonds growing up and I was still a kid. Barry Bonds hit thirty Jackson a big weeks. Are always numbers were before. But I know we had really really good numbers right before everything exploded. Says not that anybody's gonna let them free everything or whatever the same time he knowledge baseball knowledge is really difficult to do. I respect that I respected baseball. You wanna talk about. The steroid era and includes. Clemens and and when you look at the criteria now it's on the stories about Bach wrote about it in a box that Clemens should be in. It's yet to be at the plate that for the team for three years yet to be out of baseball for three years because of other opportunities to devote Clemens and on his every couple years but. Clemens last year was what 2007. Visually Clemens last year. -- opportunities. In previous years to vote Roger Clemens again. And you choose now to vote him in with Pedro. What these worthy now if you believe he's where he now when you do an idea. What they voted mineral -- why they wait until this year. And I argue part of that is -- -- -- -- issue Arctic thirtieth and vote jokes to exit. It's a -- well I -- announcer is different Roger Clemens I'm sending it out other opportunities last couple years to put Clemens struck. That's no knock on Joba I don't know I don't know why people say in the early. No question in news they would boo Roger Clemens it's real simple in that setting. But Clinton has been in since he's retired from baseball. Is -- even booed at Fenway Park. It shall in the seats and people cheer from the green monster seats -- anniversary the -- It's is it's not that setting. -- -- It eight -- tough guys that blow all day long you go to a game and your form you know you'll see -- person you'll just say hi did you always loved you month. In person you're different you probably text and tweet we don't know that. But -- -- setting the Red Sox all favor Google that it blew out the well it's not -- case let me set the paint the setting for at the luncheon. He's not gonna get booed okay he's not gonna get moves delegates comes on the field the rest a possible -- -- are there will be people that blue Red Sox hall of fame members that ever happened before. But that's a big deal you say it like not ever -- bu I agree it's not gonna be 5050. What he's gonna get booed for what he did and -- treated the game absolutely well and that wouldn't that never happens to any hall of Famer. And the -- I wasn't you know go to on the list. You're right that in that environment you are expected. And it wouldn't even be a majority of the crowd. But they'll be some audible boos by people even it's only in different sections and a fan's blowing Roger Clemens. And I think it'll be muted. Because the fact he's going -- with Pedro and be able to feel good about Pedro Nomar and the great Joker -- I just wondering he's out 2007. So they only do this every of the year yet to be out of baseball for three years on the 2010 voting class came. Was yelled back you know I was three years right 20122 years ago when Marty Barrett Kurdish Curt Schilling went -- in. They took her chances devoted man. Why they vote him -- now I I I don't have the answer that my opinion is they voted him in now because they can put Pedro with Clemens. And sort of Flexilis I feel like Pedro should at his own night -- the disrespect him because the back the luncheon for second. If there are questions asked there and that luncheon. Pedro Martinez can be sitting up on a dais -- Nomar and Joseph and Roger if it happened the way it's happened before. He's gonna be asked questions by the media right. It's fair to put Pedro and a spot that the answer questions about steroid users with Clemens up there. That's hot garbage I I hate that -- you could see the point is no question you know it PD should have maybe just gonna buy himself. You know Joost. As he was that special. Yet this organization. In there was no post organization issues signal as to Roger Clemens. He was just -- will be part of this organization fans love him there's no reason not to love him and not a single reason. They use I understand the argument you know -- just. They did Clemens deserves to be unit of the great -- -- the -- time the -- actually recovered from as far as he should have been may be the only one. All all we're 32 years and now make him the only one in going in just really just. Put the spotlight on the guy. Our 2014 class a ball it's not often involves one individual. That's Pedro given the stage a -- awesome I'm all for that and and -- -- and Tim -- adding rep has a story about this and I'm not ready yet so. At the go back and read it but apparently he's one of the voters the hall of fame but some of the media members that are voters that soundly joke -- they ought to vote the story told yesterday -- he's on that committee. And their talk in any put it so I don't know exactly how works but apparently sixties and email voting members. Greg -- like recently and his name comes up the ethic he's worthy. -- the top half. That discussion goes he relates to costs. To vote I bet you Joseph the man that he is suggesting grainy going before -- day. Probably it has -- Six once that got another one X 1777979837. The phone number. Not stop trying to make this be a story nor is gonna boo Roger it's not your place not the place you tool. I'm not trying to make a story I'm giving -- my freaking opinion on this. And as Summers while the Red Sox I just don't think it's fair to put those guys together and they're disrespect of one of the greatest members of the Red Sox oval. That's that's all I feel. How the dubious story not gonna talk about a between you know now when -- induction happens in August. Callahan wrote about it today on talking about yesterday today. Not gonna be a big story I just hate the way it was organized routine usually does things the right way. Richard Newton joins -- -- here on 937 I rich. Let that happen in the direction you're Rich Little I gotta tell -- I got a wave bigger problem. With one of my tree would gag order that which is Nomar. A little bit revisionist history here I -- remember a guy who show while Walt Walt did -- more than our Nikkei and the Walt -- yeah. I need. Let the that it won't get a good TV and Sports Illustrated cover than ever been out and did I know you've got. -- buoyed by a big -- we -- -- weird she walked. I mean what -- Management. Knows -- What dusted at this stage it's you that's a rebuttal hybrid satellite. How much the -- glad to end the -- -- it because you know I'm interested to know what he's thinking I'm actually YouTube -- -- he has a relationship with him and literally came in 97 and a guy owned the terror. Right or you laughed I I remember the millions of but Jeter dive into the stands in -- sitting on the bench. I agree and they don't look I'm not a -- win the World Series at all for a little -- probably not. And you know everything else involved to those couple of injuries and you know that you may -- if you look back maybe they might have been now. You know there have been eight ball to Walton bill prologue for the fact because of what he was gonna. Bring your -- and rich and out of every second year using terms like might have been using terms like could've should've what are you wanna keep Nomar Garciaparra. Out of the Red Sox hall of fame and -- okay with Clemens -- you want no more. I'll play my my blog about what what the Cuomo did some didn't want it to the end of what he left the Red Sox not winning. I went -- -- -- and early that he wouldn't in the small world war -- one car. Okay you do great he had garbage clothes and what do you cultural local probably a little 42 -- for the guys yeah Pedro was unbelievable. But -- -- much better team around on the climbed to all monologue that. Yeah I don't pick rich I don't think that no more did steroids are center before. Publicly privately when everyone said stole a look at the injuries as a as as an excuse for that I don't look at Sports Illustrated covers as proof of anything about the way you. All right I believe it was ugly when he left. There's no question about it when he came in 97 refugees if -- you know Nomar from. The gold jewels real old real floor it was ugly that's your members of them if you knew from nine. Remember all the cars a little I mean let's Armenia. I mean that it would -- be the only legal that they got ugly at yet is because. You know keep a big deal from the jet and then the car I and in its second year he became the highest second paid a second year player makers are based on -- the -- at all. Absolutely but at that time then everything blew up then Jeter got double that and then I -- yet simple that and he was upset about it. And rightfully so -- tag -- and we -- it was 45 years now for the war. We're not -- I don't know where you get new figures from where you would you about it about. Are up against original reason he signed -- extension after the first couple years you have -- in put him in any kind of special category. Yeah and those guys did make double. -- and you want more than that he wanted to sign a six years full four year sixty million dollar deal. A repeat. He wanted. To sign the full year's sixty million dollar deal if it was not taken off the table. Before an opportunity. To sign it. One of the most falsely reported stories ever. And believe me. I know 100%. That he wanted to sign it -- the end of his cup career that's why you slowed down. As people refused or just said you kidding me hope that Joey. Just pulled a lot and I don't do it every shell every half hour -- You sing and I didn't used to -- better boy. It's called for that's not fair to me wanted to sign a alike want -- it. That guy hit a nerve with -- They'll actually didn't I agree with a lot of the stuff that he did say one small point there late that day that the way he left he has regrets and he did not handle it well that's -- realizes it now. Not think what ends well. What were the boss an athlete who left were not code Adam Vinatieri left occupant of the patriots all -- As he went silent and he won a super ball all of Vinatieri went to the colts won a Super Bowl Manning. Oh crap I don't wanna pay him -- so patriots hall of Famer. Like that that does at how -- have more problem -- mark. And they do -- Roger Clemens that why won't get we gotta get back to the 61777979837. AT&T text line. Is 379837. You guys are stacked up your calls on this. Delegates still to assault in college Sports Radio W media your call 61777979370. AT&T text line. It's 37937. -- is in Southampton. -- -- -- -- on 937 WEEI I -- Hey mark world woods. Got a bone to pick who looked a little bit. On. Route like five months ago. And I remember you saying that the inquiry on the radio. You're do you believe Roger climate should be in the -- game of baseball. Yes. Okay it's what the problem -- getting into the red hawk falcon. To the wrong guy. No a promise nobody on the show here today Janice said Roger Clemens should not get -- the Red Sox hall of fame might. My chronicle -- I've probably -- walking out with a wise -- walking up the page it was disrespectful the Pedro. I really don't think so. You don't think you don't think it's all offensive to -- set up on the stage nice luncheon at Fenway Park nice August afternoon. And Pedro has got to answer questions about steroid use in baseball in front Roger Clemens that's a good thing. I that sucks. I think that put them up there with Pedro because they know that the blowback is going to be less than what it would have been Clemens should go in. He's a Red Sox hall of Famer -- I'm not debating that. But the put up there with Clemens. Garbage I hate that. I don't I'd like to -- that it's a long overdue honestly and I think that they waited too long. And I think that they are now realizing. What Roger did truck with a -- became a Red Sox -- because broad requirements. -- you you'll Europe and many time. How when you batted against -- according to -- with the big deal. OK so let's let's not nitpick at what happened. And just get over -- it's not a big deal ultimately. I'd say it's fine -- it's not a big deal you it's not a big deal to Lou. I'll tell it's a big deal to me I attic that should have been separate and a lot of textures in the ATP text line agree if you -- Kelly had today they agree -- care who agrees. You know I look at this as it should have -- separate or David Pedro Martinez. At a minimum not with Clemens at a maximum by itself. For me that's what I would have done and I'm very surprised and end. I need to know more about this they'd do my research might make some phone calls. Because they had two opportunities to put Clemens it before that's 2010 at 2012 going to every two years. Does not every year since -- assembled about a couple of opportunities. Why did they -- was a close -- before. Today trying to rekindle the relationship with Clemens this bureaucracy Clemens -- the Red Sox. You do some marketing things the Red Sox at that part of trying to get Clemens back in the fold they do -- just the protect Clemens over the blow back -- put up there with Pedro that's how I feel. I don't know all -- ask you guys to be a nice way to. Figure this out how you guys fields a pop pop but pop edge Eagles poll question. Easy for me to say it is always brought -- I -- -- knows. Are you OK with Roger Clemens being inducted into the Red Sox hall of fame in the same class -- Pedro Martinez. Text yes or -- 37937. Right now. It also place your vote online. At WEEI dot com slash Mott and her alone. The not really pull -- presented by of course pop -- -- -- -- is now serving buffalo chicken pizza and boss barbecued chicken pizza. Can try to small party platter it's got wings toasted ravioli twists and more. In order online any time a puppet you know as dot com let's see here's the question. Are you okay. With Roger Clemens being inducted in the Red Sox hall of fame in the same class -- Pedro Martinez I need your answers now yes -- -- 37937. -- -- her answer nothing opened the register much -- just text yes or no. The 3793737937. Has always you get first vote we know where your voting. Not a problem when -- Rocco went anywhere my vote is yes 617779. Have and I think the reset it -- -- off with a brick. That's the bachelor again meet tomorrow folks at the bachelor you meet tomorrow. Who so into his poverty knows pizza right now and some sort of you know one of the appetizers you mozzarella you have -- -- to his -- sticks over there and -- hit on a break. About 67 minutes early but -- -- -- You asked you know I was even inducted in the past we have answer well just a -- -- -- three years out of the game ranked. His last year 2007 okay so use out of the game 2000 days -- -- 2000. You know -- wasn't. -- they vote in early 2010. -- I I was thinking that was the first window they had so why -- all by year I guess that it does it what was his first opportunity yep well. Roger Clemens is found not guilty all six counts of his perjury trial in June of 2012. So. It's awful difficult. So there it in February of 2012. In the middle of a hearing knowing that it's coming up in all all of that to say we -- put Roger Clemens and our hall of fame without knowing what is going on. This could technically say. This really was the first opportunity. So they were gonna wait so is their chance to be -- found guilty of perjury that would put a -- they wanna wait to be found not guilty first. You've done and the IA -- or realize that right I mean I can't. That makes some sense to me is February -- you have twelve acute put him in the Red Sox cult -- knowing that there's a case a couple of months away. And we you know of no idea what's gonna happen then you're likely because in the Al fame we do eat it does makes it's gonna wanna to slip this thing play and so it decrease Apollo era of post. If he couldn't go and you know ten and 2000. Then twelve was the first opportunity he was facing perjury charges. Are you OK with Roger Clemens being inducted in the Red Sox hall of fame in the same class -- -- Martinez yes you guys are texting your answers in 379837. 37937. Just text yes or no we can't count your vote and right now 65%. Agree with me and say no they're not okay with Clemens in the hole from 6535. Early in the voting will count your votes up until 2 o'clock. Tony's at a call -- -- not -- like Tony. AI don't go right its -- act a couple of paying them. The thing with Clement is that Clemens was nuts. Doing any of that stuff. In typical apple was doing it and he wanted to just keep -- I would I would say. I don't have any problem with him going in back and make it buried -- -- you're starting point. He put down a -- incident the 2000 well. So the right thing to have done what -- wait a couple years. Ago when it. Ed let them put lemon did I don't think they -- it when you're absolutely right there could be questions about you know steroids and everything. At this and that's not the plates are gonna put eight -- on the on the outlook. You up -- Clemens at 2016 -- I would -- I would balk double loop put a man. Ice would -- -- Pedro first two page about Clemens or Pedro by himself as what you know he I would -- done. LB it's in the way that report this is going to be set up in gonna have a night in August -- Friday night where. They're -- honor them they'll be a luncheon during the day. They'll be a game at night where they conduct in the field and a dinner when Houston comes back and luster today. -- -- -- -- -- United it to at -- August whoever lose to the show with you -- judicial alive. Over there that's what I would you I was the partners are US wanted to alive shall it wouldn't show. I'll be listening route wherever I -- you ought to be inside tractor. I would I would have -- and Lou live there at the elderly and just haven't set up early. That's what I would do you I put cardinal Lou over the current live. From the low on the thing and I I -- broadcast live. Don't let you do that we've got out will be good market there to get that life. 6177797923. -- match in this one more time to wanna get as many votes as possible before 2 o'clock. Are you OK with the Roger Clemens being inducted in the Red Sox hall of fame in the same class as Pedro Martinez text your answer just the one word. Yes or -- to 379373793. Several tally the votes just before two. We'll come back tell you what's on tap to get to separate -- -- on 937 WE yeah.

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